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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 385


AST 385 - Back Connecting Fist, Because I am His Daughter

Since he couldn't get the feeling, he didn't bother to search for it again. Even without searching, it would eventually come as soon as he reached the realm. The most important thing now was to cultivate the Back Connecting Fist

Cultivating the Back Connecting Fist loosened the shoulder joints, allowing the two shoulders to be flexible as a whip and hard as steel. The moves mostly included throwing, slapping, piercing, hacking, and drilling the five basic fist techniques. The Back Connecting Fist allowed for nimble movements as well, as tremors would arise stomping on the ground with force. The technique also facilitated explosive sounds that followed every punch, something that was not present in any other fist techniques.

The Back Connecting Fist was the most representative type among the Fist Techniques: grand, fierce, and concise. The arm movements were extremely fast and all-conquering, powerful, sophisticated with wide attack range;these points precisely encompassed the characteristics of the Back Connecting Fist.

Qing Shui discovered that he could easily perform it when he was practicing Back Connecting Fist. Power flowed through his arm when he punched, as the technique was made in circular movements and allowed for direct penetration.

At the same time, this technique specifically involves power flowing through the back, which was how it got its name. The Back Connecting Fist was also referred to as ’’Connecting Fist’’ Technique as well! Qing Shui was sure that cultivating the divine Arm Clearing Technique would definitely bring about great benefits to the Back Connecting Fist Technique.

It was powerful and complex with wide attack range, making technique grand. Although the techniques just appeared to be simple yet imposing, a killing technique was concealed within. It was Qing Shui's first time demonstrating it, yet he felt like a fish in water.

This made him particularly surprised!

Qing Shui's fist techniques were considered to be at a considerably high realm. As they said, one method could lead to ten thousand more. Qing Shui felt that his capability in comprehending the fist techniques was still decent.

On top of that, attaining the Grand Perfection Stage for his divine Arm Clearing Technique had further strengthened Qing Shui's divine Arm Clearing Technique. He could, more or less, perfectly perform basic things like ’’posture’’ on his first try.

The qi circulating method began from the dantian and flowed to the arm through the back. The power of this kind of fist technique was greater. The people who cultivated the Back Connecting Fist were typically tall, burly, and more heavily built. Otherwise, their arms wouldn't be able to overcome the countering force that came from the great power. Not only that, only people with great strength could bring out the true powers of the Back Connecting Fist.

As soon as Qing Shui cultivated seriously, he could easily neglect sleep and forget about food, just as he was doing now. He had been cultivating day and night within the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. With his body's physical strength, not eating and sleeping for a few days would not be a problem for Qing Shui.

He continued to cultivate and only abruptly stopped when he felt his Tianliao, Jianjing, and Naoshu acupoints heating up.

This sensation was too familiar to Qing Shui, because it could only be felt when cultivating the divine Arm Clearing and divine Feet Clearing Techniques. Could it be that the Back Connecting Fist Technique also had the effects of clearing acupoints?

This discovery stirred Qing Shui up. The Connecting Fist was also referred as Back Connecting Fist. Could it be that it was capable of clearing the acupoints on his arms or back?

He was excited, and at the same time, regretful about never practicing this before. Now, he had to double up on the amount of cultivation. Although he need to go to the Yan Clan soon, he had the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, as well as some help from the ’’Spirit Concentrating Pills’’ of lesser quality that should at least have some effects.

Morning had come, and the sky outside had just turned bright by the time he exited the realm. When he walked downstairs, however, he realized that he was actually the person who woke up the latest. Seeing everyone in the family putting in so much effort made Qing Shui extremely happy.

Qing You was by himself, practicing the grand fist techniques that prioritized power. The first technique that Qing You was cultivating had a very generic name, the ’’Ultimate Iron Fist’’, which was actually one of those Clan Techniques from Qing Clan.

But for now Qing Shui, would not look down upon any cultivation art. Even the most basic cultivation art had its essence, just like the Basic Sword Technique that he had been practicing. The Clan Technique was also the simplest basic technique and had a similar position as the Basic Sword Technique of the Sword Cultivation Art.

Only after reaching the Truth Realm and returned to one's true self would one realize the importance of the fundamentals. It was unfortunate that the Truth Realm could only be attained with a solid fundamental. One would not be able to cultivate to the Truth Realm without a solid fundamental.

Sentimental attachment was a common disease of the cultivators on the world of the nine continents. No one would point it out unless they were related. On top of that, no one could enter the Xiantian realm and the Truth Realm with just sturdy fundamentals.

The ’’grudge’’ in Qing You's eyes sent a shiver down his spine, but he still walked towards him with a smile.

’’You're still angry about it?’’ Qing Shui asked in an amused tone.

’’Brother Qing Shui, I really wanted to go.’’ He was still dwelling on the fact he wasn't allowed to go to the Yan Clan. Lately, he had been saying the same thing to Qing Shui whenever he saw him.

’’Alright, why don't I teach you a fist technique. If you can satisfy me by cultivating it to the Small Success Stage, then I will let you go.’’ Qing Shui said with a smile.

Qing You had actually idolized Qing Shui for a long time. He was excited the moment Qing Shui offered to teach him a fist technique, because he would always get a pleasant surprise whenever Qing You said he would teach him something. Thus, he would usually never request for Qing Shui to teach him anything. He would definitely be able to practice whatever techniques that Qing Shui taught him with ease.

Qing You gave him an excited nod!

’’Elder Brother Shui, I will practice too. Please allow me to go too if I can fulfill your requirements.’’ Qing Bei came over and pouted.

Qing Shui glanced at Qing Hu, Qing Yang, Qing San, and Qing Shi, who haven't spoken a word. He also glanced at Qing Zi, who was walking towards them.

In the end, Qing Shui imparted the Back Connecting Fist to them. He would let those that were satisfactory to accompany him to the Yan Clan. He had given them an ambiguous answer.

’’Brother Qing Shui, that's foul play! No, you must give us a standard, like what level we have to cultivate to. Or else you can simply wave us off with the excuse of not being satisfied.’’ Qing You immediately caught the loophole in Qing Shui's conditions.

’’Brat, you're pretty cautious. Aren't you afraid that I'd pick a realm none of you can cultivate to?’’ Qing Shui looked at Qing You's big head. Qing You had grown larger than Qing Zi over the past few years when he wasn't looking, and he also had quite a lot of intentions.

’’I'm not afraid. Brother Qing Shui will not strike out at us like this.’’ Qing You chuckled.

’’All of you can come with me if you can cultivate and clear these few acupoints.’’ Qing Shui reached out and pointed on Qing Yu's Tianliao, Jianjing, and Naoshu acupoints locations.


Just like that, Qing Shui and the others formed an agreement since there weren't much time left. There were, at most, three and half months left. Qing Shui hadn't even known if it was possible to clear those three acupoints within this period of time. Actually, he wasn't even sure about the possibility of clearing these three acupoints.

He felt that he was pushing them a little too hard in doing something that was beyond their capabilities.

But for them, Qing Shui didn't regret doing so.

After breakfast!

’’Qing Shui, come go for a walk with your mother!’’ Qing Yi smiled at Qing Shui.

’’Sure!’’ Qing Shui smiled too. He realized that it had been very long since he last took a walk with his mother. He felt a little guilty when Qing Yi invited him.

Qing Shui and his mother strolled on the streets of the Hundred Miles City. He looked at his mother. The woman he called his mother still looked the same as she was in his earliest memory, aside from the traces on her face left from the past twenty years of time.

Although there weren't any big changes in her appearance, there was a hint of exhaustion and aging on her expression. Qing Shui knew that this was the result of her heart's exhaustion.

With the burden of twenty years weighing on her shoulders, it would still show itself no matter how hard she tried to conceal it. It was an ongoing ordeal that hadn't existed. The hopeless expectation in her heart had left her heartbroken every time.

Within the expectation she had for him, was a little bit of her missing, especially towards the little baby who was taken away from her. On top of 10 months of pregnancy, they had also lived together for half a year. By the time she was taken away from her, the little baby had already learnt how to laugh and didn't want strangers holding her. When the little baby was taken away, she was crying until she was breathless.

Qing Yi recalled her memories. She knew that the man had returned to be wed. Her daughter had been taken away, and all she wanted to know was how this daughter had been. She was worried that her daughter wouldn't recognize her as her mother, even if they were to meet.

’’Mother, stop thinking so much. You'll get to the bottom of this soon. Let your son do it for you, you'll definitely be satisfied.’’ Qing Shui knew what his mother was thinking.

’’Qing Shui, you've suffered so much these past few years.’’ Qing Yi looked at his son with a smile. He had had already became the pillar of the Qing Clan.

There was relief, affection, a little bit of guilt, and some indescribable feelings, all contained within that smile.

’’I am not suffering. Not at all. It only pains me to know that my mother is suffering the most. When mother stops suffering, only then will your son will stop suffering.’’ Qing Shui smiled.

’’Qing Shui, I have already made a daugher suffer. I don't want to repeat the same mistake on you. Otherwise, I really wouldn't know how to continue living.’’ Qing Yi gave Qing Shui a serious look.

’’I know, don't worry mother.’’

’’Look, that's Qing Shui! That's Qing Shui......’’

After someone shouted, many people came over and surrounded them within a short time!

’’So he's Qing Shui. So young!’’

’’Very young, quite manly. Just my favourite type!’’ A trendy looking, mature lady muttered to herself.

’’Qing Shui, from now on the Hundred Miles City is under your protection. We will all support you.’’ A man who was nearing the end of his 30's shouted.

’’Qing Shui, be the representative of our city! Let the Hundred Miles City be the proudest in the continent!’’

’’Qing Shui, we support you!’’

’’Everyone will support you!’’

’’Support you!’’


Qing Shui already knew about this kind of common practice on the world of the nine continents.

If he represented the Hundred Miles City with his current strength, even the people of Hundred Miles City would gain the upper hand in conflicts or trades with people from outside of the city.

Regardless, Qing Shui was still extremely delighted to receive so much support.

’’Excuse me everyone, please don't block Qing Shui and his mother's way. Qing Shui is one of us in the Hundred Miles City. This is a fact that will not change. He is the pride of our Hundred Miles City.’’ That man in his 30's shouted.

’’Excuse me, Excuse me......’’


Qing Shui nodded at everyone with a smile and left. His nod had made them leave with a cheer. They only seeked for an indication from Qing Shui. The power of the mass was great;news would pass quickly from mouth to mouth and Qing Shui's strength and past achievements would also be passed along with it.

Qing Shui's reputation was already quite well-known among the big clans and great sects of the Cang Lang Country. The position of the Hundred Miles City would definitely be raised to a decent level along with this propagation.

It was just like those people from the previous world who came from a good city, rich city, or some ancient or scenic cities...... Although they may have never gained any substantial benefits, they would still proudly tell people of their origins. This was a sense of belonging. Everyone wished for the place that they lived in to be a bit better.

’’Mother, I would like to ask you about something.’’ Qing Shui gently said after they got away from the crowd.

’’What is it? Mother will tell you anything now.’’

Qing Shui looked at his mother who seemed relax now and hesitated for a while. In the end, he finally clenched his teeth and looked at Qing Yi.

’’Mother, do you still have hope in him? Do you still miss him?’’ he felt extremely sad, and also nervous when he asked this question because he had heard from Yang Ling'er that he was already dead.


However Qing Yi quickly caught on who Qing Shui was talking about in his question. She looked at Qing Shui with clear eyes, ones that reflected a deep love with many hardships.

’’He never come looking for me for so many years. His clan had once forced the Qing Clan to that level, and your grandfather had a knife to his throat because of his stubborn daughter. For an elderly like him to be humiliated like this, he accepted it, because I am his daughter.’’

He accepted it, because I am his daughter.

His mother's tone was calm and peaceful, but Qing Shui could still hear the self blame within it. It was so deep that this remorse had even caused her to deeply hate the man whom she was once in love with.


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