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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 379


AST 379 - The thoughts of Women, One with Heaven Taichi

The subtle warmth overcame his heart.


After Qing Shui called out softly to Mingyue Gelou, he said nothing more. He saw the thing he needed just from her eyes.

Their understanding, connected by heart and soul and without verbal communication, felt exceedingly marvellous. They were able to read each other's minds with just their eyes and expressions.

They had dinner happily after that, but no one knew that Qing Shui had just gone through a battle of life and death. No one even knew that it was Qing Shui who had provoked the Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp to give out a blaring roar.

Night time came and because Qing Shui had already entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal during the day, he could only enter again just for a short while. He was kicked out before he was able to do anything inside the realm.

All this time, Qing Shui had been spending his hours inside his spatial realm. All of the sudden, he realized that he had nothing to do with so much free time, time passed really slow when one was free, night had just fallen.

He looked out from his windows and saw the streets ablaze with light in the Hundred Miles City. The ’’light stones’’ were suspended in midair, one-by-one. Some of the lights were hung on the tree, while others were in specially-made lamps designed to hold them

People were continuously walking on the streets. There were a lot of young men and women holding hands as they strolled along the vast sea of people. They all had joyful expressions on their face. Once in awhile, a young couple would look at each other and smile. It was envious to see these young people with smiles of love on their faces.

Many young couples brought their children out on the streets. Some held their children and others led them by their hands. The children's faces were filled with contented smiles and happy laughter.

Then, Qing Shui noticed that had forgotten something!

Mingyue Gelou!

Qing Shui knew that he had neglected both the mother and daughter. Although he proclaimed that he loved them, he was either always busy or looking for solid excuses to stall for time resulting in less to no time for the mother and daughter, especially Little Yu Chang. Qing Shui felt abit guilty when Little Yu Chang called him 'daddy' every time.

Love was normally accumulated by all kinds of acts, and could be categorise into two types, great and small. Qing Shui wasn't really clear about this concept. Some people say great love was a kind of patriotism for a country, as well as a city. While small love, on the other hand, was a love for family, love for one's own wife, children, and relatives.

Qing Shui walked out of the room and at this moment, he coincidentally saw Mingyue Gelou leading Little Yu Chang by her hand. They look like they were preparing to go out!

Mingyue Gelou was very surprised when she saw Qing Shui, because he was always not around during this hour. Thus, when she saw him today, she stood there absent-mindedly for a while.

’’Daddy, come play with us!’’

Little Yu Chang didn't think much of what she said. Mingyue Gelou has always been the one looking for excuses for Yu Chang so she would not bother Qing Shui. But now they had seen each other, Mingyue Gelou quickly held her up after she heard what her daughter had said.

’’Your father has some things to do. He will play with you next time, alright?’’

Mingyue Gelou quickly persuaded the little kid. She was a woman of high principles after all. Moreover, she had always felt a bit of goosebumps whenever Little Yu Chang called him 'daddy', since Qing Shui was not her real father. Even if she called him daddy, that fact would never change.

Qing Shui, Qing Yi, and the other members of the Qing Clan had always treated the little kid well, like their own blood. Mingyue Gelou knew all of that because the man in front of her loved her, and her little kid as well.

’’Come, let's go. Daddy will come and play with you two!’’ Qing Shui took over Little Yu Chang from Mingyue Gelou's arms, and together, they walked out from Qing Clan's trading company.

Mingyue Gelou was stunned. She would occasionally look at Qing Shui, trying to make her daughter laugh. She felt tenderness in her heart. Everything she had done was worth it.

Mothers would do everything with all their heart and soul for the sake of their children!

Just like Mingyue Gelou, she wasn't afraid of whether Qing Shui liked her or not, as long as he loved their daughter, she would still carry on. However, if Qing Shui hated this little child but loved herself, she would definitely choose to leave him.

Qing Shui and Mingyue Gelou each held Little Yu Chang hands. The little kid was feeling delighted all the way from when they departed from Qing Clan's trading company. Her nature, her way of speech, and her laughter all made Qing Shui very happy.

But Qing Shui didn't realized that Mingyue Gelou was trying to hold back her tears at the side, seeing how happy her daughter was also made her wanted to cry tears of happiness.

The little kid had grown so much. Normally, she would not indulge in the love of her father too much. However, for the first time, the love she indulged in the most today was her father's.

’’No matter what, my daughter had felt it, the love of a father.’’ Mingyue Gelou's mind ran wild, but her heart was actually filled with happiness.

She was a person who asked very little of life. She only wanted a simple life. Half of her life, or almost all, had been occupied by her daughter.

’’Daddy, I want this.’’

The little lass became very lively on the big streets. Just then, she saw a stall selling snacks and refreshments. They had all kinds of snacks, ranging from grass jelly, lotus seed porridge, haw jelly sweet paste, grilled meat skewers, grilled prawns, water chestnuts, steamed bird eggs.....

She pointed at one of the clam meat skewers.

’’Boss, give me three clam meat skewers!’’

Qing Shui instructed the shopkeeper.

Qing Shui paid the shopkeeper. The food smelled really good, but Qing Shui was already used to eating the delicacies inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Despite so, he still ate, because he wanted to enjoy a meal with this little girl of his.

He gave Little Yu Chang one of the skewers. Then, he gave the other one to Mingyue Gelou. Mingyue Gelou took it with a touch of hesitation, as her head lowered.

’’Daddy, smells good....’’

Qing Shui wiped off the oil from her mouth!

And to his surprise, tears was falling from Mingyue Gelou's face. Qing Shui could feel how moved she was, he hurriedly wiped her tears away as he embraced her in a hug.

It was already very late when they got back. The moon shone bright like a silver plate in the sky. The moonlight lit up the grounds, and not even the light stones in the street could outmatch the intensity of the moonbeam.

The little kid was getting sleepy. Qing Shui held her in his arms as they walk back, but she fell asleep not long after. Qing Shui went back straightaway with Mingyue Gelou.

Qing Shui felt a soft body hugging him from behind!

Qing Shui's was beating faster and faster. It had been a long time since he came back. He hadn't copulated with Mingyue Gelou for half a year, especially in recent times.

Qing Shui was still baffled that Mingyue Gelou, who has always been very reserved, would suddenly became so passionate!

It was rare that she would make the first initiative! Qing Shui swept up Mingyue Gelou in his arms and headed towards the large bed outside!

Mingyue Gelou was actually beginning to regret her decision when she hugged Qing Shui from behind. She didn't know why she had acted on impulse. She didn't want anything, but when she saw how he treated her daughter, she just hugged him........

She blushed as she thought about it. Maybe she was too impulsive.

It was midsummer season now. Both of their clothes were thinly clad. Qing Shui could feel the immense heat from her delicate body, especially when her usually elegant expression suddenly turned into a blush full of shyness. Captivated by her charm, Qing Shui made no excessive movements on her.

’’Mingyue, open your eyes. I like it when you open your eyes!’’

Qing Shui gasped slightly when he looked at Mingyue ’’tossing about’’ while closing her eyes.

She slowly open her eyes. That faint desire in her eyes, the pink flush on her cheeks, as well as her overwhelming panting, stimulated every of his senses.

A night of love making!

Mingyue Gelou only fell asleep when it was almost dawn. Her face was filled with a satisfied look. It was the satisfaction of both body and soul.

On the other hand, Qing Shui went back to his room and went straight into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal!

Cultivation was the most important thing for Qing Shui. he had already reached the 125th cycle of the 5th Layer of Ancient Strengthening Technique. Qing Shui's power has also increased tremendously with the help of Great Perfection Stage divine Arm Clearing and Large Success Stage divine Feet Clearing.

The ’’Up-step Greencloud Pellet’’ was worthy of the title 'divine Pill' according to Qing Shui. Because most people would only master one type of technique, the nature and limitations of the ’’Up-step Greencloud Pellet’’ would decrease the value of the pill unless they were used by someone like Qing Shui. Otherwise, these pills would only be deemed a bit better than the 2nd and 3rd level of King Grade medicinal pills.

However, the ’’Up-step Greencloud Pellet’’ belonged to the ultra-rare medicinal pill category, so the price of the pellet was quite high!

Just like if Qing Shui only master the Ancient Strengthening Technique, or if he tried to master another two techniques, the improvements shown would be great, but it would be overall unexciting. Only those like Qing Shui who possessed a defiance thingy like the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, as well as other perverted martial techniques, would be able to unleash the unimaginable effects of ’’Up-step Greencloud Pellet’’.

Taichi Fist!

It was hard to imagine the benefits that the Great Perfection Stage divine Arm Clearing brought for Qing Shui. There was a hint of efficaciousness in the strong and simple Taichi Fist this time.

The Taichi Fist suddenly underwent a tremendous change because of it!

Qing Shui looked dumbfounded. It was just a simple Taichi Cloudhand and Single Whip, but the demonstration of these moves felt different. Not only was his energy well-hidden and unexposed, every strike he made felt quite shocking.

Imposing manner?

Hammer Explosion Technique!


Only now did Qing Shui knew that his Taichi that was at the Obscure Realm, was now rising up to the pinnacle of it. Not only that, he had even broken through the 'One with Heaven' Realm.

’’One with Heavens’’ Taichi Fist!’’

Qing Shui displayed his Taichi Fist without stopping!

Disheveled Wild Horse!

White Crane Spreads Its Wings!

Holding Knee and Twist Step!


Single Whip!


Twin Peaks Piercing the Ears!


Fair Lady Works with Shuttles!

Needle at Sea Bottom!

Flashing Shoulder!

Hammer Explosion Technique!


Qing Shui smiled as he stopped. He had never thought that Great Perfection Stage ’’divine Arm Clearing’’ could save so much time allowing him to enter the realm of ’’One with Heaven’’ for Taichi. How could he not be happy with it!

In Greencloud Continent, the number of martial warriors with techniques that could reach ’’One with Heaven’’ could be counted with one hand. The requirements to enter the realm of ’’One with Heaven’’ were very strict, similar to how Qing Shui was able to enter the realm of ’’One with Heaven’’ only after passing the ’’divine Arm Clearing’’ Pefection Stage. As for the Realm of Providence after that, he had never heard of anyone who could master up to the ’’Providence’’ realm.

The realms were dependent on the power of one's understanding. They were more difficult to comprehend than cultivation. Advancing a realm was like a frog under a well;it was like jumping out from that deep well, out into that higher cultivation truths like the vast blue skies. This was extremely tough to do.

The frog to successfully jump out did not measure how far it could jump in the well, but how vast the world was for it to jump so freely.

The same went for the cultivation of martial warriors. The realms did not increase one's power, but rather, changing the essence of their martial moves and energy instead.

The essence of a character could be perceived in the Truth Realm, which meant that the martial moves would be consistently incisive. On the other hand, a martial warrior would be able to make a sharp attack without exposing their own power in the Obscure Realm, resulting in an ultrastrong state.

Additionally, there was also the ’’God's Will’’ effect in One with Heaven and above!

The strength of One with Heaven lay in the realm itself. There was some sort of Might of Heaven and Earth in every move and technique. Every strike was calculated with perfection.

Although this realm did not directly increase the power of attack, the changes within the martial moves would increase the damage. The benefit of the Truth Realm lay in the increase of one's damage. The Obscure Realm's ability to hide one's aura and power would also increase one's damage power.

One with Heaven corresponded with the theory of striking one's moves by integrating into the enormous energy. This meant that it had the effect of developing one point of energy into two.

This was the strength of One with Heaven!


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