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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 378


378 The Clearing of Six Acupuncture Points, The Second Portrait of Beauty

Qing Shui knew these were all the additional effects that resulted from clearing the acupuncture points, because these acupoints had originally possessed those capabilities!

Right at this moment, he already felt the refreshing Qi dissipating within his body. Just when the last drop of the refreshing Qi vanished, Qing Shui's ’’divine Feet Clearing’’ Technique broke through!

diving Feet Clearing, Large Success Stage!

Qing Shui slightly regretted for not putting more effort in the ’’divine Feet Clearing’’ Technique earlier. If both the ’’divine Feet Clearing’’ and ’’divine Arm Clearing’’ Techniques were at the Large Success Stage, wouldn't they have attained the Grand Perfection Stage by now?

But when he remembered the fact that his ’’divine Arm Clearing’’ had also broken through by chance, he decided to stop dwelling on it. After all, the human heart was forever insatiable. Even if his ’’divine Feet Clearing’’ Technique had also attained the Grand Perfection Stage now, he would probably still not be content as he would be thinking about the his other inferior cultivation arts.

The ’’divine Feet Clearing’’ Technique of the Large Success Stage cleared six acupoints on each legs!

Chongyang acupoint, Xuehai acupoint, Yinlingquan acupoint, Diji acupoint, Sanyingjiao acupoint and Shangjuxu acupoint!

The clearing of these six acupoints on Qing Shui's leg had not only allowed him to once again feel the tremendous enhancement in his energy and speed, his body's Qi and blood, as well as the abdominal organs, had also been greatly improved. Even the male's ’’weapon’’ at the lower half of his body had strengthened too.

Clearing the Sanyingjiao acupoint could strengthen the abdominal organs and reproductive organ!

Clearing the Xuehai acupoint could strengthen the body's Qi and blood!

These were all effects that the acupoints themselves were capable of supplementing, which was also a surprise to Qing Shui afterwards. It wasn't that he didn't expect it, he simply had never thought of it until he received the tremendous benefits from clearing the acupuncture points for the first time.

Qing Shui had been longing for the day to come when he could clear the Qihai and Danzhong acupoints......

The ’’divine Feet Clearing’’ of the Great Success Stage had promoted much of his strength, especially because of the few very special acupoints that had been cleared in his legs. Although they weren't currently as strong as his arms, Qing Shui was content.

As for the ’’Golden Pearls’’ inside those three white porcelain bottles, Qing Shui neither consumed them nor made any plans to. He would wait until he found out what exactly they were before making any decisions.

He was guessing that they couldn't be that inferior if they had been found along with the ’’Pure Gold Mystic Turtle Core’’ and ’’Greencloud Up-step Pellet’’. Furthermore, they didn't seem like they were any poison or aphrodisiac, judging from the gold's purity and the aura it had exuded.

The Vermillion Fruit had ripen again. Only one ripened once every 50 years. It can strengthen the meridians by 1% and the Qi of Xiantian by 1%. It could also be used for winemaking, but with reduced effects. One person could only eat a maximum of a hundred.

Qing Shui plucked the Vermillion Fruit and stashed it away carefully. Currently, the Vermillion Fruit ripened three times every year. It was a pity that only one could be harvested every time, and to Qing Shui, he felt that this was a little too minimal.

He was expecting to be kicked out from the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal at any time now, but it never happened. He had been worrying about this since just now, worried that he would be kicked out suddenly. Now that he was no longer afraid, he still didn't get kicked out. Seemed like he had been worrying about nothing for such a long time.

Just when Qing Shui was ready to exit the realm, he suddenly recalled that he seemed to have reeled something in during his second time. Even after being sent flying by that formidable ’’monster’’, he did not loosen his grip on the Pure Gold Fishing Rod. By right, the rod should have been brought inside the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

Looking at his surroundings, he was able to quickly locate that Pure Gold Fishing Rod that had been strewn aside in a distance, hurrying towards there. As he was approaching the rod, Qing Shui's jaw dropped when he saw the object hooked by his fish hook.

A portrait!

A portrait laid flatly on the ground hooked by the fish hook. It was a drawing of a beautiful lady!

The Portrait of Beauty!

It was the second portrait from the twelve Portraits of Beauty!

This thought suddenly leapt into his mind. With just one glance, he could immediately tell that it was definitely one of the twelve Portraits of Beauty. He was certain with just this one single glance.

The lady in the portrait had eyebrows that seemed as if they were painted, and her brilliant eyes were dark and captivating. She was tall and slender, and the curves of her body were soft and fine. She was dressed in plain clothes, yet her elegance was stunning.

The refined aura that she exuded, as well as her grace, was a little similar to Yiye Jiange's. Her beauty was not icy cold, but instead, something between forcefulness and coldness, her beauty was illusionary as if mist!

She was another lady whose beauty could evenly match the Palace Mistress of Misty Hall's. Even the aura she exuded was quite similar, yet at the same time different! Qing Shui carefully unhooked the portrait!

He then hung this Portrait of Beauty next to the one he had previously found. His heart was suddenly beating very fast, as he was being overwhelmed by the sudden impulse to assemble all the twelve Portraits of Beauty.

WIth the two Portraits of Beauty put next to each other, he could see that although the aura they both exuded were a little alike, each of them were still unique incredible beauties. The beauty of the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress was dominating and ethereal, and even seemed a little unreal.

As for this other portrait, although it was sitting just right in front of you, it gave off a distant feeling, making people feel as if she was very far away, exuding a faint enigmatic aura.

One would be enchanted after staring into her captivating eyes. You would be able to feel that, not only was she a woman that was incredibly difficult to handle, she was also very refined and elegant.

Qing Shui only shifted his gaze away from her after a long time. He recalled everything about the first Portrait of Beauty and the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress, especially the incident that took place in the sea of flowers, up until their subsequent meeting that seemed like a miracle.

He was thinking to himself about whether the lady in this portrait was one from reality, or if his path would miraculously cross with her just like with the appearance of the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress.

He didn't know what to feel about this. Qing Shui saw the very same words on the back of this Portrait of Beauty as the first portrait, and it was also painted by the Art Maestro's hands. With this, he could officially be certain that this was indeed one of the the twelve Portraits of Beauty.

Art Maestro?

He couldn't help but to remember about the brocade pouch that he had fished up. There was a high possibility that it was made out of the leather of a Martial Saint level Demonic Beast.

Could it be that the Art Maestro had died in this Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp?

Qing Shui was truly scared by his own thoughts. However, nothing related to an Art Maestro, such as writing brushes, ink sticks, paper or inkstones were found in that brocade pouch......

Could it be that they have sunk to the bottom of the Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp? Or maybe, it was just because he hadn't manage to fish any of them up. If it was truly the Art Maestro... then just what was exactly there at the bottom of this Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp? It seemed like there was really at least a Demonic Beast of Martial Saint level here.

These questions wouldn't stop popping into Qing Shui's mind. In the end, Qing Shui took another look at this Portrait of Beauty. It was not damaged at all even if had been soaking in the water without any protection for god knows how long.

This Art Maestro had really put in everything he had. This Portrait of Beauty, which was as thin as a cicada's wings, seemed to also be done on the leather of a Demonic Beast of Martial Saint Level onwards.

Martial Saint level... Qing Shui felt a little bitter when he thought about it. If even a Martial Saint died here, then he wasn't sure if the beast that attacked him just now was a Martial Saint level Demonic Beast. One thing for sure, a Martial Saint level Demonic Beast definitely existed in this Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp.

Qing Shui didn't even manage to take a good look his opponent. This made him felt especially helpless!

Although Qing Shui, who had gained great improvement in his strength, wanted to get to the bottom of things, he remembered about the tremendous aura of that ’’monster’’ from before. It had only gently hit him and he was almost dead. In the end, he decided that he'd quickly leave here after exiting the realm.

He could make anyone's life difficult, but definitely not his own. Moreover, his petty life was still useful right now so he couldn't afford to die for now!

His leisurely fishing had allowed him understood a phrase!

The ignorant had nothing to fear!

After finding his bearing and being certain that there were no movements outside through the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal...

Core Qi Method!

Cloudmist Steps!

In an instant!

He dashed towards the path to Golden Mountain Stream where he came from, as if he was running for his life!

He had only realized how fast his own speed was at this moment. With the leveled up ’’Core Qi Method’’, on top of the leveled up Cloudmist Step and the short distanced sprint that was like an escape, his speed achieved its limit!


He only heard that deafening roar rang out as he continued to flee for his dear life!

This roar was heard by many in the Hundred Miles City and caused much restlessness! Everyone quickly determined that this sound came from the Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp.

This caused the Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp, and even the Golden Mountain Stream, to be said as forbidden area. Rumours were getting out of control, especially about that thundering roar. In the end, even the Hundred Miles City's Guardian Beast became involved in the rumours.

Qing Shui didn't get it at all. Why would such a formidable demonic beast hide in such a small Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp? Why didn't it come out and harm the people of Hundred Miles City? Could it be that it could only survive in water?

’’But the Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp is not huge, and it is only a pool of stagnant water. Even if it is deep, how deep can it get? How did such a formidable water beast arrive here?’’

Qing Shui's mind was quickly filled by many guesses. Could the muddy part of this Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp be exceptionally huge? Could it be that there was clear water below this swamp? Could it be that this space below was actually huge or even interconnected to some other places?

Qing Shui sighed. Too bad he wasn't a Martial Saint. Only cultivators of the Martial Saint level were able to fly over a short distance and be unaffected by water resistance. Although he could also go into the water now, his strength would be greatly reduced in the water.

He only sighed in relief when the Golden Mountain Stream came into his sight. He wondered if what he had done just now was too reckless. But when he remembered the brocade pouch that he had fished up, everything was worth it.

Looking at the sky, he realized that half a day had already passed. It was already almost midday when he arrived at the Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp. He had spent around two hours fishing and then stayed in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal for another two hours, so it was already mid afternoon by now.

The sky was a little dark by the time he returned. Dinner was about done and everyone was there already. Qing Shui was the one who arrived the latest.


Little Yuchang, who was holding hands with Mingyue Gelou, ran happily towards Qing Shui after seeing him!

Qing Shui who had lived two lives had learned to be indifferent about some things and knew what he should cherish. He held Little Yuchang in his arms and looked at Mingyue Gelou who was standing beside him.

He recalled everything he had seen and heard during his return. He was certain of the feelings this holy and dignified beauty had for him. She loved her daughter, him and even everyone in the Qing Clan more than herself.

’’People should live for themselves.’’

’’People should not live for only themselves.’’

Up to this point, Qing Shui was still unable to make the right choice between these two statements. In the end, he felt that he could only live his life in both ways. The former statement seemed a little selfish, even though that person wasn't selfish. The latter seemed more virtuous, but it could sometimes make living very painful and confusing.

Qing Shui was very sure, but some things were inevitable no matter which path you chose to walk. The path that should be followed will be walked, even if you walked in the reverse direction;you would still arrive at the same result, or even worse.

Qing Shui must march forward to the Yan Clan. This path had been set since a long time ago. If he chose not to go, he might end up even more agonized. Such is life, unpredictable yet incredible.


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