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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 375


AST 375 - Golden Mountain Stream, The Dangerous Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp, Pure Gold Fishing Rod Fishing a Treasure

After his ablutions, Qing Shui would take a look inside his spatial realm. This was also the time where Qing Shui was the most relaxed, therefore he could calmly observe the treasures that belonged to him.

The Immortal Peach was about to ripened and was about the size of an infant's head. It's pinkish color was extremely pleasing to the eye and emitted wafts of fragrance that could cause people to salivate.

It could increase one's lifespan by 50 years and even be used as an alchemy component. It was a mysterious ingredient from this world of the nine continents!

With a smile on his face, Qing Shui regarded the other herbs he planted inside the spatial realm. One must know that with just one immortal peach, Qing Shui had already struck gold. Immortal peaches themselves were already priceless objects, not to mention his other heaven-defying herbs and fruits of the various trees.

In the morning, Qing Shui woke up feeling extremely refreshed, marvelling at the qi current flow within both his arms and legs. Although it was quite dangerous yesterday, he had at least managed to cultivate his divine Arm Clearing Technique to the large success stage and divine Leg Clearing Technique to the small success stage last night when he was in the spatial realm.

If both of these techniques had been at Great Perfection, or at least the large success stage, Qing Shui was confident that he wouldn't have lost to that old man from yesterday.

Qing Shui couldn't wait for the day to arrive where he would never be defeated again. Strength was everything, and the thirst for strength had already branded itself into Qing Shui's heart. He didn't want people who care about him to be worried constantly, and the only way to set their minds at ease was to become even stronger;much, much stronger than what he currently was.

Suddenly, halfway through his thoughts...

’’Daddy!’’ Little Yuchang ran towards him happily.

Qing Shui stepped forth and embrace her in a hug. How could the child of Mingyue Gelou not be beautiful as well? Qing Shui felt truly blessed to have the both of them by his side.

He only hated the fact that he met the both of them too late. As the saying goes - love me, love my dog. It doesn't matter to him that little Yuchang was not his own flesh and blood. His love for her was real.

He couldn't help sighing, not knowing whether to thank her ex-hubby or to curse him. If her ex treated her slightly better and doted on little Yuchang more, how could she have left him?!

’’Daddy teach me to beat bad people, I want to beat bad people!’’

The little girl who was in Qing Shui's embrace raised her head up as she seriously spoke to Qing Shui.

She was almost 5 years old, and considering the fact that Mingyue Gelou was a cultivation genius, her daughter would surely not be too weak as well. Qing Shui used a wisp of energy from his Ancient Strengthening Technique and probe her body.

A moment later, Qing Shui retracted his energy. Although her energy channels were both supple and strong, it wasn't at the level where it was innately connected. Seems like this little girl didn't inherited Mingyue Gelou's physique.

’’Let's go, daddy will teach you some martial techniques!’’

The other members of the Qing Clan practiced their own martial arts. There were also some who sparred against each other for the sake of improving faster. Qing Shui bought little Yuchang to a place that was further away, devoid of the noise from the training courtyard.

’’Lass, cultivation is really tough, are you afraid?’’ Qing Shui knew that he had to ingrain the concept of 'never fear suffering' into Yuchang when she was young. However, he understood the mind of a little kid as well. He knew that he couldn't expect a five year old kid to truly understand the concept.

’’I'm not afraid, I want to help daddy beat up the bad guys... I want to beat the bad daddy of daddy, I want daddy's daddy to apologize until daddy is happy...’’

As the little lass mumbled on and on, Qing Shui felt extremely gratified in his heart. This innocence of this lovely child had truly touched his heart.

Qing Shui thought the Horse Stance to little Yuchang first to solidify her basics!

The tiny frame of little Yuchang, couldn't even properly execute the Horse Stance, yet her determination caused Qing Shui to be taken aback. This little girl was actually super persistent, never giving up despite her fatigue.

Seeing how she gritted her teeth again and again, Qing Shui felt warmth as well as pain in his heart. However, he didn't say anything. He knew that if she really wanted to cultivate, this little bit of fatigue was nothing. He was proud of his daughter's perseverance!

Finally, little Yuchang's legs trembled and she involuntarily fell over. Qing Shui moved in a flash to catch her, smiling sweetly at her.

’’Take a break sweetheart, one must never rush things when it comes to cultivation. Just do this every morning to the point where you can no longer stand. You will find that the time you can endure would become increasingly longer.’’

Mingyue Gelou, who was standing from afar, had a loving smile on her face. This was the warmth of family that she always wanted.

After which, Qing Shui practiced his Taichi fist and taught the concept of it to little Yuchang. Grinning at her attempts, he slowly corrected her while reminding that Taichi was focused on the essence, and not the form.


After lunch, Qing Shui decided to go for a walk to relieve the monotony of training.

The streets of the Hundred Miles Cities were bustling as before. Many familiar faces greeted Qing Shui. He had already become something like a legend to the people of the Hundred Miles City.

Unconsciously, his feet brought him to a familiar place as he walked about.

Golden Mountain Stream!

Qing Shui had once came to this place before to capture the black fishes, and he still remembered Ni`er, the little girl from back then. He wondered if she and her grandmother was doing well, as he had not seen her for a few years already.

Following the little stream, he continued walking forwards, wading in the water that became increasingly deeper the further he proceeded..

Qing Shui knew that the entrance to the Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp was at the end of the stream. The stream eventually led him into a mountainous tunnel. At this point of the time, Qing Shui decided to enter the tunnel, following the stream through the corridor.

He knew that the Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp was a forbidden ground to those in the Hundred Miles City. Over here, the corpses of many peak Houtian experts were lying about like sand in a desert. Not even Xiantian cultivators could guarantee their survival. Hence, not many people dare to venture into here.

The corridor leading within was extremely narrow as the stream in the middle widened to the size of a small river. Qing Shui waded in the water, making his way forward.

With his spiritual sense spread out, Qing Shui could escape the instant he sensed danger, or even immediately enter into the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. It was only because he had the spatial realm that he dared to venture here.

The sun outside was blazingly bright, yet the place he was in got darker and darker. However, it didn't affect Qing Shui much, not with his strengthened spiritual sense.


A sound of something breaking the water surface sounded out.

Qing Shui rapidly stepped backwards, his hands grabbing on the thing that flew out.



Qing Shui studied the thing he grabbed. It was a foot long, black-colored spear fish. The fish was thus named because its protruding forehead was like a spear and the fish had a mouth filled with many nasty teeth. It appeared extremely ferocious.

’’...’’ He tossed it into the water again.

Advancing about ten metres more forwards, he suffered from over ten sneak attacks. Before him, a three metre long crocodile beast appeared, snarling angrily at him.

’’...’’ Qing Shui smack it and quickly grab its tail, tossing it behind him while the crocodile was in a stunned state.

As he advanced forwards again, Qing Shui realised after several moments that the interior of the cavern got gradually brighter. He was reaching the end of the corridor. And... he finally saw a large body of murky water at the end of the path.

Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp!

The Ten Thousand Turtle Swamps were surrounded by precipitous cliffs from all four sides. The water was extremely murky and Qing Shui couldn't see anything, even with his enhanced vision.

There were countless turtles in the water from what the eye could see, no wonder this place was named the Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp. However, the important thing wasn't the turtles, but rather, what was hidden in the depths of this swamp.

No one knew exactly what secrets this swamp was hiding. They only knew that this place was exceedingly dangerous. Not many people were like Qing Shui, being able to survive by wading through waters of the golden stream in the corridor earlier.

Qing Shui walked to the shores of the swamp, silently contemplating it. He could feel an extremely terrifying death qi emanating forth from the swamp. He felt exceedingly uncomfortable.

Abruptly, Qing Shui was seized by a sudden thought as he entered into his spatial realm.

Pure Gold Fishing Rod!

Since it wasn't safe to enter the waters, he might as well test his luck and try fishing here.

After exiting his spatial realm, Qing Shui found a flatter piece of rock and began fishing. Even though there was no bait or anything heavy attached to the rod, the hook still began sinking into the waters on its own volition.

This was a magical fishing rod!

Qing Shui didn't dare to slack off as he kept his spiritual sense extended all the way, surveying the site for any possible danger.

Being a blacksmith had trained his patience. Qing Shui didn't mind waiting as long as there was no danger.



After several moments passed, he finally felt something snagged onto the hook of the pure gold fishing rod.

Maybe, he had fished a mystical beast. It could even be some heavenly treasure or rare aquatic ingredient!

Just as he was lost in his fantasy, the expression on his face suddenly faltered.

His spiritual sense told him that the thing he fished was not a living thing, but an embroidered pouch instead!

Embroidered pouch?

Why the hell was the thing he fished a pouch?

Qing Shui could only use his spiritual sense to get a reading. By right, this forbidden place shouldn't have been frequent by many. Could it be that this pouch was lost from a long, long time ago?

Was an expert trapped here before? Ambushed by his enemies or was a thief being chased by many others before having no choice but to toss the loot within?

Too many what if's, Qing Shui decided to stop thinking about it. In any case, these things that the pure gold fishing rod fished, they couldn't be that bad right?

He instantly reeled the rod back before exclaiming in surprise.

’’Huh? Why does it look so new? Did someone just lose this a few days ago?’’

Qing Shui sigh in relief when he saw that the pouch was still sealed.

His eyes brightened as he held the pouch. He could feel an overwhelming spiritual qi emanating from within the pouch. The quality and quantity of this spiritual qi was even higher than the White Tiger Stones.

Also, the pouch looked brand new, it was made from the leather of some demonic beast. Although Qing Shui didn't know how powerful the beast was, he could sensed for sure that the leather didn't come from a Xiantian or Martial King demonic beast.

’’If that's the case, could this have been made from the skin of a beast that's at least at the Martial Saint level?’’


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