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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 373


AST 373 - Battle with the a Peak Grade 8 Martial King, The Power of Misty Hall Palace Mistress

Bang bang bang.....

Elder Xing had already silently took note of Qing Shui's potential. The notion of not killing Qing Shui also appeared in his mind because he wanted to see how far Qing Shui could go in the future.

The development of the battle progressed with shocking speed. Just like Qing Shui, he was able to immediately sense various things in just two hours.

’’Time's up, kid. Die!’’ Elder Xing's 'benevolence' disappeared crossing blows for a few moves.

’’Dark Prison Slash!’’

In an instant, Qing Shui felt his body was as though it was being restrained. A huge Dark Ember Demonic Saber with a monstrous murderous intent came head-on against Qing Shui!

Qing Shui immediately became pale as he sensed the shadow of death crawling up to him!

The Dark Ember Demonic Saber seemed to be getting closer and closer. The enormous flame from the saber made Qing Shui's skin and muscles all crunched up. Even with his current enhanced defence, Qing Shui felt like he would die a violent death.

Elder Xing flashed a merciless smile, a bloodthirsty smile that has a certain ruthlessness to it. He then increased his aura by 30% while he was in mid air.

divinity Protection!

Seemingly Sealed Shut!

Qing Shui quickly used two of his strongest defense techniques at this crucial moment!


A giant bull shadow exploded out from Qing Shui's body and fearlessly rammed against the overbearing Dark Ember Demonic Saber!


The bull shadow could only block the attack for a few moments before it was slashed into pieces by the Dark Ember Demonic Saber. The fragmented shadow instantly vanished into the air. Right after that, the Dark Ember Demonic Saber came straight towards Qing Shui with its overbearing aura.

Sword of Fourth Wave!

Qing Shui knew that this time, he could not avoid the course of the blade aimed at him. The only thing he could do was endure the damage from the saber, otherwise he would die a horrible death today on that spot!


Qing Shui was blasted out once again. Even with the divinity Protection, Seemingly Sealed Shut, and the Sword of Fourth Wave, he wasn't able to reduce the damage from the saber. The assault caused him to spit out blood.

The power of a 8th Grade Martial King was this horrifying?

Qing Shui stood up and wiped the traces of blood stain from the corner of his mouth. His wound was not that severe. The main problem was that the elderly man was far more powerful than Qing Shui, which reduced the effectiveness of the divinity Protection and Seemingly Sealed Shut by a whole lot. Luckily, Qing Shui's Seven Star Armored Vest was able to withstand the elder's attack.

Elder Xing was even more shocked. The Crippled Yang Blood Technique that he had learnt used an overbearing Crippled Yang Sword Technique that didn't possess any special skill, but doubles the output damage and the force of the blade, increasing his force to an unimaginable extent!

Swordsman are known to first master the force of the blade, then the course of the blade, and finally the form of the blade and the layers of the blade. The more powerful the blade, the more it redefined Heaven and Earth as the blade struck.

He had already mastered the course of the blade, and even though Elder Xing was just a Peak of Martial King Eighth Grade, he was on par with the martial warriors of Martial King Ninth Grade. This was why he was shocked when he had used his strongest move on Qing Shui, yet it didn't managed to kill him.

’’If only he was my disciple.’’ Elder Xing stared at the wounded Qing Shui before he lifted his Dark Ember Demonic Saber once more. He knew Qing Shui couldn't triumph over him, and he would not be able to withstand the same move again.

The giant saber swung towards Qing Shui like the scythe wielded by Death itself. The force this time was even more powerful than before. A series of huge dark ghastly shadow followed as the saber lunged forward!

Qing Shui felt helpless, especially in this situation where his power did not match up to his opponent's. Everything seems futile at this point. He thought that if he had his Hidden Weapons or other special martial techniques up his sleeves, he would have a chance of going against the Peak Martial King cultivators. But that thought seemed silly to him now. He had never gotten the chance to get close to Elder Xing, and the intensity of his physical body that he specialized in could only suffer beatings from the opponent. It was useless if he could not get close to him.

Qing Shui felt like he could not withstand the next attack from Elder Xing. Even if he could, he would still suffer heavy injury from the force. But there was no choice but to block the attack.ANd also, around this time, Qing Shui noticed that his Hidden Weapons were not able to penetrate into the Dark Ember Demonic Saber's circle of essence projected!

The next thing that happened left Qing Shui helpless once again. At the same time, his heart sank to the bottom of the pits!

The effect of the Seven Star Armored Vest suddenly vanished right at the very crucial moment. An hour of the time has been used up. His strong defense was dropped to half of his overall defense. This time, he wouldn't be able to save his own life!

He was filled with unwillingness, but he couldn't do anything about it!

The giant Dark Ember Demonic Saber flashed across with a trail of dark flames!

After being locked on by the course of the blade, Qing Shui who was unable to dodge the incoming attack, held up his Big Dipper Sword in the hopes that a miracle will happen. Simultaneously, the Coldsteel Needles shot out multiple times from his other sleeves, targeting the opponent's main acupuncture points and the five sensory organs on his face!

Vulnerable spot!

The eyes!

Ting ting ting ting ting.......

Qing Shui's heart slowly sank when he heard those sounds. All of his best and most crafty Hidden Weapons were useless against a man who was far more powerful than himself, especially at this very moment.

Ming (Bird's crying sound)!

Just then, a high-pitched bird cry rang out. It was a familiar cry!

Then, Qing Shui saw a long silver-white silk ribbon gracefully entangled with the black Dark Ember Demonic Saber in that critical moment!

At that moment, Qing Shui felt as if the silk ribbon had come from beyond the Nine Heavens. It flowed gracefully, emitting a strong wave of spiritual Qi. Only when Qing Shui felt the spiritual Qi from the silk ribbon did he realized that it was far more powerful than the Dark Ember Demonic Saber.

Nine Heaven Immortal Silk!

Qing Shui recognized the silk ribbon as the Nine Heaven Immortal Silk. He was shocked to see the Nine Heaven Immortal Silk in real life. The silk ribbon definitely belonged to the classifications of the divine weapons.

The Dark Ember Demonic Saber was directly deflected by the Nine Heaven Immortal Silk!

Just then, Qing Shui was able to finally see the person who had just saved him. But he actually had an idea who it was when he saw the large Blue Luan from afar.

Misty Hall Palace Mistress, the beautiful goddess-like woman on the portrait!

She was still wearing a full plain white clothing as before. Her face was covered by a veil and only revealed a pair of extraordinary black, deep eyes. She stood on the back of the Blue Luan while wielding the Nine Heaven Immortal Silk on one hand!

Her charm was unparalleled!

It's really her, Qing Shui could not believe that it would be Misty Hall Palace Mistress even if someone crack open his head!

Qing Shui was also able to deduce the goddess-like woman's true power. Even if she wasn't at the Peak of Martial Kings, her power was not far from that. With the formidable weapon like Nine Heaven Immortal Silk aiding her, it would be very easy to win against this peak of Martial King 8th Grade elderly man.

The difference between each Martial King Grades was quite huge. Qing Shui doesn't know which grade he was in. He could easily wipe out four Martial King Fourth Grade martial warriors, but he was helplessly forced into a corner by a Martial King Eighth Grade martial warrior.

The Nine Heaven Immortal Silk waved in the air once more. In an instant, the silk flung towards the elderly man who had just lost his Dark Ember Demonic Saber like a furious divine dragon!


The elderly man spilt out a mouthful of blood. He was thrown outside akin to what he did to Qing Shui just now!

Someone at the Peak-level 8th Grade Martial King was knocked down with a single move.

A lot of people from the Hundred Miles City witnessed this moment, and at the same time, were in awe and shock at the beauty and strength of the woman on the back of the Blue Luan. They were almost seized by the impulse to worship her at that very moment.

This was not a mortal woman!

Not only did Elder Xing see his death blow that was aimed for Qing Shui being deflected, he was also beaten to the point of vomiting blood. He had some regrets in his heart, but at the same time, he also felt a sense of freedom.

He was already crippled and he knew he didn't have much time in the living world. He looked at the valiant yet beautiful as a Nine Heaven mystic woman in the sky. Only those at the pinnacle of Martial Kings would be able to defeat him with one blow and cripple him entirely with one move.

This woman was surely one of them, the strongest symbol of power in the Greencloud Continent. There were several Peak Martial Kings in the Greencloud Continent, but this was the first time he had seen an unrivalled, beautiful woman as one of them.

Anyone could have guessed who she was! The Misty Hall Palace Mistress from the Heavenly Palace;the goddess-like woman who would shut herself away from the world! She was a mysterious one. He never thought that he would be able to meet her at a place like this. Moreover, he would be the one to die by her hands.

He also didn't think that she would be the one to come to aid Qing Shui all the way from the Heavenly Palace. Never in a million years would he ever have thought that she would be the one to rescue Qing Shui!

The whole area went quiet!

Elder Xing's eyes slowly closed as he slumped down. His life has ended!

’’Dead, he's dead....’’

’’Blue Luan demonic beast is so amazing, it is a beast that could changes form, moreover, it is at the Crown level!’’

’’That woman is beautiful, like a goddess. Regardless of her manners, demeanor or behavior, they are extremely alluring. Just seeing her today meant that our lives will not be lived in vain!’’


’’Qing Shui, are you okay?’’

’’Qing Shui.......’’

The people from the Qing Clan were worried as they surrounded Qing Shui. There were all types of questions. Qing Yi tried her best to hide her teary red eyes from Qing Shui, but it was in vain. Her eyes still held a bit of self-accusation.

No one knew a son better than his mother. Similarly, no one knew their mother better than their own son. Qing Shui knew what his mother was thinking right now. She was still blaming herself for the resentment she had given to herself in the first place, which led up to the situation now.

Qing Shui could not say it. Even though he had been carrying a heavy burden, he was very substantial. He already knew from the beginning about the resentment between his mother and Yan Clan. So when Qing Shui was able to start his training, he had already set up his life objective!

’’Conquer the Yan Clan, conquer the Yan Clan with mother and bring back his big sister for a family reunion!’’ This was his never-changing objective from when he was young.

He had never faltered from his objective, even if it meant living for revenge, in a life filled with hatred!

In a lifetime, there came a moment when one need to do something. This was who he was, he must do his best to settle the things between his mother and Yan Clan, or between Yan Clan and himself. Even if it meant he would fail, he would still give all his efforts with no regrets.

’’I'm fine, I'm fine!’’ Qing Shui smiled.

He lost count of how many times he had said that. No matter who he said it to, he would feel his heart ache every time he did so.

’’Qing Shui!’’

Qing Yi held onto Qing Shui while pointing at the woman on the back of the Blue Luan in the sky!

Qing Shui could only smile wryly at his clan members before he walked towards the direction of Misty Hall Palace Mistress!


The Nine Heaven Immortal Silk spreaded out towards Qing Shui like a bridge of rainbow. He extended his arm and held onto the silk ribbon steadily!

Misty Hall Palace Mistress gave a hard pull!

Qing Shui soared to the air and landed on the back of the Blue Luan!


The crowd in the Hundred Miles City looked on as Qing Shui and the Goddess-like woman were leaving. In an instant, commotions and discussions spurt out from the crowd. Meanwhile, the city lord of the Hundred Miles City from the Shi Clan, also ordered his men to clean out the bloodstains and get rid of the corpse.

’’Thank you!’’ Qing Shui said softly after the Blue Luan flew out out sight from the crowd.

Misty Hall Palace Mistress was just looking at the far horizon while standing at the back of the Blue Luan. Qing Shui felt like she was far away from the mystified air she was projecting, but she was just standing right next to him.

Maybe this is already at the 'edge of the coast'? Qing Shui was baffled that he would have these feelings now.

’’This is my first time rushing relentlessly just for another person.’’ The melodious voice was at peace, it contained a reassurance in it to those who heard it..


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