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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 372


AST 372 - Terrifying Saber Intent, Large Success Stage For the divine Arm Clearing, Strong Arms

The one who came was Elder Xing from Medicine King's clan. When he had discovered that his disciples were all gone, he knew that something serious had happened and had rushed to Hundred Miles City overnight without taking even a moment of rest.

But he was still a step too late. He was just in time to see his last disciple killed...

’’You're really vicious!’’ That Elder bellowed in the air towards Qing Shui.

Qing Shui, on the other hand, was trying to sense the elder's abilities. He was not as strong as Cang Wuya but was still much stronger than Canghai and that old, blind man.

He was either at the pinnacle of Martial King or higher than grade 7 Martial King.

Qing Shui estimated that his own level was between grade 7 to grade 8 Martial King! There was no clear-cut definition for it.

’’I'm vicious? The Medicinal King's clan in Xinan is known for its benevolence and righteousness, only to bring up these scum. Do you know what these people have done? If a martial art practitioner doesn't even retain the basic attributes of a martial art practitioner, then he would not be fit to be called a martial art practitioner, nor would he be fit to live on.’’ Qing Shui held onto his Big Dipper Sword, which did not have a single drop of blood on it, and slowly walked out from the foggy area.

’’Qing Shui was it? Now, all of my disciples have all died in your hands!’’ Elder Xing let his ride land gradually as he spoke to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui looked at this elderly who was very close up to him. It was an elderly with a very big build, exuding a vicious aura.

’’No need to be astonished. I've heard about you before you killed my three disciples the previous time. And I even know that you're the youngest Elder in Heavenly Palace.’’

The elderly calmed down as he spoke, but his blood shot eyes still showed that he was very angry. The pitch black saber he was holding gave others an impeccable feeling.

This time around, Qing Shui was truly astonished, and at the same time, he found the abilities and plants of the Medicine King's clan to be truly unbelievable. To think that they were able to find out about him. Even his family had not known that he had been to Heavenly Palace, nor were they aware of his identity as an Elder of the Heavenly Palace.

Qing Shui felt a bit uncomfortable after discovering that an unknown and powerful enemy knew of his background. This was his hometown. The people here were his kins, as well as people who were most important to him.

He glared towards the elderly!

’’Qing Shui, previously when you killed my three disciples, I wanted to let it slide. But now, all of my disciples have been killed by you. Before I came, I've already resigned from Medicine King's clan. Now, whatever I do will not be related to them.’’

Qing Shui did not say a word, but now, he could feel the danger even more. He knew that this old man had flipped out. He was now alone and did not wish to get the Medicine King's clan involved with his vengeance with Heavenly Palace.

’’Cut the crap, do it!’’

Qing Shui activated his Seven Star Armored Vest. 15 minutes had passed, and he could still hang on for another 45 minutes. If he did not fight now, he would be put at a disadvantage.

The elderly gradually lifted up the pitch black saber in his hand!

Dark Ember Demonic Saber!

Only now did Qing Shui notice his opponent's weapon. It was a little different from the saber he remembered, but he could still tell that it was the Dark Ember Demonic Saber. At the same time, Qing Shui also guessed that the attributes of his opponent's martial techniques was fire, an attribute that prioritized on attack.

’’Since you're looking for a death, I'll grant you your wish!’’

The elderly gradually raised the Dark Ember Demonic Saber in his hand, and when it was pointing towards Qing Shui, his heart skipped a beat. He felt as if he was bounded by some unknown forces, and that feeling was very clear.

Saber intent?

Qing Shui was astonished. To think that the elderly had trained to the level of having attained saber intent. He circulated his Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique at full power and also brought the Unmoving Like A Mountain to its peak.

Under the attack of saber intent, dodging was useless, so stopping in one's tracks was the best option. Having practiced Taichi for so long, Qing Shui's had reached an extremely calm state. If not for it, he would not be able to calm himself down. People who were strong and powerful would tend to feel anxious and vexed.

Saber intent was a type of spirit energy which required one to infuse spirit energy into the blade in order to bind the target. Practitioners who could cultivate saber intent, sword intent, staff intent... were all people with great spirit energy. It was similar to how Qing Shui had entered the state of Minute Subtlety.

The saber intent was a type of spiritual attack. Under the saber intent, those without a strong enough spirit energy would tend to lose the will to battle. Their powers would also be greatly discounted. Even people with strong spirit energy could also be held down by their opponent's blade, unable to escape. After an opponent's spirit energy has been successfully reduced, they would be forced into a state of deliriousness once it reach an insufficient level.

There were no clear-cut distinctions between these states. It was because not many people would be able to do so. Not only must they have astonishing comprehension, they would also need a certain amount of luck.

Nature Energy!

Qing Shui did not dare to be careless. He quickly circulated the Nature Energy in his body and directed them towards his opponent's saber intent!

’’It's cut off!’’

Qing Shui did not have the time to feel happy when his opponent sent an even stronger gush of saber intent his way. Qing Shui now realized that his Nature Energy was something absolutely powerful. It was a pity that his level of cultivation for this was too low, and while he tried very hard to fend off his opponent's saber intent, he could not get away from it.

Qing Shui felt his scalp tightening and his spirit energy was being exhausted at a very fast rate. If this were to go on, he would start to feel physically and mentally exhausted after a short while. Once he started to feel exhausted, he would not be far away from death.

But at that moment, Qing Shui noticed the image of Yin-Yang in his consciousness circulating much faster. At the same time, he felt the gradual increase of his spirit energy, which matched up to the rate at which he was losing it.

Qing Shui was extremely agitated. He knew all along that this image of Yin-Yang in his consciousness was something good. No matter when, it was tempering his muscles and bones, his internal organs, his meridian channels, his Dan Tian...

To think that it could replenish his spirit energy so quickly at this crucial point in time!


The elderly waved his arm!

The large Dark Ember Demonic Saber brought about an afterimage as it slashed through the air!

’’Saber intent is truly powerful!’’

Being restricted by saber intent, Qing Shui could only receive the attack, not daring to be careless as he circulated all the strength from within him!

He received the attack with a sword slash!


Qing Shui retreated three steps and was buried into the rocky ground from his knee down!

Qing Shui smiled bitterly as he looked at his feet, then at the elderly man who had not changed at all. He had estimated the old man's level!

Pinnacle of grade 9 Martial King!

Crippled Saber Slash!

Elder Xing performed his Crippled Yang Saber Arts and charged towards Qing Shui with another slash.

When Qing Shui saw his opponent's speed, his scalp started to turn numb. He had initially thought that he would be able to have a chance to battle it out against someone who was of a lower grade in Martial King level. Now, he knew that he was wrong. His strength and speed, which was what he had been the most skilled at, were all put at a disadvantage. He was in for a tough battle.

Most importantly, he was being restricted by his opponent's saber intent and could not even dodge it!

’’Damn, why did I forget about it!’’

Qing Shui looked at that tremendous saber which was heavy as a mountain, and helplessly raised his strength to the maximum once again!

Bear Stance!

divine Arm Clearing!

’’Damn! I got it wrong!’’

Art of Pursuing!


Qing Shui was sent flying yet again, a trickle of blood flowing from the corner of his lips!

But now, Qing Shui was smiling happily. Earlier, he brought out the useless ’’divine Arm Clearing’’ in a panic and had not expected it to undergo a breakthrough at this crucial moment!

Large success stage for the divine Arm Clearing!

Tian Fu, Xia Bai, Jin Ze, Lie Que, Tai Yuan, Yu Ji. (names of acupoints)

Qing Shui was now feeling the amazing feeling on both his arms. His arms that had been in excruciating pain was completely fine, but most importantly were the powers he felt from his arms now and its astonishing intensity.

It was an amazing feeling. The Qing Shui now felt as if his arms could unleash and withstand a strength several times greater than what it could earlier. Martial arts practitioners were not able to use whatever strength they had, just like how it was for Qing Shui. If he were to unleash the strength from all over his body through his two arms, he would not be able to take it after a few times.

Now, Qing Shui's overall strength had reached 5,500,000 jin. Although he could unleash this amount of strength, his arms would not be able to withstand this tremendous energy and will suffer from a backlash if he were to unleash the strength through his two arms.

Qing Shui cultivated in the Ancient Strengthening Technique, a technique which tempered one's physical body. He could force himself to unleash his full powers, but only for a maximum of three times. If he were to use more, his arms might break.

However, Qing Shui felt that after his divine Arm Clearing had reached the large success stage, the acupoints which had been cleared increased by quite a bit. Earlier, his full prowess from against the opponent's Dark Ember Demonic Saber was already his limits and he could only repeat it for one more time at most! If he were to continue using his full powers, he would only either break this two arms or suffer from an even more serious backlash.

To think that he had chanced upon this breakthrough at such a crucial moment. Now, even if he were to clash with his opponent for another ten times, there would be no problems at all. This was the great advantage of having cleared one's acupoints.

An increase in strength and the ability to withstand strength...

There was a reason why martial arts practitioner had to reserve 30% of their powers when they fought. It was not because they wish to hold back, but rather, they were forced to do so. The depletion of their energies would be very fast when they attack in full powers, and unless they were forced to do so, most of them would not exert their maximum powers. another reason was also because their bodies would not be able to withstand the powers.

Even when a normal person used up all his strength, they would end up having swollen and aching arms, or even have a fracture!

Qing Shui once again drew out his two legs from the rocky surface. Thank goodness he was still under the protection of the Seven Star Armored Vest. He would not have been able to take these blows otherwise.

Before absolute power, all techniques were useless!

But now, Qing Shui looked towards the strong, elderly man with burning eyes.

Elder Xing looked at Qing Shui in disbelief. Earlier, he had felt a strange surge of energy hitting into his body within an instant. Then, it was as if something was creating a burden on his body. While it was not something very heavy, it felt extremely uncomfortable.

’’Heck it, I'll kill this devilish chap first!’’

Elder Xing gritted his teeth and once again charged towards Qing Shui!

When he moved, he noticed that his speed was much slower as compared to before!

’’What is wrong? My body feels a bit heavier and uncomfortable, and my speed has obviously slowed down a little as well!’’

When he saw Qing Shui's smile, he knew that it was the work of this chap. He was also secretly astonished that his opponent actually knew of such an amazing technique which did not lose out to his saber intent.

Dark Ember Slash!

Elder Xing unleashed his full powers and struck at Qing Shui!

Together with three feet long black colored flames, the Dark Ember Demonic Saber slashed towards Qing Shui!

Even though the saber had yet to reach him, he could already sense the scorching aura coming!

Since Qing Shui cultivated the primordial flames, he did not really take these dark embers seriously. However, he still went all out to fend it off!

Boom boom boom...

Qing Shui gradually incorporated the Taichi's state, and he did not need to unleash his full strength anymore. Moreover, Qing Shui's arms felt as if he had taken stimulants. He lamented on how hard acupoints were to clear, but once they were, the advantages were tremendous.


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