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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 371


AST 371 - Killing Intent inside the Grey Fog, The Ultimate Strike!

At that instant, time seemed to have frozen. Initially, there still had been many in the crowd commenting, cursing;yet at this moment, the mouths of everyone were sealed with silence.

Insta-killing a Martial King opponent.....

Many people were speculating about Qing Shui's true strength. Back then, everyone had already been astounded when he had used only a single move to cripple a peak Xiantian expert Li Long, but now... he only used a single move to destroy an expert at the Martial King Realm....

The other four that came with Long San stared at Qing Shui in disbelief, their powers of speech temporarily lost. They appearing as though they had all just swallowed a toad.

’’My eyes... are they working?’’

’’When had this world became such a frightening place?’’


’’The people of our Hundred Miles City will always support you!’’


The others all understood in their hearts, Qing Shui earlier had commented something incredulous, but everyone treated it as a joke. Seems like the truth was as he said, he had never placed the Medicinal Aristocratic Clan in his eyes at all.

Everyone in the Medicinal King Clan knew that if they didn't kill Qing Shui today, almost none of them would survive. Their fates was already determined. They would all die here.

’’Senior Mao, do you know why Master didn't want us to tag along back then?’’ The eyes of the elegant middle-aged man flashed with an unknown glitter.

’’Master definitely must have known the background of this kid. Even someone as impatient as master also had to rein his temper in. Wouldn't it be equivalent to us looking for death if we fought with him?’’

The elegant middle aged man discovered that the sloppy young man's thinking had started to change.

In hindsight, everyone could tell the strength of that young man. But before this, even the highest in intelligence, Senior Bai from their sect, was unable to foresee that things would develop in such a way.

After all, his Xinan's Medicinal Aristocratic King Clan was one of the strongest powers in the Greencloud Continent. Although they couldn't be compared to those sects and clans at the pinnacle, they were strong enough to not fear anyone else. Arrogance naturally set in as the years passed by.

The Xinan Country was one of the largest country in the Greencloud Continent, hence the statuses of disciples of the Medicinal Aristocratic King Clan were naturally more esteemed compared to others. However, who would have thought they would suffer so much during this trip to the Hundred Miles City? Despite their master telling them not to interfere, no one would be able to see their sect members getting slaughtered without feeling anger.

Li Long and Yan Xu had ten over years of relationship with him and they were all close like brothers. How would the other sect members be able to hold their heads high if it was known that they died without being able to lift a single finger back? This was too embarrassing. How could they die in such a little city in the Canglang Country? The Cang Lang Country was nothing compared to them.

After some discussion, all of them concluded that it wasn't possible for Peak Xiantian cultivators to die there. The only possibility was that they had been poisoned to death!

The alchemists of this world understood medicine, but wasn't medicine and poison the one and the same? They were merely two sides to a same coin, consisting of different composition of the same ingredients.

The Medicinal Aristostrat Clan rose to such heights because of their expertise in concoction, and more importantly, poison.

The four of them shot glances at each other, the fluidity of their coordination indicating their ten over years of camaraderie in the same sect. The four of them instantly split apart before coming at Qing Shui from four different directions.


Abruptly, an abundance of grey fog enveloped the entire area, and several did not have the chance to react. Upon coming into contact with the smoke, all of them fainted on the ground with their statuses unknown.

The speed of the smoke propagation was extremely fast. At this moment, as the smoke neared him, Qing Shui already had the Big Dipper Sword in his hands and was activating the Essence of the Seven Stars Armored Vest. He was shrouded in a light golden radiance, but no one could see it in the obscuring, greyish smoke that permeated the area.

The smoke was so thick that Qing Shui couldn't even see his fingers if he placed it in front of his eyes. He couldn't even use his spiritual senses!

He witnessed the attackers swiftly swallowing a pellet as soon as they entered the grey fog. Qing Shui knew that this 'Poison Avoidance Pellet' had an effect which allowed those who consume it to ignore the grey fog. Not only that, it could increase their strength of their cultivation base by 20%

Qing Shui circulated the entirety of his Qi. He didn't want to screw things up because he was careless. The strength of these people were at least on par with Long San. Although he had no problems fighting a Level 4 Martial King, he was fighting one against four this time round. It would be better if he was cautious.

’’I shall kill two of them first.’’

Qing Shui's physique and constitution had already reached the point where he wasn't afraid of ordinary poisons. But he wasn't going to experiment with his poison resistance towards this new poison, especially in such a dangerous situation like this.

Frenzied Bull's Strength.

Heavenly Thunder Slash!

Immovable as the Mountains!

Nature Energy!


Qing Shui exclaimed

in surprise. He discovered that Nature Energy could counteract the greyish fog, slowly dissipating it.

Qing Shui didn't use his eyes, but rather his spiritual sense that was imbued with Nature Energy. He could feel that there were four people rushing in his direction with great speed.

The elegant man stabbed forth with a sword coated in pure white Xiantian Qi, emanating forth an extremely sharp aura.

Meanwhile, two others rushed in front of him with their bare fists coated in yellow golden light. Black spikes protruded out from their fists, indicating that this was a technique based upon speed and brute strength.

Qing Shui also knew that the spikes were coated with poison. The most fearful thing about fighting against an opponent from the Medicinal Clan was that they were adept at using poison as well!

As the four opponents neared him, Qing Shui channeled his strength towards his feet.

The technique he had comprehended from the Black Flea Monument was unleashed to its utmost limits!

Although it wasn't possible for him to reach the level of the Black Armored Jumping King, his current speed coupled with the augmentation provided by his battle boots made him so fast that 'fast' wasn't sufficient to describe his movements.

This change was too sudden. Not only did the greyish smoke impair vision, it even restricted spiritual sense. This was the truly terrifying part about the grey smoke.

However, how could they know that Qing Shui had already obtained Nature Energy? All unorthodox methods and skills wouldn't even be able to get near him. His spiritual sense naturally wouldn't be affected.

Under their stares of dumbfoundment, Qing Shui speed rose up to an unprecedented level. With a mere flash, he slashed out with a sword and slammed out with a kick.

’’Sword Pierce!’’

’’Tiger Tailwhip Kick!’’

This was the first time Qing Shui truly sensed the sensation of the term 'absolute speed;it was invincible.

When fighting against the two of them earlier, Qing Shui realised that all their other moves were redundant. In front of absolute speed, everything were useless regardless of what grade their martial techniques were.

Two disciples from the Medicinal King Clan fell down in defeat while the two other males behind him wielding swords stabbed forwards, only to hit an after-image of Qing Shui. As the image disappeared, only then did they discovered that they had slain their own comrades.

A bone-pervading coldness descended upon them, causing the two sword wielders to break out in cold sweat.

Qing Shui was icily staring at them, his clear eyes devoid of any killing intent. Only a strange sereneness was present, yet they felt as though the overlord of the underworld was currently staring at them.

’’He wasn't affected by the grey fog, he can still see us....’’

Qing Shui didn't say anything. He merely smiled in response and sped towards the two of them.

The elegant man retained his composure. Abruptly, he kicked his comrade towards Qing Shui while borrowing the force to aid in his retreat!


The sound of a demonic bird's cries echoed!

Sword of the Fourth Wave!

A bloodcurdling scream sounded out in the misty fog!

Qing Shui calmly stared at the elegant man on the back of the crane demonic beast. Flicking his hands, he shot out a bunch of Coldsteel needles!

The needles was shot out with such speed that they ripped space apart with no warning whatsoever. The Coldsteel Needles directly penetrated through the Fengdu Acupoint of the elegant man, causing his brain to explode into pieces.

In the blink of an eye, the four Level 4 Martial Kings all died just like that. This was the fragility of life, power determines everything in this cruel world of the nine continents.

However, at this moment, a high frequency screech resounded in the air.


An imposing aura instantly caused Qing Shui's goosebumps to rise up.

'Crown' level Demonic Beast!

Qing Shui saw a yellow-colored flying beast resembling a giant lizard flying in the air. The crown on its head resembled that of a monarch's crown and its wingspan was about 100m.

The malevolence in its eyes sent shivers down his spine. This was a mature 'Yellow Geckorian King', a flying type lizard beast.

However, there was a sturdy old man standing on the back of this lizard. He wielded a black sabre in his hands and was staring at Qing Shui with bloodshot eyes.


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