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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 362


362 - Thousand Hammer Technique of the Obscure Realm, the Peach of Immortality?

Her sword technique was exceptionally refined, just like herself!

Qing Shui silently watched Yiye Jiange from a distance as she started a graceful dance that looked as if she was treading on the clouds and chasing the moon. The snow white and plain clothes on her was untainted by even a speck of dust. She looked exceptionally refined and otherworldly.

When she turned around and saw Qing Shui who was silently watching her, she gave him a gentle smile: ’’Are you leaving very soon again t

Qing Shui smiled wryly and nodded. The words of the woman standing before him was very obvious. He left without bidding her farewell last time. But of course she wouldn't directly say it out, so her question was actually an indirect complain.

’’Where is Luan Luan?’’ Qing Shui realised that the little girl was nowhere in sight.

’’I think she went to play at the back mountain!’’

’’Oh. Aren't you bored of being alone on the mountain?’’ Qing Shui looked around, impressed by her endurance. He was once again reminded of the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress. Both of them were really similar to each other.

’’I got used to it so I feel fine. It's no big deal once you got used to it.’’ Yiye Jiange looked at the man who stood beside her, she didn't expect him to be able to reach such a high level as he did today.

’’Master, do you mind taking a walk with me?’’ Qing Shui gently asked while he indulged in the faint refreshing orchid fragrance in the air.

Yiye Jiange only heard Qing Shui addressing her as Master but couldn't catch the words after it. She gave Qing Shui a look of doubt.


Qing Shui's summon was answered by Fire Bird!

’’Grant me this wish!’’ He extended his hand with a smile. He never had any impure intentions towards Yiye Jiange so he could calmly extend his hand at this moment.

Yiye Jiange silently watched Qing Shui. Those clear orbs were still as clear as ever, although they were tainted by a trace of vicissitude in them. Those were traces of the passing years.

He had matured!

She extended her snow white and long arm and put her delicate hand on Qing Shui's!

The moment Qing Shui held this hand in his, he felt a slightly cold and indescribable sensation. The lady before him was his teacher and also his friend. She was the woman responsible for the most important turning point of his life.

Standing on the back of Fire Bird, Qing Shui didn't know why but he kept holding Yiye Jiange's hand tightly in his hand like that. While Yiye Jiange was staring into the distance with a faint smile on her face, neither shaking his hand off nor giving him a response.

Qing Shui had yearned for a female soulmate since long ago. Standing beside him with her hand in his just like this, and then forgetting themselves in admiring the rivers and lakes in each other's company.

’’Master, have you ever imagine the day when you can see all the gorgeous rivers and mountains in the world of the nine continents?’’ Qing Shui looked at the lady whose clothes was fluttering about in the wind, like a celestial maiden that was about to soar into the sky.

’’So what if I did? The mood actually plays a big part admiring the gorgeous rivers and mountains. Everything will look the same if your mood was bad, right?’’ Yiye Jiange said softly. She knew about Qing Shui's situation and Qing Shui knew about her situation.

’’You're right. If one day I manage to cheer you up, will you watch the gorgeous rivers and mountains in the world of nine continents with me together?’’ Qing Shui had already decided to help her shake the Lion King's Ridge up.

Yiye Jiange's beautiful eyes lit up, but after a short while she still sighed and shook her head with a smile ’’That's alright. I've already given up on that. Thank you.’’

’’You're worried that I can't do it?’’ Qing Shui wondered.

’’Do you know how formidable the Lion King's Ridge is?’’ Yiye Jiange looked at him and laughed.

This smile was like the first ray of the morning sun that came after the dawn broke on the roof tiles. It was a breathtakingly stunning sight.

’’I don't, but I am confident that I can do it. No matter how strong the opponent is, as long as you allow then I can do it. Although I need some time, I guarantee that I will take twenty years at most. Twenty years. By then even if you want me to help you flatten the Lion King's Ridge I am confident that I can do it too.’’ Qing Shui said in determination.

Yiye Jiange turned around to look at the person whose words would make others felt that he was 'ignorant' or 'crazy'. But to her, he didn't come off as a show off at all. Most importantly she had placed her trust in his words.

’’The Lion King's Ridge has the existence of a Martial Saint. The one step from being a Martial King to a Martial Saint was referred as the Wide Chasm. It was said that a very special condition and item were required to breakthrough to Martial Saint. As for they are, I am clueless to that as well. But I know that as soon as one breaks through to Martial Saint, he would obtain an unimaginable strength. The difference between a Martial King Grade 10 and a Martial Saint was like the difference between the glow of a firefly and the luminescence of the brilliant moon.’’

’’As long as you allow, I will be able to do it. Trust me!’’ Qing Shui gripped her hand with a little force.

Qing Shui took out a medicine bottle with a Beauty Pellet in it. He had given a bottle to Zhu Qing when he left just now.

’’I'm leaving. I may not be able to visit much during this period of time but you can come find me in the Hundred Miles City if anything happens.’’


Fire Bird landed on the summit of the Cloud Mist Peak!

’’Qing Shui, are you prepared to go to the Yan Clan soon?’’ Yiye Jiange suddenly asked just when Qing Shui was about to depart.

’’The soonest would be the end of this year. If circumstances allow, I wish to return by the end of this year or next year. But it will definitely not be later than the end of next year.’’ Qing Shui gave her a small smile.

’’I may not be able to help you much now!’’

’’You have already given me the biggest help.’’

’’Don't worry about Luan Luan. With me around, there will definitely not be any problems. I will think up of something.’’

Qing Shui only stayed for less than half a day at the Skysword Sect before he left!

He entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal at night!

He began his daily cultivation. The Ancient Strengthening Technique had already reached the peak of 105th cycle and he could feel its circulation in his body becoming a little stronger again. After all, for every cycle there was a 1% increase and that was the increase of more than 200,000 jin of power and a 1% improvements to all strengths. These improvements refer to the improvement of the physical body and this was something incomparable to medicine pills.

Thousand Hammer Technique!

Basic Sword Techniques!

Fourth Wave!


Qing Shui was currently practising the Hundred Hammer Technique. He felt very pleasant this time. It felt just like the Basic Sword Principle of the Obscure Realm.


’’It's about to breakthrough?’’

Qing Shui discarded all distracting thoughts and swung his hammer. He stopped thinking about anything else and just slowed his movement down, trying to land every hammer blows like how he wanted.

Another hammer blow landed. It was very, very slow and didn't make any noise when it was swung down. What seemed like an ordinary and mediocre hammer blow had an impact as heavy as the mountain!


The loud noise jolted Qing Shui awake!

’’It broke through!’’

’’The Hundred Hammer Technique actually broke through to the Obscure Realm!’’ Qing Shui held the Heaven Shaking Hammer in shock.

Ever since his Hundred Hammer Technique was cultivated to the Grand Perfection Stage of the Truth Realm it had been stuck in a rut. For it to have a breakthrough today was indeed an unexpected surprise.

’’Could this be the result of coupling with Mingyue Gelou and Zhu Qing recently?’’ Qing Shui found his own thinking to be despicable.

’’Oh, the White Tiger Stone!’’

He remembered about the few stones that he had spent more than a thousand taels of silver on. They were also known as the White Tiger Stones, but Qing Shui was still unsure if these White Tiger Stones were capable of enhancing the Ancient Art of Forging.

As soon as he was free, Qing Shui grabbed a few bites and took a bath because it was about time to exit the realm again. He turned around and saw that the Flower of Life had already fully bloomed. The second bud had also grown out, but to bloom it would still need about another two years time in reality.

Qing Shui was shocked when he saw the fruit on the nameless tree root!

Peach! Although it was only the size of fingertips now, he could clearly identify that it was a peach. But he couldn't understand just what kind of peach it was to actually be taking 100 years to sprout, 100 years to bloom and 100 years to bear fruit.......

As soon as his train of thoughts were cut off, a type of peach came into his mind. His alchemy recipes had mentioned about the Peach of Immortality twice.

Could this be the Peach of Immortality? The one that could increase fifty years of lifespan?

Qing Shui stared blankly at the nameless tree root which had only a small peach!

He had returned to the Hundred Miles City in the afternoon. Travelling by a Metallic bull beast's carriage before took about two months time, but now he only needed less than five days. This was because of Fire Bird's high speed. Even Wenren Wushuang needed half a month time riding on her White Vermillion Bird.

When he passed by Yu He Inn, he discovered that it was no longer filled with customers like it had been before. He knew that it was still managed by the people from Yu Clan, but not Yu He.

Qing Shui went straight to the place where he celebrated Yu Donghao's birthday. Yu Donghao was especially happy to see Qing Shui's arrival!

’’Lass, look who's here!’’


A familiar voice rang out but stopped abruptly at the sight of Qing Shui! She only looked at Qing Shui dumbfounded, her se*y long lashes fluttered as she blinked a few times.

’’Qing Shui?’’

’’Sister Yu, you don't even recognise me anymore?’’ Qing Shui smiled at Yu He, who was still as beautiful as ever. She was a woman who possessed both beauty and intelligence.

He had no idea when had Yu Donghao left!

’’You've changed so much, I could barely recognise you.’’ Yu He walked happily to Qing Shui's side and took a serious look at his face.

’’Changed in a good way or a bad way?’’ Qing Shui laughed at the woman who was looking at him earnestly. Yu He was being extremely adorable right now and her cuteness had a hint of care in it. Only a mature and composed woman like her could exude such charisma.

’’You have turned into a fine man.’’

Qing Shui almost choked to death from her words! She looked at Yu He bitterly.

Yu He laughed out aloud when she saw Qing Shui's expression. ’’Alright, alright. You have matured and have become more manly!’’

’’Have you been well for the past few years?’’ Yu He tugged on Qing Shui's sleeves and led him to a pavilion.

’’I've been fine, what about you? What have you been up to for the past few years?’’ Qing Shui followed Ye He.

’’I've been cultivating with grandfather for three years. Although I have made some progress, I have no aptitude for it. So the chances of breaking through to Xiantian are very slim.’’ Yu He said with slight bitterness.

’’Don't worry. I can't guarantee for others, but there's some chance for you to reach Xiantian. Use this for a period of time first.’’ Qing Shui took out some Spirit Concentrating Pills.

He had accumulated quite a number over a long time, and it was better for a few dozens of people to make use of them rather than Qing Shui alone.

It was already dusk by the time he returned to the Qing residence. Everyone had been excited ever since Qing Shui's appearance. He had been imperceptibly connecting everyone's heart together.

Shi Qingzhuang didn't live in the Qing residence, but Qing Shui was planning to let her stay here........

Mingyue Gelou and Qing Yi was cooking and Qing Shui was extremely fond of this scene. This was home. The home that Qing Shui knew should look like this!


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