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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 361


AST 361 White Tiger Stone, Xinan Country, Back to Skysword Sect Again

’’Qing Shui, be honest. Are there any alternatives to get rid of the effect of the medicine if we didn't had the intercourse together!?’’ Shi Qingzhuang asked as she looked at Qing Shui with a serious gaze.

Qing Shui was shocked as to why she would think of the past again. No matter what the result was, both of them had already done it. What was the meaning behind her question? Moreover, she shouldn't be able to know that he could remove the effects of her aphrodisiac!

’’Yes, but I don't regret what I did. If I have to do it again, I would!’’ Qing Shui paused for a while. He looked at Shi Qingzhuang and said in a serious tone.

’’Why?’’ Shi Qingzhuang asked calmly. She didn't seem to be surprised at his answer, but she was still amazed about it because of Qing Shui's honesty.

’’Because I want to have you to myself. I actually had this thought when I first saw at the Qing Village.’’ Qing Shui smiled earnestly.

Although Shi Qingzhuang did not say anything, Qing Shui could still tell from her face that this was the answer she wanted!

Everyone gathered together and had a ’’reunion dinner’’ in the afternoon. Qing Yi looked at Shi Qingzhuang. Then, she turned to Wenren Wushuang and looked at Mingyue Gelou. Never once did she think that Qing Shui would have a number of women with him.

Wenren Wushuang was riding Zhu Qing's White Vermillion Bird when she arrived, but she had already sent it back home. Thus, Qing Shui decided to let her ride with him on his Firebird when the time came to send her back to Skysword Sect.

Qing Shui preserved the ’’Spirit Concentrating Pills’’ as much as he could. After a week, he began to set foot on the journey to Skysword Sect with Wenren Wushuang. The last time he was at Skysword Sect, Qing Shui only stayed for a little while, he didn't even have the chance to greet Baili Jingwei in person.

Those few days at Qing Clan's Medicinal Store, Wenren Wushuang was not as depressed as she was before. But it was obvious that she was very lonely, and she would unconsciously exclude herself from other people. She would always be idle all by herself.

Qing Shui noticed that he had difficulty connecting with her. She used to be confident, but now she was more distraught. Qing Shui felt sad about it, as he wasn't able to shoulder part of her burden with her.

’’Wushuang, let's go down and eat something!’’ Qing Shui said to the idle Wenren Wushuang when they passed by a city.


She lifted her head and nodded softly when she heard his voice!

Abundant Heaven City!

This city was part of Cang Lang Country's empire and it was right next to Heavenly River City. It was also a big city, even larger than Heavenly River City. Abundant Heaven City was vast and prosperous!

Qing Shui and Wenren Wushuang stepped on the pavement made of stones, which covered the entire street endlessly. However, Qing Shui had already become accustomed to it.

There were two sidewalks on the wide street, which were both quite narrow. The rows of stores and trading companies, as well as the crowd surrounding the area, were bustling with activities.

’’Come and look, everyone. These rare treasures are all a hundred silver. It will be gone if you are one step too late!’’ A loud voice rang from a vendor's stall. The voice was especially clear and held a penetrating power to it.

Qing Shui took a glance at the stall. It seemed that the crowd viewing the items wasn't large. There was a small-eyed astute man standing behind the stall, shouting towards the crowd.

The items on top of the stall were in a mess and they looked broken. A lot of people left when they took a glance at the items, but Qing Shui was fixated on the spot when he had glanced at the stall.

’’White Tiger Stone?’’

’’Strengthening Stone?’’

Qing Shui saw a white tiger mark on a piece of dirty white stone. Even though he had only caught a glimpse of it, he could feel that it was certainly a White Tiger Stone. It was a special material that could strengthen the smithing process.

’’Wushuang, let's go there and see!’’

Qing Shui led Wenren Wushuang and went towards the vendor's stall.

When he got near to the stall, he noticed that there are about dozen of White Tiger Stone on display!

’’Brother, take a look. A hundred silver for one. It's very cheap. I have collected these from famous places that I have travelled around the world.’’

When the vendor noticed Qing Shui's interest in these stones, the small-eyed, astute man eagerly gave Qing Shui some explanations.

Qing Shui looked at other stones and noticed that the White Tiger Stones were the only unique ones on display. Most of the items displayed were Jade stones. Qing Shui then took the White Tiger Stone on his hand. The stone was about the size of the fist.


Qing Shui was clearly feeling a faint spiritual qi fluctuating from the stone!

Qing Shui then took another White Tiger Stone from the display and felt the same fluctuating spiritual qi. After that, he picked up a stone that wasn't a White Tiger Stone, but he couldn't feel the spiritual qi fluctuating from that stone.

Maybe this was the strengthening spiritual qi White Tiger Stone. Qing Shui then picked up a black stone that had the shape of a tiger, and he felt a bit of the spiritual qi emanating from it this time, but it was weaker than that of the White Tiger Stone.

’’Brother, this is an authentic Black Tiger which originated from the Black Stone Mountain in the southern China. It has an effect to ward off evil spirits!’’

’’Boss, how about this stone?’’ Qing Shui absent-mindedly asked as he pointed to the White Tiger Stone.

’’This is a White Tiger Stone, originated from the White Tiger Cliff of the central continent. This isn't a rare stone, but it is still good. This is also a pure natural stone.’’ The vendor rattled on.

’’Can you give me a cheaper price if I buy all of the White Tiger Stones?’’

The vendor turned his eyes to look at Qing Shui and laughed: ’’Brother, I don't have much profit from selling these stones. If the buyer doesn't know anything about them, no one would want it even if i sold them cheaper. But if they are an experienced buyer, they would still want it even if I sell them a bit expensive, don't you think so?’’

’’How about this, I will buy all of these White Tiger Stones and you give me that Black Tiger Stone for free!’’ Qing Shui smiled at the vendor.

’’Alright!’’ The shop owner wrapped up the stones after considering for a moment.

The two of them arrived at a restaurant. This restaurant had the interesting name of ’’Coming Guest’’ and was located at the most flourishing zone in the Abundant Heaven City. The quality of the restaurant is considered good. They found the inside of the restaurant warm and cozy as they entered.

It was not luxurious, but refined and elegant!

’’Tomorrow we will arrive at Hundred Miles City. Senior martial brother said we will be the strongest over there even though we couldn't be considered powerful at the Medicine King clan though.’’

A young man at his 30's said to a nicely dressed man who seemed to be at the same age as the young man in the neighbouring table.

’’That's right. Junior martial brother Situ was accepted as a last core disciple by Master. Moreover he has a crippled Yang bone constitution. His future is limitless.’’ The nicely dressed man said in admiration.

’’Junior martial brother said he will invited us to the Hundred Miles City and he bring us to play with the beauties as much as we can!’’ The young man laughed pervertedly.


Before the young man could finish, he was struck on his temples with a chopstick and died on the spot!

’’Junior martial brother Mao......’’

’’Who, who did this? We are from Xinan Medicine King clan, who dares to pick a fight with the Medicine King clan?’’ The nicely dressed man shouted as he stood up in a panic.

There were initially a few people inside the restaurant, but now it became a disordered scene. It was a complete chaos!

’’Why are there just trash like you at Xinan Medicine King clan!’’

Qing Shui said with unspeakable disgust.

’’Who are you? What do you have against Medicine King clan?’’

’’You don't have to know who I am. The reason I didn't kill you is so that you can go back and tell everyone at the Medicine King clan. If you don't restrain yourself, then there is no point for Medicine King clan to exist anymore!’’ Qing Shui said calmly.

’’Arrogance!’’ The nicely dressed man snorted scornfully!




Qing Shui broken that man's shoulder. He let out a painful scream and then looked at Qing Shui with bitter resentment before lowered his head.

After Qing Shui paid his bill, he left the restaurant with Wenren Wushuang. Qing Shui didn't leave his name to the man, because he knew that man would take the news to the Medicine King clan. Whether or not they were able to find out about him will depend on their capability.

Xinan Country was the biggest country in the Greencloud Continent with the exception of the Continent's Capital. Medicine King clan was Xinan's most outstanding and strongest family. Whenever one mentioned the Medicine King clan, they would add Xinan to them, which explained the connection between Xinan Country and Medicine King clan.

Medicine King clan was considered a powerful glory to Xinan Country. Medicine King clan was also able to step up to the next level because of Xinan Country's formidable influence. So this was why the nicely dressed man was especially bitter by Qing Shui's words because everyone knows that Medicine King clan is considered very famous across the Greencloud Continent.

Firebird's speed had improved greatly, so it was quite fast when they arrived at the Skysword Sect. He purposely explained a lot of things to Zhu Qing in the hopes that she would pay attention when she looked after Wenren Wushuang. Even though Qing Shui knew that it would be unfair for her to take care of Wenren Wushuang.

After that, he rolled in the bed sheets and made sweet love to Zhu Qing for about four hours.

What made Qing Shui happy was that under the effect of the nameless duo cultivation technique, Zhu Qing's power had broke through the barrier that troubled her for 8 years and achieved the power of Xiantian of 7th Grade, which made her incomparably delighte She hugged Qing Shui, and under the administration of Qing Shui's skillful thrusts, began moaning in pleasure again.

Qing Shui's Ancient Strengthening Technique has also reached the 105 cycles of circulated Qi. He was excited for the increase in power, but no matter how much he made love with Zhu Qing, the result wasn't that great as before.

’’Don't tell me I have to find a lot more women to duo cultivate.......’’ The growth in power is very tempting. Qing Shui will not deny that thought, yet his subconsciousness was against it.

Zhu Qing laid on top of Qing Shui, her snow-white curvy body rubbed softly against him. Her eyes charmingly looked at Qing Shui as a pair of snowy white peaks squeezed on his chest.

’’Qing Shui, one more time.....’’

Zhu Qing laid on her stomach on the bed and lifted up her snow-white round hips as soon as she finished talking!

Qing Shui reached out and touched the flesh of her hips. She was rarely this initiative, especially in this seductive pose. He couldn't help but ask: ’’Little lady, why are you this enthusiastic today!’’

’’I know you will leave soon.....’’


After that, Qing Shui went to see Baili Jingwei again. The old man looked more healthy than he was before. When he saw Qing Shui, his eyes brightened up. He wasn't able to see how much Qing Shui has grown to. Although Qing Shui was standing there laughing without emitting a bit of his aura, Baili Jingwei could still feel that Qing Shui had already become much stronger than the old demon monkey.

The old demon monkey is already the Peak of Xiantian. So that would mean Qing Shui is Martial King......

Qing Shui came to Cloud Mist Peak once again. He didn't even get to say goodbye to Yiye Jiange last time. He stepped on the stone steps on Cloud Mist Peak.What he saw was Yiye Jiange wearing a full body of pristine white clothes practicing her sword skill, moving as one with the wind.

Her swordsmanship is just like herself, emanating an extraordinary air!


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