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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 358


58 - divine Arm Clearing of the Small Success Stage, Shenmen, Neiguan and Shaohai Acupoints

Qing Shui felt constrained that time and wasn't able to enjoy himself to the fullest, so he'd rather wait until he visited the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal again before looking for her. He had tried not to think about Mingyue Gelou and revel in the memories of their intimate moments from before.

In the dead of the night, Qing Shui opened his spiritual sense. He slowly shut his eyes, his hearing abilities exceptionally sharp. Qing Shui only just realised how exceptionally great his hearing abilities and spiritual sense were when he concentrated.

He paused in shock because he had discovered that Qing Zi was ’’back to work’’ again. This highly amused him. He couldn't tell just by looking at the Qing Clan's eldest grandson of the three generations, who was so simple and honest, that he had such strong needs.

The heavy panting, the blurry figures, and the beautiful scene was so stimulating that it made Qing Shui's mouth go dry. He couldn't stop himself from going to sense Mingyue Gelou.

Qing Shui's bedroom was only a few meters apart from Mingyue Gelou's, so he could sense her very clearly. Right at this exact moment, she was leaning against a bolster on her back. Little Yuchang was sleeping soundly next to her, her little apple-shaped face was especially adorable.

Qing Shui was sensing Mingyue Gelou's relaxed posture in the silent night. The stunning beauty was tossing and turning on the bed, having difficulty sleeping.

He didn't know if Mingyue Gelou was having trouble after waking up from her sleep or if she had never fallen asleep in the first place. She had mentioned about leaving the door unlocked for him, but it was already this late in the night. Could it be that she was waiting for him?

He thought to himself that entering the realm again would take another three hours, so by the time he came out it would already be 3 o'clock in the midnight. That'd be too late!

After mulling over it, he walked out of his room and walked towards Mingyue Gelou's room. The scene from just now had lit a fire in his heart, and it was burning even more intensely than before!

Qing Shui gently pushed the door to Mingyue Gelou's room and was opening it when he heard an answering voice.

This was the highest floor of the Qing Clan's Medicinal Store, and besides, no one would dare to bother this gorgeous Xiantian cultivator. Qing Shui still had a hunch that the door was not locked because she was waiting for him.

Qing Shui slowly pushed it opened. When his gaze met with Mingyue Gelou's, the fire within him burned even more intensely. He locked the door then walked towards the woman who was welcoming him with a slight reluctance in her gaze.

Qing Shui didn't utter a single word. The atmosphere was turning sensual right at this moment!

He gently picked Mingyue Gelou up from the bed. Little Yuchang was just beside her, and he didn't want to stir up any big commotion here.

The lithe woman in his arms was dressed in her nightdress. Even through the layer of this nightdress, he could still feel the smooth and slightly hot touch of her skin accompanied by a hint of faint fragrance.

Mingyue Gelou encircled her fair and delicate arms around Qing Shui's neck as their locked their gazes. The comforting warmth and infatuation felt extremely intense, as if their souls were blending together.

Qing Shui was already kissing those rosy red lips of Mingyue Gelou before he even realized it. He carried her to the wider bed outside. The soft blanket was exuding the exact fragrance that came from Mingyue Gelou's body.

Their clothes were discarded!

Qing Shui reached towards Mingyue Gelou's body to find that she was already drenched. He caressed her for awhile before he got straight to the main point. Both of their faces were so close to each other and the look they exchanged with each other was extremely intense.

Qing Shui moved vigorously while admiring the pure, holy, and dignified beautiful face of hers, which was just inches away from him and currently exuding a seductive charm. The way she was averting her gaze from Qing Shui, yet unyieldingly looking at him at the same time, made him felt that this was the most wonderful pleasure on this world.

The slightly suppressed, yet seductive moans that escaped from her mouth as her body quivered was divine to Qing Shui's ears. A pair of perky and plump mountain peaks were gently trembling. Those summits were rubbing right against Qing Shui's chest. The faint ticklish feeling was particularly pleasant, and on top of that, they were currently engaged in the most embarrassing yet ecstatic act.


Soon enough, a low moan of urgency escaped from Mingyue Gelou. Her delicate arms were tightly encircled around Qing Shui's neck, pulling her body flush against his as her delicate back arched backwards.

All of a sudden, Qing Shui's and Mingyue Gelou's bodies were glowing white. Although it lasted for only a short while, both of them clearly saw it. And most importantly, that moment simply felt too wonderful.

’’I broke through!’’ Mingyue Gelou looked at Qing Shui in amazement.

At the same time, Qing Shui also discovered that his Ancient Strengthening Technique had entered the 103rd cycle, almost reaching to the 104th cycle. It had fully advanced by one cycle.

The Nameless Duo Cultivation Technique was indeed powerful after breaking through.

Qing Shui looked at the already Xiantian Grade 2 cultivator who was still looking at him in disbelief. Although she had known about it before, she must be suprised by the fact that she had improved once again this time. To top it off, it broke the wall of hinderance that had been obstructing her for the past half a year.

’’Mingyue, you had your fun, but I'm not done yet!’’

Qing Shui turned over right after he finished his sentence, pushing her down once again and grabbed one of her long delicate legs.........

However there weren't any significant increase in strength this time around;only a very miniscule amount which was equivalent to three days worth of intense cultivation.

Qing Shui made love with Mingyue Gelou to his heart's content and in every position that he knew. They were done one right after another, making this pure, holy, dignified, and slightly traditional woman to feel extremely embarrassed.

Especially when Qing Shui was looking at her straddling his waist, the rough movements of her hips was most captivating. She raised her round and snowy white beautiful buttocks to make somewhat inexperienced slams against his ’’weapon’’ and this drove Qing Shui crazy the most!

’’Qing Shui, I am so happy. I have never been this happy before I met you!’’ Mingyue Gelou drawled as she laid in Qing Shui's arms.

’’I'm very happy too. We have done this for three years. Do you usually think about me?’’ Qing Shui's hands were gently kneading those plump buttocks.

’’You're such a meanie, I'm not gonna tell you!’’ Mingyue Gelou closed her eyes as she searched for a more comfortable spot on Qing Shui's chest.

Qing Shui moved instantly, the weapon below found the correct position and slipped right into the flower bud that it had been in just now.


’’Are you going to tell me? If you don't, hubby will make you feel the pain again!’’ Qing Shui impaled with his full strength, reaching the deepest spot!

’’Ah, I'll tell you. Stop moving! I think about you every day, every single day.....’’

Qing Shui waited until Mingyue Gelou had fallen asleep before he left. He locked his door once he returned to his bedroom and entered the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal!

divine Arm Clearing Technique!

Qing Shui started to cultivate this Acupuncture Point Clearing Art right after he had activated one full cycle of Ancient Strengthening Technique. It had been more than a month, which meant that Qing Shui had cultivated it for about three years, but he he hadn't been able to show any results!

However, he could already feel which acupuncture points would be cleared!

Patience and perseverance were essential in cultivation. He had been stuck here for quite some time, but since he had already broke through the unnamed Duo Cultivation today, his spiritual powers increased significantly, and the Ancient Strengthening Technique that he just activated had broken through one cycle as well. Would this divine Arm Clearing Technique breakthrough to the Small Success Stage?

The days that Qing Shui spent in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal passed just like this. His strength had been slowly growing every day. Since he had just reaped great benefits, he rewarded himself by only cultivating the Ancient Strengthening Technique and divine Arm Clearing Technique!

A slight rotating force akin to a whirlpool had appeared in the Shenmen, Neiguan, and Shaohai acupoints.

Qing Shui knew that he was close to breaking through! He could feel it!

He was very excited as he continued to cultivate divine Arm Clearing Technique!


Qing Shui could feel as if the whirlpools in the Shenmen, Neiguan, Shaohai acupoints were reaching the its limit and subsequently being cleared by some kind of force in an instant, allowing a wave of pure energy to flow through.

It felt like as he had a few additional enormous joints on his arm!

This was the benefit of acupuncture point clearing. His divine Arm Clearing Technique had achieved the Small Success Stage!

Qing Shui struck out, experiencing the benefits of clearing his acupuncture points and slowly feeling the fantastic feeling on his arm. Great benefits came with acupuncture point clearing. Every acupuncture points was a point where energy gathered. Just like how a long wooden bench would easily break if you put something heavy on top of it. If one or even better, a few fulcrums were added somewhere in between, then it could support up to twice or more the amount of weight it could originally support.

Qing Shui clearly felt subtle changes in the bones of his arms and meridians, discovering that their strength had grown significantly. After all, those three acupuncture points were the largest points on arm.

Could it be that the divine Arm Clearing Technique and divine Feet Clearing Technique were able to clear all the major acupuncture points aside from those 108 acupuncture points?

The Small Success stage required three years of time. It was still considered to be acceptable to him because he possessed the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal that allowed him to learn more things than others and do better than them.

He then proceeded to try out the Small Success Stage of the divine Arm Clearing Technique and it was decent. The Acupuncture Point Clearing Art had allowed Qing Shui to see an even vast sky.

It was a shame that he only had two types, the divine Arm Clearing and the divine Feet Clearing Techniques. Even if he cultivated them to the Great Perfection Stage, he could only clear a limited number of the acupuncture points on both of his arms and legs. If only he could clear all of the acupuncture points on his legs, perhaps he could at least achieve the speed and springing power akin to that of the ’’Black Armored Jumping King’’.

But there were a few other methods to clear acupuncture points, especially through medicinal pills. Qing Shui had a hunch that there was a possibility that the medicinal pills he concocts in the future might have the ability to clear acupuncture points.

This made Qing Shui look forward to it!

During this period of time, Qing Shui had gained deeper understanding in acupuncture point clearing. He had some vague idea on clearing the specific 108 acupuncture points on a person's body and its various effects, especially the Middle of the Chest Point, the One Hundred Meetings Point, the Sea of Qi Point...........

For example, if the Qihai acupoint in the region of his dantian was cleared, the might of the dantian would enable one's strength to soar exponentially or even be equivalent to having two dantians' ’’capability’’ and durability.....

The effects of clearing the Baihui acupoint were even more astonishing, one of the examples was that it could double the speed of cultivation......... Qing Shui suspected that the reason behind the existence of heaven defying geniuses was because some of the special acupuncture points in their bodies were already unblocked since they were born.

When he exited from the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, it was already time for his morning practice. By the time Qing Shui made it to the courtyard of the Qing Residence, he found out that almost all of them were already there, including his two uncles.

He distributed the ’’Spirit Concentrating Pills’’ that he had prepared for them. He had accumulated quite a lot of them over time. Everyone received a bottle each, which was enough to last them for half a month.

There were also a few types of fruit from the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, with the Energy Enhancing Fruit being the most abundant so that each disciples of the three generations was able to receive two of them, since a few of them had consumed it before.

The very few Agility Enhancing Fruits were given to Qing Jiang and Qing He! On top of that, he made them set aside the Blue Lotus Art that they have been cultivating for the time being to choose Taichi Fists and Tiger Form instead.

This was because he felt that the bowstring of their desire to breakthrough the Xiantian was pulled too taut, so an appropriate amount of relaxation was in order. Pushing and pulling would bring great benefits to them. Just like a big dam overlooking the river. If you try to blindly destroy the dam with brute force, you would find yourself unable to. But if a small crack was made in it, the dam might just collapse within an instant, much like how a little leak will sink a great ship.

Besides, Qing Shui thought that a supplementary and domineering cultivation art like the Tiger Form can boost the strength of the qi force within their body. Cultivating the Taichi Fists could allow one to feel serene and purify one's heart and soul, thus enhancing their spiritual sense and mental states, which was more important.


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