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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 357


AST 357 - Realization? Comprehension? The Benefit of Breaking Through the Nameless Technique

Qing Shui didn't reply and could only smile at what Qing You said. However, that did not affect the trust between Qing You and the others had in Qing Shui..

Everyone gathered together and discussed about the current and future Qing Clan affairs. After all, mostly everyone from the Qing Clan was already here, so any suggestions or matters could be discussed right now.

’’When can I reach Xiantian, Brother Shui, I have a feeling i'm breaking through soon!’’ Qing Bei charmingly pouted to Qing Shui after the serious matters have been discussed.

’’Hehe, do you remember the time when you had no training and didn't know any martial arts?’’ Qing Shui smiled at Qing Bei.

’’I remember, of course I remember!’’ Qing Bei said firmly!

’’The feeling of Xiantian, actually is more or less than same as the transition from a normal person or infant to acquiring the power of a peaked Martial General.’’


Afternoon had passed. Qing Shui arrived at Wenren Wushuang's place and noticed that she was simply staring into a blank space. Qing Shui could not bear to look at her idle gaze.

’’Wu Shuang!’’

Qing Shui interrupted her thoughts.

After Wenren Wushuang saw Qing Shui, her vacant expression reverted back to normal. Nonetheless, she was still grateful at Qing Shui, otherwise she would never have been able to cross that pit hole in her life and would surely continue in her sister's footsteps.

She also knew why her sister had tried to build up a relationship between herself and Qing Shui at all costs, and why she had tried so hard to affirm their relationship.

Her sister has been enduring in the brothel for years, so she was much better when it came to evaluating other people. Now, when she thought of her sister's every actions, she understood that Wugou also had feelings for Qing Shui. Perhaps Qing Shui was too young for her, and she had an inferiority complex as well, but that was why she would always prompt Wushuang to hold on to this young man.

’’Qing Shui, thank you!’’ Wenren Wushuang looked at this man who used to be like a little brother to her. And now, the radiance halo around him has become brighter, which also made him feel more and more like a stranger.

’’Why do you need to thank me, do we still need this between us?’’ Qing Shui dislike being thanked by the closest people he knew. He thought that action spoke louder than words. If there was good news, it was best to share it with everyone. However, he didn't like formal gratitudes. Gratitudes are meant to be kept inside one's heart.

Just like when his mother did something for him, Qing Shui would never say 'thank you' because he was always connected to his mother through blood. She didn't do everything for him just to get a 'thank you' from her son.

Qing Shui would rather be the recipient some other methods to replace this formal gratitude!

’’Qing Shui, I want to go back to Skysword Sect!’’

Qing Shui was lost for a moment at Wenren Wushuang's words. He thought about everything she could possibly say, but he had never expected her to say these words.

Qing Shui was never strong enough in any of his intimate relationships because he could never pester or beg someone to stay. At this moment, Qing Shui's mind was filled with the thoughts of Wenren Wushuang leaving him. Maybe it was to make a clearcut stand between them, and also tmaking a decision for herself.

Qing Shui knew that Wenren Wushuang fully understood his situation, and she also understood that he already had a fiance, in addition to his relationship with Mingyue Gelou. Was she trying to clarify her position?

’’My greatest wish was to find Xiantian Golden Pellet for my sister with my own strength, or to find other methods that would help my sister reach Xiantian. She has never really been happy her whole life because she had suffered this kind of humiliation before. But this time, she wasn't able to overcome it no matter how much she tried.’’ Wenren Wushuang stood by the window and gazed at the far horizon of the sky. She showed the expression of loneliness and regret, as well as some other unknown emotions.

Qing Shui then realized why Wenren Wushuang was not her usual self. The number of people she had killed has reached three digits, which is also the reason why she was hurting from the inside. Qing Shui felt painful as well when he thought about Wugou. She will forever remain undefiled in his heart, despite being sullied in a world of corruption.

Wenren Wushuang has actually never told Qing Shui before. She had seen that scenario with her own eyes but luckily she was able to escape from that tainted fatal blow because she was still very young.

But when she saw her sister being ravaged by a number of wild madmen, she wasn't able to do anything. From then on, she hated men, and she hated those filthy acts. As time went by, she didn't hate men like she used to and tried to get close to them. But she would still hate things like love making, just like how it was for her and Qing Shui. In the end, she couldn't pass that stage.

’’Wushuang, I will always support every one of your decisions. But now you are very depressed, and I am worried about that. Although your sister is gone, you still have me and the Qing Clan.’’ Qing Shui said anxiously.

’’Qing Shui, I am fine. I know you are worrying about me. I want to be alone for a while, I don't want to be at this place that's filled with a lot of painful memories.’’ Wenren Wushuang said weakly.

’’Then, how about this, I will send you back to Skysword Sect, but you have to promise me one thing!’’ Qing Shui saw her determination, so he knew it was useless to even persuade her.

’’Just say it, I will promise you anything!’’ Wenren Wushuang replied swiftly.

’’Please treat yourself better. Be strong and live on. If, and I mean if, you feel tired out there one day, this will always be the place for you to rest!’’ Qing Shui said with complicated feelings in his heart. He couldn't help but felt like he was losing something precious as he said those words to Wushuang!

’’I will. Sister is not here anymore. I know I need to live on happily more than ever. Otherwise, sister will definitely worry. Please don't worry about me.’’

’’Stay with Qing Clan for two more days, then I will send you back to Skysword Sect.’’


When Qing Shui was about to leave...

’’Qing Shui.’’

Wenren Wushuang then called out to Qing Shui softly.


’’If I have to marry to someone, I will definitely marry you!’’ Wenren Wushuang strained herself to look at Qing Shui and smiled. Her smile was forceful, it was a smile that aches the heart.

Qing Shui was shocked by what Wenren Wushuang had said at first, but after that, he was happy. It was happiness without a reason. He then hugged her.

Qing Shui kept on hugging her soft and supple body. Wenren Wushuang and Qing Shui were tight and close together, chest-to-chest. The softness he felt made him feel that their hearts have been stuck with each other. Moreover, their hearts were beating as one, in synchronization.

This was a wonderful feeling. Qing Shui wasn't able to comprehend what had just happened. He realized that the wonderful duo cultivation technique had began to act on its own very quickly, which Qing Shui could feel subtly.




The nameless duo cultivation technique that felt different than before had broken through some kind of restriction. The flow of the new nameless duo cultivation technique had become stronger by two folds!

However, there was more to it. Because of the breakthrough of the duo cultivation technique, he realized that his field of vision had also changed. His vision greatly increased in range, and his hearing was able to reach the Qing Clan's Medicinal store. He could hear the shaking of the bed from the store as well.

Shaking of the bed?

Qing Shui laughed. Using his spiritual sense and hearing, he was able to tell that Qing Zi was actually ’’working’’ in broad daylight because of that distinct gasping and moaning.

His spiritual sense had become much stronger too. Qing Shui experimented for a while and found out that his spiritual sense was able to reach up to 1500 metres and a circumference of 3 miles. Although the difference with the rumoured Saint was huge, it was more or less the same as the peak strength of Martial King Grade!

Qing Shui looked down on his chest and saw Wenren Wushuang blushing. She looked delicate and charming, like sweet flowers, and her beautiful eyes were watery. She was trembling slightly as well!

Qing Shui could tell easily that Wenren Wushuang looked as if she had just experienced an outrageous, dripping-wet love making session.

’’Wushuang, what's the matter?’’ Nevertheless, Qing Shui asked caringly. Although he knew it has something to do with his breakthrough of the duo cultivation technique, he didn't know how it would affect her.

’’Nothing, I have to go change!’’ Wenren Wushuang pushed Qing Shui away and ran to where the bedroom and bathroom was.


Night time.

The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal!

Qing Shui was practicing on his art of pursuing. He had just broken through the small success stage realm, which decreased 5% of the weight and increased 5% of the speed.

Although 5% sounded low, during a battle with a cultivator especially when the opponent was as strong as himself 5% would be more than sufficient. Qing Shui was satisfied with his art of pursuing since it meant his strength would increase as well.

The time inside the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal was well used. Qing Shui took most of his time practicing his art of pursuing, resulting in the development of the small success stage realm today.

Qing Shui combined the ’’art of pursuing’’ perfectly with his fist technique, his sword technique, his hammer technique, and lastly, his ancient strengthening technique. It was just like what he did to his Frenzied Bull's Strength.

Single Whip!


Hammer Explosion Technique!

Qing Shui focused much of his time on his Taichi Punch, although he felt that it was worth the time to train his Taichi Punch inside and out through his mind and body.

A yellowish-brown gi oozed out from his punch. Qing Shui would not inhibit and restrict his aura and his qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Everything that Qing Shui trained was connected to the Ancient Strengthening Technique. That was why he would spend part of his time in the spatial realm to train on his Ancient Strengthening Technique no matter what.

He punched out many of the Taichi Punch move, which was embedded with Frenzied Bull's Strength, Art of Pursuing, and some insights gained from the stone monuments. With this, he was able to train all of them at once. Moreover, there was one more benefit to it.

Qing Shui had found out that under the influence of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, there would always be an improvement if he combined it with other skill. Combining was not exactly like adding, but it was like a type of blending and promotion. So in essence, Qing Shui would improve just by combining skills. However, combining skills would still depend on his luck. Somehow, he discovered that his luck was exceptionally good when it came to combining skills.

Qing Shui didn't pay attention to the time. If he got hungry, he would eat something. If he was sleepy, he would sleep for a while. After all, when the time was up, he would be kicked out automatically.

After he got out from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he didn't go to sleep, but rested for a while in his room. Because after about two hours, he had to go back inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal again.

Qing Shui initially planned to get intimate with Mingyue Gelou in this interval, since it has been a long time they have seen each other. Moreover, the incident that happened with Wushuang during the day made Qing Shui too excited..


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