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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 355


AST 355 - Mingyue, This World Has Never Been Fair

Qing Bei cheered in excitement when she saw Fire Bird again! She would forever be a little girl in front of to Qing Shui. The sense of reliance that Qing Shui could give her was irreplaceable.


Fire Bird screeched sharply and spirally landed on a spot not far from Qing Shui. Fire Bird was still enormous, even when it had folded its wings, though its size had shrunk significantly. Its fiery red feathers basked in the sun, looking very much like balls of flames.

Right at this moment, Mingyue Gelou walked over as well. A look of longing and envy flashed across her eyes when she looked at Qing Shui's Fire Bird. That was a very natural reaction for a person, like the flash of excitement when one laid their eyes on something wonderful for the first time. It was a feeling that was not influenced by anything.

’’Come Gelou let us try riding it together!’’

Qing Bei immediately pulled Mingyue Gelou over happily as soon as she saw her approaching.

Mingyue Gelou looked at Qing Shui. The look of shyness, satisfaction, and happiness on her pure and composed delicate face... It was exceptionally beautiful.

Although Qing Shui didn't know how to describe this exceptionally beautiful woman, he still thought that the word 'beautiful' was the closest. She was beautiful, exceptionally beautiful!

’’Let's go. Keep a close watch on Little Bei, don't let her run wild up there!’’ Qing Shui smiled.

They have not seen each other for more than three years, so the feelings between them had diminished a little. however, when Qing Shui remembered everything she had done for him, he felt especially content. He had put other external factors down because this person had moved him. He had even found his feeling of love towards her.

Love is selfish, yet at the same time, selfless. There's no such thing as hatred or love without a reason or cause!

Qing Shui remembered some people in his previous world, including himself, who had said how women were realistic and love men for their money, how women were love-struck fools who liked good-looking men, how jobless women liked capable men, or how shameless some women were for being mistresses........

Right at that moment, Qing Shui had understood the meaning behind ’’there was no such thing as hatred or love without a reason or cause’’. But Qing Shui felt that no one was at fault. The only thing to blame was this realistic society.

Everyone had different goals and perspectives. No one had the right to say that they were right and others were wrong! In this materialistic society, what was wrong with chasing after money?

If a woman liked money, she'd find a rich man. If she was a love struck fool, she'd find a pretty boy. If she was jobless, she'd find a capable and strong man. If she was shameless, she'd be a mistress to a capable man......

If you grumbled about the whole thing, this would mean that you didn't possess any of the qualities mentioned above.

Despite everything, people would get what they wanted. At least they were happy when they got what they wanted. What gives you the right to say that someone was attracted to someone else for their wealth instead of their financial capability and methods in making money, as well as the confidence that they exuded?

Qing Shui couldn't deny the fact that he still had some prejudice on the rich, but he had grown stronger, and on top of that, he currently didn't have much idea on money. After looking past things, everything dispersed like clouds and mist. The things that he had brooded about before were not even worth mentioning now. It was silly to get upset over nothing.

This type of resentment was actually built up by slight inferiority and self-esteem issues!

Regardless of the reason why she loved him even if it was due to her gratefulness towards him for saving her daughter, or if she loved him for who he was as long as she loved him, this was a reason!

And for him, it didn't matter if he liked her for her beauty or her dedication, the most important thing was that he knew that he liked her now. As for everything else, Qing Shui decided not to think about them anymore. Love was not supposed to be complicated. There were times when loving someone didn't require any reasons, because love could be that very simple too.

Why were there so many who obviously liked the other person for their beauty, yet insisted on finding someone with a more beautiful heart while saying things about liking someone for their inner beauty. Although, young ladies would still like to be told that a man was attracted to her for her beauty and temperament. As for inner beauty, how would you know if you weren't together with her.....?

Qing Shui made some kind of decision for himself at that instant. His slightly confused heart had calmed down now. Qing Shui's smile was especially brilliant when he looked at Mingyue Gelou.

She was his most beautiful little woman, and she would be his woman in the future because she had come into his heart!

As if having telepathic abilities, Mingyue Gelou stared into Qing Shui's eyes. She pulled up a sheet of dense fog over his eyes the instant his mood shifted.

Mingyue Gelou flashed a smile at him and stepped on to the back of Fire Bird with Qing Bei!

Qing Shui was still lost in Mingyue Gelou's charming gaze, and he really couldn't describe it. Aside from being full of infatuation and femininity, it was intoxicating, warm and sentimental!

Fire Bird soared around in the air with the two girls riding on its back. Qing Bei's crisp laughter could be heard!

’’Brother Qing Shui, show us the Tiger Form for once!’’ Qing You scratched her head and grinned.

Qing Clan's three generations of disciples were looking at Qing Shui from aside with hope in their eyes. So Qing Hu, Qing Shan, Qing Shi, Qing Hui, and Qing Zi were all here too.....

’’Okay, no problem! I am also prepared to practice with you all every morning from now on!’’ Qing Shui gave Qing You's shoulder a pat while they walked towards the others that were looking at them from a distance.

After Qing Shui stood properly, he slowly demonstrated the Tiger Form. Although Mingyue Gelou's Tiger Form was on the same level as Qing Shui's, it had a completely different overtone than his.

Qing Shui's was not only more powerful in strength, he had also comprehended the ’’Immovable Mountains’’ realm from a few stone monuments of the Heavenly Palace, along with a few other Tiger Form's mental states.

Every performance came with a shocking effect. Compared to his, Mingyue Gelou's Tiger Form was more gentle yet domineering, strong, forceful, and sophisticated. On top of that, it also had an indescribable feeling.

Tiger Laceration!

Tiger Lunge!

Tiger Claw Attack!


Every strike deserved a round of applause. They were perfect from every angle and could be considered as a type of ’’mental state’’!

The dull yet shocking tiger roar made one think of Judgement day. It was so oppressive that it could make everyone lose every ounce of strength in their bodies!

’’Tiger Form is all about the stance. Every movement must have the type of qi stance that could split the mountain open. Such is a type of qi stance that marches bravely forward without retreating......’’

Qing Shui was demonstrating Tiger Form while talking about some new mental states in the future. He even repeatedly demonstrated the best techniques and killing techniques of the Tiger Form for a few times.

Mingyue Gelou and Qing Bei was already standing on the side. Mingyue Gelou was listening with sparkles in her eyes and occasionally glowed with astonishment, surprise, and sudden realization.

Qing Shui couldn't help but be impressed by her perception. She could be considered as a heaven defying genius, to be able to cultivate Tiger Form to this level without any guidance from anyone.

Qing Shui demonstrated another round and explained quite a lot, thus proving the analect of a famous person in his previous world - ’’If one knew how to discover new knowledge by reviewing what he had learned before, one was qualified to be a teacher’’!

And Qing Shui was that very teacher who was able to acquire new knowledge by reviewing his existing knowledge. He was treating this as his morning practice, but of course, he also hoped that he could learn something new in the process of teaching them.

After demonstrating this round, Qing Shui let them comprehend what they had learnt with their own body. Mingyue Gelou and Qing Bei went off to practice by themselves but Qing Shui stayed at the same place and started practising his Taichi Fists.

The journey of more than a month was a long and difficult trek, but it didn't stop Qing Shui from cultivating in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal everyday. His Ancient Strengthening Skill had reached the 102th cycle.

Qing Shui estimated that he would need at least another five years time to reach the peak of the Fifth Heavenly Layer, and this was considering that he was under the full effects of the ’’Spirit Concentrating Pill’’. Otherwise, it would require twice the amount of the estimated time.

’’That's right, the Spirit Concentrating Pill! How can I forget about this!’’ Qing Shui remembered about the many Spirit Concentrating Pills that he had concocted recently for the Qing Clan and those related to him by blood. He had originally thought of establishing his clan on the World of the Nine Continents through the clan method. He had the confidence to support the Qing Clan to a great family in rankings, but it might require a very long period of time, so long that it could very well be his entire life.

’’Do you all wish to be a little stronger?’’ Qing Shui gave them all a serious look. Almost all of the Qing Clan's direct three generations were gathered here!

’’Yes, of course! I am willing to do anything as long as I can be stronger!’’ Qing You replied with determination.

’’Me too!’’


Their responses were not out of his expectations. Some of them had experienced once while others experienced twice about something that had allowed them to deeply comprehend the pain of being weak, as well as the helplessness and powerlessness when being bullied.

’’Good. If that's the case, all of you will need to perform well for a year. Accept my training of one year. You are not allowed to go anywhere else during this whole of one year!’’ Qing Shui said after thinking for a while.

’’Well then, all of you should do some readjustments. We start tomorrow!’’

Everyone dispersed after Qing Shui finished and it was time for breakfast. Qing Shui pulled Qing Zi!

’’Brother Qing Zi, where is sister-in law? Oh yes, when I left your baby wasn't even born yet. It should be two years old now right? Is it a nephew or a niece?’’ Qing Shui excitedly asked a few questions consecutively.

’’Hehe, your nephew should be over for breakfast soon!’’ Qing Zi laughed.

He was the eldest grandson of the Qing Clan's three generations and had reached Martial General Grade 5 within three years time. Among the clan, Qing You, Qing Hu, and Qing Bei had already caught up to him.

’’Hehe, so you are already a father to someone. How does it feel? Good?’’ Qing Shui questioned with a laugh.

’’Aren't you also a father to someone? What do YOU think?’’ Qing Zi gave him an coquettish laugh.

Qing Shui turned around at the smell of faint fragrance and saw Mingyue Gelou standing behind him with a smile. By the time he had turned his head back around again, Qing Zi was already nowhere in sight.

’’Qing Shui, why don't I give you a child?’’ Mingyue Gelou's said softly. Her voice was very, very soft!

Qing Shui knew that his conversation with Qing Zi must have made her overthink. She must be thinking that he felt that Little Yuchang was not his own child.

This the largest worry of hers when she was with him. She was not a virgin, and on top of that, she had a child with another man.

He took her hands in his hands. They were a little cold. Qing Shui squeezed them with a little bit of force, as if he was afraid that he would lose her.


Qing Shui called out Mingyue Gelou's name. He was used to calling her Mingyue in the past, but ever since he had met Canghai Mingyue after he left Hundred Miles City, he had been calling her Mingyue and would only call her Yueyue when he was joking around.

’’Why haven't you told me that you're already a Xiantian cultivator? I was being silly too. I should have realized it when I saw you fighting with that Xiantian cultivator upon my return, but I didn't. I was only worried that you might have a mishap.’’

’’Qing Shui...’’

’’Mingyue, let me finish first please?’’ Qing Shui smiled and held her small hands tightly once again.


’’I know what you're thinking. I'll get to the point, don't think too much from now on. I like you and Yuchang. I treat her as my own and you are not inferior to anyone. I like everything about you, do you understand?’’ Qing Shui said firmly in a serious tone.

’’Qing Shui, this is unfair. It's unfair to you!’’ Mingyue Gelou shook her head with a bitter smile and spoke the same words that Qing Shui had heard from before.

Qing Shui released one of Mingyue Gelou's hands. They strolled around Medicinal Garden of the Qing Clan while holding each other's hand.

’’Still the same words, Mingyue. This world has never been fair. If there's fairness, there wouldn't be anyone killing anybody. If there's fairness, no one would be living in the Continent's Capital while we have to live in the Hundred Miles City. If there's fairness, then there wouldn't be anyone having countless women around him while some had none at all!’’

’’I can only blame myself for not being lucky enough to meet you a few years earlier. But meeting you is the greatest compensation that God has given to me. You, as well as Yuchang. Do you understand?’’


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