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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 354


AST 354 Situ Clan's Disappearance, Burning Down Night Fragrance Court

’’Qing Shui? That demon from Qing Clan is back? To think that he could defeat someone who is at the pinnacle of Xiantian in one move...’’

Many people were frozen!


Situ Ba charged amongst these people as terrifying cries rang out!

’’Father, what should we do? This time around, Qing Clan will definitely not left us off. What should we do? Considering what Shang`er has done, he would definitely not let us off.’’

’’You're absolutely right. Back then, I gave you guys a way out, but you guys refuse to repent!’’

Just then, a loud voice rang out. Qing Shui, who was holding on to Wenren Wu-shuang's hand, walked in slowly. The sword he was holding still dripped with blood.

’’Now, Situ Clan's only Xiantian, Situ Luan has also been killed by me!’’ Qing Shui looked at Situ Nantian and Situ Ba, speaking in a calm voice.

Situ Nantian looked at Qing Shui, myriad thoughts crowding through his mind. He thought of the first time he saw Qing Shui. Qing Shui had stepped up in Qing Village's battle amongst the three generations. He came to Hundred Miles City, killing countless Xiantian practitioners as a cultivator who were at the ’’pinnacle of Houtian’’. And today, he had reached even greater heights.

How funny. He found it funny that he was still fighting against such a person. He was not a person, he was a demon. He was the greatest demon of this generation in the world of the nine continents.

’’Ahh, I'm going to fight it out with you!’’

Situ Ba let out a crazed bellow, charging towards Qing Shui. Hearing how both of his sons had died in this man's hands, no matter how strong his opponent was, he would want to fight it out with him.


Qing Shui did not move. Wenren Wu-shuang acted. Against a Houtian cultivator, even if it was one at the pinnacle at Houtian like Situ Ba, it was easy peasy. This was the gap between a Xiantian cultivator and a Houtian cultivator. It was a gap which could not be crossed.

The sword slashed through, from his forehead all the way to his Dan Tian, with a depth of two inches. He died right on the spot!

’’Sister, did you see that? Wu-shuang will not let you die for nothing!’’

Wenren Wu-shuang killed Situ Ba, but she spoke out with a lonely expression, looking into the skies. She was still very much in pain. No matter how many people she killed, she was unable to bring Wenren Wugou back to life.


Just then, Situ Bufan ran over!

’’Bufan, why did you come back? Why are you back?’’ At that moment, Situ Nantian bellowed.

’’I'm not leaving! I can't leave grandfather behind!’’ Situ Bufan said stubbornly. His parents had died since he was young and Situ Nantian was the one who had brought him up.

’’You fool, you're really such a fool...’’ Situ Nantian closed his eyes and cursed.

’’Where is your Grandfather Lei? Has he left?’’ Situ Nantian asked directly!

’’He's escaped! He brought with him all the medicinal pills he had concocted, and he had even killed Ah San and Ah Wang!’’ Situ Bufan said angrily.

’’Don't hate other people!’’ Situ Nantian recovered his calm and let out a sigh!

Just then, a bird's cry rang out. A large fiery red bird flapped its gigantic wings a few times, dropping from the sky down over ten consecutive people.


A series of terrifying cries rang out in the sky!


Even those who had not died would fall to their deaths!

’’Xiantian ’’Crown’’ level demonic beast!’’ Situ Nantian let out an astonished cry!

These things could be seen in certain historical books, so he was not unfamiliar to ’’Crown’’ level demonic beasts. He only knew that these creatures were at least comparable to demonic beasts, which were at the pinnacle of Xiantian, and those with slightly better talent would be demonic beasts of the Martial King level.

’’Haha, he still didn't manage to escape in the end! And he died an earlier death than us!’’ Situ Bufan laughed and said as he looked at an old man who had fallen to his death such that his was badly disfigured.

This person should be the ’’Grandfather Lei’’ Situ Nantian was referring to!

’’Since it has come to this, I won't say much. You guys will not let Situ Clan off, and Situ Clan do not wish to receive your pity! Go ahead!’’ Situ Nantian looked at Qing Shui and said calmly.


Unmarked graves!

Qing Shui and Wenren Wu-shuang went to look for Wenren Wugou's corpse, which had simply been buried.

When they went back, they cleaned her up and changed her clothes...

Then, they conducted a funeral!

Situ Clan had totally disappeared from the traces of Hundred Miles City. Overnight, all of Situ Clan's properties had been completed divided.

Wenren Wu-shuang disbanded the Night Fragrance Court, and burned it all up. That big fire burned through the night, and the towering flames could be seen from ten miles away.

Situ Clan's disappearance caused a lot of commotion, but most of the people were clapping in glee!

Qing Clan did not commit any bullying actions, but Situ Clan was different. It was very common to see the members from Situ Clan throwing their weight around, bullying commoners, and even teasing ladies.

This time around, the two martial art practitioners brought back by Situ Clan were even more atrocious, snatching publicly. No matter who it was, as long as it interested them, they would snatch them back and give them a bullying. What's more, not many managed to survive.

Because the opponents were too strong, everyone did not dare to say a word despite being infuriated, and that was the case even for families whose daughters had been taken away from. It was because they still had to live on and think about their other children. However, there were also those who refused to give in at the risk of their lives, and those people ended up in a horrible state.

Now it was good. Situ Clan was completely eradicated. Everyone felt as if a fog had cleared up;even the sunlight in Hundred Miles City had regained its warmth.

Qing Shui's name sprang out again, even more so when he was called the ’’Qing Clan's demon’’ back then. He was the brightest pearl in Hundred Miles City and could even fight for more survival rights for Hundred Miles City in the world of the nine continents.

The world of the nine continents was domineered by the sects and clans. From a continent all the way down to a small village, as long as there was a person in the village that shone out, the village would become a magnificent star and the person would become the village's guardian, the village's image. There would be an intangible relationship between this person and the village. It was the person's duty.

Within their abilities, the major sects and reputable clans in a continent would not allow people from other continents to throw their weight around in their area. They were bounded to the region for good and for ill through good and bad!

It had been just like how it was for Qing Shui now. He was now tightly connected with Hundred Miles City, and whoever wished to do ill to Hundred Miles City must first take consideration of Qing Shui's existence.

Wenren Wu-shuang also stayed in the Qing Clan. Over the next few days, her emotions had stabilized, especially given Qing Yi's concern to her which had been akin to that to a daughter as well as the concern from Qing Shui and the other members of Qing Clan.

She could feel the sincere warmth from them. Qing Clan was very true to her. Putting aside that she was Qing Shui's ’’woman’’, just the fact that she had saved Qing You's live was enough for them to treat her as they would their own kin.

At night, Qing Shui wanted very much to do some things with Mingyue Gelou, but now, he was feeling very dejected. Moreover, Wenren Wu-shuang needed concern, so he stayed by her side in the hall.

All three generations of Qing Clan were extremely excited. They did not become less familiar just because he had gotten stronger. This was especially true for Qing Bei, who made Qing Hu feel as if Qing Shui was the one who's her blood brother.

’’Brother Shui, tomorrow I want to have a ride on that fire bird of yours!’’ Qing Bei said, full of yearning. Her eyes brimming in hope as she looked at Qing Shui.

’’It's late tonight. Make it tomorrow. No matter how long you want to ride tomorrow, you can go ahead.’’ Qing Shui chuckled and said.

’’Qing Shui you're really a Martial King now?’’ Qing Shi still looked at Qing Shui in disbelief.

’’Brother Shi, Brother Shui is able to defeat Martial King cultivators!’’ Qing Bei immediately refute Qing Shi and said.

’’I now feel as if I'm dreaming!’’ Qing Shi said, confused.

A series of laughter broke out!

’’Brother Shui, tell us about your best moments!’’

Before Qing Shui, Qing Bei would forever would be a kid. Even her tone sounded childish. That admiration and dependance towards an elder brother gave Qing Shui a great sense of satisfaction. It was a heartwarming satisfaction between family members.


After a night of cultivation, Qing Shui came out for his usual morning practice the next day. He headed towards the place where members of Qing Clan usually trained at, but realized that there was already a female figure there.

Mingyue Gelou!

After Qing Shui left, Mingyue Gelou had always been the one using it, and she had become the 2nd Xiantian in Qing Clan after Qing Shui. She was even the best role model for the three generations in Qing Clan.

It may also be because of Mingyue Gelou that the three generations in Qing Clan put in additional effort. It was because they had seen hope. It was just that they did not know about Mingyue Gelou's unique physique. But even so, her progress was still quite great.

Now, they put their efforts in devotion. Once someone puts their mind to the things that they do, the chances of success would be much higher.

Qing Shui watched as Mingyue Gelou performed the Tiger Form and fell into a daze. It was because he noticed that Mingyue Gelou had actually reached the state of Xiantian.

The night before, the rest of them had not said a single word. This was also something that Mingyue Gelou had previously told them in advance. She wanted to give Qing Shui a surprise. That was why Qing Shui had only discovered it now.

Thereafter, he noticed that Mingyue Gelou's achievement in the Tiger Form was comparable to his. To think that having her meridian channels cleared since she was born would make her so strong. Other than these reasons, Mingyue Gelou should also have an extraordinary sense of comprehension!

That natural display of the Tiger Form would bring about overwhelming aura each time an attack was struck out. The crafty and unique Deer Cantering was also perfectly displayed.

Having no intentions to plant a willow, the untended willow still grew!

Qing Shui would never have thought that Mingyue Gelou would attain Xiantian so quickly. While the Tiger Form was very strong, to be able to cultivate to this level would take extraordinary determination.

He thought of how she must have been the one supporting the clan in his absence, just like how she was going against a Xiantian cultivator earlier. However, she had done it without any complaints or regrets.

Most importantly, his mother had shared with him last night about what Mingyue Gelou had done, especially in detail about how she was willing to sacrifice everything for the Qing Clan.

Qing Shui was truly touched. Who was he to deserve such a woman who would do this for him. Although he had saved her daughter in the start, he had also enjoyed se* with her. It was when he had not known any better, committing such a rude action. This time around, she could actually turn away and leave, but she had carried the burden of the clan on her shoulders on his behalf.

Everything was for him. She was doing what he should have been doing!

He looked at the members from three generations of Qing Clan not far away going on with their own practice, each of them putting in great effort and was very serious. With a bit of obstination, Qing Shui smiled in satisfaction.

’’Brother Shui!’’ Seeing Qing Shui walked over, Qing Bei who was going on with her morning practice ran over gleefully.

Qing Shui smiled, letting out a loud cry into the skies!


Very quickly, a red figure appeared from afar, flying towards him at the speed of lightning with a faint afterimage behind it. This was the progress in its speed after the fire bird had evolved to obtain a ’’crown’’.


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