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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 352


AST 352 - Heartbroken, Kill, Slaughtering Three People

Wenren Wu-shuang!

The one who came to the rescue of Qing You was none other than Wenren Wu-shuang. She knew what had happened, and she intended to kill the entire Situ Family along with the men who murdered her sister. Only with that would Wenren Wugou will be able to rest in peace.

When she saw Qing You in danger, she shot out two Golden Soul Eater Arrows towards Li Long. Wenren Wu-shuang already knew that he was the strongest one amongst the two, so she shot out two Golden Soul Eater Arrows in one go. She hoped that he would at least be critically wounded if he did not die instantly from the arrows.Otherwise, she didn't believe that she would be able to win.

Sadly because he was too close to Qing You, on top of the fact that he was too powerful, the arrows did not form a massive threat to him even though he was forced into a predicament in the first place. Her master once said that these Golden Soul Eater Arrows were made specifically to tackle Xiantian cultivators. Unfortunately, her opponent was already at the peak of Xiantian.

’’Senior martial brother, that's Wenren Wushuang!’’ Situ Shang shouted at Li Long.

Although Li Long was very fond of women, he was more fond of his own life. Only being alive, would he then be able to savour better women in the future. He stared closely at the woman on the White Vermillion Bird. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever met in his entire life.


Qing Yi shouted with surprise!

’’Aunty!’’ Wenren Wushuang teared up once again!

’’Your archery is indeed strong, but too bad it's useless on me. You should behave and come down now. Otherwise I will immediately kill them.’’ Li Long brushed away the dust on his clothes and laughed.

’’Senior martial brother kill one of them first, or else she might not come down!’’ Situ Shang said to Li Long calmly.

’’Situ Shang, I really regret not giving Qing Shui the opportunity to kill you when he had the chance last time!’’ Qing Yi said angrily. She looked at her blood relatives around her. These were the people who were most dear to her, but now because of her incapability, she will have to see them suffer.

’’Haha, now you regret it. You had the chance but you didn't take it. Now, prepare to die. Today, I will let you know the meaning of regret.....’’

Situ Shang began to laugh hysterically. He thought about the times he was wounded by Qing Shui and had to live with that shame. Now that the chance was here, he couldn't afford to hesitate any longer. The anger he had suppressed for so many years had finally been released.


’’Regret? Why should I regret!’’

A bird cry rang out, and it sounded scornful. Qing Shui who has been ’’on a journey continuously’’ had rushed back just in time at this crucial moment.

A large fiery red bird appeared above the crowd. A shadowy figure dropped swiftly from the bird and shot a bright light at Yan Xu who was in the midst of a fight and was about to force Mingyue Gelou to fall back.



A Xiantian Eighth Grade martial warrior was killed just like that!

Qing Shui dropped in front of Qing Yi!

’’Mother, I have come back!’’

The moment he saw Qing Yi, he wanted to cry out from happiness as they were finally back together, but he could only shout out those few words and nothing more!

’’Qing Shui!’’

Qing Yi stared straight at Qing Shui. She was already surprised but she couldn't help but cry. Her tears fell off her face drop-by-drop as she leapt forward and hugged Qing Shui.

This was her son! He came back at the most crucial moment. His presence shocked everyone in the area!

’’Brother Qing Shui!’’

’’Qing Shui!’’


In an instant, the blood of the others boiled. It was as though they had instantly stepped into Heaven from Hell. If Qing Shui was late by a step, they would have been done for. What's left behind would only have been unforgettable pain and sadness.

Wenren Wushuang also jumped down from the White Vermillion Bird!

Qing Yi let go of her hug with Qing Shui after a while. She was laughing happily even though her face was filled with tears. Qing Shui extended his hand and helped wipe away his mother's tears.

’’Mother, I came back this time to ensure that this kind of situation would never happen again.’’ He smiled yet he spoke in a tone of utter resolution.

Qing Shui turned to look at Wenren Wushuang and Mingyue Gelou beside him!

Mingyue Gelou's face was filled with a satisfied smile. She believed in Qing Shui, and there was nothing to be afraid of if Qing Shui came back. If he was here, she would feel like a woman;nah, a little girl that were free from all worries.

Wenren Wushuang, however, suddenly went up and hugged Qing Shui. She started to sob!

’’My sis...sister is dead...’’

Although Qing Shui was mortified by Wenren Wugou's death, he was more heart-broken for Wushuang. No one else might know about it, but Qing Shui knew how important Wenren Wugou was to Wenren Wushuang.

It was just like how important his mother was to him.

Qing Shui held her tightly in his arms so she could feel his warmth and how much other people cared for her. Deep inside though, he was still in shock that someone had actually killed Wenren Wugou.

As he reminisced about the times he got to know about Wenren Wugou bit by bit, he became painfully upset when he heard the news of her death. He didn't feel anything when he heard about Xi Yue's death. Although she was beautiful, Qing Shui didn't know her at all. But he knew Wenren Wugou. It was enough for him to know that she was Wushuang's sister, and he received spiritual support from her when he needed it.

He had even thought about refining a Xiantian Golden Pellet for her in the future....

’’Wushuang, who did it? was it the Situ Family?’’ Qing Shui patted her slowly to calm her down!

’’The two men that Situ Shang brought along.’’

Wenren Wushuang lifted her head up and looked at Li Long who still felt incredulous disbelief, as well Situ Shang!

Maybe he still had faith in Li Long, or maybe it was because of Yan Xu's death, but Situ Shang cried out loudly: ’’Senior martial brother, kill him. Take revenge for Senior martial brother Yan Xu.’’

Maybe he had begun to panic!

’’Wushuang, this guy and that idiot from the Situ Family. Do you want to kill them yourself or do you want me to kill them?’’

’’Leave them for me.’’ Wenren Wushuang gritted her teeth and gazed at Situ Shang and Li Long with an immense hatred.

Although Li Long was shocked by the method Qing Shui used to kill Yan Xu, he believed that it was a lucky sneak attack. Li Long had faith in his Xiantian Pinnacle state power. No matter how formidable Qing Shui was, there was no way he was more powerful than himself. Moreover, he knew from Situ Shang that Qing Shui possessed a Xiantian low grade strength, so it hadn't been long since he had entered the Xiantian.

’’How dare you sneak attack my junior martial brother. Brat, I will not only kill you today, I will also kill all of them!’’

Li Long looked at Qing Shui fiercely with a bloodthirsty gaze!

Qing Shui turned around and looked at this so-called powerful man. In his eyes, he was worth nothing. He could instantly finish off this peak Xiantian cultivator.

’’Prepare to die!’’

Li Long caught the red long spear from one of his people and stomped on the ground with great power as he shouted. He threw the spear at Qing Shui like an arrow from a bow.

The red thick spear shot out in mid-air like a rainbow. It was like a red poisonous serpent that was aiming wickedly at Qing Shui. The tip of the spear locked on Qing Shui's weak areas: his throat, eyes, and heart.

The red spear shot out with a high pitched piercing sound that irritated the ears. The martial warriors below the level of Xiantian turned pale from the suppressive force. They couldn't help but retreat a few steps, at the same time they were very anxious for Qing Shui.

Tiger Snatch!

With a loud roar followed by a golden light that emanated from one of his hands, Qing Shui made a grabbing motion towards the tip of the spear.

’’Courting death!’’

Li Long shouted, and the spear tip instantly released a gust of white Xiantian Qi.


A clear sound rang out. Qing Shui directly grabbed the spear tip without letting it go!

Li Long's expression changed. It was at this moment that he understood the difference in power between him and Qing Shui. It was the difference between heaven and earth. Funny, too funny! Before he could switch his attack, Qing Shui had already grabbed the end of the spear and shot back the spear tip.


Li Long was shot in his crotch by Qing Shui!

The others were greatly frightened by that sight, especially Situ Shang, and he started to run away!

Qing Shui calmly pulled out the red long spear from Li Long's body and threw it at Situ Shang. The speed of this throw was much faster than the one just now.

It struck as fast as lightning.

Situ Shang's abdomen was pierced straight through. The spear nailed him against a large green tree in the courtyard. He yelled out horribly from the intense pain.

’’You can't kill me, I am from the Medicine King Aristocrat Clan, if you kill me, you all will die a horrible death!’’

Situ Shang shouted with all his might!

’’Medicine King Aristocrat Clan?’’ Qing Shui frowned in doubt. Long ago, Qing Shui may still be afraid. After all, the incident in the Gong Yang Family from the Heavenly River City nearly doomed his life.

However, he was now an Elder of the Heavenly Palace. He had the support of the entire Heavenly Palace. In Greencloud Continent, even if there was a sect that could match up with Heavenly Palace, there was no other sects that would be able to match up to the Heavenly Palace.

’’Wushuang, send them to see your sister!’’ Qing Shui said without heed for Situ Shang's cries of begging for mercy.

Wenren Wushuang looked at Qing Shui. She put down her bow and switched it with a bloodstained long sword. Then, she walked up to Li Long, who was already crippled by Qing Shui.

’’Why did you have to kill my sister....’’

Without even finishing her sentence, she stabbed Li Long in his knee!

’’ARGH’’ Li Long cried out of pain!

’’Did you know that she was my only sister!’’

Another stab!


’’Sister brought me up all by herself, I didn't even have the chance to repay her!’’

’’I only have one sister, give her back to me!’’

’’She was my one and only family. Do you know how much she had suffered. She had to take care of me when we were young, and how would you even know how much she was being bullied?’’

’’When I trained until I surpassed my sister, I swore that I would be her shield for whatever that came for her. If I died, I would die in front of her. Why did you have to kill her. Of all people, why did you have to kill her?’’


Every time Wenren Wushuang ended a sentence, she would punctuate that sentence with a sword stab into Li Long's body. Her tears flowed out like a gushing water pipe. In the end, Li Long was stabbed until he became something unrecognizable. His body became like that of a beehive.

Li Long was long dead. Wenren Wushuang held the bloodstained long sword, without a care for the blood splatters on her body, she walked towards Situ Shang with tears running down her face. Situ Shang was still nailed to the tree.

’’Don't come, don't come near me!’’ Situ Shang went pale as he struggled futilely. He sweated bullets as he saw Wenren Wushuang came closer to him. His voice was already hoarse from all the shouting.

’’You deserved to die the most, I feel like I am going easy on you if I just kill you like that!’’


One swipe from the sword and Situ Shang's arm was sliced cleanly off!


Situ Shang cried out in pain several times before he fainted!



Situ Shang who had just fainted had his other arm slashed off. He woke up in pain once more!

’’Sister, did you see that?’’

Wenren Wushuang looked at the sky and shouted in a flurry of tears!

Then she slashed Situ Shang multiple times until her thirst for revenge was sated!

After Wenren Wushuang was done with Situ Shang, she knelt on the ground and started to cry!

Qing Shui walked up and knelt beside her. He patted her and said: ’’Sigh, the dead cannot be revived. Your sister would not have wanted to see you so heartbroken like this...’’


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