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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 351


AST 351 The Infuriated Wenren Wu-shuang, Golden Current Soul Devouring Arrow

’’The younger sister of that lady who got played to death...’’

Wenren Wu-shuang felt as if she had just been struck by thunder, and stood there in a daze. Her eyes gradually turned red, and she thrust her sword towards the lady who had just spoken.

Sword techniques of the Truth Realm. This was Wenren Wu-shuang's breakthrough after Qing Shui had left. But right now, the thrust which contained immense fury slashed that lady's throat at the Night Fragrance Court's entrance.

’’Ahhh! Murder!’’

’’Someone, please come!’’


Wenren Wu-shuang held onto the sharp sword which still dripped blood, and stepped into this place which now felt strange and ice-cold to her. Everything which was supposed to be so familiar to her became so hard on her eyes as if she had not seen them before!

Once she stepped into the hall, Wenren Wu-shuang saw the few guards with a burly build who were supposed to guard the Night Fragrance Court. They were the cultivators who had reached the pinnacle of Houtian after her Master had spent tons of expensive pills to build them up just for the purpose of protecting her elder sister.

’’Second Miss!’’

The leader was a strong man who was a little bit older. When he saw Wenren Wu-shuang, he immediately dropped to his knees!

’’Where's my sister?’’

Wenren Wu-shuang's emotionless and ice-cold voice rang out, and she did not conceal her killing intent and sorrow. She exuded a fury as if she wished to burn down everything that she saw

’’Eldest Miss, she...’’

’’What did I tell you before I left?’’ Wenren Wu-shuang's kept ’’forcefully’’ telling herself that what they were saying was not the truth. Her sister must be alive there was no way. How could she bear to leave her behind?

Tears flowed down her jade-like beautiful face.

’’Where's my sister?’’ Wenren Wu-shuang did not even throw a glance at the few men who knelt on the ground.

Just then, a few men who wore the guards'uniform came from afar, their clothes all messed up! They seemed to be very proud of their lecherous and unrestrained appearance.

’’Old Seventh, it's really freaking good to be a guard here. We must have burnt top quality incense in our previous lives. A place I've never dare to dream of, women I've never been able to afford to play with, now all of them bows down to my crotch.’’ A lean young man with his clothes messed up, shouted.

The man was immediately attracted to Wenren Wu-shuang when he stepped out. Without blinking, he looked at Wenren Wu-shuang, and mumbled only after hearing the shout, ’’Old Fifth, see how pretty that lass is. Could she also be a woman in this Night Fragrance Court? Let's go. How did we miss out on such a top quality lass? This time around, you're not allowed to snatch her from me.’’

After Old Seventh finished his words, he quickly headed to where Wenren Wu-shuang was!

The men who were kneeling before Wenren Wu-shuang, blocked the passageway, and at the same time blocked the sight of Wenren Wu-shuang's sword which was was covered in blood.

’’What a beautiful lass. Old Fifth, this lass really can be said to be a divine lass like what you mentioned...’’


Old Fifth's words were not even finished when he saw a sword shadow flash past. He only felt a chill at his neck, and then he was clouded in darkness!

That Old Seventh was in a stupor, not daring to believe what he had just seen. The person who was alive and kicking a moment ago, and had a great time on top of a woman, now lay in a pool of blood.

’’Eldest Miss was buried in Hundred Miles City's unmarked graves.’’

’’Are you guys going to take your own lives or shall I do it?!’’ After Wenren Wu-shuang finished that she turned from the Old Seventh who was still in a stupor, she glanced towards the few subordinates who used to be loyal to them and asked.

’’Second Miss, the opponents were really too strong. Our deaths are worth nothing, but you shouldn't stay here anymore. There's a cultivator in the Situ Clan who's at the pinnacle of Xiantian.’’ After the leader finished his words, he drew his sword and committed suicide before Wenren Wu-shuang.

The other men also consecutively did the same. It was because even if they were to retaliate, their fates would still remain the same! They were better off keeping their honor!

Wenren Wu-shuang headed up to the fifth floor, and took out a dark green bow and three golden arrows from a hidden compartment! The dark green bow was only two feet long, and had a strong and vigorous aura!


The Qing Clan's Medicinal Store!

Mingyue Gelou faced the rising sun, and gradually performed the Tiger Form. Each time she striked, it would be accompanied by a loud tiger's roar;each time she moved, it looked completely natural. Not only extremely beautiful, but she also exuded the charm of saint, great poise, and also gave off a natural feeling.

If Qing Shui was around, he would definitely be surprised to discover that Mingyue Gelou had already reached the pinnacle of the Obscure Realm in the Tiger Form, and her Tiger Form was at a level comparable to his own.

Clap clap rang out behind her and a voice spoke ’’Beautiful, beautiful! Even more beautiful than in the portrait!’’

Just then, a group of ten plus people flowed in, with Li Long in the lead. When he saw Mingyue Gelou, he could not help but clap and praised.

Mingyue Gelou frowned as she looked at these people who did not appear to have come with kind intentions. She also knew of the recent happenings in Hundred Miles City. Born with fully cleared meridian channels, her Spiritual Sense was especially sensitive. With one look, she could tell that the duo in the lead, especially the skinny man who spoke, were an existence she could not win against at her current state. She was very clear with who they were, and they looked exactly as rumored.

’’The Situ Clan is going to take action on the Qing Clan!’’

Mingyue Gelou did not panic, but her gaze seemed very complicated as she looked at them.

’’Qing Shui, where are you? I really wish to see you for one last time. This may be the day we bid each other farewell forever, but I will definitely do my best to help you protect this family, without any regrets!’’

Mingyue Gelou looked into the far distance, and mumbled to herself!

’’Lass, what your mother and you have were all given by Qing Shui. Now, mother has to step out, and I can only hope that they are not completely devoid of conscience and will be willing to give you a way out.’’

Mingyue Gelou was numb, tears trickled down her face. She could not bear to part with her daughter, but she could not turn her back on the Qing Clan either. Today, for that man who had given her everything, she would be willing to even fight to her last breath. If she were to escape by herself, so what if she lived? She would never forgive herself.

’’Little Bei, carry Yuchang, and Qing Hu, Qing You... You guys go down to the underground room. Don't come out no matter what happens. Remember!’’ Qing Yi said anxiously.

’’I don't want to!’’

’’I don't want to!’’

’’I want to stand alongside and fight with everyone!’’

’’Since that's the case, then let's face it together!’’ Qing Shui's 3rd uncle let out a helpless sigh. Besides him, Yuan Ying's tears trickled down, bewildered.

But who would understand Qing Yi's complicated feelings at this moment? She could not take it lying down. She had yet to know her son was well. Could it be that she would not even be able to see her son one final time before she died?

It was good that he was not around. Her son was a genius blessed by the heavens, and if given time, he would definitely be able to bring the Qing Clan to greater heights in the future. It was a pity that she would not be able to live to see the day her son headed to the Yan Clan himself;nor see that pitiful lass who addressed her as mother. She had really wanted to hear her call her mother...

Qing Yi suddenly reached out her hand to tap on the back of Qing Bei's head, and knocked her unconscious. She then repeated the same move to Little Yuchang as well. When Qing Yi did that, Qing Shui's 3rd uncle did the same to Qing Hu as well. It was a pity that Qing You was fully prepared and had stubbornly dodged it.

They then quickly placed them in the most concealed and unique underground chamber!

When Qing Yi and the others came out, they discovered that Mingyue Gelou was already engaged in a fight with the other party!

’’As long as you leave with us, we will not hurt even a single bit, and your future lifestyle will definitely be much better than what you're going through now. Moreover, there's the two of us to accompany you. We'll definitely make you feel extremely comfortable, and you won't have to live like a widow like you're doing now.’’ Li Long let out a lewd smile and said. After he saw Mingyue Gelou, the burning feeling in his body got many times stronger.

Mingyue Gelou narrowed her eyes, and didn't say a word, nor looked at these people. It was just that her hands already put up the stance of the Tiger Form! After a while, she said gradually, ’’If I leave with you, will you let Qing Clan off?’’

Mingyue Gelou's cold glance looked towards them. She knew what would rub Qing Shui the wrong way. No matter what the cost was, she must protect Qing Yi, even if it was only for Qing Shui's sake.


Qing Yi and the others had already rushed to stand next to Mingyue Gelou!

’’You guys have come!’’ Mingyue Gelou squeezed out a tiny smile!

’’Mingyue, it's been hard on you! We won't let you do this! If not, how would our Qing Clan have any face to live on in the future?’’ Qing Yi said, her eyes red.

Mingyue Gelou shook her head, ’’Everything I have was given to me by Qing Shui. I'm very happy to be doing this! I'm willing to do this! You don't know how important you are to Qing Shui! Aunty, for Qing Shui, and for Yuchang!’’

As Mingyue Gelou said this, tears had clouded up her eyes.

’’We don't agree! Today even if we have to fight it out and die, we won't agree to this!’’ Qing You shouted out loud. He had always called her his sister-in-law, and had long treated her like Qing Shui's wife, his sister-in-law. How could a man stand by at the side and see this happen?

’’Qing You...’’

’’If sister-in-law insists on doing this, then I'll die right here today. I would have no face in which to keep myself alive, nor face to meet Brother Qing Shui!’’

’’Haha, she'll definitely be leaving with us. As for you guys, I don't mind killing half of you first!’’ Situ Shang smiled and walked up, with a cruel smile on his face, his tone very eerie.

’’Martial Brothers, I'll let the two of you bring that lady back! As for the rest, if you guys have taken a fancy, you can bring them back too.’’ Situ Shang grinned and said.

’’Martial Brother, leave this to me. I want to see how obstinate this lass is.’’ Yan Xu smiled and said to Li Long.


Tiger Laceration!

Mingyue Gelou unleashed a strong move from the Tiger Form, and aimed for her opponent's eyes, throat, heart, crotch, and other weak areas.

However, Yan Xu was much stronger compared to Mingyue Gelou. If not that he had the intention to fool around, she would have lost a long time ago. After all, the gap between their abilities were extremely vast.

’’Martial Brother, actually, this lady still looks very charming and isn't bad either. We'll bring her back together with us!’’ Li Long looked at Qing Yi lewdly and said.

’’You dare...’’ Qing You was infuriated, and he waved a big steel hammer as he charged towards Li Long!

’’You're courting death!’’

Li Long who was at the pinnacle of Xiantian struck out a palm towards Qing You!


’’Qing You, quickly dodge it!’’

Qing You knew how terrifying this palm was, and he could already sense the smell of death!

’’Swoosh swoosh!’’

A sharp sound cut across the air, and caused everyone's scalp to itch. Even Li Long furrowed his brows, and suddenly felt that there were two strong auras that sent attacks towards him which caused his whole body to tighten.

He looked towards the two streams of golden colored lights that shot towards him like shooting stars!

’’Golden Current Soul Devouring Arrow!’’

Shocked, Li Long quickly he cast gaze away and ignored Qing You, and rolled backwards unconcerned about his image!

’’Pu pu!’’

Two craters with the depth of tens of meters were created from the explosion!

What an overbearing arrow force!

In the skies, there was a gigantic White Vermillion Bird. A lady with unparalleled beauty stood on top of it, and held onto a dark green bow. She had drawn back to the maximum, and aimed a golden colored arrow at Li Long.

Wenren Wu-shuang!


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