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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 349


AST 349 - I Miss You, I Really Do, Every Single Day!

Zhu Qingfeng of the Skysword Sect!

The letter in Wenren Wushuang's hands had only a few words on it. Something had happened to your elder sister, don't ever come back. Be sure to keep this in mind!

This letter of few words was unsigned and made Wenren Wushuang extremely anxious. She had to return no matter what. After all, Master was not there anymore, so she was the only person her elder sister could rely on.

Judging from Wenren Wushuang's personality, she would definitely return, although the letter had warned her not to. She wouldn't stop worrying until she had seen her sister with her own eyes.

On that very night, she took a leave from Zhu Qing and descended the mountains!

To the Hundred Miles City!

Yan Xu and Li Long, who had enjoyed themselves, thought about the person that Situ Shang had mentioned again. She was the younger sister of the late Wenren Wugou who had been played to death by them and was a lot prettier compared to her elder sister.

’’One must dig up the roots when weeding, Junior Martial Brother Situ. I wonder how can we get rid of her younger sister?’’

Li Long said playfully to Situ Shang, but anyone could easily see through his true motives. To perverted men like him and Yan Xu, the allure of a woman won over everything!

’’For this, we can find that Su Yi from the Night Fragrance Court. She is the person who is in contact most frequently with those pair of sisters and she has been taking care of everything in the Night Fragrance Court. She should know the whereabouts of Wenren Wushuang and how to contact her. If you're worried that she can't return in time, we have time. Master has allowed us to stay a year to practise through experience, along with some enjoyment.’’ Situ Shang explained his well thought out plan with a smile.

Su Yi was a young and beautiful lady. Not only could they get a lot of information out of her, they were going to make her write a letter to bait Wenren Wushuang to return. If she refused, then they would wipe her and her entire family out.

Su Yi knew Wenren Wushuang well. She would definitely return as long as she heard anything about her elder sister. As for why the letter was written that way, it was for her peace of mind. At the same time, it was to leave a back route for herself, because she knew even if she wrote it this way, Wenren Wushuang would still come back. She would be simultaneously showing her ’’loyalty’’ this way.

The trio lodged at the Earthly Paradise.

Qing Shui, who had greatly improved in his cultivation, was feeling overwhelmed upon his return to the Cang Lang Country. The Skysword Sect was once a super great sect in Qing Shui's eyes. A Xiantian cultivator was enough to consign him to eternal damnation.

Back then, a Xiantian at the peak of Grade 8 was already considered a great existence among the Skysword Sect. Canghai Mingyue, a Xiantian Grade 10 had been the strongest in the whole Cang Lang Country.

It had not even been two years after he left before he returned to find that everything had already become unworthy of being mentioned. It was a strange, yet pleasant feeling for him.

Earthly Paradise was still the same as ever. No one dared to cause a ruckus here. Even the Great Sect Aristocrat Clan, which was near the city of the Cang Lang Country and Earthly Paradise, wouldn't ignore anyone who behaved atrociously at the Earthly Paradise. If there were any incidents, the one and only Xiantian Grade 10 would not let them off the hook so easily.

And of course, that Xiantian Grade 10 referred to Canghai Mingyue.

’’I think both of you should just stay at the Earthly Paradise for two days first. I shall go search for someone at the Skysword Sect, then we can return together!’’ Qing Shui told the two ladies after thinking for awhile.

’’Why don't you rest here for the night and go tomorrow?’’ Canghai Mingyue gently advised. Even if he wasn't physically exhausted from being constantly on the move, he must be very mentally exhausted.

’’That's right, Qing Shui. Stay here for a night! Otherwise, Sister Mingyue and I can keep you accompanied tonight!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li teased Qing Shui, her flirtatious expressions were extremely tempting to Qing Shui.

’’Liu-Li, you and your nonsense again!’’ Canghai Mingyue reprimanded Huoyun Liu-Li after she embarrassedly glared at Qing Shui, who in turn, stared back blankly.

Huoyun Liu-Li laughed instead!

Qing Shui looked at the sky. Half an afternoon had passed, but with Fire Bird's current speed, there was more than enough time to get to the Skysword Mountain.

’’I still think it's better to go now. I'll go early and come back early!’’

He took his leave of the two ladies and hurried towards the Skysword Sect. Qing Shui rode Firebird at maximum speed for the first time. Doing so had also allowed him to know the might of Fire Bird's current strength. As expected of a ’’Crowned’’ mythical beast, the Skysword Sect was soon within the sight.

Qing Shui didn't make a big commotion as he beelined for the Cloud Mist Peak!

He looked at the sky again. The sun had just set in the west. Qing Shui slowly climbed off Fire Bird, which hadn't made much noise!

He jumped off from Fire Bird's back at the bottom of the Cloud Mist Peak's stone steps and released Fire Bird for it to get some fresh air once a while. Qing Shui followed the stone steps and slowly climbed up. He knew that Yiye Jiange wouldn't usually leave the Cloud Mist Peak.

When Qing Shui reached to the summit, he saw a small figure slowly moving and basked in the afterglow of twilight. Every movement was accompanied by a tender tiger's roar.

A graceful and extremely beautiful silhouette was standing not far from the small figure.

Qing Shui recognised the two, Yiye Jiange and Luan Luan, that he hadn't seen for so long!

Just when Qing Shui was staring after Yiye Jiange, she turned around to face Qing Shui as if she had sensed something. There was shock in her beautiful eyes, but was quickly replaced by a smile that was as magnificent as ever.


He didn't realise that Luan Luan was already running towards him, her tender and melodious voice travelling to his ears!

He embraced Luan Luan who had thrown herself into his arms with a happy smile!

’’Girl, did you miss daddy?’’ Qing Shui smiled and reached out to pinch Luan Luan's cute little nose.

’’I did, every single day! Mommy missed daddy too!’’

Qing Shui couldn't help but to glance at Yiye Jiange, who was standing not too far from them. At Luan Luan's words, he saw that the smile on her face still remained unchanged.

With Luan Luan in his arms, he approached Yiye Jiange who was walking towards him.

’’Are you well, Master?’’ Qing Shui greeted her with a smile. Qing Shui felt that this greeting was less uncomfortable now, and the word 'master' had come out of his mouth very naturally.

’’Yes, I've been well. Luan Luan missed you very much! When did you return?’’ Yiye Jiange stopped at two meters away from Qing Shui and sized him up seriously.

’’You broke through?’’

An expression of surprise appeared for the very first time on Yiye Jiange's face. She was unusually refined and had always been stoic.

’’That's right, and just recently!’’

Qing Shui knew that Yiye Jiange was talking about Martial King. The people of the Yiye Clan were born with exceptionally strong perception. Looking at her, Qing Shui discovered that she now possessed the strength of a Xiantian Grade 6.

’’Congratulations, and do not call me Master from now on. Moreover, it has always been just a form of address. I am no longer able to protect you, neither do you require any protection.’’ Yiye Jiange said happily. Her smile was dazzling;it showed off her pearly whites. She was so elegant and refined, her grace reminding Qing Shui of that Palace Mistress from the Misty Hall.

Qing Shui realised that both Canghai Mingyue and Yiye Jiange exuded auras very similar to the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress. The Palace Mistress looked similar to Canghai Mingyue and shared a similar aura to Yiye Jiange.

Whenever he thought about any one of them, he would naturally be reminded about the three of them. It was a strange feeling.

Canghai Mingyue was the only person that was truly involved with Qing Shui on an emotional level, though it still seemed neither close nor distant, which had discouraged him a little. Qing Shui didn't even consider about the Palace Mistress of the Misty Hall and Yiye Jiange, especially the former.

’’It's my turn to protect you forever from now on, or until your significant half appears.’’

’’What nonsense are you talking about! Do not call me that from now on!’’ Yiye Jiange said with a little grudge, but laughed at the end of the sentence.

’’I am used to it. Moreover I really think of you as a Master. No, you ARE my master. If I am not allowed to address you by Master, then how do I address you?’’ Qing Shui told her in a serious tone.

’’Call her your wife!’’ Luan Luan answered seriously and blinked her huge crystal eyes in Qing Shui arms.

Both Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange were startled. The expressions on her face was unnatural, but she only extended her delicate hand to gently knock on Luan Luan's head without saying anything else.

’’Luan Luan, who told you that I should call her that?’’ Qing Shui asked curiously with interest. However, he didn't see Yiye Jiange who was giving him a complicated look from the side.

’’Daddy, you're dumb. You're daddy and she's mommy. What else are you going to call her if you're not calling her wife?’’ she deadpanned.

This was Qing Shui's first time to be insulted as dumb. He couldn't help but looked at this quick-witted and odd little girl who called him Daddy in wonder. From the moment he held her, he had doted on her and cherished her like she was his most precious daughter.

Qing Shui was not even fully twenty years old now, but in addition to his age in the previous world, he would be almost 40 years old. He had achieved the Martial King realm, and on top of of that, his aura was akin to the immovable mountains. Qing Shui gave people an impression of composure and thus, easily causing them to disregard his age. Thus, even if he had a daughter of seven years old like Luan Luan now, no one would be surprised.

’’Girl, how'd you know all this?’’ Qing Shui was curious. After all, she was still a young child.

’’It says so on the book. I even asked mommy too so it must be true!’’ Luan Luan replied with certainty.

After wandering around for a while with both of them in the company, the three of them had dinner together like a family. The warm atmosphere caused Qing Shui to be lost in thoughts for a few times. After all, the child called him daddy and called the other lady her mommy, so inhibiting his imagination from running wild was an impossible task.

Qing Shui bid them farewell after dinner. Instead of returning to his own residence, he summoned Fire Bird and flew towards Zhu Qing Peak.

Qing Shui landed in Zhu Qing's courtyard with ease, as if driving a lightweight chariot on a familiar road. He looked at the light within the room and saw a figure with exquisite curves. Qing Shui could clearly identify that it was Zhu Qing.

He quietly stepped into the living room and saw Zhu Qing drawing an outline of something with string alone. The moment Qing Shui entered, she responsively looked towards him. If it was Zhu Qing, Qing Shui would have guessed that it was maybe the effect of the duo cultivation. But for Yiye Jiange, Qing Shui could only guess that it was her excellent innate talent in sensory abilities, inherited from her clan.

The slightly thin, delicate face added a little more femininity to some extent. Her sharp and watery beautiful eyes blinked a few times in disbelief at Qing Shui before she quickly ran towards the man who was smiling at her.

Her arms encircled around his neck tightly and her well developed, mature, and delicate body fitted tightly into Qing Shui's arms. A faint fragrance wafted into Qing Shui's nose.

’’ I miss you, I really do, every single day!’’

Zhu Qing voice was soft, like a whisper.

Qing Shui hugged this beautiful and alluring woman tightly, listening to her words of deep love and indulging in the ecstasy that surfaced from the contact between their skin.


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