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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 348


AST 348 - Southern City, Change of Atmosphere in Hundred Miles City, The death of Wenren Wugou

Cang Wuya had given her some 'refuge' to an extend.

However, she wasn't quite sure about herself, because the biggest refuge she had was Qing Shui. If anything happened to Qing Shui, her entire personality would definitely change, and she would do unimaginable things.

’’Mingyue, your parents are the happiest when you are alive. They have done all that they could just so you could live. They wish happiness for you. They will only be happy when you are happy. Their sacrifice will not be in vain.’’ Qing Shui knelt down alongside Canghai Mingyue and patted on her head.

Canghai Mingyue suddenly hugged Qing Shui and cried relentlessly on his arms. The front of his robes was quickly soaked from her tears.

There was nothing to fear except loneliness and despair!

Hundred Miles City!

Night Fragrance Court!

Situ Shang brought two of his senior martial brothers to the entrance of the Night Fragrance Court. He looked at the copulation between a seductive woman and a man;her moans were pleasant to his ears.

’’Junior martial brother Situ, I don't suppose you want us to play with these fallen women, do you?’’ The tall Yan Xu frowned as he said to Situ Shang.

’’Of course not. I know Senior martial brother Yan and senior martial brother Li would hate to play with these kinds of women the most. But I also know that there is a pair of premium sisters in the Night Fragrance Court. They are the proprietors of this Night Fragrance Court. Not only do they maintain their pure jade bodies, they are also the type of women that you like.’’ Situ Shang said while smiling satisfyingly.

Yan Xu and Li Long became curious after listening to Situ Shang. The three of them walked into the Night Fragrance Court together after that!

There were about 30 seductive women inside the cozy lounge. Their wave-like, delicate legs were very attractive! There were also about 10 burly men in there that would occasionally gaze at the women's busty breasts and plump hips.

They were the martial warriors tasked to protect the safety of the Night Fragrance Court. They are the security of this place!

’’Hey, isn't this gentleman Situ? It's been a long time since you came to look for Xiang Xiang, I miss you so much!’’

The woman was petite, but she had a busty chest with killer hips. She walked towards Situ se*ually as she spoke in a seductive tone.

However, before she could even get near Situ Shang...


That was a loud slap on the woman's face!


He uttered a word through his teeth and looked at the woman named ’’Xiang Xiang’’ with disdain.

The slap was loud enough to attract the attention of everyone in the lounge. The ten burly men walked towards their direction while laughing intriguingly.

’’Situ Shang, how dare you hit me, and how dare you cause a ruckus under the name of Situ Family? Are you looking for death? You ball-less coward!’’ The woman ’’Xiang Xiang’’ shouted at Situ hysterically. The handprint on her face was very obvious.


Situ Shang swiftly kicked at her abdomen, instantly causing her to spill out blood. His kick sent her flying to the lounge and crashed onto a row of tables.

Situ Shang flashed a merciless smile!

’’This is not a place for you to behave as you like. Ah Huang, Ah Cheng, take him out and break both of his legs!’’ A nearly middle-aged guard leader shouted in anger.

’’Understood, boss!’’

Two tall burly young men rushed towards Situ Shang!

’’Senior martial brother Li, kill them!’’ Situ Shang politely and softly asked the small thin man beside him.

’’These are just small shrimps! Killing them will be swift!’’

The thin Li Long rushed towards the burly men abruptly. But the next thing that happened was unimaginable.

The two burly men spat out blood and fell on the ground as they stopped moving. These men has been directly pummeled to death by Li Long from the force of his momentum.

There were no surprises. It was extremely normal for Peak Houtian-level martial warriors to be defeated by a peak Xiantian State martial warrior!

The lounge was stirred into a frenzy instantly. Relentless screaming could be heard!

The ’’frail’’ Li Long said softly: ’’Whoever screams one more time, I'll kill them!’’

The screams stopped right away and the lounge instantly fell into an eerie silence. Everyone was scared to even look at Li Long in his eyes.

Even the ten burly men have turned pale and began to feel cold sweats run throughout their body. Peak Houtian-level martial warriors had been directly pummeled to death, so for Li Long to kill them all would be a piece of cake.

However, Li Long simply uttered: ’’Close the doors behind you. No one can enter or exit. Otherwise, it would result in everyone's deaths!’’

Their intentions of escaping this place had been crushed after hearing that cold, detached tone.

Because Situ Shang had known about the sisters' location in the top-most floor, he, Yan Xi, and Li Long slowly walked upstairs to find them.

It was a smooth trek until the fifth floor. The door was blocked by two formidable-looking women!

’’This is a private area, no outsiders allowed!’’

It seems that the top floors had not been affected by the noises below. But even if there was a bit of noise heard, no one would dare to cause a ruckus in the Hundred Miles City. The dozens of Houtian Peak-level martial warriors that were assigned below had not been for show, either. Moreover, there was a high authority in the Night Fragrance Court as well.

’’Senior martial brother Li, these two chicks don't look that bad. How about we grab them and play with the sisters as well.’’ Yan Xu laughed lewdly as he faced Li Long.

’’It won't be easy, but let's do it. It won't be a big problem if we play with a couple more.’’ Li Long said quietly.

Yan Xu simply grabbed one of the women with one hand and kicked down the door while dragging the woman along.

Wenren Wugou was practicing her swordsmanship in her night gown after she had taken a bath. 'The ball-less' Situ Shang became extremely envious just by looking at her slender body, but it was a shame that he couldn't get a taste because he has lost that ability.....

Yan Xu and Li Long were stunned by the woman's provocative matureness;her body was curvy and her neck was slender. Her shoulder was sharp, her bosoms and hips were plump and full, her thighs were fleshy, and her legs were slender and long. That body was enough to send anyone on an impulse.

This was their ideal woman, one of the highest grade.

’’Who are you, what are you doing here?’’ Wenren Wugou could tell that this would be the biggest catastrophe she had faced judging from her cumulated experiences.

Wenren Wugou could see the awe in Situ Shang's eyes, but before he could say anything, he was interrupted by Li Long's voice.

’’Beautiful lady, you will find out soon enough about what we intend to do here!’’ Li Long said lustily as he stepped forward and grabbed Wenren Wugou.

He hit her at random places for a few times causing her to slump onto his body. Wenren Wugou was drained of energy, her beautiful mature face instantly turned pale white!

Yan Xu and Li Long loved to play with women together all the time. However, Li Long was enchanted by Wenren Wugou's appeal and briefly forgot that they were originally supposed to play with the pair of sisters together.

The types of women they loved were both mature women like Wenren Wugou!

’’Please slowly enjoy yourselves, senior martial brothers. I will stay outside!’’ Situ Shang slyly smiled as he walked out.


The two women were immediately stripped naked and aligned next to each other on the scarlet rug like two white sheep. Li Long then placed Wenren Wugou on the bed in a position where he could clearly see the two naked women.

’’Senior martial brother, let us have each to our own today. Let us entertain these beauties tonight.’’

Li Long nodded with lust. This was not their first time, so both of them were able to cooperate with each other, each holding a naked women on their arms.

Their experienced techniques through the use of their fingers and mouths simultaneously made the two women pant for breath very quickly. Then the two men each took out a scarlet-coloured medicinal pill and shoved it into both of the ladies' mouths. Wenren Wugou was also force-fed the pill by Li Long.

The two women has started to moan senselessly. Yan Xu and Li Long, who had been holding in for a long time, immediately took off all their clothes...

Wenren Wugou became absent-minded after her consciousness has drifted into a pool of lust. She would quiver restlessly. At that moment, she wanted to die and get it over with, but she lacked the energy to even commit suicide. However, she still wanted to see Wushuang one more time.

She had decided that after she saw Wushuang one last time, she would then commit suicide. But the utter humiliation in front of her eyes...


Wenren Wugou laid on the scarlet rug with her hair in a mess. There were blood stains all over her body. Those two perverts have been enjoying her with extremely torturous methods for almost two hours.

The torture on her body and soul had pushed her to the brink of death. Her body was now in extreme pain..... It feels like it would be better for her to just die than try to live. She was in shambles and she could feel exhaustion throughout her body.

Her mental state was in the most unbearable pain of all.

’’I can't let Wushuang see me like this, I have become a filthy woman...’’ Wenren Wugou mumbled, contemplating how good would it be to simple slip into the obliviousness of death.

’’I don't want to let Wushuang see me like this, I can't let him see me in this state...’’

Wenren Wugou had died in the middle of the bath area. She had used a knife to cut out her heart. It was an attempt to prove that she was clean by flushing out the filth from her body. The bath was stained in a pool of scarlet blood.

In an instant, Night Fragrance Court had turned chaotic, but it was quickly taken over by the Situ Family. This prosperous brothel had now become part of Situ Family's estate.

Everyone in the Hundred Miles City could see that something was off about Situ Family's loud actions. But with the addition of the incident in the Night Fragrance Court, dark, tumultuous clouds seemed to cover the skies over the Hundred Miles City.

Everyone in Hundred Miles City knew that no one would dare to cause a ruckus in Night Fragrance Court from the start of the business until now. The authoritative figure of Night Fragrance Court was also known to be a scary person as well. But since Situ Family was bold to cause a ruckus in there, could it be that Situ Family had a relationship with powers beyond Xiantian and the Martial King Grade....?


’’Cang Lang Country is just right in front there!’’ Huoyun Liu-li cheered and pointed happily at the city on the far horizon.

They have endured a month of endless flying, and finally, they would be able to make it to Cang Lang Country by today. In a span of a month, they had been rushing from Heavenly Palace to Cang Lang Country constantly without stop, even with their flying beasts on their side. Qing Shui could have made it in less than half of the time if he had been travelling alone. However, the Golden Winged Thunder Condor had no way to match up to the Firebird's speed now.


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