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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 346


AST 346 Killing In Public, The Prescription For the Strong Wind Water Primordial Pellet

The three of them went to the hall to get some food. The two of them ate a lot, finishing up most of the food when Situ Shang had barely eaten.

Especially that thin man. Compared to that tall and burly man, he had an even bigger appetite! Devouring all that food, it was really hard to tell where all that food went.

’’I'm really f*cking hungry. This work is really tiring, but it's extremely comfortable as well. It's a pity I haven't had my fill!’’ The lean man was still eating as coarse words came out from his mouth.

’’Martial Brother Li, after you're done eating, I'll bring you to a place. You'll definitely be fully satisfied, and I guarantee that you'll like it!’’ An unknown flame burned in Situ Shang's eyes.

After the meal, Situ Shang and his two Martial Brothers Yan and Li walked up the streets of the Hundred Miles City!

’’It's been a long time since I've walked on this street! It's a really different feeling!’’ Situ Shang looked at the ever-prosperous streets, saying ruefully as he looked up into the clear skies.

’’Look! That's Situ Clan's wastrel! The other time, he was given a harsh beating by those from Qing Clan, and it was rumored that even his balls were smashed. I wonder if that's true.’’ An abrupt voice resounded to Situ Shang's ears.

That voice was like a sharp sword, piercing right into his heart! Immediately, his body felt as if it was burning in flames!

Before he could let out his fury, he heard something else!

’’It's definitely true. Back then, many people had seen it. Those things were smashed by Qing Shui's kick. And someone had bribed his personal maid who was played frequently by this wastrel in the past. But since that incident, he had not touched her again. Once she even chanced upon him taking a bath. What did you think she saw?’’ A youngster with thick lips and small eyes smiled and said.

’’Could it be that that thing is gone?’’ Someone immediately kicked up a fuss!

’’Haha, they're completely smashed. It's totally empty... Argh!!!’’

A pile of blood scattered!

Situ Shang's face was extremely grim. Now, having reached the pinnacle of Houtian, it was not a big deal for him to kill someone. Moreover, there were not many in Hundred Miles City who could win against him. After all, there were not many Xiantian cultivators.

Thereafter, those who had joined the discussion earlier let out cries of horror! In an instant, there was huge chaos in the streets, extremely noisy!

Killing in public!

Such events were not rare in the world of the nine continents. But for Situ Clan, the Situ Clan who had been quiet for the past over three years, to be killing in public, it was extremely unusual.

This matter spread through the streets very quickly. And other than his two Martial Brothers, there was no one else who stood close to Situ Shang.

’’Martial Brother Yan, Martial Brother Li, let's go. It's not far away. This time around, you'll definitely be satisfied. It's a lady of extremely high quality, and would definitely fit the bill to your likings.’’

In the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal!

Qing Shui was doing alchemy. He was just a little bit away of experience points from getting the Wind Water Primordial Pellet. Therefore, Qing Shui planned to get his hands on the prescription as soon as possible, so that he could prepare the medicinal herbs and such.

He would practise his alchemy for a while and then rotate to train other areas. After all, there were now too many things he had to cultivate. However, at present, Qing Shui focused more on the Ancient Strengthening Technique, Crane Form, Art of Pursuing, divine Arm Clearing, divine Feet Clearing, and alchemy;devoting less time in other areas. Thankfully, he had the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Even if he had devoted less time in other areas, it was already equivalent to an ordinary person spending their whole effort in their cultivation.


A sharp sound that was like a divine melody rang out in Qing Shui's ears, representing that the prescription for the Wind Water Primordial Pellet has appeared. A prescription that required five hundred thousand experience points, how could Qing Shui not feel agitated?

He could not help but immediately look into his consciousness!

Wind Water Primordial Pellet: Agility-Enhancing Fruit (Clear Wind Fruit), Beast Pill, Nine Fragrance Worm, Peach of Immortality, White Frost Nectar, Canfeng Dewdrops, Nine-Winged Golden Cicada, Inner Core of a Thousand-year demonic beast, Thousand-year fluoritum, Two Thousand-year Lingzhi, Two Thousand-year Earth Essence, Golden Horn Firetail Fish, Small Revitalizing Pellet.

Qing Shui was a bit dumbfounded, but he was still quite happy. He already had the Beauty Fruit, and stuff like the Nine Fragrance Worm, while rare, could still be bought.

This was the second time Qing Shui had seen the term Peach of Immortality. The first time was in the prescription for the Xiantian Golden Pellet, and the first time he heard about it was from Yiye Jiange, who had told him that it could increase one's lifespan by fifty years. But its rarity was even higher than that of the other fruits he had, such as the Strength-Enhancing Fruit, with the exception of the Beauty Fruit.

Qing Shui smiled at the look of the White Frost Nectar. He had already decided to use those similar to that from the back of the mountain. He could also find Canfeng Dewdrops, which was very similar to that of the White Frost Nectar, and should not be rare in the world of the nine continents.

But Qing Shui felt down at the look of the Nine-Winged Golden Cicada. It was another item which gave him a headache. Such items were extremely rare to begin with. Putting the Nine-Winged Golden Cicada aside, the Golden Cicada alone was a demonic beast from the moment it was born and they generally had only four wings. Their strength and age could all be gauged by the number of wings they had. Four wings represented one thousand years, and each additional wing was an additional five hundred years. This meant that the Nine-Winged Golden Cicada was a demonic beast with a age of thirty-five hundred years old...

Most importantly, it was very small. Regardless if it was Thousand-year or Thirty-Five Hundred-year, they were only the size of a baby's fist. However, they were extremely ferocious, had the speed of lightning, and their sharp cicada cries could numb a person's nerves. Therefore, not many people would want to offend these domineering tiny creatures.

As for the Thousand-year demonic beast's inner core, 1000-year fluoritum, Two Thousand-year Lingzhi, and Two Thousand-year Earth Essence, Qing Shui could still look for them. While they were very valuable, Qing Shui had the confidence to find them himself or to get them from the Heavenly Palace.

Qing Shui decided to bring the token with the word ’’medicine’’ to the Medicinal Reserves to check it out. He had already accumulated enough to be able to collect a few rounds of medicine at one go, and could even collect higher quality ingredients such as medicinal herbs which were Two Thousand-year and above.

The Heavenly Palace's medicine token be used to collect Thousand-year medicinal herb for twice a month, but after accumulating ten times, one could collect Two Thousand-year medicinal herb for one time. The reason such precious medicinal herbs could be collected was because there were not many people in the Heavenly Palace who had such medicine tokens.

When Qing Shui saw the Golden Horn Firetail Fish, he once again felt that the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal was made to provide service for his alchemy. He was already numb to this now.

As for the last ingredient, it made Qing Shui slightly surprised. To think that the Small Revitalizing Pellet could also be used as a type of ingredient. However, Qing Shui was still very happy. After all, he could bring out the Small Revitalizing Pellet easily.

He only needed find the Nine-Winged Golden Cicada, and wait a short period of time to let the Golden Horn Firetail Fish breed since there were only two of them now. And there was still the Peach of Immortality... Qing Shui felt that he would encounter problems in his alchemy each time.

For instance, the reason he had yet to create the Great Revitalizing Pellet was because he was short of the Phoenix's Tail!

Qing Shui did not want to think about it anymore. He decided to first take a look at the Wind Water Primordial Pellet!

Effect: Increase overall abilities by 30%;gain 10% chance to increase the experience gained for all the martial arts by 1%;clears the Yongquan acupoint!

Qing Shui looked over it for a total of five times before he was sure that he had not seen wrongly. To think that it was actually a pellet which was at the 3rd level of King Grade! And that it had a 10% chance to increase all the martial arts cultivated. It was just like how his Ancient Strengthening Technique has reached the 100th cycle, after eating this Wind Water Primordial Pellet, not only would he abilities increased, there was still a 10% chance that he would be able to break through and attain the 101st cycle.

What made Qing Shui most surprised was the last effect, to clear the Yongquan acupoint, the depression formed at the front one third section of the sole of the foot when the toes were flexed.

Shaoyin Meridian on the foot. When this spot is hit, it would hurt one's Dan Tian, causing the Qi to be unable to rise, destroying one's speed and martial arts which involved the legs. Qing Shui knew that if this acupoint was cleared, it would definitely raise his speed by a lot, and the benefits would be tremendous.

He knew that his alchemy was really strong, but he did not know if his medicinal pills were of the King Grades. Such attributes made Qing Shui stumped over how to classify it.

It was because it was rumored that only the medicinal pills of Royal Grade or higher would have such amazing effects! Though he was not sure how much of such effects he would be able to bring, it was said that there were no Royal Grade medicinal pills in the Greencloud Continent.

The next day, Qing Shui brought the medicine token to the Heavenly Palace's Medicinal Reserves. To think that he managed to get what he wanted, the Thousand-year fluoritum, Two Thousand-year Lingzhi, Two Thousand-year Earth Essence. And seeing that he could still collect two more, Qing Shui chose to get the Blood Red Camellia and the Devil's Snare.

This made Qing Shui very surprised. He did not expect to be able to get the two medicinal herbs required for the Great Revitalizing Pellet. Now, he was only short of the Phoenix's Tail. The previous times he went to collect the medicinal herbs, he could only look at the section with the Thousand-year medicinal herbs. He would never had thought that the Blood Red Camellia and the Devil's Snare were both medicinal herbs of two thousand years, and that if they had not reached the age of two thousand, they were addressed by another name, the Blood Camellia and Datura!

Qing Shui knew that he was leaving soon, so for the next few days, he decided to take a walk around, have a look around, with Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li if possible.

It was just that today, he was not far from his place when he saw a lady. It was the lady called Mo Yan or Mo Yayan.

One would pass by a lot of people, both men and women. It was not possible for one to be able to interact with every single person one had met, or for one to have connections forever with the same person.

Everyone would experience a phase in their life at different times, and throughout their lives, they may experience many good and bad things and events.

Just like how it was for Qing Shui. Back when he was in the Qing Village, he had never expected to come into contact with people from the Hundred Miles City. After his abilities had gotten higher, he got into the Skysword Sect, and then followed by meeting Canghai Mingyue and entering the Immortal Sword Sect. And now, he was in Heavenly Palace, and had disagreements with Sword Tower. At different phases, the people he interacted with changed.

Qing Shui wanted very much to put down everything he had gone through, but it was just a wish. People would forever live a life of forgetting and remembering things. Just like how this lady before him gave one a very good feeling. That weak, sickly, and indifferent aura attracted many people, including Qing Shui, to want to care for her.

However, Qing Shui knew that she was just a passerby in his life. After leaving this time, when they meet again next time, everything might have changed.


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