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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 345


AST 345 - Crippled Yang Bone, Crippled Yang Sabre Technique and Situ Clan's Activity


It's time to return!

Qing Shui patted Huoyun Liu-Li's delicate back and smiled. He knew that he didn't need to say anything at this moment.

Discussions exploded below the arena, but Qing Shui couldn't hear anything. He leisurely left the scene along with the two ladies, Cang Wuya and Fei Wuji under the envious gazes of many.

The few of them had a happy lunch together at Cang Wuya's residence. No one mentioned the incident just now, but all of them had their own views on the matter.

Cang Wuya was pretty satisfied with Qing Shui, and even more so now. He, who considered Qing Shui as his junior, was even more adamant about his own thinking. He looked towards Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li with a smile.

Fei Wuji sighed while looking at Qing Shui. The feeling of time ticking away was particularly strong as the older generation was being replaced by the newer generation!

’’Old Master, I might be leaving soon!’’

Qing Shui announced gently not long after they finished their meal, but it was still quite sudden news. Everyone stared at Qing Shui in shock. Although Cang Wuya knew that he would be leaving, he didn't expect it to be so soon.

Fei Wuji was the same, too!

The two ladies knew that he would wait until after this year to return, but Qing Shui said 'soon'. That would mean it shouldn't be more than half a month or even three or five days.

’’Qing Shui, didn't you say you will only leave after this year?’’ Canghai Mingyue questioned in doubt. Worry could be seen in her beautiful eyes. She knew that Qing Shui's cultivation had improved greatly so she knew the reason behind his return.

He is leaving for the Yan Clan!

Although she knew Qing Shui's strength had greatly improved, she still felt like something was a little off about this. It was a little too rushed. She didn't know why, but she was hoping that he would postpone it.

Qing Shui could only be fully prepared if time permitted, regardless of mentality or in his cultivation, especially after observing his potential. If Qing Shui could postpone for another two years, Canghai Mingyue believed that even the Yan Clan wouldn't be a problem for him by then.

’’I've been away for so long. I'm a little worried about my family so I wish to return and stay there for awhile!’’ Qing Shui looked at Canghai Mingyue with a smile, and gave her a look of assurance.

Qing Shui really misses his mother. He has been away for more than three years and he knew that his mother must be missing him very much. Besides, Qing Shui can also cultivate there. It was essential for him to return now, also to raise the strength of the Qing Clan by another level.

Canghai Mingyue was looking back at Qing Shui, her eyebrows slightly knitted together. She didn't utter another word, but her expression was filled with worry.

’’Qing Shui, when do you plan to return? I will prepare something with Sister Mingyue!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li was a little worried at first, but after seeing the determination in Qing Shui, she smiled happily.

Qing Shui looked at Cang Wuya and Fei Wuji, as if waiting for their reaction.

’’Huhu, if you're homesick then return. But Qing Shui, if you have any troubles you can tell this old man. Don't ever put yourself in danger. You need to think about your family, Mingyue and Liu-Li!’’ Cang Wuya quickly smiled heartily.

’’Qing Shui, I won't say much but act according to your ability all the time. Remember, as long as you have time you can do everything you want. Avoid acting on impulse,’’ Fei Wuji told Qing Shui seriously.

’’Thank you, Old Master and Martial Uncle Fei! We plan to leave in five days. Mingyue and Liu-Li, go make your preparations!’’ Qing Shui thanked Cang Wuya and Fei Wuji before telling the two ladies after hesitating a little.

’’Sure, this old man will see you off when you leave. But first, you should complete your Elder Ceremony tomorrow!’’ Cang Wuya told Qing Shui after thinking for a while.

If it wasn't for Cang Wuya's reminder, Qing Shui would have completely forgotten about it. He nodded happily at Cang Wuya and said, ’’I'll leave everything to the Old Master.’’

The Heavenly Palace's Elder status is a social status of great importance on the Greencloud Continent. To outsiders, the Elders of Heavenly Palace were referred to the Elders of the different halls in the Heavenly Palace, while those Supreme Elders of the Elder Associations were usually not in contact with the outside world.

This social status would earn respect everywhere on the Greencloud Continent;it was a status to be feared and respected so Qing Shui didn't mind receiving this status before his departure.

Hundred Miles City!

Situ Clan!

’’Young Master Shang has returned!’’

’’Young Master Luan just returned a few days ago and now Young Master Shang. Is something going to happen to the Situ Clan?’’

’’Yes, look at the people that Young Master Shang has brought with him. Just one glance and you can tell that they are the masters of the masters. Their aura is a lot more intense than the Old Master of the Yu Clan. Yup, also even more intense than that Qing Clan's Demon.’’ A seemingly loud mouthed man chipped in.

’’Old Gao, keep it down. Situ Clan is no longer the same as it was in the past. The Qing Clan is even more different now!’’ A petite youth with bright eyes softly dissuaded.

’’Hehe, don't worry about my big mouth. I will definitely not get into trouble for what comes out of it. I've got some insider information, interested?’’ The loud mouthed man named Old Gao secretively told the four or five people around him. His expression was particularly complacent.

’’Hurry up and spill the beans, Brother Gao! Don't keep us in suspense, we are dying to hear about it!’’ Another youth urged.

’’Brother Gao’’ looked at the rest in satisfaction before he continued secretively. ’’Since you guys will also know about this soon, so I shall divulge this to you all first.’’

At the side courtyard of the Situ Residence, the few of them surrounded ’’Brother Gao’’ with anticipating looks on their faces while waiting for Brother Gao to open his mouth!

’’Do you know why the two young masters came back at the same time?’’

’’Could it be that something is going to happen? Brother Gao was bullied by the Qing Clan before. Perhaps the two young masters came back to deal with Qing Clan?’’ the petite youth questioned curiously.

’’But the two young masters don't seem to be a match to the Qing Clan's demon!’’ Another youth who had been silent this whole time spoke up.

’’Do you know what's the strength of those two people that Young Master Shang has brought back with him?’’ the man called Brother Gao asked pretentiously.

’’Brother Gao, stop keeping us in suspense. We are anxious to know!’’ The youth urged for the second time. Seemed like an impatient fellow.

’’Your guesses are almost there. Situ Clan is going to deal with the Qing Clan this time. They aim to be the most powerful clan of Hundred Miles City once again, so we all don't need to be well-behaved like we do now in the future. I shall visit that Night Fragrance Court when that goddamn Qing Clan has fallen. See if that Yu Niang still dares to think I am penniless. I, your father, will make her suck my d*ck,’’ Brother Gao said in despise.

’’But Brother Gao, the Qing Clan still has that Qing Shui. Although he is not in the Qing Residence right now, Mingyue Gelou is there. That girl is actually a Xiantian cultivator! I think even Young Master Luan cannot defeat her.’’

At that time, Qing Shui had left a vicious and merciless impression on many: Don't ever think about laying a finger on his family or humiliate his mother. He would behead anyone even over a single bad word.

’’Brother Gao’’ smiled after listening and snorted in disdain. ’’The people that Young Master Shang has brought back are actually of a Xiantian Grade 8 while the other is a Xiantian Grade 10 who might break through to Martial King Grade at any moment.’’

’’Martial King? Martial King!’’ Someone let out a cry of surprise after taking a moment to process the information.

To them, Martial King was something unattainable. It was a realm which they have never thought much about.

’’Xiantian Grade 10!’’ The rest also drew a cold breath. When Qing Shui was ’’savage’’ back then, he was only a very weak Xiantian.

To them, a Xiantian was something so out of their reach! As for Martial King, it was a topic which they wouldn't even think or talk about.

’’Father, Grandfather!’’

Situ Shang bowed at Situ Ba and Situ Nantian. Three years had allowed Situ Shang's personality to cool down and settle down a lot!

’’Well done, Shang'er. You did not let your grandfather and me down after all!’’ Situ Ba let out an unrestrained laugh.

’’Shang'er, are those two reliable?’’ Situ Nantian questioned his grandson who was different now than before with a frown. But he was also extremely happy on the inside.

’’Don't worry, Grandfather. Martial Brother Yan and Li are definitely reliable. They are the direct disciples of my Master. This is also why I have returned this time. They will be in my care in the future.’’ Situ Shang smiled with confidence. His slightly fair complexion and high pitched voice made people feel weird.

’’Alright, Shang'er. Do your best. As long as your strength goes up, everything will be in your hands and things will be back to normal. The future of the Situ Clan still lies in you.’’ Situ Nantian gave Situ Shang a serious look.

To be honest, the Situ Clan didn't hold much significance in Situ Shang's heart. He was only passionate about this because it involved dealing with the Qing Clan. He will never forget how bad Qing Shui hurt him, and even made him unable to touch a woman. For someone who had been living among the flowers, his life was a living hell especially now when he didn't lack beauties around him. Some were even throwing themselves at him. He had plenty of flowers to pick, but how could he pick them? His testicles were already crippled by Qing Shui.

There was once a daring lady who threw herself into his arms. Her small hand reached for Situ Shang's crotch only to discover that there was nothing there. Before she could even react in shock, Situ Shang had already broken her neck.

He wanted to tear Qing Shui to shreds so badly. He had only known how worthless a Xiantian was after he joined the Medicine King Aristocrat Clan. The once arrogant Qing Shui could only most likely be a normal guard if he was part of the Medicine King Aristocrat Clan.

At that time Situ Shang decided to settle down there no matter what. As long as he seized every opportunity, he would improve at all costs. Only that he didn't expect himself to be blessed with great luck. His special ’’Crippled Yang Bone’’ constitution was regarded highly by an Elder from the Medicine King Aristocrat Clan, causing him to be accepted as his last core disciple.

This made Situ Shang wild with joy. He cherished this rare opportunity and took great pains to cultivate. It took three years of cultivation under the usage of medicinal pills to reach the peak of Houtian.

He was also aware that the ’’Crippled Yang Sabre’’ that he had been cultivating could only be cultivated to its peak by people with this type of Crippled Yang Bone constitution like himself. What made him even happier was that as long as he could break through to Xiantian, he would be able to consume ’’Yang Revitalising Pellet’’ and rejuvenate the most important characteristic of being a male.

Situ Shang was exhilarated. The torment he had been going through was inhumane, especially when he could only look at beautiful women but not touch them. That taste of having no way to relieve himself was downright a living hell.

Situ Shang took his leave of Situ Ba and Situ Nantian.

He entered a guest room. This was the ’’temporary residence’’ of the two disciples from Medicine King Aristocrat Clan who had returned together with Situ Shang. Although they possessed extraordinary strength, they were very respectful towards Situ Nantian and Situ Ba due to Situ Shang's status of being the Last Core Disciple.

’’Senior Martial Brother Yan, Senior Martial Brother Li!’’

Situ Shang wandered there and knocked on the door.

Not long after that, two disheveled men appeared at the door. One was a tall and strong looking man, while the other was petite but looked skillful. ’’Junior Martial Brother Situ, nothing can top two men playing with one woman after all. When can we find a woman of higher grade than this again?’’

Fortunately, Situ Shang was aware of his two Martial Brothers' kink of having se* with the same woman together. If it was someone else, they would definitely jump to the conclusion that these two men were having gay se*.

’’Let's go, we'll go eat something first. I'll bring both of you somewhere fun later, you guys will definitely enjoy it!’’ Situ Shang smiled unnaturally.

He glanced at the unmoving lady sprawled on the bed. Teeth and claw marks could be seen all over her snowy white skin... On top of the mess on the bed, if it weren't for the slight trembles of her body, anyone would have thought she was dead.


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