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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 344


AST 344 - Bear Dazzle, Volution Force, The Tyrannical Fourth Wave! It's Time to Return

’’This is the Earth Element:: Legendary Grade Giant Spirit divine Fist!’’

Qing Shui's eyes were locked on to Xi Ri, he didn't dare to allow himself slightest bit of carelessness. He at least had Canghai to guard his back when he had his previous encounter with the Old Blindee. Although Xi Ri's cultivation wasn't higher than Old Blindee, situations where one failed at tasks they were confident in weren't uncommon, so he couldn't afford to be reckless.

He also knew about this Giant Spirit divine fist. It was a power amplification technique, and the highest level of the Earth Element: Fist Technique could increase a very substantial amount of power. On top of that, Qing Shui observed the power of the mighty Heavenly Thunder Slash was also fused into the already strong fist technique.

Tiger Laceration!

Qing Shui also struck out abruptly. A loud Tiger's Roar rang out once again.


Qing Shui grinned at the loud noise. He could feel that the strength behind Xi Ri's punch was actually equal to his own after his breakthrough, or may even be a little stronger. It was no wonder that he was considered the most outstanding person among his generation of the Heavenly Palace. He reckoned that he couldn't have even withstood this strike before his breakthrough.

Xi Ri was even more surprised. Because this Giant Spirit divine Fist had only one effect, that was to raise the strength of a punch by around three times and the qi stance by one time. In addition he had fused it with the Heavenly Thunder Slash, and he was actually only slightly stronger than his opponent.

Qing Shui was well informed of his opponent's cultivation arts. They were of the Earth Element: and above the Legendary grade! But Qing Shui still hadn't fully unleashed his qi force.

Gigantic Spiritual Suppression!

Xi Ri's gigantic fist flew towards Qing Shui with a trail of brilliant golden light behind it, just like a meteor catching up with the moon.

He looked like an enormous Battle God right at this moment, clumsy yet extremely nimble.

Bear Stance!

Along with a loud tiger's roar, Qing Shui clumsily raised his arms as if he was about to prop something up!


Another loud strike!

The stone of special quality beneath Qing Shui's feet cracked and sunk more than half a foot. Nevertheless, Qing Shui remained perfectly still in the same position with both of his hands propping Xi Ri's enormous fists up.

The great suppressing force prevented Qing Shui from performing any killing technique with his feet. Xi Ri continued to press Qing Shui down with all of his strength. After all, he was currently in the favourable position. As long as Qing Shui slightly slacked, the great force would directly press down on his head and shoulders and this would be deadly.

The difference between the strength of both parties wasn't much, which caused them to reach a stalemate!

Bear Dazzle!

It was Qing Shui's first time he unleashed a killing technique derived from the Bear Form. A great swaying force was emitted after it built up, this was a kind of 'one-inch force', the volution force!

Xi Ri felt like the earth quaked and the mountains shook within an instant. His expression changed and he quickly moved backwards. He retracted his fists to guard against any of Qing Shui's sneak attacks.

An enormous qi aura filled the air of the arena. Xi Ri's techniques were tyrannical and sophisticated, their powerful aura could be sensed easily and it felt even more powerful to the people who were closer to the arena.

Qing Shui was the one who lunged forward this time. The speed of his leap was so fast that it was as if sparks were flying from it. One would be amazed if they had witnessed the movements of the Black Armored Jumping King!

Taichi Single Whip!

Obscure Realm, Great Perfection Stage, Taichi Single Whip!

A Taichi Single Whip with the addition of Frenzied Bull's Strength!

A Taichi Single Whip fused with the Heavenly Thunder Slash! A simple strength strike!


Xi Ri retreated two steps from Qing Shui's attack!

He was in disbelief because Qing Shui's speed was just too fast! He was about to be overwhelmed!

This was because Qing Shui had used the ’’cultivation art’’ of the Black Armored Jumping King on top of the Cloudmist Steps. Although it still looked like the Cloudmist Steps, it was barely recognisable for all who watched.The Black Armored Jumping King's movements were toned down a lot too, so many were able to realise it was somewhat still the Cloudmist Steps of the Heavenly Palace.

’’Taichi Single Whip... When can I cultivate my Taichi Single Whip to this level too?’’ A youth who had attended Qing Shui's lessons recently sighed in amazement.

The words of this youth made the people who had been cultivating alongside Qing Shui realise the tyranny, broadness and profoundness of these Taichi fists. It could actually match up to the greatness of the Giant Spirit divine Fist and was not inferior than it in any respect. This excited them endlessly. The Giant Spirit divine Fist was of the Legendary grade, could it be that this Taichi Fist was also Legendary.......

But then they remembered they knew that currently Qing Shui's Taichi Fists were of the Obscure Realm, Grand Perfection Stage!

Qing Shui leaped once again and rushed towards Xi Ri who was backing down, swift like a gust of wind!

Hammer Explosion Technique!

Not only did it have the effects of the Frenzied Bull's Strength and the terrifying Heavenly Thunder Slash behind it, but it was also heavy and unsophisticated like the immovable mountains.


Xi Ri could only struggle to defend at the mercy of Qing Shui's absolute speed. Even so, he was pushed backwards from the merciless attacks, and his entire arms ached dully.

Ever since he cultivated the Giant Spirit divine Fist, this was the first time he had experienced such a situation when he fought another person of the same level. This massive divine fist was his trump card.

’’The Hammer Explosion Technique! Old Mu, the Hammer Explosion Technique that we are cultivating can actually be this domineering! I have decided that I must master the Taichi Fists in the future and have a thorough grasp of it!’’ A slightly thin youth exclaimed in excitement to another youth beside him.


The Taichi fists were unable to heavily damage Xi Ri right now. Qing Shui didn't use the Heaven Shaking Hammer or wear any battle armor and didn't even use his current most powerful Basic Sword Techniques.

Qing Shui was completely using Xi Ri to practise his Taichi Fists right now. However, he had already decided to not kill or cripple him. Perhaps in the beginning Qing Shui was quite helpless against him but to defeat Xi Ri now was not a very difficult task to him.

The trait of the Ancient Strengthening Technique that Qing Shui had been cultivating was the strength of the physical body and extremely long lasting endurance. Xi Ri was already panting breathlessly from Qing Shui's relentless attacks.

If Qing Shui were to fully display his perverse speed now, he could definitely smash Xi Ri's head in. However, he currently bombarded him with the violent techniques of Taichi, one after another.

This made many cheer and they were the people who had been practising their Taichi Fists with Qing Shui every day. They know now that even the slow Taichi Fists they had been practising had such a violent side to them.

Rather than a duel, Qing Shui felt that he was more proficient in killing in ways such as using Hidden Weapons and Gold Needles. He was confident that he could take Xi Ri out right from the beginning as soon as his spirit, qi and intent were merged together. But of course, he would get hurt in the process too.

This was the ability that Qing Shui had acquired after he achieved the Mental State of Minute Subtlety. So he would definitely not lose today, if worst come to worst he could always kill him. Qing Shui had a few tricks up his sleeves but all of them came with a heavy price. But with the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui should be able to recover fast.

Xi Ri's eyes were red. Anyone would be angry to be pushed down like this. After being struck by Qing Shui again, Xi Ri released the howl that he had been suppressing.

That howl was filled with unwillingness and unyieldingness!

Just right at that moment...!

Golden light shone out from Xi Ri's tall figure, and made him look like a Golden Battle God! A wave of violent and formidable power that was way greater than before spread out.


Xi Ri's laughed maniacally!

’’It's a breakthrough!’’

’’Xi Ri actually broke through! He broke through to the Martial King Grade 6!’’

’’F*ck, he broke through at this time! He should thank the Gods! Now it's uncertain who will emerge as the victor!’’


The cries of surprise were endless. Astonishment and many other expressions were conveyed throughout the crowds! Some were even insulting. But each and everyone of them was extremely excited.

’’Sister Mingyue, Qing Shui will be fine right?!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li asked Canghai Mingyue in worry.

’’He will be fine!’’ Canghai Mingyue clenched her teeth.

An old man in the distance who looked ordinary yet especially elderly, was watched Xi Ri who was on the arena and smiled in relief. He nodded in satisfaction at Qing Shui before he turned around to leave.

’’Thank you for going easy on me just now!’’ Xi Ri smiled at Qing Shui.

’’You're welcome. I didn't go easy on you. You have your high endurance to thank. Come, show me your current strength,’’ Qing Shui replied indifferently.

The expression on Xi Ri's face was complex, but he clenched his teeth and charged towards Qing Shui. Although it was the same fist technique he used in the beginning, it looked like it was obviously on one higher level now.

Regardless of whether it was the suppression as mighty as a mountain or that tyrannical powerful fist!

Taichi Cloudhand!

Qing Shui circulated his qi to the peak. When he came in contact with the opponent's giant fist, the softness and hardness aspects of the force in him were unleashed at the same moment.

Transform the coming force to attack the opponent!

To receive and to extend, the force of his opponent's fist was dissolved!

Although it seemed like it didn't take much for Qing Shui to dissolve his opponent's attack, only he himself knew that it was not as easy as it had seemed on the surface! But then Qing Shui was like a little boat on the sea after that, he could just barely dissolve Xi Ri's violent attacks in time.

’’The situation had reversed, it was like that just now!’’

’’He must be feeling good about it!’’


Qing Shui fought and moved backwards at the same time. Both parties were already fighting at their full power now. The noises from their clashes were endless and yellow coloured qi force radiated all around the arena. People only discovered now that Qing Shui had also been cultivating Legendary grade cultivation arts.

On top of that they were also of the Earth Element:!

Perhaps Xi Ri had realised that if he continued on like this he'd either be in advantage or disadvantage. This brat was really a monster. How could his body be this perversely strong and have such ample endurance?

Xi Ri's sprinting speed was observed to have abruptly rose by at least twofold and he had already guessed Qing Shui's route of escape!

Gigantic Spirit divine Might!

Xi Ri's figure once again enlarged a little, and at the same time his entire body had an illusory effect*. Two gigantic fists flew straight towards Qing Shui.

Nothing sophisticated, just a direct and effective punch!

Qing Shui quickly withdrew a step and slightly leaned his body forward. Since he couldn't avoid the unavoidable, then there was no need for him to evade!

After he stabled himself, the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm was unleashed!

Fourth Wave!

’’Bang bang bang bang!’’

As the loud noises rang out consecutively, Qing Shui was forced three consecutive steps backwards. His face was a little pale, but Xi Ri on the other hand was sent flying with blood gushing out from his mouth.

He flew out of the arena. But someone leaped forwards and caught him!

It was a middle aged man who had the same facial features as Xi Ri. The moment he landed on the floor, he quickly shoved a medicinal pill into Xi Ri's mouth.

’’Thank you for your mercy!’’

The man nodded and left with Xi Ri!

Qing Shui looked away and slowly walked down the arena under the admiration of everyone. His figure was exuding an aura of loneliness.

’’Qing Shui!’’

He saw a pair of beautiful and moist smiling eyes, Huoyun Liu-Li happily latched on his arm.

Qing Shui gave a relieved smile to Canghai Mingyue, who was looking at him in concern. He felt extremely desolate the moment he walked down the arena, but the warm and caring looks he received from the two ladies immediately brought a smile to his face.

He can't cut off his emotions, familial affection, friendships and love! Qing Shui was clear about what he needed to do next!


It was time to return!


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