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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 335


AST 335 - There's Nu Er Hong Wine and Bone &Spirit Cleansing Plum Blosson Wine

Yan Ling`er watched as Qing Shui's back disappeared into the stairway. She did not understand why he did that to himself. Ever since she saw the two unparalleled beauties in Qing Shui's arms that day, she had been thinking about nothing else, but why did he still take away her ’’right’’ to call him brother.

Back in the room, Qing Shui was confused as to why such a matter could even be linked to him. He did not say anything then, especially when Xi Ri was mentioned.

Qing Shui knew about this character called Xi Ri. Xi Ri had courted the Misty Hall Palace Mistress before, and almost everyone knew about that, and he was also a genius who cannot be overlooked. Though there were less people who talked about him now, because of Qing Shui's appearance, he was once again being mentioned continuously. Geniuses were in limited numbers, and their appearance would stir up comparisons naturally.

Qing Shui knew of the existence of Xi RI, and also of the Xi Family!

In actual fact, the Xi Family was only considered a second tiered family in the Heavenly Palace, beneath the Song Family and Feng Family, but as compared to unorthodox families like the Xu, Zhou, Zhu, Wei and Zheng, the Xi was much stronger.

The promotion of one family was tougher than just an individual's advancement, be it a large family or a small one. Moreover, when a family expanded to a certain extent, there may emerge 2 or 3 powerful fighters. And, without one who could overpower everyone's existence, it becomes highly likely for the family of this size to fragmentize into few, smaller families.

Such a family would be in decline, since there would be a need for redevelopment. There were internal and external factors that create fission, but regardless of which type, once the disintegration happened, the influence of the original family would be greatly reduced. Any ’’union contract’’ made would only serve temporary uses.

This was the law. In the world of nine continents, there were very few families who could flourish continuously and not weaken ever. There were of course, exceptions, but those were as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn's horn!

In the Xi Family, there was one Supreme Elder. Though his lifespan was unfortunately limited now, his capabilities were still intact, so the Xi Family's hopes were all on him. The Supreme Elder was now more than 400 years of age;the Xi Family hoped that when the old man passed on naturally, Xi Ri would be able to support the Xi Family. (those from Xiantian to pinnacle of Martial King all had life spans of 500 years)

Qing Shui entered the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. As the issues came up abruptly, he had not managed to harvest the ripened fruits. Now, the time in the realm had upgraded, and the Strength Enhancing Fruit, Agility Enhancing Fruit...brought 3 harvests every 2 years, which was beyond the time in the Realm of Violet Immortal.

Energy Fruit, and Beauty Fruit, still had a long way before the next harvest since he had yielded them not long ago. However, there were already blue fruits that had grown to the size of a thumb.

Qing Shui plucked the remaining fruit and stored them, as there was no use for them for now. Moreover they would not deteriorate in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, and such special fruits would also not go bad no matter how long they were put out.

Qing Shui had only made use of the realm for a special use, and that was the storing of wine. In reality, a year in the realm would mean 150 actual years, thus Qing Shui had stored tons and tons of wine in the realm.

Among those wines, many of them were Tiger Bone Liquor brewed by Qing Shui himself. This time, he had even added more ingredients and 1000 yr old precious medicinal herbs in it.

There was a wine in the world of nine continents called Nu Er Hong. The wine that was buried and stored when a girl was born, and only taken out when she was married, the wine called Nu Er Hong!

This wine tastes average when just brewed, but as the time stored lengthens, it becomes more fragrant. With a thousand years, the wine would definitely taste like top quality nectar.

However because of the special characteristic of ’’Nu Er Hong’’, since it doesn't take that long for a girl to be married - a maximum of tens of years, but not 100, anyone who claims to have a 1000 yr Nu Er Hong was deemed insane.

Qing Shui had stored quite a few Nu Er Hong in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, where a year in the realm equates 150 years in reality. Storing for a thousand years becomes an easy task, just like 1000 year old medicinal herbs.

There were other types of wine other than Nu Er Hong, such as Snake Gull Liquor, which Qing Shui knew as one of the top quality wines. It was only slightly lacking as compared to the legendary Drunken Haze. it was a pity Qing Shui only knew it was at the same level as Tiger Bone Liquor after brewing it. Snakes were lewd in nature, thus Qing Shui thought it was a perfect match with the Tiger Bone Liquor.

One enhances the flirtatious atmosphere, and the other invigorates the Yang! It is amazingly similar to the Diamond Pellet and Jadedew Pellet! Of course, the Snake Gull Liquor does not only enhance the flirtatious atmosphere - it nourishes the body, preventing one from becoming overly weak because of pleasure.

At this moment, the Flower of Life that was just plucked re-bloomed, its petals even more vibrant than before, emitting a greater sense of vitality.

When Qing Shui saw the Nameless Tree Root, he noticed that the pinkish petals, the size of a bowl, had actually started to wilt.

Qing Shui became agitated, and couldn't wait to see what kinds of fruit would this flower that bloomed for 1000 years produce!

An unoccupied Qing Shui decided to calm himself down, and caught a green skinned turtle from the pond for soup, and cooked it in the same method used for All Aspect Nourishment Soup.

He even added some other spices, and as it started to give off a drunken, refreshing aroma. Qing Shui couldn't help but taste it. After he entered the Realm of Violet Immortal, Qing Shui started to understand why so many people loved delicacies in his past life.

The desire for food and pleasure was part of human nature, though pleasure was important, it was impossible to do it as frequently as work, and one would be tired of it if it was done so frequently. On the other hand, food had to be eaten everyday, and a few times each day. What's more, many see food as their priority, and put food before pleasure.

When one was fed and warmed, his se*ual desires will arise, thus food was often a prerequisite that must be fulfilled before one would consider satisfying his se*ual desires. Qing Shui looked at the turtle soup in the pot and upon seeing the thickness of the soup, he scooped up a bowl and sipped a mouthful of hot turtle soup. It promoted the secretion of his saliva, and he closed his eyes as the soup slowly flowed into his stomach, and relaxed his body.

Qing Shui grabbed a few pots in the Realm of Violet Immortal, and started to cook a pot of prawns and another pot of crabs, as well as other fish. All of them tasted wonderful beyond comparison, even better than blackfish and the turtle.

Since he broke through the fifth cycle, Qing Shui decided to think through his plans, and thought he should return home earlier to organize his thoughts.

From the start, the greatest problem had been breaking through the fifth cycle. Now that it had been achieved, only a little more time and preparation would be needed.

Qing Shui decided to return. He would enhance the abilities of Qing Family within these 2 years after this, and would probably use his Spirit Concentrating Pill, to enhance their speed of cultivation.

The Spirit Concentrating Pill was the most precious medicinal pill in the world of nine continents, although Qing Shui's pill could only increase the time of the speed of cultivation by 1, it was still a medicinal pill that the majority wouldn't dare to dream of possessing.

Qing Shui became very excited every time he remembered that he had already achieved the fifth level of Ancient Strengthening Technique. Every time he experienced the enormous capabilities he gained through the breakthrough,he saw hope in the near future, within his reach.

He looked up and saw a snow white plum blossom in the distance. Qing Shui walked towards it, and looked at it for a moment, and picked it. He thought that he could brew a ’’plum blossom wine’’ now that he was unoccupied.

It wouldn't be Qing Shui's first time brewing wine, but it was his first time brewing plum blossom wine. He decided to use plum blossom as his main ingredient, and added some other special ingredients.

For example, Strength Enhancing Fruit, Vitality Enhancing Fruit, Energy Fruit and a few other fruits, as well as some 5000-year-old Golden Flesh Lingzhi, a little Golden Turtle Blood, 1000-year-old Clam blood, and 1000-year-old Clam Pearl Powder.

After all the preparation, Qing Shui used the special method of wine brewing in the ’’Skill of Culinary’’ to allocate the fusion and sedimentation. The method to brew the plum blossom wine was definitely different from that for the Tiger Bone Wine.

One difference was, when he brewed the Tiger Bone Liquor it required many tools, while he brewed Plum Blossom Wine he leaned towards the manual method of brewing medicine.

When he brewed Plum Blossom Wine, Qing Shui used the Bronze Cauldron, which he forged at the South City. Not only did he forge the Bronze Cauldron, but he had also made a few wine goblets. Qing Shui cherished things of the past that possessed an air of dominance, and in the world of nine continents, such items like the Bronze Cauldron and wine goblets were common.

The only difference was that Qing Shui was using something he forged himself!

In the process of brewing, Qing Shui used primordial flames. Though brewing wine was not as tough as cultivating medicine, the amount of effort Qing Shui poured in was not any less.

After he finished, Qing Shui started on to train his other martial techniques, such as the Crane Form which he had almost completed. After the completion of the Crane Form, Qing Shui then can start on the other forms in the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique.

Qing Shui had combined Crane Paces into the Free Spirit Steps, which were amazingly fused with his Cloudmist Steps;this was why Qing Shui was so quick to learn and understand.

To fuse techniques in and of itself meant to upgrade. It was considered good for one to be able to fuse once, but Qing Shui had already attained an amazing level for his steps.

The steps Qing Shui now performed was the product of fusion, which he referred to as Cloudmist Step, since there was a greatest trace of the Cloudmist Steps in it. There was still the fleetness of Free Spirit Steps, which was also the effect of the Ghostly Step and Crane Pace.

In between his training, Qing Shui still cultivated medicine, since the Wind Water Primordial Pellet was almost complete. This made Qing Shui very satisfied. He did not know which level of medicinal pellet was the Wind Water Primordial Pellet at, but since it required so much more experience than the Beauty Pellet, he thought it might be at the 3rd level of King Grade.

3rd level of King Grade, probably 3 times the effect. Qing Shui's blood heated at the thought of it. The effect of 1 pellet was comparable to Thunder Slash and Frenzied Bull's Strength, but Qing Shui knew the greatest effect of Thunder Slash was the numbness at the end of it. After all, 30% of its attack did not qualify it for its title of legendary martial technique.

After 3 days in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui walked over and opened the Bronze Cauldron that contained the Plum Blossom Wine. Instantly, a whiff of faint plum blossom and a strange, refreshing smell, and a slight musk and sandalwood aroma could be smelled. It made one refreshed, and gave off the impression that it was gentle and moisturized the skin.

The Plum Blossom Wine was a little denser than water, and the color was clear and of the purest plum white. It was not vibrant nor colourful, but had a pure coolness to it, just like plum blossoms.


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