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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 334


334 - KILL. Don't Call Me Brother From Now On

’’Aren't you all afraid that I'd say you all forced her to her death?’’ Xu Gangze used his last trump card and pulled them all into the water.

’’Haha, do you think the Xi Clan will believe you or us?’’

Just at that moment, the door of the room swung open with a ’’bang’’. A man who didn't really seem young walked into the room. His aura was as sharp as a sword.

Xu Gangze and the others instantly paled at his appearance. Their colour of their faces were completely drained and as pale as ashes!

The eyes or the man laid on the familiar figure lying on the floor, only that her head was now a mess of blood. But the man knew from that familiar feeling that she was indeed his own little sister.

He was the legend of the Xi Clan, and eldest brother to Xi Yue. The rise and fall of the Xi Clan was closely tied to his every movement, because he was the next heir of Xi Clan qne was capable of leading the clan towards glory.

Xi Ri was considered the strongest among the younger generation, though he was just barely considered young for his age. He was already 40 years old, so all this time he was considered as the youth at the end of the previous younger generation rather than the youth of the current generation.

Due to his extreme talent, he had already managed to reach the peak of 5th Grade Martial King before the age of 40. Even someone as outstanding as Canghai only reached the peak of 6th Grade Martial King at the age of 80.

And Canghai was the well-known genius of the Heavenly Palace at that time!

Xi Ri's talent was not inferior to that of Canghai's. To rise through every subsequent level after the 5th Grade Martial King was as difficult as ascending the heavens. However, with the span of more than 40 years and the help of precious medicines, it was not impossible for Xi Ri to reach the heights that Canghai did by the time he was of that age.

’’Brother Xi...’’ Xu Gangze called out weakly.


The moment Xi Ri turned around to speak, the already oppressive atmosphere became even more overwhelming, to the point of suffocation.

Xu Gangze froze from his head to his toes, as if he was in a cave of icicles. He knew from Xi Ri's words that his life had already reached its ending point.

’’Brother Xi, it was Qing Shui and them...’’ Xu Gangze pointed at the rest and cried out to the oppressive man in a sobbing tone.

’’I will find Qing Shui when I return. But today you all must die and your clans too shall suffer. I don't mind wiping them out too if I am able to.’’ The man drawled and walked towards Xu Gangze.

’’Big Brother Xi, I don't want to die! Have mercy on me! I don't want to die...’’

’’Xiao didn't want to die too. But she was too lonely there. In any case, you were in love with each other. She should have enjoyed her time with you.’’ Xi Ri's cold voice was void of emotions.

’’Gangze ah, look at the faces of these people clearly. I'll let you watch them die first. You should be satisfied right?’’ The man said slowly, the tone of his voice was calm like the deep water. But anyone knew that it could erupt into the raging waves that beat the shore.

Xu Gangze knew that the chance of him surviving today was zero, so he clenched his jaws and said: ’’Brother Xi, I wish that you can kill them with a cruel method. I will watch it too, even knowing that you will kill me in a crueler way after that.’’

’’I shall fulfill your final wish!’’

Xi Ri launched towards one of the people swiftly right after he finished his sentence. The other three people tried to escape, but before they could take more than three steps... the sound of crunches could be heard.

Screams of terror and desperation quickly followed. The three people fell paralyzed on the floor, their spines were crushed!


The ribs of the first person to be assaulted by Xi Ri were shattered. It wasn't enough to kill him or painful enough for him to faint.

’’Xiao Yue, just you watch. Big brother won't let you die in vain. I will send the first one over to your side very soon!’’ Xi Ri said softly, his eyes were moist with tears.


The bones of his lower legs were stepped on and crushed!


Thigh bones!

Arms, shoulders and the remaining rib bones........... By the time he was finally dead, nearly all of the 206 pieces of bone in his body were crushed.

The others watched the horrifying scene that unfolded in front of them in terror. The pale face of the man twitched in fear, he didn't even have an ounce of strength left in him to commit suicide. The screams of terror had allowed them to understand that to live was no better than to die. The soundproof effect of the room was exceptionally good, and on top of that this place was secluded in the first place. Xi Yue must have come alone thinking that they wouldn't dare to do anything to her. Little did she know she would die just like this.

The remaining three people were finished off in the same way. Xi Ri took a final glance at Xu Gangze, who had already committed suicide before he bent over to pick up and carry Xi Yue's dead body away.

’’Gangze is dead......’’ Xu Shiji of the Xi Clan sat on the Taishi chair!

’’Yes, Old Master. Also Zheng Zhong of the Zheng Clan, Zhou Yuan of the Zhou Clan, Zhu Hui of the Zhu Clan and Wei Xu of the Wei Clan!’’ A man dressed in simple clothes lowered his head and further confirmed.

Xu Shiji looked like a middle aged man. Handsome was not quite the right word to describe him, though he was certainly very manly. The Xu Clan was very close with the Zhen, Zhou, Zhu and Wei Clans. They were closely aligned to each other, however it was a relation of mutual exploitation;a relationship built on pure interests. Xu Shiji's dark secret was his secret ties with the concubine of the Zhen Clan's Head.

To cuckold the Head of the Xu Clan made him feel extremely accomplished. On top of that, she was an important spy of the Zhen Clan to him because that concubine was Zhen Clan's Head, Zhen Yuanhao's most favourite.

Xu Shiji immediately sent for the other clans. This was an important matter. The five clans were quickly gathered in the hall of the Xu Clan. Looking at the miserable and anxious looks on all of their faces, Xu Shiji knew that they were informed of the news.

’’What do you all propose to do? Perhaps this Xi Ri wouldn't dare to do anything to us, and they were helpless if our clans are united. But in a few decades or centuries, our clans may be wiped out from this world of the nine continents. I predict that even we may die a horrifying death.’’ Xu Shiji highlighted the crucial points to them.

Everyone was well aware of Xi Ri's outstanding talent and his potential growth in the future!

’’Then how should we do this? We can't even discuss the possibilities of assassinating him as the laws of the the Heavenly Palace forbids that.’’ Zhou Dachuan said with a worried frown.

’’As long as us few clans stick together, he can't do anything to me.’’ Zhu Hongfei from the Zhu Clan spoke up after he thought about it.

These people had just lost their sons, yet they didn't really even feel sad about it. A Clan's Head had many sons. The larger a clan was, the weaker their familial bond. Everything solely revolved around the continuation of the clan.

’’Hongfei, it is true that we cannot violate the legislation. But given certain circumstances, there are people who can be exempted from the laws. When that time comes, if five of our clans unite together, we can swiftly topple even absolute power.’’ Xu Shiji seemed to have a high position among these people. Their clan may be only small clans, but the Xi Clan was not a very big clan too. So if the five of them united together, they may actually stand a chance against the Xi Clan.

’’We can get rid of him by 'borrowing' someone's arm,’’ Xu Shiji finally suggested after hesitating for a moment.

’’Brother Xu is talking about Qing Shui of Starmoon Hall.’’ Wei Xiong of the Wei Clan who was silent for the whole time spoke up.

’’Right, Brother Wei is correct.’’

’’But how do we borrow his arm?’’ Although Wei Xiong managed to follow the train of thought, he still had no idea how to borrow it.

Xu Shiji looked at everyone's anticipating faces with a smile before he slowly continued: ’’I know Xi Ri's personality well and I know that he will challenge Qing Shui. So we can offer Qing Shui benefits. It would be best if he can kill him, or else at least have him crippled so that he will never be able to obtain any achievements on the path of cultivation.’’

’’What should we use to sway Qing Shui? And will he definitely be able to beat Xi Ri?’’ After everyone went silent, Wei Xiong finally asked the question that was on everyone's mind.

’’Money, beauties, treasures...... He's a young man. There must be something that he cannot resist. Although our clans didn't develop much over the past few years, we shouldn't have any problem in getting some stuff out right?’’

Xu Shiji continued on before anyone said another word: ’’Oh right, I'll let you all in on a piece of information. Do you know why Fei Wuji of the Starday Hall and Qing Shui ended in a tie with both parties injured while the rest were crippled?’’

’’You're saying that this was a deal between Qing Shui and the Feng Clan?’’ Wei Xiong's expression was filled with excitement.

’’As long as we have what he likes, we have his weakness and the opportunity to exploit it.’’


When Qing Shui returned to his residence around the evening, he saw Yan Ling'er pace back and forth in front of the door, and she looked desolate. She came to a halt as soon as she saw Qing Shui and waited for him quietly.

When he walked to her side, Yan Ling'er told him: ’’Brother Qing Shui, Sister Xi Yue is dead!’’

’’Xi Yue?’’

Qing Shui was taken aback by the news and remembered about the girl whom he insulted as mental. He recalled that she was quite beautiful and they had met a few times. But overall they didn't really mingle much with each other.

However there were only a handful of people whom Qing Shui had spoke to. So the news of her death made him a little uncomfortable, because it was like seeing a flower wither.

He simply didn't know what to say!

’’She was forced to death by someone else. It was a suicide. Her fiance drove her to it, but they were all dead. Xi Yue's big brother, Xi Ri took care of them all.’’

Yan Ling'er spoke softly. Qing Shui was still at lost for words!

’’Her fiance, Xu Gangze heard your insults. But then he found out that Sister Xi Yue had came to find you he thought both of you made up to each other......’’

Her words shocked Qing Shui this time, because he knew the phrase ’’I did not kill Bo Ren but Bo Ren died because of me’’......

’’Her big brother Xi Ri already knew about this and he might find troubles with you. So I'd like to ask you for a small favour.’’ Yan Ling'er continued softly.

’’What is it?’’ Regardless of what happened, Qing Shui felt a little responsible for this incident.

’’Big Brother Xi Ri is a talented cultivator of the Heavenly Palace, although I think he might be slightly inferior than you. I would like Brother Qing Shui to go easy on him.’’ Yan Ling'er voice became very, very soft.

If it was a duel of life and death, going easy on the opponent was a very difficult task. A person can still bring out the very best of his capability when his life was not threatened, let alone the fact that she mentioned Qing Shui was only slightly stronger than him!

Qing Shui looked at the delicate and kind girl. He had lost count on how many times she had called him Big Brother. Although the hatred for the Yan Clan in his heart was strong, he knew that she had nothing to do with them. But then again, he thought about how he might break her heart in the future.

Never mind, he will make this promise with her this time. But when he returned to the Yan Clan, whoever came to stop him will be his enemy.

’’I'll promise you that, and don't call me Big Brother from now on. You will know why in the future.’’ Qing Shui walked past Yan Ling'er and went upstairs.


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