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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 333


333 - Aftermath of War, The Death of Xi Yue

At this very moment, everyone below the stage went wild at the moment of commotion and the might of Qing Shui's tiger's roar!

Jing Changzheng of the Emperor's Audience Hall watched everything with a smile on his face. His eyes shone with great interest, but the facial expressions of the other two chief disciples and Feng Wuji instantly changed.

Feng Wuji in particular felt like at this very moment it was all a big mockery. The doubtful gazes directed at him made him feel as if he was sitting right on pins and needles!

Gongsun Jianwu stood blankly from afar. Her face was as red as a tomato, and thought back about her daring act just now. She thought that it would be the last time she saw him so she just had to do what a ’’friend’’ should.

But now........

’’I'm so glad that he didn't die!’’ she muttered, as she talked to herself.

Qing Shui could only stop when his opponents admitted their defeat. He watched each and everyone one of them walk down the arena depressed. Their moods now in big contrast with the burning souls they had when they walked up the arena just now.

There was a big difference between someone else being the meat on somebody's chopping block and himself being the meat on somebody's chopping block. Qing Shui had deeply understood this within just the span of one hour.

Qing Shui and the few people from Sword Tower had experienced the shift between these two feelings. Just that the shift for Qing Shui was the dream of many while on the other hand, the shift for those people from the Sword Tower was a new grievance to them.

The people from the Sword Tower left. Their melancholy upon their retreat formed a stark contrast to the cheers of the Heavenly Palace's disciples. The world of the nine continents only cheered for the powerful.

The comparison between the arrogance upon their arrivals and their performance made one sob endlessly!

Qing Shui was surprised that Canghai Mingyue was the first person to embrace him as soon as he walked down the arena. She didn't say anything. She just wrapped her hands around his neck and sunk into his embrace.

The sounds of sobbing and clicks of tongues mingled into the surrounding cheers. He wasn't sure if it was envy, jealousy or congratulations. Regardless, Qing Shui had already left a deep impression in everyone's mind.

The two ladies, Cang Wuya and Fei Wuji as well as the people of the Starmoon Hall were the happiest of all. After this competition, the match between the halls this year no longer held much significance to the Starmoon Hall because Qing Shui's performance today had already proven everything.

The sudden breakthrough had also messed up Qing Shui's plan. He had benn hoping to breakthrough to the 5th Heavenly Layer by the end of this year or next year then prepare to leave for the Yan Clan.

Qing Shui gently patted the delicate back of Canghai Mingyue. Huoyun Liu-Li squeezed herself into the tight arms of Qing Shui too, which made everyone's eyes widened at the sight.

Qing Shui's eyes widened too, because this was the first time he had two ladies in his arms. One could only understand this feeling after they had a taste of it. That was also the reason why many men liked to play with two girls at the same time.

Although he held two ladies of exceptional divine beauty, his was calm. Fei Wuji watched the three youths in delight from a distance.

Gongsun Jianwu watched as the two ladies left his embrace from afar. She felt confused. Very confused. However, she didn't feel too sad about it, because this kind of situation was already within her expectation.

She knew that her qualifications and wisdom were not low and some even said it was too high. Yet she couldn't help but be fond of him, even though she had expected that he had woman, and she finally saw them today. Two beauties that were unmatched in their generations, their beauty was so devastating that it could topple empires. Perhaps only the Palace Mistress of the Misty Hall could match up to their beauty or win them by a little.

’’Let's go back to my place and have a drink today!’’ Cang Wuya happily said.

Fei Wuji didn't utter a word from the start till the end, his eyebrows were slightly raised. But a happy smile still hung on his face. And Cang Wuya didn't miss this.

’’Wuji, let it go. Don't think too much. He was the only one who treats you the best in this world, but he has no choice in a lot of things.’’ Cang Wuya said dully.

Fei Wuji remained silent. He knew it in his heart that only this Master had treated him the best. He was the one who cared the most for him, and he was just like a father figure to him.

A happy smile was plastered on the red faces of the two ladies on their way back. People only really learned to treasure after they had regained or after they had lost someone. This time, it was as if they had lost Qing Shui but regained him again.

’’Qing Shui, that was really unexpected of your strength. If the Old Master had known, he wouldn't have had to rack his brains for schemes. He was even prepared to let all of them stay at the Heavenly Palace.....’’

’’Old Master......’’

’’Qing Shui, don't say anything further. I didn't manage to protect Canghai. But I will protect everyone related to him with my life. The person you should actually thank is your Martial Uncle Wuji. He actually broke his vow for your sake,’’ Cang Wuya sighed.

Qing Shui stayed quiet, but he would remember everything in his heart. People who had treated him with sincerity and people whom he had owed a favour, he'd repay them by a hundred or thousand folds.

They enjoyed a lunch at Cang Wuya's residence. Everyone was happy, especially Qing Shui. A big road had been opened in front of him and all he needed to do was to just step on it.

’’Qing Shui, what are your plans?’’ Cang Wuya looked at Qing Shui while he sipped on his tea after his meal.

’’I shall return home after half a year. If everything goes smoothly, I shall return to the Heavenly Palace soon after. I may not stay for long because I want to explore outside!’’ Qing Shui said softly after he contemplated for a moment, but his voice was full of determination.

’’Good man, you ought to do this. It is a very good way of thinking.’’ Cang Wuya didn't question anything. The tone of his voice was gentle, and his expression remained unchanged.

’’Old Master, Qing Shui remembers what you have done for him, and he will never forget about it!’’ Qing Shui smiled but he didn't mention anything about repayment. He knew that Old Master did not do all this for those.

At the same time, Qing Shui had become the most discussed topic in the Heavenly Palace. An unexpected victor had emerged in the Heavenly Palace as of recently, and everyone talked about Qing Shui's hammer and his strength.

A gorgeous lady from one of the pavilions in the Cotton Hall spoke to the strong handsome youth beside her: ’’Gangze, what do you think of Qing Shui's strength?’’

Her voice was crisp and melodious like a bird, but also slightly languid and spoiled. If Qing Shui was here, he would recognise this girl. She was Xi Yue, the girl whom he insulted as mental.

’’What's wrong baby? Is it because I didn't feed you enough that's why you wanna do it with him?’’ the man named Gangze embraced Xi Yue and laughed. The deep eyes on his steadfast face glowed with beastly instinct.

’’Xu Gangze, let me repeat this again. I do not feel anything for him nor do I want to be involved with him in any way. Stop always associating me with him.’’ Xi Yue suddenly said angrily.

’’Hmph, you little slut. You're Xu Gangze's woman. To be thinking about other men, how dare you neglect me?’’ The anger in Xu Gangze's eyes burned even hotter.

’’You're scolding me now? You rather believe in rumours of other people than me? Let go of me!’’ Xi Yue glared at the man after she finished her sentence.

’’Believe you? Do you ever realise how happy you look every time you mention Qing Shui? Anyone would know you've been f*cked by that man from that slutty look on your face.’’ Xu Gangze snorted in disdain.

’’If it's like that then what is the meaning of us being together? I'll make a clean break with you today, Xu Gangze. From now on we are strangers,’’ Xi Yue said painfully. She saw the hurt flash in his eyes.

’’Haha, so your fox tail has been exposed. As soon as I bring this up, you talk about breaking up immediately. So you're in such a hurry to find that bastard.’’ Xu Gangze howled with laughter in his fury.

’’Y-You... I was wrong about you! What did I see in such a petty and self-opinionated fool like you?!’’ Xi Yue spat angrily and was about to leave.

’’You wanna leave? Let's have some fun before you leave.’’ Four tall and strong youths emerged in the room.

’’If you can give that man called Qing Shui a bargain, you better give us brothers too. Let's all enjoy this.’’ Xu Gangze's eyes were glowing with lust.

He decided to use Xi Yue as a reward to pay back his favour to his brothers before he abandoned her!

Xi Yue looked at him with fear in her eyes and shouted at the top of her lungs: ’’Pervert! Beast! Aren't you afraid that you'll be dismembered by the Xi Clan?!’’

Xu Gangze looked at Xi Yue, there was no change in his expression. Then he exchanged glances with the rest. Perhaps it was because of his beastly lust and desire, Xu Gangze suddenly laughed mischievously.

’’I was going to let you live, but it seems like I won't be today. Have fun, brothers! Play with all your might, play her to her death.’’ Xu Gangze gave the hint to everyone.

The rest were admiring Xi Yue's beautiful face and her well developed curvy figure. Her skin was so moisturised and her beautiful orbs were like the autumn waters. The trace of fear in them made her look so pitiful and it heightened their se*ual desires.

’’I'd rather die than let you all have your way!’’ Xi Yue looked at Xu Gangze with venom in her eyes and then extended her hand abruptly towards her face to not give them a chance.

It was sudden and without a trace of hesitation. No one could stop her even if they wanted.


The rest looked at the terrifying scene in front of them fearfully. A lady that was more delicate than a flower had now became an extremely frightening sight.

’’F*ck. Didn't get to f*ck and got myself into this sh*t.’’ A powerful looking man with one slanted eye cursed.

’’Gangze, we are not involved in today's incident and this has nothing to do with us. Remember that. You go explain this to the Xi Clan yourself.’’ A seemingly innocent and harmless fatty laughed.

’’Didn't you all agree to take this responsibility together? Surely, us few clans united together can stand against the Xi Clan. You all can't do this to me.’’ Xu Gangze paled instantly. He looked at his closest ’’brothers’’ in panic.

’’Stupid child, wake up. We didn't even lay a finger on her and she's your girlfriend. Our clan is not ours. We have no right to speak in our clan. Okay, you think about what to do yourself!’’ A petite man said and this man owed his life to Xu Gangze once. But human nature was unpredictable, and self interest was above all else. Everyone flies away separately when a great calamity is at hand.

’’You guys... How could you do this... Don't you all have a little spirit of loyalty left in you.....’’ Xu Gangze said urgently.

’’Loyalty? We'll talk about that again if you can still stay alive.’’ The petite guy scorned.

’’Aren't you all afraid that I'd say you all forced her to her death?’’ Xu Gangze used his last trump card and pulled them all into the water.


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