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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 332


AST 332 Devastating hammer, Heaven-Shattering Tiger Roar

Greencloud Continent's number one!

Qing Shui was shocked by his own ideas, but it was not impossible to bite the bullet. At this moment, Qing Shui saw a wide road that lead to a vast unobstructed sky!

He ate and had a good rest. Qing Shui wore a suit of battle armor,and wielded only a Heaven Shaking Hammer. As he walked down the stairs, he noticed that Cang Wuya and two women were standing there.

The two women had tears and worry in their eyes, so much that their eyes had turned red. When they saw Qing Shui, they couldn't say anything but stared at him!

Cang Wuya had the same worry on his face, but after he saw Qing Shui, he gave him a strange look, before he laughed heartily.

’’Good, haha, good. Qing Shui, fight to the death, there's no need to have mercy. Remember, everything is for your survival's sake.’’ Cang Wuya laughed.

’’Old man, what's all this about...:’’

Qing Shui was extremely startled. It looked like old man has found out about his level up. Even now, Qing Shui suspected that the old man could be the strongest among Martial Kings.

Returning to the arena, a lot of people saw Qing Shui's full-body golden armor. Clothes maketh the man, and Qing Shui has transformed into a handsome and refined man. With the addition to his unique temperament of a full-body of extraordinary powerful golden armor, he emitted an air of ’’intellectual and elegant’’ that belonged to a man, and had such an aura of domination. This caused a lot of women to stare at him unbearably.

’’Such a good looking man, no matter how we say it, he is the best of the best.’’ A beautiful mature woman sighed.

’’Too bad that hammer diminishes his elegance, but it adds a lot to his dominance!’’ Another woman continued.

’’Just now that group of people from Sword Tower even said Qing Shui wouldn't dare to come here, Qing Shui, KILL THEM ALL!’’ A youth from the Starmoon Hall shouted furiously.

Too bad this time there were not many people agreeing with him as they were a bit worried. After all, it was unbearable to see their own get beaten to death by another sect, moreover by nine of them...

The nine people from Sword Tower had already wielded their weapons and stood on the arena. Qing Shui noticed that their weapons were all swords, but they are all different types;heavy sword, long sword, short sword, great sword, twin swords, ivory sword, sleeve sword, folded sword, and flexible sword!

When Qing Shui arrived, he saw Fei Wuji looked desolate, but after his eyes met with Cang Wuya, he nodded at Qing Shui. Qing Shui felt grateful towards Fei Wuji.

Because of Fei Wuji's words, he was able to get half an hour of time for Qing Shui. This amount of time was life changing for Qing Shui!

After Qing Shui's breakthrough, he felt that many things in this world were not but a cloud that just drifted along, and was content to let things be. Yet the regards he placed on 'emotions' increased even more, whether it was family ties, friendship or love.

Even if that scenario played over again, he would still step in and rescue Canghai Mingyue without any hesitation.

’’Qing Shui!’’ Just at this moment Qing Shui heard a slightly familiar sound, a very pleasant womanly voice.

He turned his head back with uncertainty and it was actually Gongsun Jianwu! He looked at her devilish body;over-exaggerated body curves, a pair of attractive foxy eyes, her long eyelashes black and dense, and her small cute nose slightly curved up made it especially se*y. As he saw that, he would think of the woman on his bed. Comparing to Qinghan Ye, those eyes were different. Qinghan Ye is beautiful on the inside, but this woman was a vixen.

When Qing Shui saw her standing in front of him, he couldn't quite understand it. He had butted heads with her several times and never once made her look good. Why did she come here this time? Why won't she learn from Yan Ling' Er or learn from Xi Yue? What did she come here for?

’’I am giving you a protective amulet. This will keep you safe from harm and bring you good luck!’’ After saying that, she put the amulet directly on Qing Shui's neck. She looked at Qing Shui deeply, then turned around and left in regret.

She could see from Qing Shui's eyes that there was no throbs, not even a bit of expression. Even after he saw her, there wasn't an ounce of change in his expression. But she would always feel his presence in her heart, not love, by maybe a liking to him, a deep impression and a strong attraction.

Qing Shui looked on as the beautiful figure disappeared. He didn't know what it meant, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Only when you are at your lowest, only then will you see humanity's most fragile side.

He walked towards the arena slowly. There was a huge crowd around the arena, but no one made a sound. Everyone was holding their breath as they watched the changes that occurred in the arena.

’’Elder, could you announce the second rule please?’’ After he walked to the arena, Qing Shui bowed and said to the person in charge from Sword Tower and Heavenly Palace. His voice was clearer with the silence around him.

’’Alright. Because Heavenly Palace disciple Qing Shui has broken the arena rule and voluntarily accepted Heavenly Palace's and Sword Tower's second rule, he has accepted to dual with nine warriors from the Sword Sect to the death. The battle will begin, and there will only be one of two results, Qing Shui will either die or live from the dual. The nine warriors of Sword Sect will also dual to death before admitting defeat. Only when they admit defeat, Qing Shui is not allowed to kill anymore!’’

The elder's voice rang out clearly!

’’Are there anymore questions? If there are no more questions, I will announce the start of the battle!’’

’’I have no more questions!’’ Qing Shui replied and bowed. At the same time, his right hand wielded the hammer, and his left hand clasped onto the Gold Needles on his sleeve.

’’Let the battle begin!’’

After the announcement rang out, no one tried to jump at one another's throat. Qing Shui restrained his momentum and stood there firmly.

Maybe the nine warriors from the Sword Tower looked down on Qing Shui. They looked at ease, and bantered about Qing Shui, not in a rush to take action. This felt like a game of cat and mouse - the cat doesn't want to eat the mouse straightaway.

’’Dear brothers, why don't you let me go first, if we go all at once and strike blindly, won't it be too savage?’’ The young man who wielded the twin sword said.

’’Brother Qin is Twin Sword Tower's most outstanding disciple. He should be sufficient to deal with him. But you still need to be careful, his flying sword is difficult to handle.’’ The young tall man who wielded the heavy sword said affectionately.

’’Thank you Brother Wu for the reminder. I will think nothing of this.’’

The young man wielded a silver white short sword in each hand. Each sword was only two feet long. The sword sparkled like moonlight, which made people feel terrified. He laughed playfully and walked towards Qing Shui!

The twin sword was actually as bright as the moonlight. Qing Shui didn't think weird of it. Although it looked impressive, it was not as impressive as his Big Dipper Sword. Most importantly, twin swords, or twin short swords, can be used not only by women, but apparently men can use them as well.

Qing Shui looked at the young man as he walked over. When he heard that he was the best disciple of the twin sword in the 9th Floor of Sword Tower, he knew his opponent would look down on him.

’’Let's resolve this quickly, since the opponent came forward by himself, then I will first deal a death strike, this will frighten them!’’ Qing Shui thought deeply.

The Ancient Strengthening Technique in his body slowly activated. Both Frenzied Bull's Strength and Nature Energy also activated. His right hand wielded the Heaven Shaking Hammer tightly, a full body of armor, and also his recent breakthrough had given him a boost in power, Qing Shui knew that in the moment that he was on a different level than his opponent. But he was also scared that he would fail this miserably. Similarly, there could be a Martial King Grade Six or even Grade Seven amongst them, but Qing Shui knew the chances of that were slim, because his Spiritual Sense and Heavenly Vision Technique were both unique.

When the walking distance between Qing Shui and the twin sword-wielding youth was about 10 metres, Qing Shui explosively heightened his speed!


Qing Shui who had his recent breakthrough let out a heaven-shattering roar. This sudden roar was no less than the loud thunder clap. Moreover, Qing Shui had rushed towards the young man!

The young man's expression instantly changed. The speed he was prepared to increase hae been halted, and the next thing he saw was a meteor-fast Qing Shui suddenly wielded his hammer and was about to strike him down.

Qing Shui struck with all his might, with the edition of the 30% of Frenzied Bull's Strength, 30% of the Heavenly Thunder Strike, and 20% of the weapon damage. One strike from the hammer was earth-shattering and heaven-battering.

Earth-shattering, the heaven and earth rages!

The strength of this hammer strike had completely blown everyone's mind, especially those elderly people. They were completely shocked. Everyone's jaw-dropped, regardless of whether they were from Heavenly Palace or from Sword Tower.

The Heaven Shaking Hammer was as black as ink, the chime from the enormous hammer rung out in the air, like a call from Death itself. It caused the whole place to turn pitch-black!


The young man from Sword Tower used his twin sword helplessly to protect his whole body. Unfortunately, like a mantis trying to stop a chariot, he couldn't stop the hammer from striking. After that loud crash, the air was instantaneously filled with the scent of blood and a bit of bloody mist.

’’Oh my gosh, this hammer strike is too brutal, what kind of power does that have!’’

’’One move. Only one move. That strike was so manly, so violent, I love it!’’


Just when everyone was still in the middle of the discussion, Qing Shui let out another roar. His silhouette moved with terrifying speed towards the tall strong man with the heavy sword. That speed made everyone speechless, to the point of overwhelming. This hammer strike will count as an interest repayment for Mingyue!

This was the sound of ’’soul shattering’’, which causes the opponent to momentarily lose consciousness. This was also the moment when Qing Shui was able to stun his opponent after he had achieved the 5th Heavenly Layer.

But it was also in this split second that they would not be able to avoid any attacks. But of course, if the opponent has a much higher power, then Qing Shui's Tiger Might would not have this kind of effect.

’’You dare?’’ At this moment, an elderly man shouted angrily from the Sword Tower side! He was the Heavy Sword Tower's Elder, and he was also the heavy sword-wielding young man's grandfather!

Another tragedy has repeated once more. Once again, Qing Shui's Heaven Shattering Hammer used its bloodcurdling violence and struck down that strong young man!

The young man opened his mouth. He opened his mouth wide as the air filled with the might of the hammer and another heaven-shattering tiger roar. But no sound came out from his mouth!


The slaughter of mankind has been repeated again!

’’Quickly admit defeat, you bunch of fools!’’

’’I admit defeat!’’

’’I admit defeat!’’


Qing Shui finally stopped. The young men were shocked by his power. Qing Shui looked at the remaining seven warriors of Sword Tower, their faces pale with fright.

Qing Shui knew that they were embarrassed. This was a kind of shame, no matter how everyone said it, this was their shame. Most importantly, this will be the end of their study as there would be difficulty in trying to improve ever again.

The two old men from Sword Tower were the eldest among them all. Both of them sighed helplessly, as they felt that a great change would happen to Greencloud Continent in an instant.

’’Let's go back,’’ Ying Kong sighed and said to Xue Guo.


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