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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 324


AST 324 Qing Shui, Promise Me To Treat Yourself Better, Nature Energy

’’Qing Shui, have some water!’’ Canghai Mingyue sat next to Qing Shui and passed him a cup of water.

Qing Shui had not reached the stage where he was unable to move, so he accepted the cup, took two sips slowly, before saying slowly, ’’Want to know who that lady from earlier is?’’

’’Oh, I do. Quick, quickly say it. I thought you wouldn't.’’ Huoyun Liu-Li seemed really interested.

Qing Shui saw that Canghai Mingyue only nodded slightly.

’’Her name is Yan Ling`er, and she is from the Yan Clan in Yan Jiang Country's Yan City!’’

Hearing Qing Shui's words, the two ladies fell silent, especially Canghai Mingyue, who had stopped Qing Shui from stepping forth back then. After all, they knew about Qing Shui's problems, and he told them of his family problems, and that the lady they saw in Yan City was his elder sister, his only blood-related sister...

’’Qing Shui, everything will turn out for the better!’’ Canghai Mingyue reached out her hands to console Qing Shui. This was also the reason why she had tried to hold Qing Shui back in the Heavenly Palace for three years.

Qing Shui looked at Canghai Mingyue;he smiled and nodded. Canghai Mingyue had stepped out from her agony. It was impossible for her to fully walk out from her grief, but she was now putting a lot of effort in her training so that she would be able to wipe out one of the ’’Towers’’ of the Sword Tower. This made Qing Shui feel that such a rational lady with an emotional side would be so crazy once she feels emotional. Most importantly, there was no reason to speak of.

’’Qing Shui, promise me that you'll treat yourself better. If anything happened to you, I really don't know what would become of me,’’ Canghai Mingyue said as she looked at Qing Shui gently.

At that moment, Qing Shui's eyes welled up and he went up to give her a light hug. He knew what this majestic lady whose beauty could cause the fall of nations and cities had meant. It was obvious that if he were to be harmed by someone, she would definitely get rid of the other party, or let herself perish.

Qing Shui had never felt so emotionally overwhelmed. How much would it take for a woman to go this far? Saying this took a lot of strength and determination, and it was not something that everyone could say. It was not something that one would be able to say even if the person did not fear death.

Qing Shui did not have any doubt over her talent and her patience. If she were to come across an absolute ’’agitating factor’’, it would definitely let her progress in her cultivation very quickly. It was just that Qing Shui had not expected that he would become her ’’agitating factor’’.

’’Yueyue, I'll be fine. I'm still waiting to marry you!’’ Qing Shui said half-truthfully, but the sincerity in his gaze was still transmitted to Canghai Mingyue. Sincerity was an attitude, and was not something conveyed in words.

’’So mushy! Me, too!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li said coquettishly.

Canghai Mingyue gently pushed Qing Shui away, took a long look at him and gently moved back. Qing Shui tapped Huoyun Liu-Li's nose gently, and tenderly hugged her.

Qing Shui felt that his relationship with the two ladies was a bit messed up at the moment. Canghai Mingyue had never said that she liked him, and Qing Shui could sense that Huoyun Liu-Li liked him.

Today, from Canghai Mingyue's words, Qing Shui was sure that she liked him, or even loved him. However, Qing Shui still felt a little overwhelmed by the surprise. The inferior mindset he had from his previous life caused him to feel a bit timid, and his strong pride made him stop in his tracks.

The two ladies left. At noon, they cooked food, but now it was already late in the afternoon. Wing Shui did not wish to enter the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, and there was not much time for him to head to the stone monument area at the back of the mountain.

What surprised Qing Shui was that Cang Wuya had made a trip down as well, causing him to feel especially surprised. No matter the motive, it was sufficient. Moreover, Qing Shui knew that the old man held no ill will towards him, so Qing Shui treated him like a close elder with a similar status as his grandfather.

In the afternoon, Qing Shui took out the few books from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, including the <<Basic Sword Techniques>>, nameless Duo Cultivation Manual, and the Spring Palace Portrait as well.

Rereading these books after some time had passed allowed Qing Shui to be able to easily comprehend the areas he could not fully understand before. There were even instances when he felt that he had gained additional comprehension as well.

The remaining time in the afternoon passed just like this, and Qing Shui even took a serious look through the Spring Palace Portrait again, causing the fellow in the lower half of his body to stand up for close to six hours.

When it was about time, Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Once he did, he sensed the fire bird's cheerful cry. It flew down from the enormous Chinese Parasol Tree, crying out happily beside Qing Shui.

Qing Shui noticed that the phoenix crown on the fire bird's head had grown to be a bit bigger than before, and he could also feel that its powers grew even stronger. Qing Shui guessed that it could be because the remaining medicinal powers left behind in its body were now fully absorbed.

Covered in injuries, Qing Shui could only gradually circulate the Ancient Strengthening Technique, and at the same time, applied the Gold Needles on his chest into a ’’Big Dipper’’ shape, strengthening his foundation and nurturing his spirit, accelerating his body's recovery.

Under the effect of the amazing acupuncture, his perverse recovery abilities had grown even more unbelievable. Within three days, he had almost fully recovered, and even his spirit energy had recovered. This was the greatest advantage of using the Gold Needles.

Moreover, his Primal Chaotic divine Needle Technique and Saintly Hands had been brought to greater heights and were like never before!

Recalling the battle in the day, Qing Shui could not help but smile. This monstrous body, coupled with his monstrous attack, and the vicious feeling he gave others should be able to suppress 80% of the people in the world.

A few days back, he had just finished up the medicinal herbs Fei Wuji had brought for him to concoct the ’’Spirit Concentrating Pill’’, and after he had ’’asked’’ for the medicinal herbs again, the ’’Spirit Concentrating Pills’’ he brought out had almost caused Cang Wuya's and Fei Wuji's jaws to almost drop in astonishment.

In the end, Cang Wuya simply threw a sign plate to Qing Shui which had the words 'order'and 'medicine', just like the sign plate for the library.

Thinking of this, Qing Shui remembered that he had not been to the library before. Cang Wuya told him that the sign plate could be used to redeem one hundred sets of that medicinal herbs he had gotten previously, at a maximum of five times each month.

This overjoyed Qing Shui, and without holding back, he gave each of them some. It was because they did not need much since they, unlike him, did not have the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal .

’’That's enough!’’ Qing Shui was very happy. In fact, he already had most of the ordinary herbs in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, but it was just that the thousand-year medicinal plants were the ones which were giving him a headache.

Concocting the ’’Spirit Concentrating Pill’’ allowed Qing Shui's alchemy experience to quicken by three fold, giving him much satisfaction and consolation.

The success he had with the Five Dragon Pellet and the Beauty Pellet had also allowed Qing Shui to once again brim with great hope.

Qing Shui, who just recovered, persisted in practicing his Taichi, the fist technique closest to the divine arts amongst the three major inner boxing style techniques in his previous life.

After spending the night in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui had spent over a month's time in the realm, and his body had recovered.

So when Qing Shui appeared in the square the next day practicing his slow fist technique as usual, many people were astonished. After all, when he left the day before, he was badly injured and many people were witnesses to that.

’’He must have some sacred healing medicine!’’ Someone guessed.

Qing Shui knew that the sacred medicine they were referring to were not the Saint Grade Medicinal Pill, since those were simply too rare. He had yet to hear of anyone who was able to concoct Saint Grade Medicinal Pills in this world.

Qing Shui was already used to practicing his Taichi while facing the sunrise everyday, and he suddenly felt that there was a kind of ’’divine Qi’’ between his chest and abdomen, giving him the feeling as if he was looking at a beautiful scenery or facing tens of thousands of rivers and mountains!

However, it was also like a kind of Nature Energy, a vital energy that permeates the atmosphere of this world, similar to the essence of the sun and moon. While it was very faint now, the effects were miraculous. Qing Shui felt that in the future, it would definitely let out the most brilliant light.

At the start, Qing Shui did not feel anything, but later on, he discovered that it could miraculously heal his injuries, much to his surprise. Back then, Qing Shui felt that it was similar to nature, but he was not very sure.

When that feeling became stronger, Qing Shui was very agitated. He was sure that it was Nature Energy!

With this Nature Energy, Qing Shui's Primal Chaotic divine Needle Technique also underwent a qualitative improvement by leaps and bounds, and even his Saintly Hands improved by a lot.

Incorporated with the ’’Nature Energy’’, the Saintly Hands and the Primal Chaotic divine Needle Technique had allowed him to recover quickly.

It was also then when he was really sure that he had achieved one of the rarest ’’divine Qi’’ in the world through his daily Taichi practice, the Nature Energy!

Nature Energy!

Now, what Qing Shui wanted to focus on was strengthening and fortifying this Nature Energy, as he wished to use this in conjunction with his Ancient Strengthening Technique to dash through the barrier between the 4th Heavenly Layer to the 5th Heavenly Layer, hoping that this indestructible force would have a large impact.


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