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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 322


322 - Bloodbath, Who Was More Violent

’’Earth Element, Arm Enlarging Technique!’’ a disciple of the Starday Hall shouted in excitement.

’’The Legendary grade!’’

’’Martial Brother Zhao is indeed amazing. Did you witness that Legendary grade cultivation art?’’


The people of the Starmoon Hall however, were silent and speechless. This was a Legendary grade cultivation art, and on top of that, it was of the Earth element!

It was not uncommon to be able to learn the Xiantian Martial Techniques, or even the Heaven grade Xiantian cultivation arts. But it was rare to be able to learn the Legendary grade cultivation arts. The gap of a step, yet it was like the distance between Heaven and Earth.

Even in the Heavenly Palace, to be given the opportunity to learn the Legendary grade martial techniques or cultivation arts was still something to be envious about. So when Zhao WuYuan flashed his Legendary grade Arm Enlarging Technique of the Earth Element, the people of the Starmoon Hall immediately went silent.

He let out a bellow once again, and his Qi rose sharply by 30%. On top of his bulky figure, he had two gigantic menacing hammers in his hands and his arms were three times thicker than that of a normal person's.

He rushed towards Qing Shui in big strides!

Everyone stared unblinkingly at Zhao WuYuan, who ran right towards Qing Shui. They were afraid to miss out on the most exciting moment!

Qing Shui clenched his fists. He knew he had to put the enemy under control within one technique and he couldn't pull any cheap tricks if he wanted to intimidate them. Otherwise they'd keep bothering him and many would come to throw their lives away. Although the life or death of some people were not under their control, he needed to show them now that he was not someone who could be defeated by people of their caliber.

Qing Shui didn't intend to reveal his true strength, but he couldn't afford to care too much now. He was left with only a year, this was equivalent to 30 years in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. He should be able to defend himself on the Greencloud Continent. Moreover, Fire Bird was not the same as before. It was a mythical beast with the ’’Phoenix Crown’’ now.

On top of that, the heaven defying treasure, Soulshake Bell was in his possession. 30 years was enough for him to train himself to a certain realm. As long as he didn't cross paths with a Martial Saint, he should be able to escape.

The Qi in his whole body circulated wildly at the same time with the Frenzied Bull's Strength within his body. Not even a trace of it was allowed to be leaked!

’’The body of the strength at the peak of 4th Layer should be able go up against that golden hammer!’’ Qing Shui looked at the distance of less than 10 meters between him and Zhao WuYuan calmly.

Qing Shui moved. The speed of his movement was swift like the wind, and was astonishingly fast, yet people could see the direction in which he was going. It was as if he could leave a trail of dust behind. But still, many recognised that it was the Cloudmist Steps, even the normal disciples. After all in the Heavenly Palace, those who had never eaten pork had never seen a running pig.

It was however the second time they witnessed that someone could execute the Cloudmist Steps to this degree, the first one being the Palace Mistress of the Misty Hall. The ones who were lucky enough to see it felt that it was on par with and if not, even more superior than Qing Shui's.

Zhao WuYuan quickly squinted his eyes after seeing Qing Shui move. He suddenly lifted his twin hammers and hit them together!


A piercing loud noise rang out. Everyone's jaw dropped reflexively at its loudness.

However, Zhao WuYuan didn't stop. He unleashed a sudden Bow Step Twin Hammer Strike and Ear Reverberation Twin Hammer Attack. The Earthly yellow colored Qi of Xiantian level on the hammers became way thicker than before. It was as if a yellow coloured wall was left in the air with every wave.

It was as if that Qi stance had passed the point of no return;tyrannical and unstoppable.Qing Shui's figure came to an abrupt stop, before he exerted a little force into both of his legs to take half a step back and evaded the Ear Reverberation Twin Hammer Attack in time.

The moment he evaded, Qing Shui took another step back before he unleashed a Half-Step Hammer Explosion Attack. The momentum of the seemingly ordinary punch was like a rush of thunder on the big hammer.


Once again, a familiar loud noise was heard by everyone. Everything seemed to be in slow motion yet it was over within an instant.

A shocking scene was revealed.

Qing Shui leisurely stood on the same spot, as if nothing happened. Yet Zhao WuYuan was sent flying, the two hammers slipped out of his bloodstained hands. A trace of blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth as he laid on the floor in shock, as if he couldn't accept what had just happened!

’’Damn, I was right!’’

’’Ignorant, egoistic. Hahaha, who said that just now? Why so quiet now? Trash is trash. What's so great about the Legendary grade cultivation art?’’ the people of the Starmoon Hall unforgivingly mocked them. How could they ever forgive themselves if they didn't get back to those who ridiculed them just now?

His words reminded many of Qing Shui's Qi of Xiantian. They could hardly believe the final answer. From the beginning to the end, Qing Shui didn't release his Qi of Xiantian........

The people of the Starday Hall frowned and grew silent within an instant.

A few helped Zhao WuYuan up. He was still wearing that unbelievable look on his face. He didn't think that he would suffer such a defeat.

After he watched the battle between Qing Shui and Song Lang, it wasn't like he couldn't stand a chance after his breakthrough. So he pressed his luck by taking the risk and agreed. On top of that, he had help from someone else.

Now anyone could tell that he failed, and it was an utter defeat. His face immediately paled when he thought about how he was going to lose both of his arms.

’’Do you prefer doing it yourself or I shall do it for you?’’ Qing Shui looked at Zhao WuYuan from a distance and asked.

’’CHOP THEM YOURSELF!’’ someone immediately yelled!

’’A man should keep to his own words. Although we're not sure if there are still any men in your Starday Hall now.’’

’’If Qing Shui were to do it for him, maybe he will lose both of his legs too.’’

The wave of voices from the Starmoon Hall made Zhao WuYuan panic stricken. He looked at the people around him and suddenly shouted himself hoarse: ’’I don't want to lose my arms! You all promised that you'd help me in this!’’

’’Qing Shui, right? I am Jiang BieYing. Give me some face. He has already lost. What can you do with those two arms? Let us offer something else as a replacement, what do you say? You can ask for anything.’’

A dashing youth stood out and said with a smile.

’’Ah, the Young Master from the Jiang Clan! So handsome!’’ a female voice rang out.


’’Love-struck fool! Stupid c*nt!’’

’’So unmanly to back out from even something like this!’’


’’I will give you three breaths' time. If you don't do it yourself, I shall do it for you.’’ Qing Shui remained smiling, and completely ignored that Jiang Bieying.

What a joke. If Zhao WuYuan didn't leave his two arms today, more people would continue to challenge him after this and even use other items as stake.

It would also mean that they could get away with insulting him, or go back on their own words like that Zhao WuYuan. Qing Shui really hated people like him.


Seeing that Qing Shui ignored him, his elegance was instantly replaced with anger. He, the young master from the Jiang Clan, who didn't even have to yield to the Chief Disciples at the Starday Hall, got completely ignored by someone else in public.

They considered themselves elegant, carried themselves with grace, respected the opinions of others and were vain. However, they were not shrewd enough as shown by the fact that they were still doing things that they knew were not right.

And because they were so proud of themselves, they couldn't bring themselves to look up to people without much background like Qing Shui. So he simply couldn't allow Zhao WuYuan to chop both of his arms with his own hands here. Moreover, he had made a promise with him and they were also close friends to each other.

Just when blood was rushing to his head, Qing Shui moved. His movement was a lot faster than before and he rushed towards the group of people from the Starday Hall.

’’You dare to...’’



The sound of a weapon being drawn could be heard!


A scream of terror was heard! Qing Shui reappeared! Fully covered with blood.

At that very moment, everyone was shocked.

Zhao WuYuan fainted. His four limbs were mangled beyond recognition. Three others among them were sitting on the floor, heavily wounded.

’’I will stay true to my words!’’ Qing Shui wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. He was also heavily wounded when he struck out at him.

He valiantly braced his own body up. When he broke Zhao WuYuan's limbs, he was also ’’stopped’’ by those three people at that moment. One of them was Jiang BieYing, who stabbed Qing Shui with his sword.

Qing Shui braced his body. He had evaded his vital part and let him pierce through his rib bone with his sword. But in return, Qing Shui instantly crippled one of his hands.

’’How could you be this violent!’’ Jiang BieYing yelled with a pale face. His drooping right arm was missing a hand.

Qing Shui wiped the remaining trace of blood from the corner of his mouth. His body was already bathed in blood and the horrible slanting scar on his rib was still gushing blood.

’’Brothers, let us all beat this group of sore losers to death. Hurry up and get someone to find Doctor Ya* for Qing Shui!’’ someone from the Starmoon Hall finally yelled angrily.

Many instantly drew the weapons they were carrying and flocked towards the people of the Starday Hall!

Everyone from the Starday Hall paled at this instant because they knew that breaking the challenge rule could get them all killed. At this point, about half of the strong ones among them were already crippled and with so many people running towards them...

’’Who dares to move!’’

A voice bellowed. A few middle aged men and elders appeared and pushed their way through the flock of people, but they didn't attack them.

’’Who dares? Jiang BaiLang, Zhao Zong, are you daring me?!’’ Fei WuJi's voice came through, with a strong killing intent in the tone of his voice.


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