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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 321


AST 321 - Fourth Wave, Challenge, Earth-Element, Arm Enlarging Technique

With the accumulation of two hundred folds of the Golden Buddha, the strike Qing Shui sent out was actually the third wave of the Golden Buddha Palm!

No, not the third wave. He was barely able to break through the boundaries of the third wave and reached the fourth wave! However, even though the strength of that strike could only barely be considered at the level of the fourth wave, Qing Shui was already extremely joyful.

’’I see it now. I finally understood the crux,’’ Qing Shui mused. Qing Shui didn't know how the creator of the Nine Wave Great Golden Buddha Palms did it, but he could faintly sense that if he wanted to reached the Ninth Wave, he would first have to fully comprehend and be one hundred percent proficient with the Thousand Buddha Palm Imprint.

Qing Shui realized that the Waves Essence of both techniques could actually stack with each other. Back then when he broke through to the third wave, it was also because of the Thousand Buddha Palm Imprint. Now for the Fourth Wave, it was also because of it. Although the Thousand Buddha Palm Imprint might not be one hundred percent similar to the Nine Wave Great Golden Buddha Palm technique, they surely shared the same roots.

Qing Shui laboriously used the Fourth Wave. Although he just broke through, he could sense that the power of the fourth wave was many times stronger compared to the peak of the third wave. Strangely enough, he could sense that the bottleneck of levelling up the fourth wave was at the start rather than at the end stage before reaching the Peak. If he could break the bottleneck, his training speed of the fourth wave would definitely increase and get easier and easier.

As someone who didn't fear hard work, Qing Shui began to assiduously practise this. After all, training the [Basic Sword Techniques] to the Obscure Realm was a very good indicator of how much effort he had put in.

Thinking back, this time round, the benefits obtained from Duo Cultivation could not be considered rather large. Qing Shui was smiling as he continued practising all his techniques... sword, fist, alchemy, movement, forms, and even his cooking skills.

After taking a break, Qing Shui realized that he was now truly skilled in many things. After exiting his spatial realm, the bright moon had already risen high up in the skies. Looking at the creased bed covers and blankets, Qing Shui was reminded of that woman from earlier.

Who was that woman earlier? This question kept running through his mind. And more importantly, that woman was still a virgin! It wasn't easy for a woman to guard her body like jade if she was from an ordinary clan. Her background must be extraordinary.

But why would she be willing to do that for the Feng Clan? Could it be that she was a member of the Feng Clan?

’’Hmm, she's still so young. If she was from the Feng Clan, she could contest for the Chief Disciple position. Why does she need to do this?’’ Qing Shui couldn't figure it out. If they wanted to change the Starday Hall, they didn't need to use such a roundabout method...

Or maybe it was because he defeated Song Lang and was from the Starmoon Hall. So the Feng Clan set up a beauty trap to lure him in...?

The moon illuminated the skies and the land basked in the pure and tranquil moonlight. Qing Shui didn't sleep as it was already late morning, so he went back into the realm of Violet Jade Immortal to cultivate instead.

Just like this, half a month passed peacefully and nobody came to challenge him. Just when Qing Shui was enjoying the peace, halfway through his morning routine in the public square, the first challenger abruptly appeared.

This was a sturdy, well-built man who looked pretty old to Qing Shui. However, after studying the looks of the others in the Starday Hall, he realized that this person was merely mature in his looks but not his age.

’’I want to challenge you.’’ A clear, loud voice akin to a roaring lion rang out.

A powerful aura could be felt gushing out from him. He was obviously someone from the Starday Hall. Qing Shui glanced at him, before closing his eyes, not bothering to reply.

’’Why? Are you afraid? Do you have no balls?’’ The muscular man roared even louder after seeing how Qing Shui ignored him.

Qing Shui didn't halt his movements. With his eyes closed, he continued the practice of his Taichi stance, his movements as calm as water, as though he wouldn't be affected by external forces. This was a kind of disdain, at least that was what the challenger felt it was.

’’Who do you think you are, you piece of crap? Are you even fit to challenge him?’’ Some disciple from the Starmoon Hall shouted in response.

’’Ya, do you think because Qing Shui is kind and unwilling to injure people that you guys can keep challenging him again and again and again?’’ Another person called out.

’’Yes, senior Bai is right. These people are all vile characters. That muscular figure is named Zhao Wuyuan. His strength is somewhat higher compared to Song Lang. They are obviously preparing to engage Qing Shui in round-robin fights, maybe sending ten or hundreds of their people against one.’’ Another person disdainfully snorted.

The muscular man named Zhao Wuyuan had gigantic twin hammers wielded in his hands. The golden colored hammers sparkled resplendently under the shine of the morning sun, giving out a fearsome aura.

’’I'm stronger than Song Lang,’’ Zhao Wuyuan confirmed, answering the crowd's question as though that he was giving a warning to Qing Shui.

’’Are you sure you want to challenge me?’’ Qing Shui's eyes opened.

’’Yes, I'll do my best. I won't falter even if I die.’’ Zhao Wuyuan lifted his hammers as the green veins on his arms budged. The resolution in his eyes was incomparably determined, yet there was also an unknown light which caused Qing Shui to be slightly puzzled.

Qing Shui stared at Zhao Wuyuan as he replied, ’’It doesn't matter how many people come and challenge me. I only have a single condition. Bring out something that can catch my eye for the stakes and also, don't push the blame on me if you die.’’

Qing Shui's casual words held a hint of killing intent. Ruthless and decisive, this was something Qing Shui decided. If he needed to kill a hundred challengers to warn the rest, he would do so with no hesitation. If not, he would probably be irritated to death by the number of people challenging him every day.

Zhao Wuyuan went silent. His heart shivered when he felt the cold killing intent Qing Shui emitted when he said those words. Many people said they didn't fear death, but how many would really be able to face death stoically when it came reaching out for them?

’’What can we use as stakes?’’ Zhao Wuyuan stared back at Qing Shui, looking at his supporters from the Starday Hall before gritting his teeth and spoke.

’’Money. Treasures. Women. As long as they can catch my eye.’’ Qing Shui smiled.

Zhao Wuyuan frowned, he didn't know how to react. Just as he wanted to say something, Qing Shui interrupted.

’’Since you're considered the first challenger, I will give you face. I won't kill you. You can use both your arms as stakes. If you lose, cripple your own arms. Oh, but if you want me to cripple them for you then I wouldn't mind, too. I'll even throw in my service and cripple both of your legs for you.’’

His casual, indifferent attitude caused those who were watching to feel a chill down their backs. Did this mean that even if there was no hatred between them, all his challengers would either wind up dead or crippled?

’’WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS? Why is he speaking like he would surely defeat our senior Zhao?’’ Someone from the Starday Hall snorted in contempt.

’’Yup yup, Senior Zhao, go cripple him! Kill him for us! We will support you!’’ The anger caused by Qing Shui's words caused those from the Starday Hall to stand united.

A sheen of perspiration could be seen on Zhao Wuyuan's forehead. His hands involuntarily trembled as he was shocked by Qing Shui's confidence. He had based his martial skills on both of his arms, but if his arms were crippled, his life would essentially be over.

Zhao Wuyuan hesitated.

’’We will see who's the ignorant one later. Qing Shui, if you are crippled, or beaten to death, you can only blame yourself!’’ Those from the Starday Hall cursed in anger.

’’Do you accept my conditions?’’ Qing Shui smiled at Zhao Wuyuan.

’’What if you are the one who loses?’’ As Zhao Wuyuan asked this, a pressure blasted out from him as his twin hammers radiated monstrous strength.

’’You are the one that wanted to challenge me. If you win, wouldn't you have already achieved your objective? If I lose, you can do anything you want to me,’’ Qing Shui nonchalantly replied.

’’Fine, I agree. Let's fight!’’ Zhao Wuyuan brandished his twin hammers as he let out a powerful roar.

Qing Shui's strength as of now had undergone and tremendous enhancement. At the peak of the 4th layer of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, his strength couldn't even be compared to before. He had undergone a qualitative enhancement and more importantly, Qing Shui knew that his opponent didn't really excel in speed. Looking at the giant hammers he wielded, it was obvious that his opponent chose to specialize in strength rather than speed.

’’Hmm I will just use my bare palms. You can go ahead and hurry up, I still have something on later,’’ Qing Shui casually rolled up his sleeves as he said in a bored air.

The aura Qing Shui exuded was like a towering mountain, and in addition to the inner state of 'Immovable like the Mountains', the pressure gushing out from him made him the focus of attention of the crowd.

Zhao Wuyuan glanced at Qing Shui as he replied, ’’Since this is the case, I won't waste any more time. I'm only skilled in usage of my twin hammers. I won't relinquish them even if you want to fight with bare hands.’’

’’Sure. Hurry up.’’ Qing Shui took half a step forward.

Zhao Wuyuan didn't reply. A golden radiance burst forth from his twin hammers, causing many to give shouts of admiration.

’’Wow! It's actually a legendary-grade technique! An Earth Element Legendary Grade Technique!’’ A guy with sharp eyes shouted in excitement.

Qing Shui contemplated the well-built, muscular Zhao Wuyuan. So it was because he was cultivating a legendary-grade Earth Element technique, he chose to use twin hammers. What a pity Zhao's strength was too far apart compared to his own earthen-yellow colored Xiantian Qi.


Zhao Wuyuan suddenly gave a great shout as he abruptly raised both his hammers up in the air. The next moment, his arms swelled, as they enlarged to two times the size compared to his original arm size.

’’Earth Element, Arm Enlarging Technique!’’ A Starday Hall disciple shouted in excitement.


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