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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 315


AST 315 - Fifth Level of the Violet Jade Immortal Realm, Beauty Fruit

Wenren Wushuang!

She didn't know how many times she found herself in a daze, thinking of that special someone. To think that one would actually miss someone so much after the person you wanted was no longer by your side. This kind of feeling was extremely bizarre.

Hundred Miles City...........

Currently, the Qing Clan could be considered one of the great clans of the Hundred Miles City, after they produced a monstrous genius like Qing Shui. Furthermore there was still one more which no one had expected... Mingyue Gelou.

Currently in the entire Hundred Miles City, there was no one who didn't know who Mingyue Gelous was. And in addition to that, when she broke through into Xiantian back then, she had cemented the Qing Clan's great status in the Hundred Miles City, and there were admirers of her sending gifts to the Qing Clan doorstep daily.

As for the Qing Clan Medicinal Business, they could already be considered to be enjoying a monopoly on the city. After all, there weren't many that wanted to snatch business from such a great clan like the Qing Clan. Not only that, the Qing Clan expanded their business scope and went into trading, property and even created markets...

As for the disciples of the direct line of descent, everyone of them was skilled in the Tiger Form. Although they didn't have the talent of Mingyue Gelou, at the very least, their speed of improvement had increased as well as the toughness of their physique.

Everyone was extremely excited, as all of them could sense that they too had a chance to break into the Xiantian. Mingyue Gelou was a very good example. Especially Qing Bei, she had already reached the Ancestor stage for the Tiger Form and even created her own moves after understanding the essence of the Tiger Form. The accomplishments of these two girls caused the rest of the guys to feel deeply ashamed.

The Shi Clan, and Yu Clan were very close with the Qing Clan. All three clans worked together to secure lots of profit and built up their own clan's foundation as they became extremely deep-rooted and focused on grooming their younger generation's martial arts and cultivation thereby creating a batch of protectors to act as an aegis for their business and clan in the future.


Situ Clan.

’’Father, Luan`er had recently sent news that he just broke through to Xiantian. Shang`er obtained the recognition of the Xinan Medicine King Clan and was accepted as a core disciple by one of the elders, and even Bufan has stepped into the Martial Commander Realm, giving his all in assiduous cultivation.’’ Situ Ba spoke to Situ Nantian in a courtyard.

’’Good, good. Our Situ Clan also has a Xiantian cultivator and to think that Shang`er's talent was high enough to be accepted as a core disciple in the Xinan Medicine King Clan. The Qing Clan has Qing Shui but our Situ Clan is not too bad as well. Did the Qing Clan really think that they can rise up just because of Qing Shui? Haha the events previously might be a blessing for our Situ Clan instead. The experiences we have undergone caused Bufan's temperament to undergo a change and the speed of his improvement to sky rocket.’’ Situ Nantian laughed.

Ever since Qing Shui defeated the Xiantian cultivator of the Situ Clan back then, the Situ Clan felt as though their spirits and morale had fallen into the abyss. They were afraid that Qing Shui would carry out a massacre of their entire Clan, and only after they realised that Qing Shui had no such intentions to annihilate them, did they began to recover. And after which, from then on, the Situ Clan had been maintaining an extremely low profile.

’’Now hope has returned, we finally have one more Xiantian Cultivator and even a core disciple in the Xinan Medicine King Clan. It seems that the Heavens have not forsaken us.’’ Situ Nantian remarked in his heart.

Being a core disciple meant that Situ Shang would have the opportunity to learn the truly consummate and ultimate skills and techniques the Medicine King Clan had to pass down, and the most important thing that core disciples would have control over a large number of disciples.

Currently with the rise of the Qing Clan, the statuses of the four great clans of the Hundred Miles City had already undergone a change. The Situ Clan had fallen way too much and that was soon about to change.

At this moment, Qing Shui was thinking of the strange dream he had. He felt somehow that the dream was real! He had experienced this sort of sensation once with Qinghan Ye which was why he could be so certain.

In that dream, that 'slap of death' caused his mind to go blank, and somehow he felt that he was in the border between life and death as though had broken through some previously existing barrier.

When he awoke, it was already morning, and he still had no idea why he had the feeling that he broke through something. Deciding not to waste any time, Qing Shui hurried to the public square for his daily morning practice.

Halfway through practicing his various martial arts, Qing Shui was lost in his thoughts. Could the feeling of breakthrough be related to his Ancient Strengthening Technique? No, it didn't seem so. Unconvinced, Qing Shui tested out his different martial arts one by one while trying to solve the riddle. Finally, he realised that the thing which 'leveled up', was his spiritual energy! Back then, he could sense the hazy silhouette of Huoyun Liu-Li next door. Now, he realised that he could sense the presence of others in a radius up to 50 metres.

This caused Qing Shui to be especially excited. One must know that only supreme experts at the Martian Saint Realm had this ability. The ability to sense the presence of others. The stronger someone was, the stronger their spirit would be. And as for Martial Saints, the spirit was like a radiant sun compared to ordinary people whose spirit was only at the level of a flickering candle flame.

Thus it was extremely easy for experts to sense their surroundings and other experts!

This was only recorded in the legends, yet Qing Shui could feel that he had the ability to sense the presence of others. The supreme experts that were able to do this would sense pinpoints of light as the presence of others. The stronger the light, the stronger the cultivator they had sensed was. With Qing Shui's current level, he could only sense hazy silhouettes of others, and although his spiritual strength had strengthened a lot, he wasn't at the level of a Martial Saint yet.

After the morning practice, Qing Shui was totally dumbstruck when he entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. The space in his spatial realm was a lot larger compared to before. The increment in size made it about two times larger compared to the 4th level.

Leveled up!

Fifth level of the Violet Jade Immortal Realm!

Qing Shui had a look of disbelief in his eyes. Had the spatial realm finally leveled up?

’’No wonder my spiritual energy felt so much stronger!’’

The size and depth of the crystal pond increased by two times and measured about 80 metres in length while 50m deep in depth. The black fishes and turtles swam about leisurely enjoying the added space while there were also several varieties of aquatic plants growing in there.

’’I wonder what are the rewards for leveling up the spatial realm to the 5th level.’’ Qing Shui suppressed his excitement as he walked towards the stone inscription steele.

Upon leveling up to the 5th level, an Energy Fruit Tree will appear within the spatial realm, with a maturation rate of 100 years and ten Energy Fruits ready for plucking. Consumers would gain an increase in their spiritual energy. As for the degree of increment, it would have to depend on the individual's physique. Everyone can consume a total of two energy fruits and it could also be used for an alchemy concoction.

The Energy Fruit is also known as the Beauty Fruit, able to enhance the looks of the consumer either when consuming the pill-form or just merely eating it raw.

Upon seeing this Qing Shui remembered, the Energy Fruit's other name was the Beauty Fruit! Rubbing his eyes, he pinched himself to confirm that he wasn't dreaming. He was currently extremely excited! With these Beauty Fruits, it meant that the Beauty Pellet could be concocted!

One must know that Beauty Fruits are legendary fruits whose location were unknown in the world of nine continents. Who would have thought that his leveled up Violet Jade Immortal Realm would actually provide him with it.

Initially he thought these fruits were known as the Magic Fruit. But he had to admit that the name 'Energy Fruit' was aptly named, it's effects being able to increase spiritual energy as well as enhancing the beauty/looks of those who ate it.

Looking at the various trees in his spatial realm;Strength Enhancing Tree, Agility Enhancing Tree, Endurance Tree, Physique Tree, Qing Shui felt that the fruits of all these trees would surely exist in this world of the Nine Continents albeit under a different name. Strangely enough, the shape of the trees in his spatial realm all look the same. The only difference was the color of their fruits. The Strength Enhancing Fruit was bright red, Agility Enhancing Fruit was green, while the newly acquired Energy Fruit also named the Beauty Fruit was a deep dark blue in color.

The first reward already caused Qing Shui to grin from ear to ear. He was thinking that if he continued leveling up the spatial realm, there may be a chance for him to obtain the mystical ingredient, 'Phoenix's Tail' as well.

Qing Shui continued looking at the next line of the stone inscription steele.

Reward: A whole mass of Coral Reefs, there was also 1,000 year Blood Coral within, and one was able to use as an alchemy ingredient.

Reward: 1,000 year Floating Fern, also able to use as an alchemy ingredient.

Reward: A mass of Water Grass, Algae, beneficial to aquatic lives living in the pond, increasing the quality of their flesh and their vitality.

Reward: A mass of different varieties of rare fishes, turtles, prawns, crabs, eels, clams!

Reward: A pair of Mutated ’’Golden Horn Fire Tailed Fish’’, 100 years infancy phase, another 100 years to maturation, able to use as alchemy ingredients, or to eat as food. Those who consume it would gain an increase of 100 jin in strength, and this ingredient had a mystical effect granting consumers a 1% chance to break through a single realm of any grade that they were currently in. For example, a 5th Grade Martial Warrior to a 6th Grade Martial Warrior. Limit: Consuming 5 fishes per year per person. This ingredient is effective for cultivators below the Martial King level.


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