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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 314


AST 314 Goddess? Demoness? Immortal Bed

Her beautiful profound eyes were extremely clear. This was not considered strange, but her eyes had a feeling of transcendence yet seemed majestic. It was a pity that it had a coolness which seemed to be indifferent to everything.

Qing Shui was shocked awake by that cool expression. He had never seen eyes as beautiful as hers. Yiye Jiange's was one of transcendence, while Canghai Mingyue's was that of majesty, and Shi Qingzhuang's was that of coolness. However, the lady before him was like the combination of all three of them, her beautiful eyes perfectly combined all three's dispositions, and just this pair of eyes alone was sufficient to seduce all living creatures in the world.

She was very beautiful, so beautiful that it was ethereal. She was even more ethereal compared to beauties like Canghai Mingyue and Yiye Jiange. Such ladies would make majority of men turn to leave immediately.

It was because no matter how outstanding the men were, they would feel inferior before her, feel too pressured when they were with her. They would even let their imaginations run wild and it was hard to think of lewd thoughts towards such women.

Qing Shui felt that he was lost in his thoughts once again. The first time was when he saw this lady's portrait, and now it was when he was looking at her in person. Looking at this lady who was less than three feet away from him, even when they were in a sea of flowers, he could still smell a faint and unique fragrance coming from her. Qing Shui knew that this fragrance belonged only to her.

The lady's eyes which were comparable to a goddess's looked at Qing Shui silently, not moving at all. Qing Shui felt very strange at this moment. His gaze left those beautiful eyes, passed by the shoulder blades which were sharp as blades, and fell onto her white chest which was covered by a layer of silvery white silk. The perky arch and sharp contour were astonishing.

’’Goddess?’’ Qing Shui lifted his head and said softly.

The lady did not move at all, and even that pair of beautiful eyes did not move at all either!

Qing Shui was puzzled!


The lady still did not react!

Qing Shui suddenly reached out his hand to grab on to her breast, which was just slightly bigger than his hand, and the thin layer of silk was almost non-existent. Qing Shui could only feel a faint body temperature, an extremely soft touch touch, and when he grabbed it, it was very bouncy. That feeling of ecstasy was unparalleled.

The moment Qing Shui grabbed on to it, he felt the lady's beautiful figure tremble ever so slightly, the gaze in her beautiful eyes changed, and she threw a palm towards Qing Shui. The force of that palm was like an overflowing river, with so much pressure that it created crackling sounds to his bones.

Qing Shui's gaze changed. He would never have thought that this slap would be so powerful. At this moment, he noticed that it was too late for him to dodge, and felt the palm which was aiming for his heart was sufficient to kill him.

What is her level of cultivation?

He suddenly felt that death was so close to him, and he felt very strange. While he felt that he was dying, in that moment, it was as if he was relieved of all his burdens, and everything he was carrying on his shoulders seemed to have been put down all at once.

In that moment, his mental state was free, and his anxious feelings were completely relieved!


Qing Shui felt that he broke through something, but smiled bitterly as he looked at that snowy-white hand slapping down on his chest while the earth seemed to moved around in circles;he did not feel any pain!

Qing Shui suddenly sat up!

’’Dream!’’ Qing Shui sat up, trying to recall everything that had happened earlier in great disbelief. That surreal dream was just like how he had felt when he was going through ’’Duo Cultivation in dreamland’’ with Qinghan Ye previously.

’’Why could I see that lady from the portrait of beauty?’’ Qing Shui suddenly felt that something did not add up for this dream.

Portraits of Beauty?

Qing Shui thought of that portrait of beauty hung up in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Could it be that the portrait of beauty had given him an illusion? But why was the feeling so surreal?

Misty Hall!

At the highest peak of a secluded splendid mountain top, there were a few simple pavilions and pavilion buildings which took up a circumference of not over one hundred meters.

It was an extreme end, barricade by a corridor, with a corridor leading within was which magnificent yet not losing its elegance. This design and architecture, emphasises on the word 'elegance'.

In the center of the series of buildings, there was a two-storeyed verandah building which was beautiful as a brocade. In one of the rooms on the second floor, there was nothing but a bed. If Qing Shui were here, he would be surprised to discover that the bed was the legendary Immortal Bed!

A bed made from the most special and mysterious ’’divine Altar Wood’’ in the world of the nine continents. Comfortable and refreshing, it allowed one to forget about any fatigue and have beautiful dreams like gods in the heavens. At that moment, a lady was seated on the bed. From the waist down, she was covered with a layer of blanket.

She was wearing a snow-white nightgown, and had a dreamy feeling. It might be because she was alone in the room. Tlady leaned back on her bolster lazily, presenting her breasts which remained perky despite her posture, appearing indistinctly under the thin layer of nightgown, so beautiful that it was like an illusion.

If Qing Shui was here, he would definitely let out a shout of surprise. It was because this lady was almost exactly the same as the one on the portrait of beauty, the goddess-like lady whom Qing Shui had met in that ’’sweet dream’’ in the sea of flowers.

And at this moment, she was lying there, her graceful expression covered with a faint layer of pink, looking slightly restless amidst her poised look.

’’Why would I have this dream? Who is that guy? Why would I appear in that dream together with him? Why do I feel that this dream is very strange and that it felt too real?’’ The lady's low voice was like an ethereal voice which sounded very sacred and lingered around for a while.

This lady was the Palace Mistress of Misty Hall, and this was the forbidden area in the Misty Hall. Without permission, no one was allowed to take one step in. While everyone in the Heavenly Palace knew of Misty Hall's Palace Mistress, most of them had seen her only once, during the meeting held in the Heavenly Palace previously which required everyone's attendance.

Just that one time. For the rest of the time, Misty Hall's Palace Mistress would not participate even if it was the competition between the various halls conducted once every five years. It was to the extent that she would almost never leave the Misty Hall.

Even Misty Hall disciples would rarely meet this Palace Mistress who was like a god, and everything was handled by the Elders. She had only met Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li once by chance.

There was almost no one who had really seen how she looked like. They could only see her godly figure and the overwhelmingly beautiful eyes, and those already let her stand in an unrivalled position.

Qing Shui thought of everything that had happened in the dream, once again feeling that it was related to that portrait of beauty. It was said that each of the portrait of beauty was a tremendous treasure.

What was the treasure? And that divine Bodies, was it just a great tool for Duo Cultivation?

Were there any other mysterious effects?

Why did she not say anything? He was to blame as well, why did he grabbed on to her chest...

But that feeling was really exhilarating...

Thinking of the lady's aura when she attacked, Qing Shui did not know what her level of cultivation was, but it was definitely much higher than his, and slightly higher than the old blind man.

At that moment, Qing Shui thought that he was really going to die. The feeling was too surreal. He felt scared just from thinking of that feeling as if his soul was leaving his body.

’’Mother, where did daddy go? Why did he not come to see Luanluan? Does he not want us anymore?’’ On the peak of a mountain in Skysword Sect, a young lass with the beauty that would cause the downfall of countries and cities pouted her lips as she said to the lady who similarly had such beauty.

The lady and the lass were Yiye Jiange and Luanluan!

Within a year, Luanluan had grown up a lot, but she was still a kid. Yiye Jiange did not change at all. Back then, she had taken Qing Shui in as her disciple, and now, had this ’’daughter’’ by her side. She did not know how many times she had listened to the lass complaining about the man she called ’’daddy’’.

Sometimes, waiting for someone was also a sort of happiness, especially when waiting together with a kid!

’’How could that be? Your daddy would be back very soon. No matter who he abandons, he would definitely not abandon you,’’ Yiye Jiange said and smiled gently, thinking to herself if this was too unfair for him.

It was nothing to her, since she was her niece, her blood-related brother's daughter, and was no different from her own daughter. But Qing Shui had almost no relation to her and Luanluan, and even that master-disciple relationship was in name, an approach they needed to take at that point in time.

When he left, he had already revealed talent which had surpassed that of others. What level had he reached now?

Yiye Jiange carried Luanluan, strolling towards the peak. Her silhouette was that of unparalleled beauty

’’Luanluan, from tomorrow onwards, we'll start to practise the Crane Form. When you've reached the great perfection stage for your Crane Form, your daddy will be back.’’ Yiye Jiange patted Luanluan on her head.

’’Mother, you're not allowed to lie to me this time. The other time, you lied to make me reach the great perfection stage for the big stupid bear,’’ Luanluan said cutely as she twitched her perky nose.

’’You devilish kid, I won't lie!’’

Zhu Qing Peak

Zhu Qing finished her sword practice. Right now, her figure was even more well-rounded than before, but just at her chest and her hips. Every time night fell and when she was free, she would think of a man.

A man who she had been yearning for, a man who she had intercourse with. Thinking of the strange postures they had done, she was overcome with embarrassment but yet was still missed it, and a blush crept up on her beautiful face.

’’Qing Shui, when would you be back?’’

A lady who was brimming with feelings of yearning had an especially strong feminine charm to her, let alone this lady who was so mature. It was a pity that at this moment, there was no one to enjoy her beauty!

It was just that there was another lady who would always think of Qing Shui frequently on Zhu Qing Peak, the lady who came to Skysword Sect with Qing Shui!

Wenren Wu-shuang!


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