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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 310


AST 310 - Woman of Feng Family, Elder Yun

’’The Song Family is big in the Heavenly Palace, handed down through many generations, and is considered a family that followed through the long eras of the Heavenly Palace. From the start till now, there have been countless Supreme Elders who were almost among the strongest within the Starday Hall. There were still three Supreme Elders in Starday Hall, from the current Song Family, ten other Elders, as well as the Chief Disciple, on which immense amount of effort was spent to nurture.’’ Cang Wuya chuckled.

Qing Shui discovered something from this message, but could not pinpoint it. He lifted his head abruptly and said to Cang Wuya in shock, ’’Old Master is saying that Starday Hall is considering a change from Sect Inheritance to Aristocrat Inheritance?’’

Cang Wuya kept silent and only smiled at Qing Shui, finally nodding favorably!

Qing Shui then recalled his unintentional act today, and wondered if he had made the Song Family spoil the ship for a half penny's worth of tar.

Qing Shui looked at Cang Wuya and realized that the old master was still sitting there smiling. Can't Wuya waited for a while before saying, ’’You have thoroughly offended the Song Family this time, hence even if you have us watching your back, you must remember to act carefully whenever you're out of the Heavenly Palace. You may be at ease in the Heavenly Palace since nothing would happen, but bear in mind to be careful when you're not in the Heavenly Palace.’’ Cang Wuya seriously and repeatedly warned Qing Shui.

’’Mm, thank you, Old Master!’’ Qing Shui replied sincerely. Cang Wuya was still the same as ever, and Qing Shui was truly grateful for this benevolent old man in front of him.

The news of Qing Shui, the disciple of Starmoon Hall, defeating the Chief Disciple of Starday Hall spread faster than wildfire;within a moment, the entire Heavenly Palace had gotten wind of it.

Starmoon Hall was now filled with pride and satisfaction, every one of its disciples rushing to spread the news. It was now bustling more than during the New Year, and the atmosphere made one feel uncomfortable if he was not sharing the information with others.

Thus, within a few moments, the name Qing Shui and the news that he thrashed the Chief Disciple of Starday Hall was made known to everyone in Starmoon Hall.

The Song Family!

’’Father!’’ it was the first time Song Lang felt so ashamed, standing before his father.

Song Lang's father, Song Yuanzhan was a similarly sharp but mature middle-aged man, and the yellow robe with purple lining gave him an extra touch of elegance and dignity.

Song Lang's facial features were extremely similar to that of Song Yuanzhan;Song Lang was like the younger version of Song Yuanzhan.

At this moment, Song Yuanzhan's face was a blackish green, and his lips quivering;anyone could see that he was full of anger. His blood boiled when he stared at Song Lang.


Song Lang covered his face and looked at his respected father in disbelief. The father who doted on him since his youth, and never once raised his voice at him, actually slapped him today.

This instant, he felt as if something shattered. The look he had towards his father also became strange, and astoundingly, he realized that a tinge of hatred gradually rose in his heart.

’’Stupid thing, wasted tens of years of my effort. You have disappointed me utterly.’’ Finishing that sentence, Song Yuanzhan's tall and straight posture appeared a little hunched.

He had been preparing his family for tens of years, excluding the three Supreme Elders and ten Elders already present, he also had his people in other halls. He only hoped for his son to attain the position of Palace Lord, promote his own people, and bar out others, eventually giving the Song Family control of Starday Hall.

But now, his son's Chief Disciple position was taken away. Old fellows from other families would definitely use this to make a big fuss.

Not only that, Song Family's reputation was also damaged significantly when the family, which had been powerful, was defeated by the Starmoon Hall...

’’Elder Brother, don't blame Lang Er, that rascal's capabilities were way above Lang Er's,’’ The third brother said to Song Yuanzhan.

’’You have no brains, you're self-conceited and insolent because of your abilities, but those abilities were the work of my medicine. You really think you're a genius, stupid thing. You're the death of me.’’ Song Yuanzhan got angrier as he scolded.

Song Lang lowered his head. He had never been scolded before, and now there was a surge of hatred in his eyes as he slowly backed out. He was unable to accept his father's sudden outburst.

At this time, an old man with silvery hair, dressed in white came in. He was medium built and did not don any beard, but the most striking feature of his was his mouth;his lips were unbelievably thin.

’’Third Uncle, you're here. How are you?’’ Song Yuanzhan saw the old man and quickly went forward to greet.

The old man shook his head and smiled. He looked disdainful as he smiled with those thin lips of his. He then looked at Song Yuanzhan and said, ’’Lang Er's title of Chief Disciple has been taken away, and the next Chief Disciple has only one condition to fulfil.’’

The old man's voice was a little shrill and extremely strange, but Song Yuanzhan and Hei San remained unchanged, as though they were used to it.

’’What condition?’’

’’Defeat the rascal from Starmoon Hall, and you would be the Chief Disciple of Starday Hall!’’

Song Yuanzhan became silent!

Simultaneously in Starday Hall, it was abuzz with talk and emotions. Many were cursing Song Lang's incapability and incompetence, that he was actually thrashed by people from Starmoon Hall.

While some were in agony, others were in joy. Feng Family had a different concern from Song Family. Core members of the family were now gathered at the main hall, many of them were elderly members with white streaks of hair.

Seated on the main seat was an elderly man of medium, proportionate built. Half a head of white hair made him seem coordinated with his surroundings.

A pair of bright, narrow and long eyes watched the group of people seated neatly below, and the vague smile on his face gave off the impression that he was vigorous and swift in his work.

’’Family Chief, Song Family snatched it away the other time, now it is time for Feng Family.’’ A similarly elderly man stood up and said to the Feng Family Chief on the main seat.

’’Elder Luo is right, Family Chief. We have prepared for so many years and the title of Chief Disciple is a critical step for us;it is a strong stepping stone for both attack and defence,’’ commented a refined young man as he stood up.

’’Things may not go smoothly?’’ At the same time, a glamourous, mature woman on his left stood and spoke up. The woman's age was indiscernible,and her voice, though beautiful, told of her life experiences. She also had a pair of eyes that shone with wisdom on her stunning face, and a slender but full body that propped up her clothes, her bosom quivering gently as she spoke.

The line from her waist to her hips was like a work of nature, setting off the fullness of her hips, while her slender legs were straight and proportionate, giving off a sense of elegance.

As the woman finished her sentence, many looked at her. Among those looking, many of their looks were lewd and devilish. She was a completely mature woman;it was as if she could not feel their stares, and only stared straight at the Family Chief.

’’Elder Yun, continue.’’ the Feng Family Family Chief smiled confidently.

’’Palace Lord, if I may say, the withdrawing of the Chief Disciple title from Song Family is an opportunity for us. However, it is the same to others, though those aren't important.’’ The woman's wise eyes were fixed on the Palace Lord, and the expression her eyes was impenetrable.

’’You're talking about Starmoon Palace Lord,’’ Feng Family Chief replied softly.

’’Yes. the Palace Lord is already aware of Song Family's decision, but there is no evidence nor excuse to prevent it. He has limited time, but he has no intent of carrying this burden to show his ancestors, thus he would definitely find a way to stop it from happening.’’ The woman's bright eyes looked straight at the Family Chief.

Many men looked on eagerly at her eyes, even a group of old men couldn't help but steal glances at her. This woman simply gave off the a se*y and foxy feel that was unparalleled.

Some old men looked like they went through a lot kept their silence, their slightly shut eyes remained shut, and they sat silently.

’’No matter what, we have to send Tian Er up the seat of the Chief Disciple, even if we have to wait ten years,’’ Feng Family Chief said determinedly.

’’Family Chief, rest assured. Only a few people are able to attain that title, among them are those whose goals are similar to ours. The Palace Lord is similarly repulsed by them, thus the only ones we really have to deal with are less than five,’’ The woman commented mildly.

’’Elder Yun, if you have any ideas, feel free to express them, only our people are present here.’’ One word from Feng Family Chief made everyone in the main hall feel warm.

The woman looked around and broke into a smile, and for an instant there were sounds of people swallowing their saliva. As if it was a common sight, she moved on to say, ’’Palace Lord has said that we should defeat that guy from Starmoon Hall if we want the Chief Disciple title, so we can make a fuss out of this, and force that guy to make a merciless move or go easy on us...’’


At the same time, Qing Shui was consulting Cang Wuya on some questions on martial arts, odd anecdotes in the mainland, and territories of some influences.

’’Qing Shui, if anyone comes to you for help, or some issue that is not effort-consuming, you may accede and from them, exhort items that you need. Remember to demand exorbitantly.’’ Cang Wuya grinned at Qing Shui, the pair of benevolent eyes was filled with omniscient wisdom and decisiveness.

Qing Shui was a little perplexed, but nodded seriously!

In the afternoon, Huoyun Liu-Li pulled Qing Shui and Canghai Mingyue off for a walk, and Cang Wuya smiled with relief as they left.

’’Qing Shui, let's go to the back of the mountains, it is serene there!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li said to Qing Shui as they walked out of the door.

Speaking of the back of the mountains and how quiet it was, Qing Shui could not help but recall the man who was scared to death by him. There were many ’’wild couples’’ there, what was Huoyun Liu-Li thinking, pulling them there?

Though he knew it would definitely not be that, Qing Shui's imagination and heart went wandering and stared at the two women's peaks and goddess-like bodies.

The two returned angry stares at Qing Shui, especially Huoyun Liu-Li, who snapped, ’’Such a bad rascal with evil intentions but no courage to do it.’’


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