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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 308


AST 308 - Battle, the strength of a Level 2 Martial King

Qing Shui saw that his Cloudmist Steps had reached a certain level of maturity. It's a pity it was only at the Ancestor Perfection Stage. Though the speed was certainly fast, it barely reached Qing Shui with a violent punch.

Qing Shui felt the power in that punch, and knew he had not invested all of his strength, neither did he use the Heavenly Thunder Slash, hence Qing Shui strangely took a step back.

The step he took appeared simple yet profound. Simultaneously, a ’’flashing shoulder’’ with a lunge and a back palm was executed with a step forward.

Taichi flashing shoulder!

Qing Shui only knew the simplified version of the 24 moves of Taichi, and the best moves among those were the Taichi Single Whip, Cloudhand, Deflect Parry Punch, Twin Peaks Piercing the Ears, Disheveled Wild Horse, Seemingly Sealed Shut.

There was also the White Crane Spreads Wings which Qing Shui had practised to a certain level of familiarity. He had wanted to experience the Crane Form of the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique, and had trained hard for this move.


Qing Shui did not exert much power, but Song Lang was pushed back half a step with a dull impact. His eyes turned sharp suddenly, and charged at Qing Shui's chest with a violent fist.

Qing Shui felt a greater amount of power from his punch this time, and noticed fluorescence flowing on the fist with violent strength circulating through.

The Heavenly Thunder Slash!

Qing Shui was unsure what fist the opponent executed, but felt a quick and acute Qi in the punch. The incisive air in the punch seemed as if it could slice a person apart.

’’Golden acuteness! Could his fist technique or martial technique be associated with the metal element?’’

As Qing Shui speculated, he extended a Taichi Cloudhand towards Song Lang, in the process attacking the vital point on his wrist. Every Taichi Fist of the Obscure Realm, even if not executed and maneuvered skillfully and naturally, were at a realm of certain proficiency.

It was a mistake on Song Lang's part to battle against Qing Shui's fist and martial techniques. Receiving Qing Shui's Cloudhand on his wrist made him incessantly numb, and he was pushed 2 metres away by Qing Shui's gentle use of strength.

This time Song Lang stopped in his tracks and started at Qing Shui with a strange look. He undid his waist belt, or rather, a whip, shook it hard, and the satin fabric that wrapped around it slipped off!

Qing Shui became a little dazed.

A hollow tube with gleaming silver hooks made sounds of wind and thunder when it was wielded. It was the Thunderous Bloodthirsty Whip - a silvery white body that emitted whiffs of murderous and bloodthirsty stench.

’’Show your weapon!’’ Song Lang gritted.

He knew it would not be advantageous fighting Qing Shui without a weapon, but did not expect the latter to be so polished with his bare hands and, most importantly, possessing such great strength.

Qing Shui did not plan to expose himself prematurely. He only wanted to train quietly, and return to resolve the grievance with the Yan Family and grant his master's wish.

However now that he was forced into this situation, it would not be manly of him to compromise further. Moreover, there were many in this crowd who knew Song Lang was here to snatch his woman.

’’You sure you want to fight?’’ Qing Shui stared intently at Song Lang.

Song Lang saw the look in Qing Shui and felt a slight anxiety in his chest unknowingly. He knew that both of them would battle till death if he was certain about that decision, but now, he was becoming hesitant.

Nevertheless, he recalled his critical move, and thought Qing Shui would never know about it since he had only been here not long ago.

’’I am sure!’’

The three words clearly declared his stand!

’’Haha, it'll be a good show, a good fight is coming on,’’ Someone shouted out immediately after Song Lang replied.

’’Beat the Starday Hall one on one to death, Qing Shui, we're behind you!’’

’’Who is that arrogant fool, coming to Starmoon Hall acting so atrociously, bullying us Starmoon Hall. Qing Shui, beat him up badly, until his mum can't even recognise him.’’


Surrounding people spread out automatically as the number of people increased. After all the opponent was from Starday Hall, and most importantly this was considered a battle between Starmoon Hall and Starday Hall.

Also, many in the crowd were from the Starday Hall.

’’Senior Song, you can do it, beat him to death.Llet them be incapable of being men,’’ A man wearing Starday Hall clothes shouted.

’’Damn you, brothers let's beat him up, how dare he be so atrocious in Starmoon Hall, seizing our women and scolding us...:’’

’’Hit him...’’

It was a mess around them, but it was much cry and little wool. Qing Shui slowly jerked the Big Dipper Sword. He felt that the Big Dipper, though not associated with any supplementary attribute, could be able to suppress the Thunderous Bloodthirsty Whip.

Probably because Qing Shui had pulled out his weapon, but the crowd became silent quickly.

Qing Shui thought it was awkward for Song Lang to be holding a whip. A grown man using this weapon looked ungainly, but looking at the 3 metre long strap, Qing Shui knew it was meant to complement the Heavenly Thunder Slash.

The twin thunders were a wondrous effect!

Song Lang took a step forward while swinging his whip, like a quick snake moving along with roaring peals of thunder, cutting straight into one's chest.

The air of immovability of a mountain surged through Qing Shui. There was no other choice when dealing with this thorny sort of weapon;it was difficult to know whether to block it or not. A sword flew piercing towards the ’’7-inch’’ part of the whip.


A sharp, crisp sound rang out, thunders roared, and a mysterious force rose up through the weapon. Qing Shui was alarmed, and pulled out his sword hurriedly.

There was no stopping Song Lang once he got the upper hand. Another whip came slashing, this time with greater presence. It was like a legendary dragon at sea, convulsing towards Qing Shui's neck.

Qing Shui did not expect his opponent to be proficient in his use of the whip. He changed his sword technique, the air flowing through his body suddenly became the Tiger's Roar that could clearly be heard amidst the opponent's rumbling thunders.

The heavens and earth around was completely stifled. Qing Shui remained standing, like a gigantic tiger guarding the mountain and integrated the huge mountain below his feet.

Immovability of a mountain!

A powerful force surged towards Song Lang, and Qing Shui simultaneously executed one of the critical sword techniques of Heavenly Palace Sword Art, he had learnt recently.

’’Cleaving the mountain with a Single Sword!’’

This sword move led a circle of light and directly blocked the dragon-like whip !

A huge crash of the impact sounded. Qing Shui was motionless under the miraculous effects of Immovability of Mountain, while Song Lang was forced 3 steps back and barely managed to stop himself.

Even disciples from the Starmoon Hall and Starday Hall who were standing around were pushed back 3 metres! Everyone watched the change in the battleground intently. Song Lang was driven back by Qing Shui, and it was as if a pot had been opened below.

’’Qing Shui is mighty, haha, now the Starday Hall is unable to be a man,’’ Someone called out upon seeing Song Lang being forced backwards.

’’Yes, who was the one who said something about not being manly, look who's talking now.’’

’’Senior Song, defeat him, you can't lose!’’ people from the Starday Hall became anxious.


Qing Shui knew that feeling. It was like his college days in his past life. Many times when Qing Shui replied to people asking about his hometown that he was from a village, he would notice a despising look on the other party's face.

Qing Shui had been angry then, what was wrong about a village, who were they to despise villages and villagers...It had been difficult for villagers to find a girlfriend in the city, and now that Starday Hall was defeated, they must be feeling the same thing. It must be difficult to talk about women now.

Song Lang's face was dripping with perspiration, but his eyes remained determined. He was now a little regretful, for he would surely incur public wrath for this defeat, and there was flash of murderous intent in his eyes.

Qing Shui noticed the murderous intent that flashed across his eyes and a tight knot appeared in his chest. He must have a critical skill, a skill that could even be fatal.

Qing Shui focused all of his energy and spread his spiritual sense!

Song Lang's energy suddenly surged, and the Thunderous Bloodthirsty Whip in his hands turned blood red as he lunged with a great step forward.


With low and dull call, the Thunderous Bloodthirsty Whip that became as thick as a baby's arm attacked Qing Shui, the blood red whip looking like a coiled dragon as it charged amidst peals of deafening cracks.

Qing Shui's brows knitted and held on tightly to his Big Dipper Sword!

Charging his Frenzied Bull's Strength to the peak, he burst forward with a great howl!

Sword of Third Wave!

Qing Shui's Big Dipper Sword flew towards the dragon head!

2 consecutive explosions could be heard, and Song Lang's Thunderous Bloodthirsty Whip was beaten back to its original form, drooping, while Qing Shui's Big Dipper Sword continued to charge towards Song Lang.

The instant the Big Dipper Sword touched Song Lang, Qing Shui saw a cruel smile creeping up Song Lang's face, and there was even arrogance in that smile!

’’Proud of it?’’

Qing Shui detected something was wrong, but at that moment, Song Lang's whip turned blood red again and attacked with even more ferocity. Qing Shui's sword was already stabbing at a halo of light rays, but was unable to stab through no matter what.

’’Damn, why did i forget about divinity Protection.’’

Qing Shui stepped back hurriedly, but it was too late! That serpent-like whip lashed out for Qing Shui's head!

At this most critical moment, Qing Shui calmed down instead, and sat down with a single back palm.

The strongest defence in Taichi Fist, Seemingly Sealed Shut!

Taichi Fist that had attained the Obscure Realm of strength, under the effects of the Ancient Strengthening Technique and Frenzied Bull's Strength, created a light golden radiance around Qing Shui, followed by the appearance of an enormous Frenzied Bull.



At that instant, the whip lashed out at the radiance and the image of the Frenzied Bull!

Qing Shui's heart was truly a part of this Taichi Move, Seemingly Sealed Shut. It was a wonderful feeling. At that moment, Qing Shui once again felt as though his entire body, even his soul, received some sort of cleansing.

Although the abilities were not enhanced, they were much more condensed. That was also a feeling, a kind of realm, as though one suddenly turned into a model striding when he had been walking normally. It was the feeling of one writing freely without hesitation.

Doing as one pleases! The way of nature!

Qing Shui opened his eyes, and felt as if he went back a hundred years ago within an instant, but his disposition shifted, and his Immovability like Mountain became even more elusive than before.

Mental State!

This was the enhancement of the Mental State, also the most difficult part to enhance in the martial arts.

Song Lang was now alarmed. The divinity Protection, his critical skill, had actually no effect. He was certain that Qing Shui did not use the divinity Protection, yet he could achieve the same effect through a different move.

And that image of the majestic bull!

Qing Shui had not imagined that his Taichi Fist could have attained such a powerful level, especially now that a change has also occurred in his Frenzied Bull's Strength. He was still only able to increase 30% of his strength and presence, but now, he could conjure up an image of a Frenzied Bull.


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