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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 307


AST 307 - Who Are You To Be Calling Her Mingyue Too?

’’Are you going to run away just like this? Why don't we have a duel? If you win, Canghai Mingyue will be yours. If you lose, then leave her side,’’ Song Lang kept his smile.

Qing Shui felt the flames burning just from listening to Song Lang. He halted and turned his head around to look at this elegant man who was still smiling. The tone of his voice was commanding yet flat at the same time. This irritated Qing Shui to no end.

’’Women are not objects that are to be simply snatched by anyone,’’ Qing Shui replied to him in an equally flat tone, but his words were enough to choke someone to death.

Song Lang's expression slightly changed. No one had ever dared to talk to him this way. Even within his family, he was pampered because he was an important future potential candidate that would take over the Starday Hall and Song Clan.

He was destined to have a bright life ahead of him the moment he was born. On top of being gifted with a natural talent, he possessed the strength that lived up to expectations of many with the help of large amounts of rare and expensive medicinal pills.

Being put at the mouth of the storm at an early age allowed him to learn how to live in a better way. Although there were a lot of people helping him in the dark, Song Lang's own capability could not be denied.

’’Wow, our Starmoon Hall's Qing Shui is the best. What he had said was on point,’’ a man said happily.

’’Wonderful, I like it. I have decided to allow him to woo me,’’ said one of the ugliest women in a group of ladies. She looked at Qing Shui with infatuation in her eyes.

Everyone around her almost vomited!

’’Youth is indeed youth. So impulsive.’’ Song Lang's expression had reverted back to normal. The attitude he put on was as if he didn't want to lower himself to a junior's level and argue.

Qing Shui stood there with a smile. That aura of the ’’immovable mountains’’ amused everyone by what Song Lang had just said. After all, Qing Shui appeared to be more refined and slightly seasoned than him.

This was the comprehension Qing Shui had regarding life after he achieved the mental state of the ’’immovable mountains’’. It was like a dream, yet also like a memory. Illusory and realistic, not just an empty imagination. This was also the reason why he could enter into the mental state of Immovable Mountains.

He knew what this kind of person was planning. He wanted nothing but to either force Qing Shui to leave through his power and show off or to beat Qing Shui when he let his guard down so he could show off in front of Canghai Mingyue.

At the end of the day, he just wanted get closer to Canghai Mingyue by stepping on Qing Shui's shoulders.

Qing Shui hated people like this the most. If you said that you liked Canghai Mingyue, then by all means, pursue her yourself. But then you just had to use me as a stepping stone. The Qing Shui of the past would really not have been able to do anything about this because he understood the pain of having no potential. There was too much hopelessness among the weak group.

A beauty had a few dozen wolves around her. The prettier the woman, the more wolves there were. It would be fine if that woman was strong. She would meet a bad end if she was delicate like a flower vase. Canghai Mingyue used to have Canghai's protection, and on top of that her cultivation was uncommon. So even if there were evil intentions, no one had the guts to try anything.

But now that they were in the Heavenly Palace, although Canghai Mingyue's strength was decent, there were a lot more who were stronger than her. This Song Lang was one of the examples. As soon as a man knew that he was powerful, he would have great confidence.

’’Impulsive? If you like someone then go pursue her. Do you know that using a stepping stone makes you appear like a fool in front of women? It would be extremely shameful you can't succeed even with this method,’’ Qing Shui chuckled.

Although Song Lang had been through quite a lot of things in his life, people usually took his status and power into consideration. People who didn't give him face like Qing Shui were rare, harsh words like this were even rarer.

But his words were equally piercing to Qing Shui's ears. Qing Shui had always abided with the saying of ’’to not attack unless attacked and if someone stabbed me once with a knife I will stab him back ten times’’.

’’Haha, they're going to fight. Qing Shui must claim the victory! Let the Starday Hall know the feeling of not being treated like a man!’’ someone yelled.

After a moment of silence, another voice rang out, ’’Beat him, Qing Shui! Let him fail to be a man!’’

’’Miss Liu-Li said that you are Mingyue's fiance, so I came searching for you,’’ Song Lang once again put on his smile which was as light as a cloud.

Qing Shui felt like he was pretending but then again it was like a habit to him! Regardless, Qing Shui still hated it and blamed his ancestors that he didn't have the air of an aristocrat.

’’Oh, despite knowing that she's my fiancée you still come looking for me. Isn't this what they called picking a fight?’’ Qing Shui received a hint from Song Lang's words - Canghai Mingyue hated this guy.

The people of Great Sect were very weird. Just like in the Heavenly Palace, if Song Lang only bothered Canghai Mingyue, no one would usually meddle as long as he didn't overstep his boundaries with a senior.

To pursue your own happiness in the world of nine continents was a sacred thing, but of course etiquette must be observed. Just like Shi Qing Zhuang from the Hundred Miles City. Even if you tried to snatch a woman by defeating her fiance, you would still need to make the woman like you. Or else all would be pointless.

Just like now, even if Song Lang defeated Qing Shui because he was the ’’fiance’’ of Canghai Mingyue, he would still need to make Canghai Mingyue fall in love with him after that. Or else it would still be hopeless. He could snatch by force, but the person behind Canghai Mingyue would never allow this to happen.

Qing Shui's words still made the people below, especially the men from Starmoon Hall, cheer. It was too well said! To be burdened by a label for so long had made it difficult for them to even date a woman.

This was because whoever that dated a man from the Starmoon Hall, they would be called names behind their backs, such as the woman with a poser or something even worse. Until in the end, most people were wondering if the ’’sticks’’ of the men from Starmoon Hall were even functioning.

Although everyone knew those rumors were false, most would still choose to avoid them.

So most of the women from the Starmoon Hall were dating men from other halls. As the saying went: monks from the foreign land were better at reciting scriptures. Doing so would make both parties appear to be more capable in their respective halls.

For men, to be able to woo a woman outside of their own hall was something glorious.

Or all beautiful women were good, even men from the same hall would pursue her!

So this made the men from the Starmoon Hall so ashamed that they couldn't show their faces. They couldn't just let this glimmer of hope slip away. So as soon as someone started this they were all pumped up and cheering from the very beginning.

’’Brat, you must be bored of living to be talking to my Martial Brother Song this way.’’ The thin man that was forced to fade into the background by Qing Shui couldn't get over the humiliation. As long as his Martial Brother Song was there, he wasn't afraid of Qing Shui. Moreover, it was not his first time saying harsh words like this and it was his job to say unrefined words like this.

Qing Shui looked at the thin man. The Frenzied Bull's Strength was suddenly triggered, making his irises become red and monstrous as if knives were piercing the eyes of the thin man who was acting high and mighty.

The whole of Qing Shui's Qi aura rose sharply at that very moment, shocking the crowd. The thin man let out a blood curdling scream and covered his eyes which were streaming tears all over his face. The pain of being pierced by needles made him yell uncontrollably.

’’What are you showing off for? You're just a dog.’’ Qing Shui's Qi aura subsided again. It was still slightly refined with profound mystery, and a little of a veteran who had been through a lot, and also a little of monstrosity in men. However, no one could ever forget the tremendous Qi aura that exploded within an instant.

’’I have underestimated you, Qing Shui. My challenge remains the same - the loser leaves Mingyue.’’ Song Lang's eyes were filled with strong determination.

Success was to be tempered;no one would grow without being pressured. Even a setback was a considerable amount of riches.

’’Who are you to be calling her Mingyue, too?’’ Qing Shui gave Song Lang a piercing glare.

’’You don't dare to accept? Then apologize to him. One doesn't simply bully my people.’’ Song Lang didn't read deeply into Qing Shui's words, but he was looking at Qing Shui with the intention to fight and was deliberately making things difficult for him.

’’Just because she is my fiancée, you are using this as a stupid reason to challenge me. Your daddy, I challenge you - whoever wins get all the properties of the Song clan. Do you accept this?’’ Qing Shui said in spite.

Song Lang stayed silent.

’’Women are not objects, they are not something to be snatched by force. I would use my genuine heart to protect my woman. Do you think you will have a woman by just relying on your martial strength? She'd just get snatched by someone else the same way.’’

Qing Shui's words were light but they went into everyone's ears. They even roused the cheers from the ladies and went in deep into the hearts of the men from Starmoon Hall.

Song Lang turned pale this time. He knew that he had walked into Qing Shui's trap and let him tag a label on him. The gazes from the women had changed from admiration to disgust. The dignity they had in them that was provoked by Qing Shui turned into sewage water and gushed violently towards Song Lang.

There was a flash of killing intent in Song Lang's eyes.

’’I CHALLENGE YOU!’’ Song Lang said seriously without a reason.

’’Not interested. If everyone comes challenging me, then wouldn't I be annoyed to death?’’ Qing Shui shook his head with a smile, but the expression on his face was rather annoyed.

’’Are you even a man? Where are your balls!?’’ Perhaps Song Lang was too angry that a bad word exploded from him.

’’I am very sure that I am, but I know you don't have balls,’’ Qing Shui said certainly and seriously.

’’How do you know that?’’

’’You're the one without balls! I will murder you today!’’ Song Lang was extremely pissed off, and unintentionally got carried away by Qing Shui.

The crowd burst with laughter. Qing Shui and Song Lang's challenge was just finding trouble for themselves. He had been through too much of this kind of situation in the previous world so he blurted out without thinking.

Song Lang would still remain level-headed even if he was furious. Even if blood rushed to his head, he just wanted to punch Qing Shui in his fury.

Qing Shui cautiously looked at Song Lang who was speeding towards him. Although he had killed the Elders of the Immortal Sword Sect, they were only Martial King Grade 1 after all while Song Lang was a full fledged Martial King Grade 2.

It was important to know that one level of difference in Martial King grade could create a huge gap. Consuming special medicinal pellets with a high level of cultivation would be even more perverse.

Qing Shui automatically raised the circulation of the Ancient Strengthening Technique to the limit and combined it together with the Frenzied Bull's Strength. But he clenched his fists and concealed all his strength.

The Qi aura of Song Lang increased in an instant when he was dashing forward and it forced everyone else to back off threemeters. When he was just around five meters away from Qing Shui, his figure suddenly sped up.


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