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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 3


Chapter 3 - Body transformation

Qing Shui was walking away alone from the Qing Family. Besides going to the hillside he doesn't have another place to go. He doesn't know how many times he has come here. Looking at the high and steep cliff of the mountains he even wished to die, but he already knows that he can't. Every day looking at the earnest hope of his mother, he tells himself that he must keep living strongly, not for anyone else, only for the hope is her eyes!

Qing Shui is not resigned to be a waste. The more he thinks about it, the sadder he becomes. He cannot help but feeling crazy and cursing to the sky: ’’Evil heavens, I'm not will admit defeat. If you want to repress me, then I shall repress you!’’ His soft and immature voice unwilling to resign was transmitted very far away!

After finish shouting crazily, he ran towards the mountain. His disaffection and anger came out completely! Otherwise, he felt that he would blow up!

But his body didn't allow him to do so! After a number of breaths he felt stuffy but like he was unaware of it, he continued dashing towards the mountain while clenching his teeth!

The sweat continued falling down like it was a stream. Like they were a thorn is his eyes, they incited his nerves and willpower! And of course, the stifling was caused by the pain of his organs!

’’I will not admit defeat, I must become strong, and I must overpass myself...’’ He doesn't know how much time he was reckless running but at last he let his head down and loses consciousness!

The time passes slowly, the sky turns dark, and the moon on the sky was extremely bright. The moon was sprinkling slightly his gently shining white light. Qing Shui was still unconsciousness. He was lying down halfway on the mountain and his small body looked tiny and solitary!

When Qing Yi was looking for Qing Shui, seeing that she couldn't found him, immediately she goes to the place where he always goes, the hillside. But she didn't found any traces of Qing Shui. Again she looked all around but she didn't discover any traces of Qing Shui!

Qing Yi finally started to panic, hastily returning home to send all the Qing Family to look for him! Her insanity by force comes out. Until now many people of the Qing Family knows that the young lady was originally an expert! Her elegant and graceful nature was due to the former days of her son but now she was losing her head!

When Qing Shui was running wildly and his brain loss consciousness, in the second when he collapsed, he feels like a door was opened inside of his brain. And an unending stream of information came to him!

A strengthening technique, meditation, method of refining medicine, forging technique, concealed weapon, tailoring, cooking, hunting, the way of maintaining good health, method of training, craftsman...

Those were not my complementary skills from when I played Fantasy Westward Journey? Not only that, there are extremely detailed methods of cultivating! But outside of the Ancient Strengthening Technique I can't cultivate all the others!’’

Qing Shui was quite excited, if you play Fantasy Westward Journey, you would know that the human race has the strongest capacity in learning. It was possible to cultivate to the peak with immortal magic, but he is aware that immortal magic doesn't exist in this world. The most formidable warriors can destroy a city in a flash!

When playing Fantasy Westward Journey the martial arts were not the most powerful but the secondary skills. Only with the secondary skills you could be the most powerful without rival even if you don't have any martial arts. It was natural because only with the secondary skills you could cultivate to the peak! Now with the secondary skills, it was not in vain to not be able to practice martial arts!

Qing Shui found printed deep in his mind the name and details about them. He remembers long ago the name Qing Shui, but those detailed explanations were very difficult to understand. Qing Shui unexpectedly resembled the image he had in his mind!

(TN: He uses another name in the last sentence which is written in the same way, so maybe he was referring to his character name on the game or his past life? 清水居然就像印在腦子一樣!)

Those were imprinted in my memory?

After they finished flashing though his mind like they were a mirage, a shocking scene happened. A large image of a Yin and Yang appeared into his mind!

A Yin and Yang symbol! Or it's was a Yin and Yang picture?

’’After the world of chaos ended, the Yin and Yang was divided, nevertheless it can be called a Yin and Yang picture!’’ Qing Shui was thinking.

The Yin and Yang picture slowly becomes tiny, finally ended in the same size of one jujube. It was rotating slowly, and he clearly feels it with the rotation that it was emitting a little of power. That little power nevertheless was traveling through every place of his whole body, nourishing his own meridians and internal organs!

In this moment, Qing Shui feels like he was brimming with unlimited strength. Why I have these abilities even though I died electrocuted when playing Fantasy Westward Journey? For what reason this appeared now?

Don't tell me that is connected with me running madly until all my strength was exhausted?

Forget about it, originally I was a waste;I would rather die than continue as I was!

Qing Shui found himself Incomparable conscious nevertheless he was unable to awake. The Yin and Yang picture continued rotating. He was sure that it would continue slowing rotating forever. Qing Shui doesn't know why he has that kind of intense intuition. Qing Shui feels that perhaps this Yin and Yang picture could be able to change his fate!

Suddenly he hears mixed voices. There were voices of shouting mixed!

’’Hey, answer me!’’

It was his mother's voice. Qing Shui hears the impatient and anxious voice of his mother. His heart was filled with warmness. He wanted to open his mouth, nevertheless he wasn't able to open his mouth yet.

’’Qing Shui!’’

’’Qing Shui!’’


’’Here is, at last I found you! ’’ Qing Shui doesn't even know who shouted, who was right in front of him!

’’Qing Shui! Qing Shui!’’ Qing Shui hears again the yelling of his mother. Even though Qing Shui cannot see his mother, he believes due to her sobbing voice, that her cheeks were streaming with tears!

He feels that he was lifted and was being tightly hugged by his mother. It was a familiar warm embrace. Remembering that his beautiful and graceful mother raised him alone, Qing Shui is at the same time happy and sad, hating more the man that abandoned her! He vows to pay back that debt in the future!

Qing Shui doesn't know how much time he was asleep. But before he was asleep he felt that somebody was checking his pulse and also the voice of his mother talking with somebody else. But then he felt the voice becoming smaller and smaller!

Qing Shui was smiling asleep. He felt that tomorrow the sun would be quite warm!!


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