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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 299


AST 299 - Qing Shui as the Chief Disciple? Image of Yin and Yang

’’Immovable like a mountain, haha. Immovable like a mountain!’’

Recalling what the woman said just now, Qing Shui shook his head. He laughed and prepared to leave. Valiant customs are prevalent in the world of nine continents, and although rare, such a woman can be seen every now and then.

Having spent more than an afternoon staring at the stone tablet, Qing Shui glanced at another behind it. Much time would be needed to finish looking at this one, but Qing Shui knew that many stone tablets might need only a short amount of time, just like the one on Ferocious Tiger Hunting a Wild Boar.

However, for Crouching Tiger on the Mountains and Resting Tiger, such level of stone tablets required half a day's time, though Qing Shui was already at the Perfection Stage of cultivation of Tiger Forms. If one was not proficient in the Beast Form Fist, it would be difficult for him to discover anything even after a year. What's more, few people would have the patience to persist for a year.

’’I don't even know when would I be able to finish reading all these stone tablets.’’ Qing Shui had the feeling that the tablets at the back would be incomprehensible to him, and even if he did manage to complete them all, he would need a large amount of time.

When Qing Shui arrived at his lodging, he noticed an old man standing there before he could go upstairs. Qing Shui recognized him;he was the old man who lectured on <Heavenly Palace Sword Art>at the square. He had heard from others that the man was called Elder Mo.

Qing Shui had a good impression of the old man, and naturally greeted him, ’’How are you, Elder Mo?’’

’’You must be Qing Shui. I was waiting for you!’’ Elder Mo smiled at Qing Shui.

He did not know why Elder Mo was standing here, and he was even more clueless since the man had been waiting for him. Thus, Qing Shui was fairly astonished when he heard those words.

’’Waiting for me? Why would Elder Mo be looking for me?’’ Although shocked, Qing Shui managed to blurt out his question.

Elder Mo looked at Qing Shui and said slowly, ’’The Palace Lord wanted me to ask if you were interested in being the Chief Disciple of Starmoon Hall.’’

’’Chief Disciple? Doesn't Starmoon Hall already have one?’’ Qing Shui replied doubtfully. He thought of Gongsun Jianwu, the Chief Disciple of Starmoon Hall, and the sight of her walking off forlornly in front of him today. She would feel even more terrible if he accepted the position of Chief Disciple.

’’Mm, Jianwu has agreed for you to become the Chief Disciple,’’ Elder Mo replied straightforwardly. It seemed that he was fully aware of the situation and has dealt with it. After all, it would be rather embarrassing for the Chief Disciple to pushed out by someone else.

Qing Shui hesitated for a while before rejecting this unthinkable position. ’’I won't be the Chief Disciple. I am not suitable.’’

One must know that in every Hall of the Heavenly Palace, the position of Chief Disciple was especially honorable. The Chief Disciple of aristocrats was the most outstanding disciple, the future candidate for the Palace Lord. He would then become the Palace Lord if nothing goes wrong.

With regards to the inheritance of Sects, the Chief Disciple would be one of the more important candidates running for Palace Lord. Thus, Chief Disciples from all halls were considered to be the same rank as Elders in the Heavenly Palace. Even if a Chief Disciple fails to become a Palace Lord, he would be an Elder.

To be a Chief Disciple, one must be superior in terms of his spirit energy and talents. Thus, even if he was to be replaced by someone more outstanding, his cultivation would enable him to be an Elder.

Moreover, though cultivation was important in the Palace Lord Selections, one's mind, thoughts, moral character and conduct were equally essential. Hence as long as one was selected to be a Chief Disciple, it was uncommon for him to be replaced.

Qing Shui's words shocked Elder Mo. He had thought that presenting this term would make Qing Shui ecstatic;after all, there were only nine Chief Disciples among the millions of people in the Heavenly Palace.

The honor bestowed upon Chief Disciples was exceptional and their selection was also extremely stringent. Qing Shui was looked upon favorably so quickly due to Cang Wuya and Fei Wuji. Without them, he would have needed to go through the strict assessment in spite of his abilities.

Elder Mo was blank for a few moments. Qing Shui's reply was beyond what he expected. Such a good fortune was uncommon because after becoming a Chief Disciple, not only would one attain a distinguished status, but the martial techniques, medicinal pellets, armor suit, and weapons that one could possess would be of the highest grade, just below Supreme Elder and Palace Lord.

Hence, Elder Mo did not think Qing Shui would reject it. For a moment, Elder Mo was dazed and speechless;the offer he stated just now was only phrased as such out of politeness - he had wanted to say ’’Palace Lord wants you to be the Chief Disciple’’.

Qing Shui saw the look on Elder Mo and laughed. ’’Elder, I currently have no plans of being the Chief Disciple. Is there anything I can help with?’’

’’I underestimated you. A Chief Disciple of the Starmoon Hall would be in a position to fight for it if presented to someone else, but you are not interested,’’ Elder Mo remarked with a sigh.

’’Elder Mo is wrong. It is not that I am not interested, but I do not have any plan for it now. I have unfinished business,’’ Qing Shui replied seriously.

Elder Mo looked at Qing Shui and chuckled in a knowing manner. ’’Then let's not talk about this for the moment. Would you be able to participate in the duels among the halls next year as a Chief Disciple?’’

Qing Shui thought about it;there was still a year's time before next year's competition. To him, this amount of time was like fifteen years.

He wondered how much progress would he have in these fifteen years, but it should still be possible for him to participate in the duels amongst Chief Disciples. Perhaps he might have to depend on the Heavenly Palace when confronting Lion King's Ridge in the future. In that case, he should have at least the status of an Elder as he occupies the position of Chief Disciple, or even Palace Lord.

Even if he did not rely on the Heavenly Palace, he would need a unique character and foster some presence. He would also require a group of people with him when he builds his standing ground in the world of nine continents, and the Qing Family would be the best candidates.

’’Elder, this I will promise you;I only hope that you can talk to the original Chief Disciple about it.’’ Qing Shui once again thought about Gongsun Jianwu.

’’Alright, you don't have to worry about this. It's a deal then. This is for you, you can freely enter the Library of Heavenly Palace, but the books inside are not allowed to be taken out.’’ Elder Mo grinned and handed over a token similar to the Purple Heavenly Palace Token Canghai had given him.

’’Heavenly Palace Library!’’ Qing Shui had not expected that. In fact, he had almost forgotten about it. The most treasured place among the clans and aristocrats was the Library, and thinking about it made Qing Shui slightly excited.

Qing Shui received it and said, ’’Thank you, Elder!’’

Elder Mo left and Qing Shui examined the exquisite purple token. The word Heavenly Palace was written on it. Qing Shui thought the token was neither gold nor silver, but it was abnormally tough.

Qing Shui returned to his room and trained hard the whole night. The Ancient Strengthening Technique was still at the peak of the 96th cycle. He knew he would make a breakthrough within three days and was only accumulating the cycles now without any barrier. As long as sufficient strength was accumulated, he would be able to break through it.

At the morning training, others had already gotten used to Qing Shui's presence. Although the there was still some commotion about it, the air around Qing Shui had apparently made people shrink back and stop themselves from approaching him.

Immovability like a mountain meant the aura of immovability. This was the ascension of character attained yesterday when Qing Shui entered the inner state of immovable like a mountain of Resting Tiger stone tablet.

At the square, Qing Shui executed the form and concept of Taiji. The smooth manner of the execution was especially beautiful!

At the end of the morning training, Qing Shui made his way to Cang Wuya's lodging. He was feeling slightly excited today for he was going to learn Heavenly Thunder Slash from Cang Wuya.

Qing Shui was very keen on the Heavenly Thunder Slash of Heavenly Palace. That technique could increase attack by thirty percent, which was definitely not a small number, especially for those with superior attacks.

Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li were already there. The two beauties were laughing and conversing with each other happily, but fell silent when they saw Qing Shui.

Although they were not talking, both had a sly smile as they looked at Qing Shui, making him bewildered. Could they have been talking about him? Talking so happily...

The techniques were taught directly by Cang Wuya and this time was no different. Cang Wuya looked at Qing Shui and the two women, smiled before slowly saying, ’’Heavenly Thunder Slash is the strongest, most ferocious, and most penetrating technique of the Heavenly Palace. It includes the power of the thunder in its attack, but to be able to employ the power of the thunder, you must at least reach the Obscure Realm. By then, you would have a chance to numb your opponent instantly.’’

Cang Wuya's words made Qing Shui's eyes light up. The technique actually had a numbing effect. Once a party was numbed, even if it was only for an instant, it could result in death or at least a serious injury as there was no room for error when two experts exchange blows.

’’The numbing effect would occur when we attain the Obscure Realm. Even if it's short, serious damage can be dealt.’’ The gleam in Qing Shui's eyes shone even brighter.

’’Once I master the Heavenly Thunder Slash, I must attain the Obscure Realm within the shortest time possible,’’ Qing Shui silently vowed.

Cang Wuya saw Qing Shui deep in thought and laughed. ’’Although numbing can cause serious damage, the probability is low, and if the spirit energy of your opponent is powerful enough, there would be almost no effect on his mental techniques.’’

’’There can actually be such effects if our spirit energies become powerful enough?’’ Qing Shui thought of the Image of Yin and Yang in the sea of his consciousness. That item can continuously strengthen his muscles, bones, vital points, internal organs, and his spirit energy.

Although the effect was small, it was unceasing. Even the small flesh of a mosquito was still flesh! What's more, an unceasing accumulation!

Qing Shui recalled the Potential Fruit he had eaten before which strengthened his spirit energy. It was something one could only wish to come across, and it is unknown how many pieces one can consume. Qing Shui hoped to stumble upon it again in the future. After all, he had gained quite a bit from it the other time - his spiritual sense had increased a level because of it.

Qing Shui grinned and nodded at Cang Wuya, and continued listening to his explanation!

’’Heavenly Thunder Slash is not a martial technique. It is a form of cultivating Qi. Put simply, it is used to gather Qi, concentrate the Qi, form an air explosion, and from there, acquire a strong and powerful explosive force.’’

Cang Wuya explained slowly, described the way of cultivating Qi by using the Heavenly Thunder Slash. One would know the dominance of this way of Qi cultivation by listening to Cang Wuya's explanation.


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