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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 296


AST 296 - Why Would I Hate You, Blue Lotus Art, The Appearance of Lotus Flowers

’’Your Uncle Zhongyue is that lady's father?’’ Qing Shui deliberately asked, wanting to rid Yan Ling`er of the little bit of her wariness.

’’Mmm mmm, it's a pity that he died when Sister Qingqing was ten years old!’’ Yan Ling`er said sympathetically.

’’That lady has been selling tea leaves in the streets since she was ten years old?

’’Did no one in the Yan Clan care?

’’What about her mother?

’’What about her grandfather?’’ Qing Shui asked, puzzled. Qing Shui felt that this was a sly move towards Yan Ling`er, but it was the faster way he could get to understand more about the Yan Clan.

’’Grandfather hasn't been interfering in the Yan Clan's matters for many years. It was said that Sister Qingqing's mother is at a faraway place. The reason Sister Qingqing has been hanging so strongly for so long is because she trusts that her mother will come back for her.’’

Saying this, Yan Ling`er herself broke out in tears!

Qing Shui could sense that Yan Ling`er was truly kindhearted, and it seemed that she had a very close relationship with his ’’elder sister’’.

Qing Shui stood there, not moving. He was waiting. The Qing Shui now really could not help but want to head off towards Yan City immediately, but his rationale made him suppress this thought.

’’Not long after Uncle Zhongyue passed away, Madam Xiao, no, that woman from the Xiao Clan gained power very quickly, gaining control of the Yan Clan partially. But that lady was still not satisfied with this, and relying on the support she received from the Xiao Clan, she tried to seduce my eldest uncle. In reality, the Xiao Clan is basically in the control of my eldest uncle and this woman from the Xiao Clan.’’

It may be because Yan Ling`er was infuriated, and could not help but wish that these savageous and cruel people could die earlier, Qing Shui finally saw it for himself that there was no kinship in reputable clans, such that it was possible even ’’he’’ had died in the hands of that woman.

’’The Yan Clan's clan head doesn't care about this?

’’The Yan Clan should have plenty of experts who are loyal to the clan. Are they all just letting a woman putting the Yan Clan through all this while they do nothing at all?’’

Qing Shui realized that things were not as simple as he had thought. Previously, he was prepared to head to the Yan Clan right after he had stepped into Xiantian. Thinking about it made him feel how childish his thought was.

Now, he realized that the Yan Clan had an invisible thread connected to it and was very, very far away.

’’Grandfather had handed the Yan Clan to my eldest uncle, and would not step out unless there are any major issues. There are some experts in the Yan Clan, but it's strange how they all seemed to have qualms about a certain person,’’ Yan Ling`er said, puzzled.


’’Isn't Yan Clan the strongest clan in the Yan Country?’’ Qing Shui felt that this person was certain the crux of everything.

There was nothing but curiously from Qing Shui's tone. He knew that Yan Ling`er was simple-minded, but at least she was not stupid.

’’Xiao Clan's clan head, Xiao Shishui. Rumor has it that he is an important character in a certain sect, and that sect is not one which a country could afford to offend,’’ Yan Ling`er said worriedly.

’’Why did your Sister Qingqing came out to sell tea leaves? How did a Young Miss from the Yan Clan fell into such dire straits?’’ Qing Shui realized that till now, he had yet to understand this, so he asked.

’’Four years ago, when Sister Qingqing was sixteen years old, the Xiao Clan's Eldest Young Master Xiao had wanted to take Sister Qingqing as his concubine, and Madam Xiao had actually agreed on her behalf. After all, she was already considered half a clan head then. But Sister Qingqing put up strong resistance, and just because of this, that Eldest Young Master Xiao got kicked by Sister Qingqing, at his critical part...’’

Qing Shui knew that she must have kicked the man's important part, but he knew that that Eldest Young Master Xiao was fine, since he had seen him when he first came to Greencloud Continent.

’’What happened thereafter?’’

’’After that, Sister Qingqing was chased out by Madam Xiao, who claimed to want to let her experience life like that of a beggar, to let her know how precious a life she had been living in the past, enjoying all the good clothing and good food. They had hoped that this would make Sister Qingqing change her mind, but they did not expect Sister Qingqing to have persisted for four years since then, not giving in no matter how hard life was.’’

Qing Shui suddenly thought of the person called Guo Polu. While Qing Shui had not seen him before, he could never forget his name. It was because the lass his mother had been thinking of was indebted to him. Qing Shui would not forget the Yan Clan and the Xiao Clan either, since they were clans that he had set his mind on eliminating.

’’You are a kindhearted girl. I hope that when the day comes, you'll not hate me!’’ Qing Shui said and smiled lightly.

Seeing Qing Shui's warming smile, she said, ’’Brother Qing Shui, that won't happen. Why would I hate you?’’

Qing Shui bade Yan Ling`er goodbye, and could not hold back his sigh. This girl did not simply just want to get closer to him. The other time, that lady Xi Yue had said some strange things.

’’One day, you'll cry. Go on and hate me, this was an encounter that should never have happened. It'll only make you feel worse.’’ Qing Shui shook his head, entered the bedroom, and immediately entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Recalling Yan Ling`er's words, he thought of how that ’’elder sister’’ had no one but herself to rely on. Qing Shui had initially thought that Yan Zhongyue would be good to her, since he had loved his mother, and would definitely treat their daughter well. Well, it seemed that he had done so, but it was a pity that he had died. Thinking about this, Qing Shui had the sudden urge to cry. He did not know why he felt this way.

It may be because he hated him, and had nowhere to vent his hatred...

Cultivation. He could only attempt to forget by focusing his mind on his cultivation. These things weighed down Qing Shui's heart as if they were a few big blocks of mountains, making it hard for him to breathe.

The Ancient Strengthening Technique circulated gradually. Suddenly, Qing Shui thought of his <<Blue Lotus Art>>, the <<Blue Lotus Art>>which he had abandoned.

Ever since he broke through to the 4th layer of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, Qing Shui had abandoned the Blue Lotus Art which he had trained to the 4th level. At that time, Qing Shui who had stepped into Xiantian felt that the biggest advantage of the Blue Lotus Art was to act as an aid to allow him to cultivate the Ancient Strengthening Technique successfully.

Thinking about it, Qing Shui realized that there were many things which could achieve an unbelievable effect at certain timings. Therefore, Qing Shui decided to continue his cultivation for the Blue Lotus Art. He looked forward to attaining the stage where he would be encompassed by nine lotus flowers.

Although he had not been cultivating this technique, Qing Shui did not lose his touch. After all, back then he practised the first four levels of the Blue Lotus Art an endless number of times.

But he did not know why after he had reached a breakthrough with his Ancient Strengthening Technique, Qing Shui realized that his Blue Lotus Art was at the lowest level amongst those of his age in the Qing Clan.

At this moment, the Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique which was much stronger than the Blue Lotus Art gradually started to circulate, flowing through the meridian channels. Qing Shui circulated his Qi according the the Blue Lotus Art, but gradually added in the Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique. This was not something strange, since he had previously trained the two together before.

But this time around, Qing Shui felt that something was very different, although he could not really pinpoint it. He just felt that previously, there were many parts which did not seem smooth, but now everything was flowing smoothly without any resistance at all.

The feeling was akin to that of eating ice cream in the scorching summer, all 3,600,000 of his pores were cleared. However, Qing Shui did not feel surprised, but felt that this was how it should have been.

In the past, whenever he achieved a breakthrough in his Ancient Strengthening Technique, his Blue Lotus Art would also gain a breakthrough of a similar level. This time around, Qing Shui felt that even if there was no breakthrough, he would at least be able to reach the pinnacle of the 4th level. Back then, Qing Shui had abandoned the Blue Lotus Art just after reaching the 4th level.

This time around, Qing Shui's practice went very smoothly, and he even felt as if everything was going out of hand, so much so that he was fully intoxicated in the feeling.

Qing Shui was as if he had forgotten about the passing time, not expecting that he would be able to enter the 'state of no concious' even when he was just practising the Blue Lotus Art. Most importantly, he had entered it unknowingly.

Time passed by slowly, and suddenly, he stood up with his eyes closed, his hands pushed forth while forming a hand sign in the shape of a lotus, not creating a sound.

After pushing forth a hand sign, Qing Shui abruptly opened his eyes. A golden colored lotus flower the size of a basin appeared before him.

It was a nine-petaled lotus flower!

Qing Shui looked at the translucent sparkly golden colored lotus flower which was beside him, beautiful as if it was just an illusion, exuding a strong aura. Qing Shui gradually reached out his hand towards it.

Qing Shui reached out his hands very slowly, afraid that it would disappear once he touched it!

Qing Shui noticed that there was a faint connection between him and the lotus, and it was just then when his hand touched the golden colored lotus flower.

’’It's material... and hard!’’

Although he had suspected it, he was still astonished. After all, it looked translucent!

Qing Shui used that weak connection to slowly control the lotus, and discovered that it could actually be moved about with flexibility. It was just that he needed to exhaust the Dan Tian's ’’divine Strength’’. This made Qing Shui overjoyed.

To think that a flower which would only appear when one reached the Martial Commander grade seven with the Blue Lotus Art, would appear when his Blue Lotus Art had only reached the Martial Warrior grade four!

’’This is not right!’’

Qing Shui suddenly felt that something was amiss.

The color of the lotus flower!

The lotus flower which should have been white was now a golden color. Qing Shui stood there in a daze, looking at the lotus flower before him which was exuding a faint light.

Qing Shui controlled the movement of the lotus flower, increasing its speed, until sounds of the lotus slashing through the air could be heard.

Gradually, the golden colored lotus flower which felt very light was in his complete control. Qing Shui noticed that it was because he had channeled in the Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique. The more he channeled in, the greater the level of exhaustion, but the lighter it became.

It was just as his mother had said, that it could be used for both attack and defense, and to think that it also had additional effects and can be used as a weapon. It was just that there was a distance restriction and it could not exceed two meters from where he was.

After Qing Shui cut off his connection with the golden colored lotus flower, its color gradually turned faint as it dissipated in the air.

This was just like the condensation of the Qi of Xiantian!

Did the Blue Lotus Art mutated?

Qing Shui could not help but think of that. He knew that this was all because of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, but to able to cultivate a lotus flower was still something which made him very happy. It was a pity that he could not probe out the actual prowess of this lotus flower.

Hmmm, one flower?

Qing Shui formed a hand sign again, and a golden colored lotus flower appeared. He then controlled the connection with this lotus and formed another hand sign. 

It was another golden colored lotus!


It was until the fourth golden colored lotus flower appeared and no matter how much he tried, he could not create a fifth. Qing Shui then knew that the fourth level Blue Lotus Art could only create four lotus flowers. Qing Shui only wanted to try out how many he could control.

Qing Shui felt like smiling, looking at the row of golden colored lotus flowers placed before him. Just one of them alone was beautiful enough, and now with four of them, it was like the blossoming of a hundred flowers and was extremely beautiful!

Qing Shui attempted to control the four flowers, but once he moved, the connection to two of them broke off. Qing Shui was unfaltered as he tried hard to control the remaining two. Qing Shui was already quite at ease when he tried to control just one of it earlier, but controlling two of them was still a bit tough for him. Thank goodness that Qing Shui had perseverance.

Gradually, Qing Shui found out another use for the spirit energy, which was to multitask, being able to do two, three, or even four things at once...


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