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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 292


AST 292 - Unrivalled Brilliance, two-color graded Heaven Shaking Hammer

’’Thank you for going easy on him!’’ Gongsun Jianwu smiled at Qing Shui and said.

Gongsun Jianwu's words made the audience gasp. Everyone was already very astonished to begin with since Qing Shui had defeated a man who was at the pinnacle of the Xiantian Level in just one move. And they were even more surprised to hear Gongsun Jianwu's words.

’’Damn! Having gone easy on him despite defeating one who's at the pinnacle of Xiantian in one move?’’ A clean-looking young man spoke very coarse words, possibly too astonished at the feat.

’’To be able to defeat one who's at the pinnacle of Xiantian, doesn't that means that he is a Martial Saint...’’

’’Martial Saint? To be a Martial Saint at such a young age...’’

Qing Shui looked at Gongsun Jianyun who was standing beside Gongsun Jianwu. Gongsun Jianwu's head was covered in cold sweat, his face flushed, but disappointment filled that pair of eyes.

Qing Shui walked down the arena towards the two ladies who were smiling at him amidst everyone's chattering and cheers. He did not feel that it was something worth feeling happy about, but since the Old Master and Fei Wuji had told him to go ahead and beat the other party up, he decided to do it in style!

Looking at Gongsun Jianyun's expression, Qing Shui knew that it was going to be a setback, with disappointment, and even more so, doubt towards his own abilities!

Gongsun Jianyun's mind was running amok, feeling that his hard work for so many years was destroyed in just one move. The disappointment he was feeling inside immediately filled his heart to the brim, even to the point that he was feeling as if all his hopes were dashed.

’’Jianyun, are you thinking that you're a failure?’’ Gongsun Jianwu fixed Gongsun Jianyun's fractured bone as she asked, her gaze speaking volumes.

’’Sister, am I that useless? Have I brought shame to Gongsun Clan?’’ Gongsun Jianyun struggled to say.

Gongsun Jianwu smiled.

’’Jianyun, remember, today is an opportunity for you. I long knew that you are not his match, but I didn't stop you.’’ Gongsun Jianwu let out a sigh and said.

When Gongsun Jianyun heard his sister's words, he was stunned as he looked in confusion at the elder sister he had respected at all times. At home, he respected his grandfather the most. Other than him, it was just this sister of his who had great beauty and a head of beautiful tresses.

’’You've never gone through hurdles and setbacks, and had lived a smooth-sailing life relying on almost your talent alone. Your personality is very weak. Do you really feel that all your hopes are dashed now?’’ Gongsn Jiangwu continued to smile brightly like a flower as she said this.

’’Sister, how do you know?’’

’’It's written all over your face. Sister is telling you, this doesn't mean much. It's impossible for one to never meet a hurdle in his life. It's normal to fall, but the difference between the strong and the weak is that the strong will stand up each time he falls down, while the weak will choose never to stand up for fear of falling down again.’’ Gongsun Jianwu said softly, her gaze fixed upon the disappearing back view of Qing Shui and the two ladies.

’’Sister, thank you. It's just that I feel especially bad.’’

’’It's normal to feel bad. Each setback is a trial. Take each step as a lesson, and stand up where you had fallen. Don't take wins and losses too seriously. Another thing is that fame can be really tiring. While it can bring one honor and respect, it also chains one down. Remember, respect is something that you fight to get for yourself.’’ Gongsun Jianwu reached out her hand to rub Gongsun Jianyun's head.

’’Mmm mmm, sister knows me the best.’’ Gongsun Jianyun now felt much better.

’’Rascal, I've told you so many times to put down your arrogance, and be honest and down-to-earth, but you just wouldn't listen. With the billions of people in the world of the nine population, there are just too many geniuses and demonic people. No one can claim to be the best in literature and in martial art. The right thing to do is to work hard and improve yourself. Alright, don't think too much about a single loss. Only one who has gone through numerous storms would then be able to become a towering tree which stretches out to the heaven.’’

’’Qing Shui, what is your real level of cultivation now?’’ It was the first thing Huoyun Liu-Li said on their way.

’’I don't know. The person who imparted me with techniques didn't say, so I'm not sure!’’ Qing Shui was telling the truth, but the two ladies felt a bit frustrated when they heard that.

’’Qing Shui!’’

’’Mmm!’’ Qing Shui felt a bit gloomy when he heard Huoyun Liu-Li's words because of her sharp tone.

’’The lady who thanked you earlier is so pretty!’’

Qing Shui: ’’...’’

’’Qing Shui, do you know her?’’

’’I don't...’’

’’That doesn't seem right? Why do I feel as if there's something between the two of you when your gazes met? It was just as if you guys had an earlier agreement!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li pointed out suspiciously.

Qing Shui: ’’...’’

Qing Shui was sweating furiously. To think that this lady's observation skills were so strong!

’’Do you want to bring that lady to bed?’’ Huoyun Liu-Li's revealed a pair of watery se*y eyes.

Qing Shui: ’’...’’

’’What, don't you like her?’’ Her beautiful eyes were twinkling with mischievous smiles!

Qing Shui reached out his hands and pinched her perky butt, causing Huoyun Liu-Li to let out a displeased cry.

’’Feels good to the touch, very elastic, well-rounded, soft and tender... If not that it was through clothes, it'd feel even better.’’ Qing Shui grinned and then quickly walked two steps forward to catch up to Canghai Mingyue.

Canghai Mingyue kept on a light smile as she turned to look at Qing Shui, her beauty which could bring the fall of cities made Qing Shui feel a bit inferior.

’’I really don't know how you picked up the Cloudmist Steps in just over two days. Even if you had taken two months to reach this stage, you'd already be considered a genius in ten thousand people. You can only be described as demonic.’’ Canghai Mingyue smiled gently and said.

’’Do you think being demonic is good?’’ Qing Shui looked at Canghai Mingyue's from the side, her exquisite earlobe was especially beautiful, her skin was so soft that it seemed that it would break from a tiny touch. She exuded a glow similar to a piece of white jade. Her slender neck looked so perfect that Qing Shui had to urge to grab and kiss it.

’’Demonic is of course good. Only a genius amongst geniuses can be considered demonic.’’ A layer of pink covered Canghai Mingyue's white neck, adding further to her beauty.

’’Then do you like demonic...’’

At that moment, it was just perfect that Huoyun Liu-Li caught up with them, pulling Canghai Mingyue, she threw Qing Shui an annoyed glance and took a few steps forward. She turned back and said, ’’If you like Sister Mingyue, then do something practical to show it.’’

’’Do something practical? How?’’ Qing Shui thought about it gloomily. In his previous life, he had not known how to chase girls, nor knew what romance was. He did not know how to be romantic nor had even looked for a prostitute before.

’’Liu-Li, what are you talking about!’’ Canghai Mingyue interrupted Huoyun Liu-Li.

When they reached Cang Wuya's residence, Fei Wuji was there as well, looking at the three of them and laughing!

’’Qing Shui, we've underestimated you. To think that you would not lose out even when you're against Jianwu that lass. Seems like our Starmoon Hall will be able to compete with the other halls in the future.’’ Fei Wuji looked at Qing Shui happily.

Only Cang Wuya smiled but did not say a word. Qing Shui knew that this Old Master would definitely be able to tell his true abilities. If not, he would not have encouraged him to do this. Could it be that he had seen through his actual abilities...

’’It's just that he is too arrogant.’’ Qing Shui smiled and said.

’’Qing Shui, what weapon do you like to use?’’ Cang Wuya took a look at Qing Shui's hands and arms and asked.

’’A Sword!’’

’’A hammer can work too!’’ Qing Shui said after giving it some thought. He felt that it would not be wrong to tell the Old Master at this point.

’’You can use the hammer?’’ Cang Wuya asked happily.

Fei Wuji also looked at Qing Shui strangely.

’’Mmm, I know of a set of hammering technique used for forging, but its prowess should be not bad.’’ Qing Shui said seriously.

’’Hammering technique for forging?’’ Fei Wuji asked, astonished.


The two ladies on the other hand smiled, not surprised. They had seen Qing Shui forging a couple of times, and had also seen that set of hammering techniques which were extremely profound.

Cang Wuya looked at their expressions, and knowing Qing Shui's character, if he said that it was not bad, it was definitely very good.

’’Wuji, head upstairs to take out that single hammer. You know where it's at.’’ Cang Wuya looked at Fei Wuji and said.

Fei Wuji looked at Qing Shui, smiled, and then headed upstairs!

Qing Shui tried to guess what the hammer was like. Since Cang Wuya had treasured it so much, it was definitely not any ordinary hammer. He wondered if it would be extremely smooth when used to forge...

’’Qing Shui, you're very clever, so you know how to hold your reins in when you deal with matters. Old man has high expectations for your future. I still have a while to live, and I would definitely want to be able to see what kind of unrivalled brilliant character you will become in the future.’’ Cang Wuya smiled happily and said.

’’Old Master, you must be jesting...’’

In a while, Fei Wuji came down. Qing Shui saw the black hammer in Fei Wuji's hands and was shocked when he saw the hammerhead which had the height of half an adult human with the thickness of an adult's waist.

Heaven Shaking Hammer!

The Heaven Shaking Hammer was made from the rare 1000-year coldsteel, and was extremely large and heavy. With one strike, it's aura was sufficient to shake the heavens!

To think that it was the Heaven Shaking Hammer. Qing Shui looked in astonishment at the appearance of yet another familiar object, feeling overjoyed. Its name was impressive, and it looked even more mighty and powerful up close.

The hammer was close to 4 feet long, the grip was as thick as a person's wrist and was completely black. The hammerhead had the thickness of an adult man's waist, and was over 2 feet long. It was also completely black.

It exuded a kind of extremely strong explosive force. Heaven Shaking Hammer, this name was really suitable for it! It was black all over, brimming with energy.

’’Master!’’ Fei Wuji passed the Heaven Shaking Hammer to Cang Wuya.

Cang Wuya smiled and took over the Heaven Shaking Hammer, gently and softly patting the hammerhead! One could tell how much he had treasured it.

’’Qing Shui, this is the Heaven Shaking Hammer made from 1000-year coldsteel, but it's too heavy, while it's not big, it weighs a thousand jin. However, when it's used, one's strength can increase by 20%.’’

Cang Wuya's words made Qing Shui astonished. Was this not a two-color graded weapon?


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