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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 274


AST 274 - Diamond Pellet, Jadedew Pellet, Goddess Peak? Flowerfruit Mountain.

’’Treasure Map!’’

Qing Shui was thunderstruck when he saw the words. There was actually such a thing!

Qing Shui put the map away quickly, knowing that he shouldn't stay too long in this place.

’’Let's go!’’ Qing Shui soundlessly fired a needle at the balless guy, it was a critical strike!

After randomly buying some food, he summoned the fire bird and Golden Winged Condor as they left. Even after they were in the air, Qing Shui was still extremely excited. A true blue treasure map! If he found the location indicated in the map, he would surely strike it rich!

’’Qing Shui, what is that?’’ Huoyun Liu-Li couldn't bear it anymore as she asked.

’’Everyone, come and take a look at the location indicated in this map.’’ Qing Shui chortled, as he retrieved the embroidered case. After opening it, two small porcelain bottle could be seen.

Since there was some time now, Qing Shui took one of the bottles out. The porcelain bottle was pure white, it was about two inch tall, and one inch thick.

Turning the bottle about, inspecting it from all angles he finally saw three golden miniscule words at the bottom of the porcelain bottle. ’’Diamond Pellet!’’

’’Do you know what kind of medicine the Diamond Pellet is?’’

Qing Shui realised that the two ladies didn't even deign to reply to him at all.

’’At least you guys can tell me you don't know...’’ Qing Shui depressedly gazed at the two ladies, but there was still no reaction from them.

After opening the bottle, he saw there was about ten bean-size pellets, surrounded by an yellowish-orange hue that emitted a clear fragrance.

’’The smell is pretty good, and it shouldn't be poisonous. Shall I taste one to test its effect?’’ Qing Shui mumbled to himself, and after which, he prepared to flick one pellets into his mouth.

’’You are not allowed to eat that!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li and Canghai Mingyue cried out simultaneously.

Qing Shui dumbly stared at the two ladies. After that outburst, they faded into silence. What was going on... ?

Under Qing Shui's gaze, Canghai Mingyue averted her eyes, moving slightly in a fluster as her countenance turn bright red. That charming appearance of her almost caused Qing Shui to salivate, while Huoyun Liu-Li who was currently veiled, stared at him with misty eyes of water.

’’Why? According to the color and smell of the pellet, this shouldn't be poisonous?’’ Qing Shui asked in puzzlement.

’’If you eat that, you need to think of a way to save yourself, I'm going to strangle you... ’’ Huoyun lowered her head as she mumbled incoherently.

If Canghai Mingyue wasn't there, Qing Shui didn't mind engaging in public s*x right now. The eyes of Huoyun Liu-Li were too mesmerising.

’’What's wrong with the pellet? Qing Shui asked again, he prepared to keep it for his analyical alchemy experiments. If the pellets had inferior effects, he would chuck them away, but since they were placed together with the treasure map, their effects shouldn't be too bad by right..

’’What do you mean what's wrong?’’ Huoyun Liu-Li ventured forth with a low-sounding voice, while Canghai Mingyue fixedly stared at some place in the distance.

’’What are the effects and value of this pellet?’’ Qing Shui laughed.

’’Ah! This pellet can be sold for quite a high price. The effects... it's said that it was very good to... ’’ Huoyun Liu-Li reddened, as she unconsciously glanced at the tool of Qing Shui.

’’What?? F*** his grandma, why is it that kind of medicine? 'Diamond Pellet', even if I don't eat the diamond pellet, my thingy is already even more diamond than diamond! To think that old fellow's tool couldn't erect anymore... !’’ Qing Shui snickered.

After which, he lifted the second porcelain bottle. And because of the words ’’Diamond’’ earlier, the two ladies unconsciously took two steps backwards!

Qing Shui directly looked at the bottom of the bottle, he thought that this bottle may be filled with Diamond Pellets as well.

’’Eh, Jadedew Pellets!’’

’’What?!’’ Qing Shui stared at the two ladies. The Golden Wind passes by, meeting the Jade Dewdrops. F***, it's a King Kong(raws for KingKong and Diamond(Vajra) are the same)

’’That great pervert only knows how to prepare such despicable stuff.’’ Huoyun Liu-Li stared blankly at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui took the chance to glance at the impressive soft mounds of flesh on her blossom, further accentuated by her tight clothings.

The three of them were hanging out, but doing nothing. 3P? Qing Shui didn't even dare to think about it.

’’The Jadedew Pellets are able to turn the most strongwill, cold-blooded, passive woman into a se* kitten...’’ Huoyun Liu-Li averted her gaze as she explained the effects to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui momentarily didn't know what to reply with, that old fellow actually had such stuff in his possession...

’’Perfect preparation, to be able to transform a virgin into a sl*t... heh heh’’ Qing Shui chortled before putting the bottles away.

’’Qing Shui... ’’

’’En!’’ Qing Shui heard the strange tone of Huoyun Liu-Li as she called out to him, and he couldn't help but turn his head to gaze at her.

’’Are you planning to let sister Mingyue to eat a Jadedew Pellet?:

Qing Shui, ’’... ’’

Canghai Mingyue blushed as she quickly retorted, ’’Damn lass, what are you saying? You must be influenced by some bad people.’’

Qing Shui hurriedly took out the map as he shifted the topic away from dangerous waters, ’’Come, quickly let's take a look at this map!’’

’’Are you a liar?’’

’’Ai, Sister, quickly come and take a look, this is a true treasure map!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li beckoned Canghai Mingyue over.

Qing Shui glanced at the map. There was a mountain indicated that had its ridges curved in a sinuous line, covered with vegetation with rivers flowing about.

’’Do you know what place this is?’’ Qing Shui casually asked. After all, this world of the nine continents was too vast, and there were many similar places everywhere. The location the treasure map indicated was too small, appearing to be some sort of mountain range, it was too difficult to find it.

Qing Shui studied the treasure map with great detail. There was a unique looking precipice in the shape of a woman, while behind the 'woman', there was a blurry shadow of a great tree.

’’Is this the rumoured Goddess Peak?!’’ Canghai Mingyue exclaimed in wonder.

’’Goddess Peak?’’ Qing Shui immediately thought of the twin peaks of Canghai Mingyue, there could also be referred to as the Goddess Peak as well... After that, he turned his gaze to the gigantic stone precipice that was the shape of a woman.

’’En, you see the legends of the stone precipice and the goddess peak was the same. But what a pity, no one knew that Goddess Peak was situated here.’’ Canghai Ming Yue sighed.

’’Is it only famous here? Or throughout the world of the nine continents?’’ Qing Shui turned his head to stare at Canghai Mingyue and because the three of them were standing somewhat close to each other, he purposely enlarged his nostrils to sniff her fragrance.

There was now only two inches between the eyes of Canghai Mingyue and Qing Shui. Gazing into her beautiful eyes filled with depth, Qing Shui always felt that if he stared at them long enough, his soul would be drawn in.

Canghai Mingyue blinked, as she averted her gaze before replying, ’’It should only be a popular legend in the Southern City.’’

After hearing that, Qing Shui rubbed his nose and laughed, ’’Mingyue, do you know the actual reason why the Goddess Peak is so famous?’’

’’There was a legend saying that a celestial beauty stood there every day, waiting for her beloved husband to come back. She would stand in that position, gazing far off in the horizons before transforming into stone... ’’

’’But what's her husband doing?’’ Qing Shui felt as though he was onto something, yet he was still unable to grasp it exactly.

’’Legends says that her husband was the ultimate hunter, one of the sovereign-level hunters.’’ Canghai Mingyue didn't know why Qing Shui was asking that, but she still answered Qing Shui.

’’Sovereign-level hunter?’’ Qing Shui murmured, before he lowered his head to study the treasure map. He felt that this treasure map was at least tens of years if not hundreds of years old, which also meant that the terrain outlined may not be as accurate. Maybe, the Goddess Peak didn't even exist then.

Suddenly, Qing Shui took note of the tree shadow behind the woman-shaped precipice. The tree was slanted backwards, towards the west, which indicated that the clue was in the direction of the setting sun.

’’En, the woman faced the west, her husband must be hunting in the western direction, she will wait like this daily for her husband to come back and he shouldn't be too far away from here.’’ Qing Shui mused.

’’Ah, I know where her husband hunts at!’’

’’Where?’’ Qing Shui asked joyfully.

’’Flowerfruit Mountains! [1]’’

Canghai Mingyue's almost made Qing Shui faint. After confirming three times that it was the Flowerfruit Mountains, he questioned Canghai Mingyue excessively and learnt that the Flowerfruit Mountains was a place where many miraculous herbs and flowers was birthed. Over there, there were many mystical fruits and the demonic beasts that were many times stronger than their peers. Not only that, the beasts are all extremely intelligent and it was precisely because of that, that the Flowerfruit Mountains were classified as one of the most dangerous places in the Greencloud Continent!

’’The Goddess Peak is in the Flowerfruit Mountains.’’ Qing Shui rubbed his nose as he bitterly exclaimed.

[1] Flowerfruit Mountains: The place where the Sun Wukong, the Monkey King (Great Sage Equals to Heaven) used to resides in before he wrecked havoc in the celestial court.


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