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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 272


AST 272 - The change in Canghai Mingyue, onwards to the Heavenly Palace!

’’What are you laughing about?’’ The grand elder smiled faintly as he inquired.

’’If I agreed to your conditions today and marry your granddaughter, what if similar things of this nature happens again in the future? Do you think I should agree to your conditions or not then?’’

’’Hahaha, affectionate and loyal. No wonder my granddaughter would fall so deep in love with you. Although if I allow you to go free today it is equivalent to letting a captured tiger roam back to its mountains, this old man has a great debt of kindness unpaid to you yet. I'm very clear regarding kindness and vengeance, I will never allow myself to own people a debt of kindness. You can freely leave.’’

Qing Shui thought that his ears were mistaken, as he puzzledly glanced at the grandfather of Qinghan Ye, and especially when the old man mentioned about his grand daughter being deep in love with him...

’’Grand Elder, if you allow him to leave today, he will surely return to wipe out our Immortal Sword Sect when he's stronger!’’ An old man frantically implored.

’’Haha he will not. The ancestor and sect leader has already passed away, and in three to five years later, our Immortal Sword Sect won't have the capabilities to go against him. Not to mention that this whole thing started only because of the grudge between our ancestor and Canghai.’’

Although the Grand Elder said this, Qing Shui didn't dare be careless, he bowed to the Grand Elder as he replied, ’’In that case, we of the junior generation shall take our leave first. If there's time in the future, this junior shall pay a visit to your esteemed sect to thank you again.’’

Qing Shui summoned the fire bird and only heaved a sigh of relief after he mounted on the back of the fire bird.

’’Qing Shui, Ye`er asked me to tell this to you.’’ The Grand Elder sighed, the volume of his voice wasn't very loud but it still sounded extremely clear.

Qing Shui was stunned but he still replied, ’’Elder, please speak.’’

’’Ye`er says you can come and find her anytime you like. In this life, she has already decided to wait for you alone.’’ The Grand Elder sighed.

’’Please represent me to convey my thanks for her feelings. I will remember it.’’ Qing Shui lightly spoke after some hesitation.

The fire bird rose up in the air and flew towards the west. Currently, Qing Shui's heart was like a quagmire, he was extremely confused. He didn't know why Qinghan Ye would suddenly fall in love with him. Was it because of his nine yang body? Or was it because of that time when they did the duo-cultivation in their dreams?

The Grand Elder most likely said the words he said because of the feelings his granddaughter has.

’’I shall not think about it any longer. Let's leave here first, without sufficient strength, i will not step into the Southern City again.’’ Qing Shui silently told himself.

Canghai Mingyue didn't say a single word from the time she mounted the fire bird till now, the love in the eyes of her parents was still fresh in her mind, but to think that they have already left her forever.

She was extremely lonely and helpless now, she finally understood why her mother shouted those words to Qing Shui before she died. Her mother had already known that she would be locked down by these negative emotions.

’’Qing Shui, you must be nice to Yueyue. From now onwards, you are her only kin in this world.’’

Back then Canghai Mingyue roamed the world, feeling nothing even if she didn't return to visit, because in her heart she knew that there was a place called home waiting for her.

But now everything is gone, she could only depend on herself from now on. There was nothing in this world for her to depend on any longer!

And regarding Qing Shui's earlier words, he was merely following her parents' wishes before they died. With this Canghai Mingyue ascertained that in this world, she can only depend on herself. She was one person, alone for all eternity.

At this exact moment, a feeling of loneliness emanated from Canghai Mingyue. That aura of total rejection caused Qing Shui to gaze at her in shock.

Upon seeing the desolate-looking silhouette of her, Qing Shui knew that it was already too late. Canghai Mingyue has already sealed her inner heart, it will be more difficult to ascend the heavens compared to breaking through the walls she sets up.

’’Mingyue, Mingyue...!!’’ Qing Shui quickly interrupted her thoughts, as he didn't want her to lose herself in her own imaginations.

’’Qing Shui, i want to go to the Heavenly Palace.’’

In the dark beautiful eyes of Canghai Mingyue, Qing Shui could no longer find any semblance of past emotions. The current Canghai Mingyue was even more indifferent compared to the first time he saw her.

Knowing nothing he could say would change her mind, and understanding that she became like this due to the death of her parents, that immense aura of loneliness couldn't help but cause Qing Shui to be extremely worried.

Every few moments, Canghai Mingyue would blew a long low whistle. Qing Shui knew that she was summoning her Golden Winged Thunder Condor.

Suddenly a sharp shrill bird cry echoed out from afar, Canghai Mingyue responded by whistling, as Qing Shui controlled the fire bird to slow its speed, directing it towards the Golden Winged Thunder Condor. Actually, even without his direction, his fire bird was already flying towards the condor on it's own volition.

’’This horny bird...’’ Qing Shui murmured depressedly.

Huoyun Liu-Li giggled, but Canghai Mingyue showed no reaction. If it was in the past, maybe she would roll her eyes at him but from now onwards, that part of her had already died.

As the Golden Winged Thunder Condor neared, Canghai Mingyue glanced at Huoyun Liu-Li, before glancing at Qing Shui, as she leapt up onto the back of the condor.

’’Liu-Li, lets go, we shall go and accompany this lonely woman!’’ Qing Shui carried Huoyun Liu-Li, as he too, jumped onto the back of the condor.

Canghai Mingyue lowered her head when she heard the words of Qing Shui!

Below them, was a sea of bamboo, ’’Mingyue, wait? Look at the sea of bamboo, why is there so much bamboo here?’’

’’Damn, the sword tower!’’ Canghai Mingyue quickly steered the condor away.

’’Sword Tower!’’

This was the third time Qing Shui had heard of this. The first time was when he heard Canghai barging into the Sword Tower, the second time was when he heard Canghai inquiring if the old blindee had thrown his lot in with the Sword Tower. And the third time was right now.

From that, Qing Shui could deduce that the Sword Tower should be at the same level of power compared to the Heavenly Palace!

If not, why would the old blindee be so daring to move against Canghai who was from the Heavenly Palace? Behind him must be something of equivalent status!

Qing Shui didn't know what tier of power the Heavenly Palace was at. Reaching out in his bosom and retrieving the Heavenly Palace's Token, which felt warm to the touch, he glanced at it but still didn't know what position this token represented.

The Greencloud Continent was incomprehensibly vast. Thinking back of his clan members, Qing Shui lamented that it would take him at least three months of flying before he would be able to return to the Hundred Miles City. Let's hope by the time he wished to go back, the fire bird would have leveled up.

10,000 miles in the air, the people below appeared to be tiny black dots going on with their lives. They could see countless cities below them, as well as mountains after mountains, and even an extremely gigantic water body.

’’Mingyue, Liu-Li, we have already flown for over a day, let's go down and eat something. We can prepare some necessary stuff as well.’’ Qing Shui was randomly finding a topic, trying to break the silence.


’’Sure, I'd love to!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li's reply was much more animated.

After finding a vast empty space, the condor descended. Below them was an extremely expansive main path beside a gigantic water body.

’’Southern River!’’

Qing Shui glanced on top of the big signboard, this place belonged to a region inside the southern city. The size of the Southern City was too vast, and thus every region had their own places of interest.

The Southern River was named as such because it was an exceptionally huge water body lying here, and was in the southern region of the Southern City.

The three of them halted some passenger carriages and instructed the drivers to go to the most famous restaurant around this region.

Southern River Golden Jade Prosperity Inn!

After the carriage stopped, Qing Shui saw the name of the inn. The moment he saw it, he broke out in mad perspiration. What kind of shitty name was this. The name of this inn compared to Earthly Paradise, was like Hell compared to Heaven, even just a mere Yu He Inn, sounds better compared to this.

But he had to admit that this place was aptly named. The whole building under the shine of the sun did indeed have a golden glow. Where endless streams of horse carriages could be seen around it, as people travelled back and forth.

The dressing of the waitresses at the door were exceptionally se*y, mini skirts with tight fitting clothes that accentuated their graceful frames and busty buxoms, causing people to have nose bleeds.

’’F*ck, is this an inn or a brothel? Hmm, but the two waitresses at the entrance are not bad at all, their figures are hehehe!’’ Qing Shui mused to himself.

Suddenly, Qing Shui felt a stare locking onto him. Upon turning his body, he was dumbstruck as he panicked. Why would they be here? Did they track his movements or was this a coincidence?


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