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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 268


268 Bloodstained Soulshake Bell, The Most Vexing Death

The three of them got onto the back of Fire Bird with the help of Canghai and his wife!

Canghai Mingyue originally thought that her mother would be with her, and by the time she came to the realization she wouldn't be, it was already too late!

’’Go! Qing Shui, take good care of YueYue, you will be her only family from now on...’’

Canghai Mingyue's mother shouted;that was both the voice of despair and hope. She abruptly turned around and walked towards the Ancestor of the Immortal Sword Sect, who was already running towards her. Her movement was brisk, as if filled with the determination to die. She pressed forward with an indomitable will.

And all of this - the life of the Martial King, was only to hinder the opponent from advancing, so that her daughter could earn a space of a breath to escape.

Qing Shui shut his eyes. The Fire Bird spread its wings and soared into the sky!


Huoyun Liu-Li hugged Canghai Mingyue in tears;both of them were crying in an embrace. Qing Shui didn't want to watch the scene of Canghai Mingyue's mother being slaughtered.

A few moments later, there was a screech! Qing Shui looked at the giant beast that had started to soar in a distance!

The Black Champion Monarch Falcon!

Qing Shui bitterly looked at the soaring fowl which was increasing in size. It was carrying that blood soaked middle man in a purple robe on its back.

That fresh blood belonged to Canghai Mingyue's mother's!

’’Qing Shui... how are you doing!’’

Huoyun Liu-Li asked fretfully while looking at the blood soaked Qing Shui lying on the back of Fire Bird.

’’I'm fine, look after Mingyue.’’ Qing Shui said softly. There was too much helplessness in his weak tone.

Canghai Mingyue raised her head and glanced at Qing Shui, it was only at this moment she saw Qing Shui's current ’’pathetic state’’. This was the second time for Canghai Mingyue to see Qing Shui bathed in blood, and the previous time was just from another day. It seemed to be more serious than the last time. There was at least some combat power left in him back then, but he couldn't even stand up this time.

’’Qing Shui, Qing Shui...’’ Canghai Mingyue was pretty much unharmed, she was just filled with excessive grief. To be seeing Qing Shui in this state filled her heart with sorrow, grief and sweetness...

’’Mingyue, don't be sad. Although senior is gone, they had no regrets in doing this for your sake and they have done it.’’ Qing Shui looked at the Ancestor of the Immortal Sword Sect who was chasing after them from a distance. There were a few other flying animals, but only the Black Champion Monarch Falcon's speed could exceed the Fire Bird's.

’’Qing Shui, I am so sad, I am so useless.........’’ Canghai Mingyue was kneeling on the back of Fire Bird, facing the direction where her parents had departed.

’’Mingyue, no one is free of troubles in life. Even a person who is seemingly happy has his own pain. Life is long and there are still a lot of things you will need to face in the future. Learn to be strong and work hard so that you will have no regrets in your life... cough cough.’’

Qing Shui coughed up blood. But he didn't care at this moment. It was already a great fortune to still be alive with these injuries.

’’Qing Shui...’’

’’Qing Shui...’’

Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li sat on each side of Qing Shui, flanking him and propped his body up.

’’Qing Shui, they're coming, what do we do?’’ Huoyun Liu-Li softly said while looking worriedly at the rapidly approaching Black Champion Monarch Falcon, which was just less than a thousand meters away.

Although Qing Shui was less than a normal human now, the two girls were still unconsciously relying on him at this kind of situation. Maybe this was the difference between women and men. Women were women after all, such was the nature of a woman. At least women would be like this at this kind of time, just like Canghai Mingyue - perhaps she had never thought of relying on a man before, of course with the exception of Canghai. Now she felt like Qing Shui was the only one she could rely on, it was as if she entrusted herself to him.

’’I will resign to my fate!’’ Qing Shui chuckled.

Qing Shui words were not a bluff. They could only resign to their fate if their opponents caught up to them. However, his smile and the indifference in his tone brought a sense of peace to the two women.

Even a heart that was constantly set with worry would calm down eventually!

The Fire Bird was still flying at a fast speed, and was a thousand kilometers apart from the opponent. At this distance, they would be caught up yo in just the space of two breaths. Fortunately the speed of Fire Bird was not slow;the Red Luan of the Mutated Beast of Heaven and Earth was known to have great potential within itself.

On top of that, there was the 10% of increase in speed from the Bronze Necklace. Even so, the Black Champion Monarch Falcon was still catching up to it. By now, it was about less than 800 meters away.

’’Qing Shui, are you afraid of death?’’ Canghai Mingyue softly said, gazing into the distance.

’’Afraid, I am very afraid!’’ Qing Shui said without a trace of doubt.

Tears fell from Canghai Mingyue's eyes upon hearing Qing Shui's reply. ’’Then why did you push Huoyun Liu-Li and I away during that time? Didn't you know that it will put you in danger?’’

’’Being afraid of death doesn't mean one will not die,’’ Qing Shui grinned.

’’Qing Shui, let me settle things this time!’’ Canghai Mingyue slowly stood up.

Qing Shui lightly shook his head at Canghai Mingyue: ’’I am still alive. I will not let my woman lift a finger,’’ he chuckled.

The two women, especially Canghai Mingyue, quivered. She felt weird, especially hearing that warm tone and those ambiguous words coming from Qing Shui. However at this moment she did not feel any flirtatious intentions from him;just the very warm caring thoughts.

And that was Qing Shui's exact intention. Canghai Mingyue was at her weakest moment right now. She needed the care from her family the most. He was not her family so he could only use the status of a lover, which was as close as a family's, to care for her.

The Black Champion Monarch Falcon was closing in at a distance of 500 meters. They could already sense its sharp gaze and fierce aura.

’’Mingyue, Liu-Li, support me,’’ even if Qing Shui could stand up, he couldn't withstand a gust of wind in midair.

’’Qing Shui......’’

The two women gently said, their eyes full of pity.

’’I'm fine, just hold me up. I will try to take care of that big bird,’’ Qing Shui smirked.

Canghai Mingyue instantly blushed at those two words - ’’big bird’’! She would never forget how she had ever allowed herself to utter words that were embarrassing enough to make her want to die.

’’I like your big bird.........’’

She was even more furious at the ignorance of that guy who didn't know that he was bullying her. Men were indeed lousy, even him......

Qing Shui smiled awkwardly while touching his nose after seeing the shock on Canghai Mingyue's face. He assessed that the distance between him and the Black Champion Monarch Falcon was less than 400 meters.

After urging the two women again, Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li finally let Qing Shui lean on them;not even a little bothered that his blood was staining their bodies.

Qing Shui smiled awkwardly!

He retrieved the Soulshake Bell ’’from within’’.

The small purple colored bell that was surrounded by purple light was very beautiful. The sky was gradually lighting up. The purple colored halo made the Soulshake Bell emit a mysterious power.

’’Qing Shui, what is this small bell for?’’ Canghai Mingyue questioningly asked.

’’To scare that big bird.’’

Canghai Mingyue: ’’...........................’’

Qing Shui held up the Soulshake Bell and faced those two small holes towards the Black Champion Monarch Falcon that was already approaching at about 300 meters. He forcefully increased the litte Ancient Strengthening Technique that circulated automatically.


Qing Shui trembled and spat out blood. The blood splattered on the purple colored Soulshake Bell and in that instant, the Soulshake Bell shone even more brilliantly in purple. The trace of blood on it quickly disappeared.

It didn't seem like the blood was absorbed because there wasn't even a drop of blood dripping down the Soulshake bell. It felt more like the blood had disappeared within an instant.

’’Qing Shui....’’

’’I'm fine!’’

Just in this short while, the distance between the Black Champion Monarch Falcon and Qing Shui was reduced to only a little more than 200 meters.

’’Still escaping? I will see where you can run to this time,’’ the middle aged man said coldly.

There was really no place to run;they were at the altitude of ten thousand meters. Not to mention Old Blindee, almost all of the martial warriors below the grade of Martial Saints will be crippled if they were to fall from this height. Except for falling into oceans or lakes, most of the Martial Kings below Grade 5 would hardly survive this kind of fall.

’’Run? Why Run? You came asking for death from such a distance, I shall send you off!’’ Qing Shui circulated all his Ancient Strengthening Technique to the Soulshake Bell, and shook it in the direction of the Black Champion Monarch Falcon.

There were only purple clouds of smoke to be seen. And it hit on the crown of the Black Champion Monarch Falcon in the shortest instant. The Soulshake Bell resonated melodically.

The essence of sound?

Qing Shui forcefully circulated his Ancient Strengthening Technique, but his body shook. His face was already pale, but now it was completely drained of colour.

But Qing Shui didn't care, because he was watching a scene that filled him with sheer joy. At that exact moment when the purple coloured mist hit the Black Champion Monarch Falcon on his head, it let out a shrill cry, flapping its wings chaotically and tumbling......

The Ancestor of the Immortal Sword Sect was accidentally thrown off from the back of the falcon from it tossing about... Not only that, he suddenly saw the enormous pair of Black Champion Monarch Falcon's feet along with its claws which were capable of breaking the mountain and crushing the boulders stretched towards him. Its gigantic wings which were able to to cover the sky and block the sun flapped towards him.

The Ancestor who was in mid air was already deathly pale from the shock. There was no doubt he would die if he were to fall from this height so he was fervently hoping to be able to return onto the back of the Black Champion Monarch Falcon.

But he never expected that the big bird, who was always tame around him, would stretch its claws towards him. There was not even a spot for him to exert his force in midair.

He wouldn't be afraid of those ferocious pair of deadly claws if he were on the ground. But on top of blocking and being struck down by those pair of wings, he was plummeting down rapidly from the height of ten thousand meters in the sky. That unwilling cry was filled with despair.


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