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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 263


AST 263 - Qing Shui, You're Still Looking... The Storm is Approaching

The moment Qing Shui stepped out, the sight of the vibrant Flower of Life greeted him. His heart wavered...

Qing Shui slowly walked towards that vibrant Flower of life. He remembered the name of this flower - the Flower of Life, had the ability to extend one's lifespan and could be added into medicine. But its healing effect was unknown.

Standing in front of the Flower of Life, Qing Shui decided to pluck it after careful consideration before he exited the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. It would bloom again after a year anyway.

It was already late night by then. Qing Shui noticed that the floor of the pavilion which Canghai Mingyue was staying was still as bright as day, lit by the Light Stones so he tidied himself up, and walked towards the building.

The breeze of the summer night was cool. Qing Shui entered the pavilion where the two women were staying. As soon as he entered the living room, he discovered that Canghai Mingyue had fallen asleep while leaning against the sofa.

Qing Shui knew that perhaps she was too exhausted and the most exhausted part of all was her heart. He laid the Flower of Life on top of the tea table which was just in front of the sofa. He hesitated for a moment before he gently lifted Canghai Mingyue into his arms.

Quite light, it was a nice feeling. A woman's body was really soft. Qing Shui hadn't taken a single step with Canghai Mingyue in his arms before she stirred awake. She was quite alarmed the moment she opened her eyes, but gradually calmed down when she realized that it was Qing Shui.

’’I fell asleep while waiting for you!’’ Canghai Mingyue said languidly, a little embarrassed.

Qing Shui smiled and slowly put her down. ’’Go have a rest. I will be here. Remember to lock the door...’’

Canghai Mingyue was dazed then turned red and looked at Qing Shui with displeasure before returning to her room. After hearing the door being locked, Qing Shui couldn't suppress his laughter.

Qing Shui took the Flower of Life and walked into Huoyun Liu-Li's bedroom. He slowly sat beside the bed and started to worry. He only remembered that he had to feed Huoyun Liu-Li the Flower of Life after he let Canghai Mingyue leave. What should he do now?

Qing Shui knew this thing would not last long after being plucked. Nevertheless Qing Shui wanted to give this a try. If a human can directly consume this to increase their lifespan by 10 years, then even if this couldn't save Huoyun Liu-Li it should not have any after-effects.

He stood in front of Canghai Mingyue's room and knocked on the door.

The door swung open almost immediately. Canghai Mingyue was still wearing the same thin layer of plain clothes, the outline of her body curves could be seen through it. Qing Shui's eyes glazed over from the fragrance of faint orchid.

Qing Shui was looking at those not busty but definitely enchanting curves of her body. Her breasts were perfectly perky and of the perfect bamboo shoot shape;not at all saggy, and appeared to be especially full from the way they lifted the thin layer of clothes up. Those beautiful arcs and perfect outline made Qing Shui feel uncertain if they would either perfectly fit or spill out from his hands.

’’Qing Shui, are you done looking...’’ Canghai Mingyue pointed out in annoyance. Qing Shui had been staring at her chest as soon she had opened the door.

’’Oh! Yes, wonderful! Just the right size!’’ Qing Shui grinned while looking at the beautiful face of Canghai Mingyue, who bashfully glared at him.

’’This bastard is getting more and more daring,’’ Canghai Mingyue huffed lightly with her head lowered.

A beautiful woman like her would take away one's breath with just her beauty, let alone seeing this kind of coyness from someone with her extraordinary elegance.

’’Hehe, let's go. There's something I need your help with.’’ Qing Shui quickly turned around. He had been a little too impulsive.

Canghai Mingyue entered the room not long after and w

alked over to sit beside the bed after seeing Huoyun Liu-Li. She tenderly took one of her hands into hers with a heavy heart.

’’Mingyue, feed Liu-Li this...’’

Canghai Mingyue looked at the delicate and charming flower that Qing Shui handed over. It was very gorgeous and very lively. She gave Qing Shui a puzzled look.

’’This flower may wake Liu-Li up very soon,’’ Qing Shui smiled at Canghai Mingyue and explained.

’’Oh!’’ Canghai Mingyue hurriedly took it.

After looking at the unconscious Huoyun Liu-Li, she softly asked ’’How do I feed this to her?’’

’’Through the mouth...’’

The room turned silent as soon as Qing Shui finished his sentence!

Canghai Mingyue looked at Qing Shui and after a while she asked: ’’Why did you not do it yourself?’’

’’Such intimacy is improper...’’

’’You are not repulsed by Liu-Li right...’’ Canghai Mingyue said sadly.

’’Am I that kind of person in your eyes?’’ Qing Shui looked at Canghai Mingyue bitterly.

’’No, I'm just saying!’’ Canghai Mingyue laughed.

’’Then, can you go out while I feed her...’’ Canghai Mingyue felt a little nervous just thinking about feeding her mouth to mouth.

’’No,’’ Qing Shui grinned.


’’I still have to help her circulate Qi, or else even if you feed her it wouldn't go down.’’ Qing Shui smiled wryly while touching his nose.

Qing Shui sat at one side of Huoyun Liu-Li and held up one of her hands. ’’Duo Cultivation’’ started to circulate in between him and Huoyun Liu-Li.

’’You're not allowed to look!’’ Canghai Mingyue repeated for the third time.

’’I won't look!’’ Qing Shui laughed, seeing the reluctance in Canghai Mingyue.

’’This Flower of Life will lose its effect soon. The more you delay, the less effective it becomes!’’ Qing Shui looked that the Flower of Life in Canghai Mingyue's hands.

’’Ah!’’ Canghai Mingyue cried out in shock! She quickly pulled a petal off and placed it in her mouth before gently chewing it a few times.

Qing Shui stared at those translucent lips. No words could describe the alluring curves of her lips. He could hardly believe that it was possible for a woman to actually reach this level of natural beauty.


Qing Shui couldn't help but blush and lowered his head shamefully. He was so entranced that he swallowed his saliva without thinking.

Canghai Mingyue's delicate body jumped in surprise. She gave a smile at the embarrassed Qing Shui. It was too bad that Qing Shui missed that devastatingly beautiful smile of hers. By the time he had the cheek to look up, Canghai Mingyue had already pressed her lips together with Huoyun Liu-Li's, her eyes closed tight.

Qing Shui indulged in the reverie-like scene. His mind kept replaying the same scene with him in Huoyun Liu-Li's place instead...

It took about an hour for the Flower of Life to finally be fed by Canghai Mingyue. She had to ignore Qing Shui dumbly staring at them throughout the entire process. As soon as that was done, she quickly fled to her own room without saying anything.

Qing Shui continued using the ’’Duo Cultivation’’ to interweave the yin and the yang with Huoyun Liu-Li. The Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique was continuously fed to her body to stimulate her life force, and also at the same time, help her to disperse the power of the Flower of Life.

As time trickled by, Qing Shui gradually became excited because the life force in Huoyun Liu-Li was slowly becoming stronger. The nine needles on her chest also started quivering.

Just like this, Qing Shui tirelessly stayed awake until the next day. Canghai Mingyue woke up to find Qing Shui had remained in the same spot as she left him last night.

’’Qing Shui, is Liu-Li waking up anytime soon?’’ Canghai Mingyue quietly asked while looking at Huoyun Liu-Li.

It was as if Huoyun Liu-Li was in a deep slumber right now. She was different than yesterday;her face was not as pale. Her heart twitched in pain when she saw the bloody scar.

’’She adores Qing Shui so much. Even if she recovered, that scar would still... Even if Qing Shui has accepted her, she might not be able to accept herself. I know her personality well.’’ Canghai Mingyue felt the pain in her heart when the thought crossed her mind.

’’Should be... Two more hours. I can feel it,’’ Qing Shui happily reached over to pull out the Nine Golden Essence Needles.

It was the first time Qing Shui skipped his morning cultivation. He silently waited for Huoyun Liu-Li to wake up. Canghai and his wife who came early in the morning were very delighted upon hearing the news of Huoyun Liu-Li waking up very soon.

’’I will boil some porridge for little Liu-Li! It will definitely come in handy!’’ Canghai's wife immediately left after finishing her sentence.

’’Qing Shui, old blind will make his move tomorrow.’’

Qing Shui's hand trembled at the words of Canghai. A bitter smile was plastered on Canghai's face helplessly. They could neither fight nor run away. Was there anything worse than this?

Just when they fell into the deep silence, Huoyun Liu-Li slowly cracked open her eyes. The weak groan of pain she let out brought everyone's attention back.




The Four of them happily squealed!

’’I didn't die, hehe!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li instantly smiled. Her smile strained the injury on her body and her face, and made her yelp in pain. She brought her hand up to her face quickly.

Qing Shui and the others felt anxious looking at her movement. After all, it was difficult for anyone to accept the fact that a woman of unparalleled beauty had suddenly become a terrifying and scarred woman.

’’Am I ugly?’’ Huoyun Liu-Li softly asked after a while. Her tone was very relaxed, especially after looking at the guilt showing on Canghai Mingyue's face. She laughed lightly.

’’Not ugly, not even the slightest bit!’’


’’I'm so hungry, step mommy, is there anything to eat?’’

’’Of course, give me a minute, my daughter,’’ Canghai's wife said hurriedly before going out.

Qing Shui felt bad in his heart too. He knew that Huoyun Liu-Li was very sad;she was just hiding it because she didn't want others to be sad for her, so she pretended like she didn't even care. But she didn't know that the more she pretended it was ok, the sadder everyone was.

’’Not even a bit ugly. You're still so beautiful!’’ Qing Shui lightly assured her while sitting on the edge of the bed.

Qing Shui didn't want to mention what would cure the scar on her face because this would only make her even sadder.

Finally, Canghai's wife spoonfed Huoyun Liu-Li a whole bowl of porridge. Currently it was as if she had just recuperated from a severe illness, so it was less suitable for her to take food that was too nourishing. She could only consume a little food that could easily be digested.

’’I'm fine, go and be busy with your things. I wish to sleep a little more,’’ Huoyun Liu-Li ate a little bit and lightly said after a while.

No one said a thing. Canghai and his wife only comforted Huoyun Liu-Li a little before they left with a sad smile. Canghai Mingyue sat beside Huoyun Liu-Li.

’’Liu-Li, you should cry if you feel like it!’’ Canghai Mingyue looked at Huoyun Liu-Li with her red eyes.

’’Big Sister, what happened to you? Why would I cry? Those who escaped the risk of death are bound to have good fortune. I am very happy! I just have to wait for my great fortune!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li chuckled, only to strain her injuring, causing her to wince in pain.

’’Liu-Li, Big Sister will let you recover. If I can't, I will stay beside you forever,’’ Canghai Mingyue said softly.

Everyone understood her ambiguous words, but no one wanted to say it out loud. They were just worried that it might provoke Huoyun Liu-Li. The main issue now was the scar on her face.

’’What's the problem? A scar ten times more serious than that small scar could still be perfectly healed. And she would be prettier than before. The most important thing now is to let that Huoyun Liu-Li recover fast,’’ Qing Shui laughed.

’’Really?’’ Canghai Mingyue was pleasantly surprised.

Qing Shui unintentionally saw the ray of hope in Huoyun Liu-Li's eyes.

’’When have I ever lied to you all? We are just lacking a type of medicinal ingredient, but I'm sure we can find it soon. By then not only could Liu-Li's scar be removed, but she'd look even more beautiful and her beauty could even be retained for 30 more years.’’

’’That's awesome...’’ Canghai Mingyue happily said. Although she looked at Qing Shui with a little doubt, she looked very happy when she was looking at Huoyun Liu-Li.

Huoyun Liu-Li knew that they were just saying this to make her happy. It was not that the medicine required to completely remove a scar like hers didn't exist, just that they were too scarce and hard to come by. There were even legends about the existence of miracle medicines made of dead human flesh and bones.

Qing Shui was really superficial. Even if he were to synthesize Beauty Pellets, it wasn't mentioned that they were capable of scar removal.

After Qing Shui and Canghai Mingyue left, Huoyun Liu-Li could no longer keep her tears in control. Her weak sobs were almost inaudible.


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