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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 260


Chapter 260: Kill! Kill! Qing Shui's tears, Saintly Hands!

Qing Shui could feel his heart breaking as he took in the sight of the beautiful tragedy unfolding in mid-air, watching on helplessly as Huoyun Liu-Li's motionless body was cast aside, possibly dead.


Qing Shui let out a loud, anguished wail. His cry was like a grieving wolf's howl, shocking and deafening everyone around him. From the sound of his hoarse voice, anyone could tell that he had screamed his heart out.

After his shout,, the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique that had been circulating very quickly in his body suddenly went berserk, and the thick energy rapidly whirled around within him.

LIke a racing horse, the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique circulated quickly without without any sign of slowing down. Traces of blood similar to the shape of spiderwebs dyed both his eyes in an unusual demonic shade of red. The Big Dipper Sword trembled slightly in his hands because of the overflow of power.


In one breath, a clear sound sounded out from Qing Shui's body. Never did he imagine that the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique could circulate at this alarming rate. This aggressiveness was too difficult for him to handle.

When the sound of a sharp snap ran through the air, Qing Shui once again succeeded in surpassing the 89th cycle of circulated Qi and breaking into the 90th cycle. However, even with the sudden flow of tremendous power rising from within his body, he couldn't bring himself to be delighted.

Seeing how Qing Shui had zoned out, Elder Ying soundlessly swung the large Heaven Shattering Blade to deliver a strike to Qing Shui with an evil grin on his face.

Was this his killing move?

As soon as Elder Ying swung his blade, Qing Shui's bloodshot eyes abruptly froze him on the spot. It made his heart palpitate unevenly. His blade was also paused from delivering the attack. What kind of expression was that? The clarity in both of his eyes were long gone, replaced by a demonic presence.

After the pause, the blade then came smashing down with great agility!

Driven by pure hatred, Qing Shui went all out to fight under the surge of an explosive amount of power. He refused to think about anything else at that moment. The only thing that was clear in his mind was the uncertainty of whether or not Huoyun Liu-Li was still alive. Remembering all those times he had been through with her, the power of fury impelled him to attack even more violently than before.

The sword brimming with subconscious hatred had actually infused with the third wave!

Sword of third wave!


Stupefied, Elder Ying watched as his large blade was blown away from the impact. At the same time, his chest suffered a kick. It was at that moment he knew that he was done for.

Filled with hatred, Qing Shui's foot had lashed out and directly tore a hole in Elder Ying's chest, causing his battered and smashed-up body to ram against a stone wall located some distance away. Amidst the rain of blood in the sky, the vivid sound of the large Heavenly Shattering Blade falling to the ground alarmed Elder Sun.

Qing Shui looked in the direction of the injured Canghai Mingyue and saw that she was having much difficulty in holding herself together. If she didn't have the Golden-ringed Battle Skirt with her, the injury she suffered would be worse. Fire Bird was also covered in scars and wounds as his fiery feathers scattered around. It had sustained the most injuries since it had repetitively used its large physique to shield Canghai Mingyue from the chain of dangerous attacks.

It hadn't been breathing violet fireballs for a long period of time!

As Qing Shui stared in sorrow at Huoyun Liu-Li who was lying on the ground motionlessly on top of a pool of blood, he flung the Big Dipper Sword into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal!

Soaring Crane Steps!

The agitation and the fury he felt in his heart was enough to drive him to the brink of destruction. Elder Sun cowered at the sight of Qing Shui's bloodshot eyes. He never cried out for Elder Ying's death the entire time. Other than the feeling of utter disbelief and incomprehension, he just wanted to survive.

’’Mingyue, take care of Liu-Li. I will be there in less than three breaths.’’

Canghai Mingyue's heart quivered when she heard his hoarse voice and saw the traces of blood in his eyes. Then, she quickly turned and hurried in Huoyun Liu-Li's direction!

It was a rather long story to tell. In short, it was just Qing Shui brazenly speaking to Elder Sun in a dull manner as he dashed out towards him. Curious, Canghai Mingyue cast a quick glance over her shoulders and was shocked at the sight of Qing Shui running towards Elder Sun.

In a flash of lightning, Qing Shui used Soaring Crane steps to move in Elder Sun's direction. Panicking, Elder Sun quickly made use of his abrasive wit, intending to thrust the sword into Qing Shui's chest. The strike had a fierce drilling force that was as fast as lightning, causing sparks of fire. Yet, the move looked very simple.

Canghai Mingyue was in a state of shock. Stunned, she stared as the long sword missed. However, it still managed to pierce through Qing Shui's abdomen. When she saw the diabolical laugh on Elder Sun's face, she felt as if a piece of her soul went missing.

Elder Sun glared at Qing Shui in a ruthless manner, only to find the youth giving him a small merciless smile in return. On top of that, the sight of Qing Shui's pair of bloody eyes made him shiver uncontrollably!

Right at this moment!

Qing Shui used a tiger form skill, the Ripping Tiger Claw, that had never been used before. It was the most brutal of all tiger form attacks! Elder Sun could only watch helplessly as Qing Shui effortlessly impaled his hand through his chest!

Ripping Tiger Claw's explosive force could effectively raise the might of his palm by 10%!

His other hand pulled a punch that instantly smashed the head of Elder Sun, who did not die in peace, into pieces. The more Qing Shui thought about Huoyun Liu-Li's condition, the more he wanted to thrash the man until he turned into nothing but dust. Even if he did, it would still not assuage his hatred.

He pulled the sword out from his abdomen, causing blood to immediately gush out from the wound. Only this would make him feel better. Pale, Qing Shui quickly ran towards Huoyun Liu-Li, leaving a trail of blood behind him. He reached to find Canghai Mingyue staring at him in a daze.

But Qing Shui couldn't care less anymore. His wounds were gradually being healed by the Ancient Strengthening Technique's abnormal effect. He didn't even bother to look at Canghai Mingyue as he ran past her, only stopping when he reached Huoyun Liu-Li's side.

Bloodstains covered Huoyun Liu-Li's face as her whole body laid in the pool of blood.

Qing Shui hurriedly extended his hand to Huoyun Liu-Li's nose to check if she's still breathing. In an instant, he took out the NIne Golden Essence Needles and extended his right hand. Slowly, his hand turned transparent, similar to that of a translucent and sparkling jade!

It was the mystical sacred hands displaying its full power after a complete breakthrough!

’’Liu-Li, listen to me, you can't die, you can't! I won't allow you to die, can you hear me?’’ Tears started to fall from Qing Shui's eyes, his hoarse voice carrying a strange, penetrative force.

Without any hesitation, the first Golden Essence Needle was penetrated into the major acupoint at her breast, which was also known as the death acupoint, Shan Zhong!

Eyes brimming with tears, Canghai Mingyue kneeled by Huoyun Liu-Li's side. She couldn't bring herself to cry no matter how it grieved her to see Huoyun Liu-Li in this state. She was at a loss at what to do. The body lying on the ground right now should have been her, but who knew that Huoyun Liul-Li would dash out at that last moment, taking her place....

’’Qing Shui, how's Liu-Li doing?’’

Canghai Mingyue looked at them both: Huoyun Liu-Li, so disfigured that she barely looked human, and Qing Shui, covered in blood and marked with a fearsome wound. Even at this very moment, Qing Shui was still giving Huoyun Liu-Li the acupuncture treatment while crying all the while.

It was her first time seeing Qing Shui bursting into tears for a woman as a reason. His murder of the two elders kept replaying in her mind, haunting her constantly, especially the moment when he risked his life and limb to end the fight with an alarming speed.

All so he could attempt to save Huoyun Liu-Li faster.

Fear invaded her heart as she took in the sight of Qing Shui's appearance and what he had said. If this man was now in such a state, then the possibility of reviving Huoyun Liu-Li must be very small.

His tears kept streaming down his cheeks with every insert he made with the needle. Saintly Hands, a pair of glittering and translucent hands, slapped against the body that wore only thin bloodstained clothes with the battle skirt removed. The sound of cracking bones going back to their original positions could be heard throughout the process.


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