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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 253


AST 253 - Bronze Collar, Calamity of a beauty

Qing Shui was lost in his thoughts because he suddenly remembered that some blueprints in this world had special characteristic hidden in them.

The dazzling collar didn't have any adornments, and it had the thickness of a finger. It's appearance after creation appeared pure and unmixed in with other metals. Originally, for items forged with bronze, they would usually be soft. But when Qing Shui executed his primordial flames to refine them, he would obtain the bronze essence in the bronze, which was many times stronger and tougher compared to ordinary bronze.

In addition to the Thousand Hammer Technique, its density was extraordinary and obviously of a much higher quality compared to other collars.

Activating his Heavenly Vision Technique, he discovered that the collar was at the 1-color grade, and it had the effect of enhancing one's speed by 10%!

Just a simple line of words caused Qing Shui to feel extremely joyful, an increment of 10% speed wasn't a small thing to his fire bird. For equipment at the 1-colored grade, their enhancement would usually be in 10%. When converted to numbers, usually the enhancement would be over 100 points in a particular attribute. How could Qing Shui not be happy?

The best 1-colored equipment he forged had enhancement to three attributes, while the Coldsteel boots which he forged a bit later could be considered to have enhancement to four attributes. These two items could be considered the pinnacle of Qing Shui's current forging skills.

Qing Shui took the bronze collar and entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. A shrill bird cry rang out as the fire bird flew towards Qing Shui.

Qing Shui mounted the firebird and then, he equipped the bronze collar on its neck. It was as though the fire bird could feel the mystical enhancement effects of the collar. With a shrill and excited shriek, it climbed up into the air and soared in the skies of the spatial realm. The gigantic red wings fanned out behind it, appearing extremely majestic.

After which, Qing Shui exited the spatial realm as he returned to his blacksmith store, opening it for business once again.

Currently, Qing Shui had five weapons;three were jagged swords, while two were Green-edge Swords.

Looking at the gender-specific equipments in his blueprints, Qing Shui prepared to forge a set of battle armor. The defense of this armor would surely be terrifying and it could ignore the hack and slashes of ordinary sword and sabres.

There were still quite a huge portion of the 1,000 year coldsteel left. However. Qing Shui wished to use them to forge boots for the Canghai couple. This time round, they would have to depend on Canghai couple if they wanted to survive the encirclement by the Immortal Sword Sect.

And as he thought of this, there wasn't any fear nor terror in his heart. Instead, there was only a passionate surge of excitement, anticipation for the coming unavoidable battle. Qing Shui was somewhat shocked by his own emotions, he had no idea why he would be feeling like this.

Looking at the patch of golden and jade green snake skins in his spatial realm, his gaze turned to the Tempered Metallic Essences that he hadn't had the chance to use yet.

This time round, Qing Shui decided that he would use it. It was a pity that his forging level wasn't high enough and could only currently handle a Grade 10 Tempered Metallic Essence.

’’If I push myself to the limits, I should be able to handle Grade 20 Tempered Metallic Essences. There are 8 pieces of Grade 10 Essences, I could refine 6 of them into 3 Grade 20 essences, just like the theory behind refining gemstones.

And just as Qing Shui retrieved the Tempered Metallic Essence and wanted to begin refining it, a line of people abruptly walked into his blacksmith store. And upon seeing a young man and a familiar looking woman entering, Qing Shui couldn't help but to laugh bitterly.

Initially he had thought that after that day, the group of ruffians he chased out by demonstrating his sword skill and lightly cutting the neck of the pigtailed woman would be sufficient to scare them off. To think that they would actually still dare to come back of their own accord. Qing Shui continued doing his stuff, thinking in his heart that as long as they don't find trouble for him, he wouldn't mind having them here.

’’Little Ai, is this the blacksmith that bullied you?’’ A scholarly and handsome looking youth nonchalantly asked.

’’Yes, baby you have to get justice for me >.<, this is the first time I'm being bullied to such a great extent.’’ The woman pouted, her eyes were filled with tears as her voice took on the nauseous sweetness of coaxing.

Qing Shui currently was irritated, he didn't have the time nor mood to deal with some rich young master from some clan because of some random woman. And if Qing Shui really wanted a 'piece' of her, he wouldn't have been stupid enough to injure her and leading to a situation like this today.

’’Wow, 3rd young master of the Qi Clan is so manly!’’ The se*ily dressed woman called out coquettishly.

’’Slut!' Suddenly an unknown person called out from within the crowd.

’’Who said that? Come out if you have the guts, and watch if your mother, me, wild smack you to death!’’ The se*ily dressed woman with her hair tied in a ponytail called out while adopting a high and mighty manner.

Everyone, ’’... ’’

Qing Shui was also extremely shocked when he heard that voice. Initially, he only thought that the fashion sense of this woman was extremely captivating, and had never imagined that such strong-handed words would actually come out of her mouth. If there was only a single man, that man would definitely be willing to be smacked to death by her hands. However now, her words actually caused the crowd of guys to burst out into derisive laughter.

Qing Shui could sense the 3rd young master of the Qi Clan shifting his gaze over to him, the gentle expressions in his eyes instantly transformed into a look as sharp as sabres. Qing Shui raise his head, looking at the youth that just stepped into Xiantian. His eyes were expressionless, he didn't give a damn about him, it was just that he didn't feel like offending the clan behind him. Actually, Qing Shui didn't really give a damn about offending these people.

’’Wow Qing Shui, you seem busy. Do you need our help?’’ The charming9o voice of Huoyun Liu-Li suddenly drifted over.

Qing Shui inclined his head as he noticed Huoyun Liu-Li and Canghai Mingyue walking over with a smile on their faces.

’’Miss Canghai, I'm very happy to see you here.’’ Ignoring the look on surprise on Qing Shui's face, the 3rd young master of the Qi Clan smiled as he walked towards Canghai Mingyue.

’’Mmm, what are you doing here?’’ Canghai Mingyue indifferently replied, without smiling. The smile on her face when she entered was only for Qing Shui.

’’Pingtian, who is this? Why didn't you introduce her to me?’’ The woman rushed forward as she flirtatiously hugged the arm of the 3rd young master from the Qi Clan.

She was filled with envy and jealousy when she saw how he gazed at the two women who just arrived. She had never seen the 3rd young master of the Qi Clan look at a woman with such a gaze before.



Qing Shui almost couldn't believe his eyes, the 3rd young master of the Qi Clan actually slapped the flirtatious woman, the impact forcing her onto the ground.

’’Miss Canghai, it's all the fault of this stupid woman. You should also know that these stupid women always behave like this, she actually dares thinks that I would fall for her charm. I, Qi Tianping, am not one of those lusty and lecherous guy.’’

Qing Shui naturally knew what this young master was planning. He was planning on showing his 'righteous' side to Canghai Mingyue. Qing Shui would bet anything that after the young master saw Canghai Mingyue, he immediately felt that the quality of the that woman was a pile of dogshit, and decided to push her away for fear of misunderstandings.

Huoyun had already arrived brside of Qing Shui earlier. In her eyes, there was an unmistakable concern. Qing Shui was very thankful for the silent concern of Huoyun. Initially, he had thought that with her personality, it was impossible for her to be truly concerned about others, but he was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was wrong.

There was many people in the crowd that were attracted by Qing Shui and Huoyun Liu-Li. Even Canghai Mingyue was somewhat distracted by how good they looked together.

No one in the crowd noticed the ponytailed hair woman, who had blood seeping out of her mouth, had hatred in her eyes as she stared at Qi Tianping, Qing Shui and Canghai Mingyue, before she silently departed the area.

’’Miss Canghai, I wonder if I can have the honor to inviting you to enjoy lunch together.’’ Qi Tianping shrugged his shoulders in a carefree manner as he smiled at Canghai Mingyue.

Canghai Mingyue stared back at him serenely, with no emotions in her eyes as an imposing aura emanated forth from her. This was actually sufficient enough to cause Qi Tianping to be drenched in cold sweat. His earlier carefree demeanor totally disappeared as he tried to escape in a panic. This was something that all men had to face - rejection. Therefore, normally in this world, guys would only go after girls who were of similar strength or those that are weaker than them.

Qing Shui glanced at Canghai Mingyue with humor in his eyes. Only a minority of males dared to lock their gazes together with Canghai Mingyue, and this was actually the first time that he saw a guy ending up in such a pitiful state, getting rejected by Canghai Mingyue.

And upon seeing the laughing expression in Qing Shui's eyes, those earlier who wanted to profess their love immediately turned tail and ran away, with the 3rd young master from the Qi Clan leading the way. After which, the majority of the crowd that hung about because of the excitement left and the remaining few were those who stayed behind to look at the rumored god-like weapons.


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