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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 250


AST 250 - Additional Enhancement: Cold Poison, Storm Clouds Approaches

’’What if, i'm saying what if. If i've no more strength to protect my Canghai Clan, I hope you will protect Yueyue.’’ Canghai sighed, as sorrow could be seen in his eyes.

’’Father, is there something wrong?’’ Canghai Mingyue paled as she gazed at Canghai, panic could be seen flashing in that dark beautiful eyes of hers.

’’Yueyue, i'm only saying what if. Don't worry!’’ Canghai shot a doting gaze towards Canghai Mingyue,

Although Qing Shui's countenance remained unchanged, his heart was akin to great waves surging forth. Qing Shui knew that since Canghai had said such a thing, it would only meant that something bad would soon happen to him.

The first thing Qing Shui thought of, was the Immortal Sword Sect. However, after calming down, he remembered that Canghai didn't even put those from the Immortal Sword Sect in his eyes, looking down on them with contempt.

Canghai calmly looked at Qing Shui, waiting for his reply. Qing Shui was thinking in his heart, if there's something even Canghai couldn't deal with, how could he deal with it? Initially he was thinking to decline, but upon seeing the resolute gaze of a father, Qing Shui gave in. Although he never had a father, he could empathise with Canghai, after all he was a father-figure himself to his adopted children.

’’I promise. I will do my very best to take care of your daughter.’’ Qing Shui said with a tone akin to chopping the nail, and slicing the iron, filled with resolution. Determination could be felt strongly in his words.

Qing Shui wouldn't say something like I will do so if i'm still alive as it serves no purposes and he wouldn't go and ask Canghai as to what exactly happened. He knew that if Canghai wanted to or could say it, he would have already done so. However Qing Shui was still somewhat worried. He knew that without Canghai, he would no longer have any backing in the Southern City. When the enemies rushed up in the future, it may even be impossible to escape from this region.

The atmosphere in the room became heavy as Canghai Mingyue's eyes grew red. This was the first time Qing Shui saw her in such a fragile state, if not for today, Qing Shui wouldn't have thought that Canghai Mingyue would still have this side to her.

’’Father, shall we leave here? If we leave there wouldn't be any bad thing happening right?’’ Canghai Mingyue clutched Canghai's sleeves in a panic.

’’It's too late, I never thought that there would be such huge changes after 30 years.’’ Canghai laughed bitterly.

’’Father, who exactly is trying to deal with you?’’ Tears flow unbidden down the face of Canghai Mingyue. She was was meticulous in her thoughts, exceptionally intelligent. How could she not understood the gravity of the situation?

On the contrary, Canghai Mingyue's mom had traces of a faint smile on her face, trying to comfort her. However, no matter how good her acting was, she couldn't completely hide the slight tightness in the middle of her brows.

’’Immortal Sword Sect, I've never thought that the foolish old guy in the Immortal Sword Sect would suddenly break through after 30 years.’’ Canghai grimaced.

’’Senior, do we really don't have the slightest bit of chance at all?’’ Qing Shui frowned. If currently he could make his Soulshake Bell break through to the 4th level, he would have the confidence to flee on flying beasts.

’’It's useless, the mount of that old fellow was the ’’Black Champion Monarch Falcon’’, it's speed is extraordinary fast, there's no way ordinary flying beasts would be able to evade its pursuit.

Qing Shui had heard of this particular demonic beast before. After all, demonic beasts with Monarch, Emperor, or King in their names, would usually be incredibly strong demonic beasts.

’’Senior, how long do we have?’’ Qing Shui kept thinking about the soulshake bell in his spatial realm. What a pity that time was too short.

’’About one month i guess. That old fellow wants to catch all of my Canghai Clan and you in one net. If not he would have made his move long ago.’’ Canghai replied.

’’Senior, try your best to delay for time, there may be a miracle.’’ Qing Shui seriously spoke, he knew that since Canghai asked him to take care of his daughter, he would already made up his mind to fight to the death, so as to obtain more time to allow his family members to escape.

’’Father, is this caused by the incident yueyue incited previously?’’ Canghai Mingyue thought back to the Young Master Feng, as well as injuring the two elders.

Canghai Mingyue also remembered back then when Qing Shui publicly humiliated the big fatty from the Immortal Sword Sect. She didn't know if these things were connected, she only felt extremely sad and was in a confused state of mind. A sense of helplessness gradually encroached on her heart, she didn't dare to imagine spending her days without a father, he was always her pillar of emotional support!

She suddenly realised why her father wanted Qing Shui to take care of her............

’’Silly girl, this has nothing to do with you. 30 years ago your Father me blinded one of that old fellow's eyes. Back then we already decided that either me or him must die, we couldn't share the same heavens. However, our cultivation bases were similar back then but i was more skillful by a shade, winning narrowly. Who would have thought that blind old fool suddenly tread on some dogshit luck and broke through?’’ Canghai laughed, trying to lighten up the atmosphere.

Upon leaving, Qing Shui speculated in his heart. Originally he guessed Canghai's cultivation base was at the peak of Martial king Realm. However, after hearing his words, Qing Shui could deduce that both Canghai and that blind old fellow of the Immortal Sword Sect should have already long broken through the next level. Qing Shui's senses were extraordinary strong, and could feel how incredible their aura was despite them intentionally not releasing it.

If he wanted to escape, there should still be some hope. The necklace Qing Shui forged could increase the speed of the fire bird. Originally, the speed of the fire bird would already be on similar levels to that of the Black Champion Monarch Falcon, not to mention after it ate the agility-enhancing fruits, energy-enhancing fruits, endurance fruit, and two small revitalizing pellets.

Qing Shui initially thought that with the existence of Canghai here, he could live here peacefully for a period of time. Who would have thought that something like this would happen, Qing Shui would never consider retreating back to the Hundred Miles City, he didn't want to lure any trouble back to that place where his clan members are living. Although earlier Canghai told him that this was not caused by his actions, Qing Shui had a faint feeling that there was a very high probability that his actions caused all of this.

Entering into his spatial realm, the first thing he wanted to do, was to level up his soulshake bell. After which, he cultivated the Ancient Strengthening Technique as well as his hidden weapon techniques. He knew that to fight someone of a higher level, it would be almost impossible to win without hidden tricks. His eyes suddenly shone with a luster as he thought of something.

1,000 year cold steel!

After all, he was already a blacksmith, Qing Shui abruptly realised that he should start forging some hidden weapons for himself. He decided to use the 1,000 years cold steel to forge a set of Coldsteel needles similar to the size of the golden needles for his own usage.

Just thinking of it caused him to be endlessly excited. He still had the mould he used to forged the golden needles earlier, back then he was afraid that he wouldn't succeed in a single try and thus bought more of it.

Qing Shui refined a small piece of it using his primordial flame, and pour the remnant coldsteel liquid into the mould. In this whole process, Qing Shui utilized his Saintly Hands along with the Qi from the Ancient Strengthening Technique, imbuing the essence of his Ancient Strengthening Technique within the needle. After which, he executed the Thousand Hammer Technique and lost himself within the forging process. Qing Shui truly wanted to see what enhancement would this end product would have, as the metal used was none other than the 1,000 year coldsteel!

After the product was finished, it was also a 9-inch long needle. Qing Shui placed it in his hands, it was incredibly difficult to spot it if one was not looking for it, the glow it exuded caused it to be almost transparent, and the cold air it emits would even cause people near a certain distance to shiver.

After which, he began trying to level up the soulshake bell. From his experiments, Qing Shui knew that the soulshake bell would be able to undergo the refinement process 10 times a day. And every time during refinement, a faint purple glow would emanate from it. After 10 times, the purple glow would disappear and thus that was how Qing Shui came out with his conjecture. He knew that if he wanted to level up the soulshake bell, he had to refine it relentlessly to it's limits every single chance he had.

After which, he practiced with his new hidden weapon in his spatial realm while marvelling at its effects. As it was too thin, there would naturally be limits to it's attack power, thus Qing Shui could only aim for the heart or eyes of his enemies. Engrossed in his practice, it wasn't till much later that he realised he forgotten to do a very important thing.

’’Argh how could i forget?’’ Qing Shui immediately activated his Heavenly Vision Technique and studied the Coldsteel needle. After reading the additional information, he was stunned into silence.

Additional Enhancement: Cold Poison!

Qing Shui cracked his head for half a day and still couldn't be sure of how he achieved that. But from the words, he knew that the weapon's attack would incorporate the effects of cold poison, it was just that he didn't know the extent of it.

He didn't really understood what happened but he knew that this was surely something good. The more poisonous it was the better, after all, if he used this Coldsteel Needle, it would be utilized as a sneak attack, the moment he used it, the opponent had to die.

The rest of the time, Qing Shui cultivated his other martial techniques.

He was still at the 3rd Waves for the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palms. It was true that this technique was overwhelming, however he had already trained it to it's limits. He didn't know when would he have that moment of epiphany to breakthrough to the next level. This technique was overbearing to the point that Qing Shui knew if he executed the 5th wave with his current cultivation level, even Canghai wouldn't dare to take his strike headon. The overwhelmingness was too overpowered.

As for the crane form at the small success stage, there was still a great distance before he could reach the large success stage. Fortunately, Qing Shui was improving day by day, albeit at a slow pace. This was already good enough for him, after all some things can't be forced, but had to be achieved step by step!

Storm clouds are approaching! Qing Shui felt the level of danger wasn't any less than the previous time Gongyang Xuanhong rushed to the Hundred Miles City wanted to annihilate the then him and his clan. Previously, his goddess master as well as Baili Jingwei saved him. However, who would be his savior this time round?


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