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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 249


AST 249 - A Lousy Blacksmith is still better than you who hugs the pig daily.

’’1 billion taels of gold... ’’

Qing Shui raised his head as he seriously regarded the middle aged fatty, who had his arms around the willowy waist of a charming girl. The gaze of that fatty was extremely arrogant and Qing Shui just didn't like the face of that guy.

’’You... you... What shit are you selling? How could it be so expensive?’’ The middle aged fatty's face turned red. After all, he freely allowed Qing Shui to state his price, but he hadn't expect Qing Shui to blurt out such a ridiculous amount. This caused him to feel like Qing Shui was playing a trick on him.

’’Yup, I already said i'm not selling this for money, but didn't you want to force me to put a price on it? No one is forcing you to buy it.’’ Qing Shui faintly smiled as he continued what he was doing.

’’Who do you think you are!? You are just a lousy blacksmith.’’ The charming woman standing at the side of the fatty snorted in disdain.

’’A lousy blacksmith is still better than you, who because of some money, has to hug this pig every day.’’ A melodious, attractive voice drifted over.

Turning his gaze, Qing Shui's eyes widened as he saw Huoyun Liu-Li and Canghai Mingyue walking into the store. The one who spoke was Huoyun, and she was fluttering her eyelashes in a flirty manner as she stared at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose as he stared at the two beautiful women. The feeling of being called a lousy blacksmith in public by such a peerless beauty left him slightly speechless.

Initially, the charming woman at the side of the fatty still wanted to counter Huoyun's words with even more of her arguments, but the moment her eyes landed on the two peerless beauty, she stood there stunned. Just from their demeanour and the grace they exuded, she knew that they were people that she would never be able to compare to.

Everyone in the crowd was stunned into silence as they stared at the pair of beauties that just entered the store. Even though her words were coarse and unpleasant to hear, when it was said in a voice as sweet and as charming as her's, in addition to her peerless looks, everyone started nodding to show their agreement.

When pretty girls makes mistakes, even God would forgive them, let alone this bunch of mortals. Not to mention that her words reflected what many thought in their hearts, it was just that they didn't dare to say it out loud.

The first sentence, ’’Let's go home, why do you have to stand here and suffer the supercilious looks of others!?’’ Canghai Mingyue smiled, her countenance gave off a feeling of gentleness causing people to stare in wonder.

Qing Shui was slightly moved. The words of Huoyun Liu-Li and Canghai Mingyue caused Qing Shui to feel extremely heart warming.

The gazes of the other guys in the crowd turned hot, flickering with envy and jealousy!

’’Mr. Blacksmith is really extraordinary, to think that you would have two peerless beauty as your wives. How could you bear to leave them alone at home while coming out to operate a blacksmith store?’’

’’A true sage doesn't show all the cards in his hands. An expert indeed, passing through a field of flowers but not allowing a single petal to stain him, even women would pay to get a piece of you.’’

’’If Mr. Blacksmith becomes a rapist, every women would open their doors wide and wait for you. At that time, it's still a question who would be the actual rapist... ’’


Upon hearing the discussions, Huoyun Liu-Li and Canghai Mingyue blushed as their faces turned red. Especially Canghai Mingyue ,who gazed at Qing Shui with some anger in her eyes, she realised that every time she interacted with Qing Shui, she would be at a disadvantage.

If it were not for Huoyun Liu-Li's insistence, she wouldn't have bothered to come out today. That day when she came out, she witnessed Qing Shui together with another woman. Seems like this little brat wasn't doing too badly.

However, the moment they entered, they actually saw a woman saying that Qing Shui was a lousy blacksmith. At that moment, she only felt a sourness in her heart, although she knew Qing Shui wasn't someone easy to take advantage of, she felt somewhat hurt when she saw someone regarding him with disdain.

’’Everyone please leave, we're closed now.’’ Qing Shui smiled bitterly at the rest of the customers.

The customers only cast a glance at each other as they let out understanding smiles and left.

’’Qing Shui, are you okay? Seeing you like this makes me feel pain in my heart, this pain is even worst when compared to if i'm the one being looked down on.’’ Huoyun Liu-Li walked to his side as she said lightly.

The second sentence, ’’My parents want you to have dinner at my house, I wonder if will you turn up.’’ Canghai Mingyue lightly added.

Qing Shui smiled bitterly as he walked in front of one of the shelf. ’’Come and try these on, you would be surprised at how fast you can run.’’

The two girls, ’’... ’’

’’This boots are so beautiful, I love it!’’ Huoyun accepted a pair.

Canghai Mingyue didn't accept them right away, she stood there with a questioning gaze in her eyes as she stared at Qing Shui.

’’These two pair of boots were created for you both. Temporarily, please bear with the quality. However, the effects are still quite good, try it and you will know.’’ Qing Shui shrugged.

’’I'm going to wear it now!’’ Huoyun Liu-Li exclaimed in excitement.

Qing Shui then turned his gaze onto Canghai Mingyue, only to see a struggle in her eyes.

’’Don't worry, this is just merely me wanting to gift something to both of you, I won't expect anything in return.’’ Qing Shui rubbed his nose as he laughed awkwardly. It would truly be depressing if a girl rejects something a guy worked so hard to gift to her.

Canghai Mingyue was as though she knew what he was thinking about, she extended her hands and accepted the pair of boots from Qing Shui. She couldn't help silently admire its beauty and her heart slightly warmed when she thought of the fact that this was created specially for her with his very own hands.

’’Huh, this can increase my speed?’’ Huoyun exclaimed in wonder. Qing Shui turned his head as he nodded. Looking at the dainty legs of Huoyun Liu-Li wearing his boots, he involuntarily felt a comfortable feeling in his heart. After all, these boots of his were forged with the intention to only allow beautiful women to equip.

’’To think that it could actually increase my speed by 10%. Oh my God, how did you forge this Qing Shui?’’ Huoyun Liu-Li danced about wielding a sword.

’’Sister Mingyue, look I can do it now!’’

The sword that Huoyun was using now was the first sword Qing Shui had forged. That graceful figure of hers moved like the clouds in the skies, her sword strikes like flood dragons, spinning about in the air, interweaving left and right like an agile snake in the grass, moving forward with a gentle waver!

Qing Shui stared at her dumbstruck. Canghai Mingyue was also seriously looking at Huoyun. After a while, she turned her gaze to the beautiful boots in her hands.

After a while, Huoyun stopped, as a sheen of perspiration could be seen on her face. Her face grew red as she stare unblinkingly at Qing Shui, it was unknown whether was she excited or embarrassed.

’’I'll prepare even better ones for you girls in the future.’’ Qing Shui laughed as he walked in the direction of the exit, preparing to leave.

’’Do you meet people like those type who came here earlier every day?’’ Canghai Mingyue wasn't someone who liked to talk a lot, this should only be her third sentence.

The first sentence, ’’Let's go home, why do you have to stand here and suffer the supercilious looks of others!?’’

The second sentence, ’’My parents want you to have dinner at my home, i wonder if will you turn up.’’

Thinking of the two sentences by Canghai Mingyue, Qing Shui gazed at Canghai Mingyue with a hint of shock in his eyes. However, he couldn't tell anything from the countenance of her.

’’Nope, do I look like someone who is easily taken advantage of? Thank you for showing concern for me.’’ Qing Shui laughed.

Canghai Mingyue silently regarded Qing Shui, without saying anything. Qing Shui could only laugh awkwardly, but still, from the eyes of Canghai Mingyue, Qing Shui could already feel a slight change for her feelings towards him.

How he wanted to go back to the days of before where he teased her, calling her yueyue and seeing her expression of shyness. Now, Qing Shui could feel a widening distance between him and her, and it didn't seem possible for him to be able to bring back the past where he could still joke with her.


The blacksmith store was only half a street away from the Canghai Residence. Huoyun Liu-Li walked in front, leading the way. She walk sometimes and ran at others, testing out the enhancement effects of her new pair of boots. It would be strange if she didn't fully immerse herself in testing the effects after obtaining such a wonderful pair of boots.

The Canghai Couple were very happy when they saw Qing Shui. However, when they noticed their daughter's coolness regarding Qing Shui, they were helpless to do anything too

’’Qing Shui, how are you faring recently? Why didn't you come and visit us?’’ Canghai's wife gently asked.

Qing Shui could only rub the back of his head and laugh. However, his actions caused Canghai Mingyue to roll her eyes at him. This fellow always acts like a honest guy in front of her parents...

There was a scrumptious meal prepared by Canghai's wife. Canghai also took out the Tigerbone Amplification wine, which Qing Shui left for him previously. Losing themselves in drinking, Canghai's face was flushed red, chatting with Qing Shui about the interesting things he had seen in his travels as the meal was finished in high spirits.

After which, the atmosphere abruptly underwent a change as Canghai sighed.

’’Qing Shui, actually there's still a matter I would like to trouble you with.’’ Canghai said solemnly.

’’Senior, please speak. If I can do it, I will do it.’’ Qing Shui seriously replied.

Even Canghai Mingyue was seriously listening as well, because she knew that it was very rare for her her father to seek out others for help, not to mention such a young man like Qing Shui.

’’What if, i'm saying, what if I have no more strength to protect my Canghai Clan, I hope that you will protect Yueyue.’’ Canghai sighed, as sorrow could be seen in his eyes.


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