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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 244


AST 244 - Surpassing 1000 hammer knocks, Epitome of bright eyes and white teeth

’’Look quickly, there're 2 new weapons today! They are obviously much better than the other two, if I had such a weapon it would be easy to catch a wild boar,’’ a simply-dressed man felt the Jagged Sword on the shelf and chuckled.

’’Use this weapon for wild boars... ’’

’’This weapon is neither here nor there, the price is too high,’’ A young man sighed.

’’Trading is possible, I'll go and get my family's treasure,’’ A man shouted happily.

’’Don't show off your family's toys,’’ Another sneered.

Qing Shui did not care, and he buried himself in making his weapons. He did not plan to sell them, but if he was in need of money, he wouldn't mind selling them cheap, though he would want a trade of equal value.

Qing Shui thought that the thousand hammers of the Thousand Hammer Technique was just a phase;though it was considered a pass only after attaining a thousand hammers, he had been attaining thousand hammers just whirling the Jagged Sword for 3 consecutive times now. Qing Shui thus guessed that achieving a breakthrough in the Thousand Hammer Technique would level his Art of Forging up.

’’Sister Mingyue, that bad man really didn't come for us anymore.’’ In a room on the second floor of Building 1 in the Cang Hai Family, Huoyun Liuli and Canghai Mingyue stood in front of a window, looking into the blue sky.

’’Why? are you missing him only after 1 day of not seeing him?’’ Canghai Mingyue lifted her lips and laughed.

’’Who's missing him? To think we pleaded for mercy for the woman the other time, I didn't think that this bad man would become so close with her, though she looks really attractive to men,’’ Huoyun Liuli laughed, a little disappointed.

’’They hadn't been close then, but now I'm not so sure now.’’ Canghai Mingyue looked and smiled faintly at Huoyun Liuli who started talking incoherently. That air of majestic aloofness was so natural.

Huoyun Liuli looked back at Canghai Mingyue, sighing inwardly. She knew that Mingyue returned back to her old self because of Qing Shui, and she also changed slightly because of him. She had never seen anyone who teased Mingyue like how Qing Shui did, but she knew now that even Qing Shui himself would never be able to do that anymore.

’’How does Sister know they hadn't been close?’’ The conversation between two women was much more natural. c

’’Intuition!’’ Canghai Mingyue laughed.


’’Is Sister ccstill angry at Qing Shui?’’ Huoyun Liuli asked softly. e to zaman i

Canghai Mingyue's pouted into a perfect arc, ’’Why would I be angry at him?’’

’’Liuli, you can go look for him if you want to, but don't regret it afterwards. I'm different to you.’’ Canghai Mingyue turned to face Huoyun Liuli beside her and smiled.

Qing Shui landed his Thousand Hammers strikes once again, a shining radiance suggested that the Jagged Sword was done. He examined the Jagged Sword that looked no different from the previous ones, and he understood that the Art of Forging was one that required prolonged forging practices, and he would not be successful within a day or two.

No pain, no gain. Qing Shui had always believed in that, no matter what. He placed this Jagged Sword, which was had the same element as the first, on the shelf, making it a total of 4 such swords on the shelf.

Just as Qing Shui was smelting a piece of Forging Material, 3 women entered. Three young and pretty ladies, complementing each other's beauty when standing together, exuding an astonishing beauty.

Especially the one who looked 25-26 years old, whose body had a gentle S curve, the peaks on her chest were not exaggerated but they were especially perky, pushing her pink top up high, making one drool.

She had a delicate face with bright eyes and a set of jade white teeth, exuding herotic spirit, her white jade-like nose looked like a jade carving, and showed off a personality that was different to other ladies. Her eyebrows were like crescents, her slender soft neck so beautiful, and she radiated an intellectual, elegant air.

She was the most beautiful woman Qing Shui had seen in so many days, after Canghai Mingyue, Huoyun Liuli and Qinghan Ye. He thought all three were pretty at first glance, but after spotting the one in the middle, the two beside her paled in comparison.

Although, the other two beside her were especially curvy, their chests swelling, anyone could tell that they were full even with the clothing covering. Their rounded, full hips were also capable of making men crazy.

Looking at the foxy, frivolous faces of the two on the side, Qing Shui knew that it was the result of being moistened by rain dew. The full, curvy bodies let Qing Shui imagine that they must be moistened by men frequently.

The tri-coloured dresses also allowed Qing Shui to guess that they were from Joyous Sect. It's no wonder they were so foxy and curvy, and their faces so sensual. Being moistened by men everyday enhanced their already superior visuals, making them as charming as witches. It's a pity that they were lacking when compared to the tall, gentle and intellectual beauty in the middle.

Qing Shui glanced up at them slowly, looked a little surprised, and then lowered his head to continue his work. The other men in the shop were different;many of them stared at the full chests and rounded hips greedily, drooling, their eye balls almost popping out.

Many of them then tried to get close to the three women, hoping for an ’’accidental’’ bump, but the intellectual one in the centre swept her eyes across them. The cold air that blew through that instance made everyone stop in their tracks, paving a path for the women.

The two full, foxy women beside her smiled coyly at the crowd, at men they thought nothing of, and curled their lips, their smiles full of disdain.

The lady walked up to the shelf and frowned at the weapons there.

She suddenly flicked her head back at Qing Shui. ’’Is the one you're forging now the same as these?’’

Her voice was graceful and attractive, a little penetrating but full of feelings. The heart could almost feel it as the voice entered one's ears.

Qing Shui looked up and scanned her, that clear eyes watched as she stood in front of the weapons rack without extending her hands. He stared at the spotless, intellectual and delicate lady, and knew that she did not want to touch those weapons that have been touched by many.

’’Mm, it's the same, you may come and see if you want to buy it later.’’ Qing Shui retracted his gaze and poured the smelted liquid into the silver mould.

She did not seem to like to speak, and when she heard Qing Shui, she stood nearby and watched him silently. Qing Shui looked dubiously at her, and realised that the other two from Joyous Sect were also standing beside her, looking at him with interest, their eyes watery and radiant!

Qing Shui retracted his gaze without any reaction and continued moulding his Jagged Sword, at the same time guessing the woman's identity. Seeing how respectfully the two Joyous Sect women treated her, Qing Shui felt that she was not yet a Xiantian, but she was already at the peak of Houtian. That air around her was fierce, but she was born with it, intellectual with a fierce presence that brings fear.

The other two women were also at the peak of Houtian. Attaining that at such an age was considered superbly talented. After all, reaching the peak of Houtian at around 30 years of age was fairly good.

Qing Shui forged the Jagged Sword, hammer strike by hammer strike, gleams of shock were radiated from the eyes of the three women, while others in the shop were used to it. First-timers would be attracted to the movements of Qing Shui's hammering.

After a thousand hammer strikes, Qing Shui was about to stop before he realised that the usual gleam did not appear. He instantly calmed his excitement down and he continued to swing the metal hammer, simply and generously hammering on.

After 15 hammer strikes, the familiar gleam lit up, the radiance more apparent than previous times. Although it passed quickly, it attracted the attention of everyone in the shop. As the gleam disappeared and the weapon returned to normal in an instant, everyone thought that it was an hallucination, but the three who were closest saw it clearly.

Qing Shui used the Heavenly Vision Technique on this weapon that looked even more common than the previous ones, and he was utterly astonished by what he saw. Because there were 4 words.

1 color-graded divine Weapon!

Qing Shui knew there was a grade in the Art of Forging, divided into 7 smaller grades, from 1 to 7! Just like 1-color graded weapon was named 1 color-graded divine Weapon, 1-color graded armour was called 1-color graded divine Armour.

Breaking through the thousand hammer strikes to achieve 1-color grade, would 2-color grade then require 2000 hammer strikes... now that he had only attained 1015 hammers, how many times of forging would be needed to reach and break through 2000, how many hammers would need to be whirled? 10,000 times, 100,000 times or uncountable!

Qing Shui stared dazed at the Jagged Sword, only recovering aftersome time. No one disturbed him, and he then used his Heavenly Vision Technique again.

Jagged Sword, 1-color divine Weapon, increase Strength by 100, increase Endurance by 30 and increase Agility by 10!

’’Damn!’’ Qing Shui couldn't stop himself from shouting out, and, he realising something was wrong, looked up and saw that people were staring shocked at him, before bursting into laughter.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose awkwardly, and glanced at the three ladies. The one in the middle had her head slightly lowered, while the two curvy and flirtatious women beside her looked at him in amusement, smiling charmingly. But Qing Shui had no interest in women who had fun every night.

Increase in Strength by 100 meant 500kg, 500kg, even Xiantian cultivators would be tempted. Qing Shui did not expect to surpass 1000 hammer strikes. The additional attribute from creating a 1-color graded divine Weapon had thought to be of little value, but now, because of this supplementary attribute, it was definitely a better weapon. There were even 3 attributes, 30 Endurance can increase much capabilities, an even more valuable feature was the increase in speed. In the nine continents, anything related to speed was good.

Qing Shui put the hammer down and slowly held the Jagged Sword. He instantly felt a strong force surging through his arm and spreading throughout his body. Simultaneously, his body felt like it had a layer of armour, and his legs felt lighter.

It was only now that Qing Shui gazed at the three ladies, and lightly said, ’’This weapon is for trade, not for sale.’’ With that, he passed the Jagged Sword to the intellectual lady in the middle.

The lady hesitated, before extending a cold, slender, jade white hand, and received the Jagged Sword from Qing Shui.

At that immediate moment, the lady's eyes shone and glimmered like stars in the night sky, her se*y small mouth slightly parted, showing Shui a glimpse of her white teeth.

She was truly the epitome of the idiom, bright eyes and white teeth!


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