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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 238


AST 238 - Arrogant Blacksmith, Joyous Sect's Qing Hanye!

The words of Qing Shui filled the young man with endless astonishment. He glared at Qing Shui with a victory-assured gaze in his eyes as he added, ’’If you lose, follow me back to my clan and be my personal blacksmith. From now onwards, you are only to listen to my orders!’’

’’Sure, but if you lose I want you to hold my signboard and stand outside my store for a total of three days.’’ Qing Shui laughed as he pointed to the newly created signboard of his.

At this exact moment, another voice rang out from within the crowd, ’’Young Master Ying, it's this store. This is the store I was talking about!’’

Qing Shui frowned because he saw a line of people clad in white robes and wielding long swords stepping into his store. The moment the other customers saw their uniforms, they immediately created space and stood aside, not daring to obstruct their path.

Upon seeing the insignia of the Immortal Sword Sect, Qing Shui couldn't help but give a bitter laugh. Once he saw that super big sized fatty, Qing Shui already knew what was going on.

He was still feeling strange. Why didn't that super fatty come to find trouble with him earlier? The answer was finally revealed. That fatty already found his location but decided to bring reinforcement before coming.

’’Little fatty, this was the man who caused you to lose face?’’ A 30+ year old man gazed at the fatty who was beside him.

’’Little fatty?’’ Qing Shui almost spat out blood. Little? Little your mum! Qing Shui stared at the well-built youth at the side of fatty. He could see a cruel light flashing in the eyes of that man.

’’Cousin, it's him, he's the person who threw my face. Not only that, he shamed our entire Immortal Sword Sect as well.’’ The big fatty replied, with looks of grievances in his eyes.

’’I truly don't understand why grandpa didn't want me to interfere. Little Fatty, don't worry. Your cousin is here to avenge all the wrongs you suffered.’’ The young man laughed, appearing extremely confident as he glanced at the fatty.

’’Don't worry cousin, I've already reserved two top class beauties from the top level of the Peony Court for your enjoyment.’’ The big fatty spoke lightly, but Qing Shui could hear his words as though the fatty was standing beside him.

Peony Court again? The top level too... was there a difference? Qing Shui wanted to ask Canghai Mingyue about the Peony Court. When he thought of how she left in a huff last night, he knew that with her personality, there was no way that she would come to find him of her own accord.

He was feeling anxious and agitated. Qing Shui didn't know how he managed to offend Canghai Mingyue. No wonder people said that beautiful women were all tough to handle.

’’Little brat, do you know that we are from the Immortal Sword Sect?’’ A heavy and rough sounding voice shook Qing Shui from his reverie. The owner of this voice was none other than the man with the herculean physique whose eyes glinted with a cruel-looking light.

’’I know, of course I know.’’ On the contrary, Qing Shui wasn't cowed at all. He still had the cheek to smile in response.

’’Brat, you don't look to be that stupid, why do you insist on doing stupid things? I truly don't understand,’’ The herculean man let out a cold laughter as he shook his head.

’’You don't understand because you are stupid. As stupid as a pig.’’ Qing Shui indifferently replied, but the tone of his voice caused the anger of the earlier man to burst to his limits.

’’I F****D your mother. ARE YOU COURTING DEATH?’’ The herculean man abruptly slashed out his sword, moving towards Qing Shui!

Qing Shui's soft spot was none other than his mom. Regardless of words or actions, Qing Shui would completely ensure the culprit would visit the yellow springs as long as he insulted his mother.

Qing Shui's eyes narrowed, as his gaze turned as sharp as sword. Wielding the huge hammer in his hands, he chopped forward with the might of thunder.


At the moment of contact, the hammer of Qing Shui's struck out twice in rapid succession, as a deafening roar echoed amidst a shower of blood. The angered Qing Shui demolished the head of his target. Not even the slightest bit of resemblance could be seen from the remaining pulp.

’’Those that dare to insult my mother, regardless of who it is, shall not be left alive.’’ Qing Shui lightly spoke as he turned his gaze to the dumbfounded crowd.

Arrogant! This was true arrogance!

’’Fatty, I already said it before if I see you again, I will smash your d*ck into pieces. Have you forgotten?’’ Qing Shui casted a glance at the thunderstruck fatty. After which, the hammer in his hand flung out, smashing the lower half of the Fatty's body into a total mess.

’’NO, NOoOoOoO~!’’ Fatty screamed, but everything was already too late.

’’Scram. If you want to come here again, bring someone of sufficient power.’’ Qing Shui turned back as he smiled, speaking to the rest of the Immortal Sword Sect members who were drenched in blood.

From the start, Qing Shui already didn't have any good will with regards to members of the Immortal Sword Sect. He already had disputes with Young Master Feng, Grandpa Feng, and a few other elders. Now, there was this super big sized fatty.

The disciples of the Immortal Sword Sect carried the unconscious fatty away, while streams of perspiration dripped down unceasingly on the face of the young man who was at the 1st stage of Xiantian. The moment Qing Shui exuded his powerful Qi, the young man already knew that he made a mistake he shouldn't have committed.

’’This blacksmith is too powerful!’’ Another young man remarked.

’’Only now did I know that the arts of blacksmiths could also be used to kill people. Their hammer is their greatest weapon...’’

’’I must definitely marry a blacksmith!’’ A slightly meatier female was mesmerised as she mumbled.

’’Why didn't I learn smithing when I was younger?!’’ An aged uncle lamented.


Qing Shui then shifted his glance again to the earlier self-confident youth at the 1st stage of Xiantian. The challenge between them had yet to start!

’’Let's not fight anymore, I'll go hold the signboard for three days!’’ The youth hurriedly replied in a fluster.

Qing Shui couldn't hold back his smile. Terror was insufficient to describe the feelings the other customers felt after they saw the bloody methods of Qing Shui. Now, they saw him with a smile on his face again. How incredibly demon-like but yet why was it so attractive?

After the crowd dispersed, Qing Shui's left hand was still holding onto the Bluebronze sword. On it, there wasn't the slightest stain of blood because Qing Shui had already decided to gift this sword to Huoyun Liu-Li. This was also why he chose to use the hammer earlier instead of his sword.

Just with that commotion, most of the afternoon had already passed. Qing Shui picked up the bloody hammer again, rinsing the gore and blood off it. However just as he prepared to start forging again, a woman walked into his store. The figure of this woman was full but with no excess hints of fat. Each and every one of her movements was filled with inconceivable charm. From now onwards, Qing Shui knew that no matter how many times he would see her in the future, he would always be reminded of the day they first met.

Her watersnake waist, and the gait set by her slender and long legs which culminated in the left-right rhythm bouncing of her full butt was most assuredly capable of causing any man to salivate!

She had peach blossom eyes, as well as a straight nose. Her cherry lips were lightly curled in a smile as she gazed at Qing Shui.

Joyous Sect's Qinghan Ye!


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