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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 229


AST 229 -Qing Shui's state of profoundness

Why didn't he know to use Heavenly Vision Technique to see... ?

’’It looks like I must use the Heavenly Vision Technique more frequently now!’’

Not only could Heavenly Vision Technique allow one to view internal details of another person's physical body, because of it, Qing Shui had discovered the marvels of Spring Palace Portrait and the Tempered Metallic Essence. It would be lying to say that he was not excited. He even got these Tempered Metallic Essence a step ahead of that middle aged man, thinking about it made him even more excited.

Thinking about what he had told Huoyun Liuli about happiness earlier in the day, wasn't this happiness for him right now. Qing Shui looked at the Tempered Metallic Essence in his hands and chuckled to himself.

Happiness was built on one's range of abilities or slightly beyond it, and he would be very happy if he was obtained or realised something. Having too high an expectation might result in dejection, but realising that expectation would be a huge surprise.

Using primordial flames to refine the remaining Tempered Metallic Essence revealed a silvery black surface. Qing Shui stared at the 2 pieces of Grade 30 Tempered Metallic Essence and the piece of Grade 50 Tempered Metallic Essence.

Qing Shui felt their quality, and he found that each feature of the Grade 30 essence was 3 times that of a Grade 10 essence, and a Grade 50 was 5 times that of a Grade 10.

Smelting and smelting again, Qing Shui knew that Grade 30 Tempered Metallic Essence might be similar to smelting gems. 2 Grade 10 Tempered Metallic Essence may be smelted into a Grade 20 Tempered Metallic Essence, while failure would result in the loss of both Grade 10 Tempered Metallic Essences.

2 Grade 20 Tempered Metallic Essence could be smelted into a Grade 30 Tempered Metallic Essence. Projecting that, a Grade 30 Tempered Metallic Essence would be a product of 4 Grade 10 Tempered Metallic Essences.

A Grade 50 Tempered Metallic Essence would be 16 Grade 10 Tempered Metallic Essences, not counting those that had failed and were destroyed. Qing Shui was a little stunned holding the piece of Grade 50 Tempered Metallic Essence.

’’Who knew which grade was the piece that man bought!?’’ Qing Shui recalled the expression of the man yesterday, though even a Grade 10 essence was precious enough.

Qing Shui decided to ask for the source of the essences the next time he bumped into the old man, and he was sure that middle aged man wanted to ask as well. Thus, he got the old man to leave before anything bad happened to him.

Qing Shui's Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm was still stagnant at the Third Wave, though he was now more adept at using it. The Thousand Buddha Palm Imprint was too complex, and Qing Shui could only do some parts of it that were more natural and flexible for transformations. The most important thing was that Qing Shui had grasped the moves of the Third Wave.

He liked The power of Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm, but according to his experience, Qing Shui knew not to use it easily.

At least he would not use it in front of a crowd when it was not as powerful. Taking out the Big Dipper Sword and practising it daily enabled Qing Shui to attain the peak of True Realm, though he was not at Obscure Realm yet.

(Basic Sword Techniques) was the only sword technique Qing Shui knew. The Taiji Sword he swung casually was incomparable to this Grade 70 one, which, according to his knowledge, had been one of the top weapons.

Stabbing and jabbing the sword, who knew how many times had he practised stabbing and jabbing. It was silent, and its speed was more natural than usual, with a tinge of simplicity. Qing Shui was the most emotional when practising this stroke, and he had practised this move the most.

After uncountable times!

Qing Shui jabbed again, and there was no sound of the air being pierced. It was like a fish swimming rapidly in the water without disturbing the peaceful surface, as though no energy was being released.

There even seemed to be no power on the sword, but Qing Shui that knew once it touched the target, a surge of torrential force would erupt immediately.

All encompassing! Could this be the All Encompassing Realm, also the Obscure Realm above the True Realm!

Obscure Realm!

Qing Shui was a little doubtful of the sword on his hand, the realm of his sword technique had not been enhanced. But it was stagnant at the peak of the True Realm, unable to break through. Afterall, matters of the realm were quite iffy, other than perceptivity, luck was also needed.

Qing Shui was not so sure. He had only felt it suddenly while practising, that feeling seemed to have been therefor a long time. He was confused as to how he had entered the Obscure Realm.

True Realm was where one could see the insides of something, where something could be seen through, and the rules within an item could be well understood to use the item to its greatest.

Obscure Realm, as compared to the True Realm, was a level higher. Like a fish who does not feel itself in the water, and unknowingly adapting to it and using it to a state of perfection, the power within was already beyond the self.

The Obscure Realm enabled one to exhaust one's entire energy without wasting it. Common men or some powerful warriors, as long as they were not at the Obscure Realm, would waste energy. They would leak energy, and an imposing air was a form of the energy leak.

A true elite warrior could return to one's original nature and be like a common man, containing all his energy within without releasing any. But once he was in a battle, he would be able to gather all that energy towards a particular target. The emitted energies would be suffocating.

Warriors in the realms beloy the Obscure Realm would always release some of their energy no matter how much they try to contain it. And the more powerful they were, the more energy they released, thus one would usually determine the other party's strength through the energy released.

Of course, such is possible when the abilities of both parties were similar, or when the stronger warrior detects the abilities of the weaker. Hence, one would know if the other was stronger or weaker by detecting the energy.

Qing Shui had been able to contain all his energy, this was why Canghai Mingyue and Sir and Madame Canghai had been shocked when they saw him, since they were Martial Kings. Canghai was especially and indescribably astonished that he could contain his energy to the extent that his past realms were almost concealed.

Obscurity, very few Martial Kings were able to reach this realm. The difficulty of sword techniques were not easier than Energy Techniques. Moreover, the nine continents preferred strength over techniques because it was useless to practice skills without practicing strength, hence strength was definitely preferred.

Obscurity not only allows the energy to be contained, it even helps when dealing with force. Like Qing Shui's sword move, it was calm and ordinary, with no air of brutality, as the energy was contained on the sword without any leaks. At full power, when it was dealt, may be reduced to 80% or 50%, but one who attained the Obscure Realm would be able to deal 100% of the force, and it could also slightly increase it if the strength was fully focused.

This was the advantage of Obscurity, not only could one conceal his energy, the other side of not reducing the force dealt out was increasing one's abilities. This was much more powerful than True Realm.

Qing Shui was still in disbelief that he had entered into the Obscure Realm. There was no difference nor special change, only more confidence in performing the sword techniques, and the ability to control it to his satisfaction.

Stabbing, Pointing, Splitting, and a mediocre Carrying, Hooking and Slicing, those could be performed adeptly, but only Stabbing had attained the Obscure Realm.

Although it was only Stabbing, he could now practise other techniques successfully with half the effort. Realms beyond Obscure Realm allowed one to advance rapidly and achieve the same level within a short period.

Qing Shui continued to practise Stabbing, patiently training that one technique in the Realm of the Violet Immortal, to solidify the Realm of Obscurity.

He had, after all, just attained it. In about 10 days, other than eating and resting, Qing Shui had spent all of his time on Stabbing, and he was satisfied with the result of 10 days of hard work.

Stabbing with the sword has a simple gleam within the calm rhythm, the simple majesty. Qing Shui knew that his attaining of the Obscure Realm was linked to the glorious scenic screen. Conceiving that magnificent air and perceptions had much of an effect on having a breakthrough.

It seemed about time, so Qing Shui showered and changed before leaving the Realm of Violet Immortal. He looked at the 10 pieces of Tempered Metallic Essences before leaving, planning to wait till he could forge before forging them into desired items.

It was a dreamless night. Qing Shui maximised his training time in the Realm of the Violet Immortal till he was exhausted, before leaving, so he would immediately sleep after stepping out of the realm.

He felt refreshed in the morning, preferring the air outside the realm, as the Realm of the Violet Immortal had a feeling of being in a deep, old forest, cut off from the rest of the world.

Qing Shui still had the habit of practising Taiji every morning, and he practised it as he pleased. Qing Shui no longer tried to experience the wispy state, but he only practised it to calm himself. Hence, he was like a common man that practising the moves without any energy, even the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique that automatically comes up would be concealed.

Smoothly and slowly practising the Taiji, Qing Shui seemed to be contented at the moment after attaining Obscure Realm, his mind was temporarily in a state of void and contentment.

Without desire, doing as one pleases, they were just right for Taiji moves, Qing Shui had practised Taiji countless of times but this was especially smooth, another Single Whip!

’’Pa!’’ There was a clear blast in the air!

Qing Shui was stunned, he had not used the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, even the strength was like that of a common man.

But what was that sound, in his past life, this loud clap would mean he had attained Sect Master level!

While he was in shock, Sir and Madame Canghai in the distance were shocked, they were used to seeing Qing Shui practising his moves from the window every morning.

But today when Qing Shui appeared, Canghai's eyes went into a slit. The little energy leak he had always felt was absent. If he had not known that Qing Shui had some cultivation and was almost the peak of Xiantian, he would mistake him for having had no training before.

’’Ruotong, it is actually Obscurity, he had actually reached the realm of Obscurity,’’ Canghai said with no evident emotion.

’’Yes, I'm afraid it would be difficult to tell who's the winner if I should duel with him,’’ The lady was smiling gently in contrast, her red lips charming and attractive, that air of maturity that makes her beautiful no matter her emotion, made Canghai in a daze too.

Looking at Canghai, the lady gently held Canghai's hand. The years of relationship between the married couple was deeper than the sea, higher than the mountains.

’’I really don't want Yueyue to miss out on this affinity, it is worrying if Yueyue doesn't even appreciate this young chap,’’ Canghai said bitterly.

’’What are you talking about, our daughter is the best, huh huh, do you want to bet?’’ Ruotong slightly lifted her head and smiled sweetly.

’’Make a bet? On what?’’ Canghai smiled bitterly at his wife, the beauty that did not seem to diminish over years. He had never won a bet all these years.

’’Puha, right, you have never won a bet before,’’ Ruotong looked awkwardly at Canghai before bursting into laughter, that bright eyes and white teeth were especially charming.

’’Bet on what, say it, I will definitely win this time,’’ Canghai looked at the attractive expression of his wife, with a greater fire burning in him in the morning, he took Ruotong tightly in his arms, against the petite body of peaks and curves.

’’It's broad daylight, what are you doing!’’ Ruotong whined shyly, and remembered how they tossed around a few times each night, all thanks to that Tigerbone Yang Amplification Beauty Purification Wine.

’’We're an old couple, it's alright to hug, what's there to be surprised about.’’ Canghai happily stared at his wife's lovely face and kissed her hard.

’’Let's bet whether Yueyue and Qing Shui will get together?’’ Ruotong shyly replied.

’’How shall we bet?’’ Talking about Canghai Mingyue and Qing Shui got him interested.

’’I'm betting on Yueyue and Qing Shui getting together in 5 years' time, if you're thinking the same thing we won't bet,’’ Ruotong slyly batted her se*y eyes.

’’I could lose to you on other things, but I'll bet with you on this, and I hope to lose. What shall we bet on?’’ Canghai chuckled heartily.

’’When the results are determined the winner will be granted a request of any sort, but the request must be doable. How about that?’’ Ruotong cutely suggested.

’’Alright, I'll promise you anything if I lose, but you're gonna lose!’’ Canghai laughed, his hands crept up to Ruotong's rounded bottom and grabbed it twice.

’’Frivolous old man...’’


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