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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 227


AST 227 - A Magical Special Skill?

A few days passed since the fight happened. Qing Shui's life continued with its routines. He felt a lack in his skills when he arrived in the Greencloud City. Xiantian experts appeared one in ten thousand. The population of nine continent was immeasurably large, so it was not strange to meet those people, especially in the Continent's Capital.

He expected Martial Kings to be everywhere, and imagined Xiantians to be worthless. It was no longer surprising that as one reached a certain high level, the people he met changed. Of course, there would be coincidences. It was just like how Qing Shui had known that Qinghan Ye's grandfather was a Martial King, and how he would not have discovered it if not for his own capabilities.

Other than the normal training, Qing Shui depended on his Ancient Art of Forging. He eventually discovered that the effects of his primordial flames were the best. It was a discovery out of the blue, but at the same time, it allowed Qing Shui to realise whatever he knew. He would learn that it would align in the core of the Ancient Strengthening Technique.

Till now, Qing Shui had not understood what level forging in the nine continents had reached. However, he would randomly spot martial artists donned in full armour suits. From afar, there was a variety of armours: silvery and gleaming, golden, dull and dreary, or duo-toned and colorful...

There was a heavy armour with especially strong defence. Special gold was also used for good and heavy armour, which enabled one to neutralise some, or all of an attack. In principle, it would offset a part of the attack, but weak attackers might not produce any harm at all. Because of this principle, every martial artist in the nine continents hoped to have the legendary, god-level armour suit.

Qing Shui did not know how powerful his Ancient Art of Forging was, but he believed it was higher than the forging skill level in the nine continents. However, the main problem was the materials, as QIng Shui knew that some materials needed to create the armour were impossible to acquire.

Qing Shui had been researching the Ancient Art of Forging during these few days in the Realm of the Violet Immortal. He reached the conclusion that it was the same as Alchemy. It required proficiency, but unlike Alchemy, attaining the prescription did not solely depend on experience. One could immediately start cultivating when materials were gathered.

The Ancient Art of Forging had no formula, only techniques. One could cultivate whatever he wanted. However, the lack of experience may result in a higher rate of failure, and even if it succeeded, the quality would be low.

Experience... experience was needed again. Alchemy needed experience, and eventually its enormous amount led him to feel uneasy. That cycle for Ancient Strengthening Technique was so difficult to train, especially breaking through the barrier.

Now with Ancient Art of Forging, Qing Shui thought that there would also be a great difference in levels amongst forging, stitching, alchemy, gem synthesizing, smelting, and insetting.

Even at the last part, there was no hint of the level. He decided to buy a few cauldrons such as the smelting cauldron, blacksmith cauldron, and sewing work table...

Qing Shui had high expectations of the things he was going to forge in the future. For example, wearing the boots forged through the Ancient Art of Forging could greatly increase speed and attack. Donning armour suits forged through the Ancient Art of Forging could enhance defence endurance, and the powerful additional attributes. Honestly, Qing Shui mostly looked forward to see whether the items he forged would have special skill and some rare attributes.

Thinking about special skill, they were special skills that were exceptionally potent. While one could incur minor damage, major harm would be casted on the enemy and potentially turn the tables on the current situation.

Qing Shui's chest grew hot just thinking about the special skill. Even if a defenceless armour was forged, there would still be a chance of special skill appearing. Anyways, his current goal now was to obtain special skill. He thought of the most powerful and defiant stunt - Deliverance by the Barge of Mercy by the Buddhists!

Deliverance by the Barge of Mercy enabled everyone in a certain range to be revived without any injuries. Their state was returned to when they were the strongest. The one performing the skill, however, would be reduced to a common man. He would need some precious medicinal herbs or pellets within a time period to be healed.

If one had this skill of Deliverance by the Barge of Mercy, the effects would definitely change. It was too miraculous and almost impossible, hence Qing Shui did not doubt the authenticity of its marvelous effects.

Also, for the Revival and Spell of Spirit Resurgence, Qing Shui did not know what to think. The nine continents had rumours of the art of reviving. The Central City had an alchemist who knew the art of Revival, but it had a condition that one must not be dead for more than an hour. As for its authenticity, it was from rumours, but Qing Shui was still hopeful. After all, many incredible things had already happened to him;the old him would never believed any of it.

Although the rumours seemed exaggerated, Qing Shui felt they were not all groundless. As for his special skill, he thought that they were also some form of powerful martial technique, but he was not sure what was required to obtain special skill.

Among the special skill, Peace of the Four Seas was an exceptional technique. After wielding it, an appointed person in a specific range would be healed 20% of his injuries. Qing Shui guessed the stunt could be performed via gleaming armour suits and accessories that stimulated a mystical ranged ability just like certain mystical gems. Perhaps, it could be a supplementary ability generated from the one that performed the skill and directed to the appointed person.

Another marvelous stunt that Qing Shui yearned for was Crystal Clear Execution, which could eradicate all abnormal conditions, like poisoning or disillusionment from mystical skills, of an appointed person in a specific range within a moment. It could also heal 10% of one's injuries.

Many thoughts came to Qing Shui's mind. The more he thought, the more insanely powerful he thought they were. Whether the special skill appeared or not was not the issue. Even if they did appear, Qing Shui was sure they would be different from what he imagined.

What Qing Shui had thought of were all insane and incredible special skill. Most were mainly ranged healing, like Revival and Deliverance by the Barge of Mercy which would probably never appear in his mind. Instantly reviving someone within a range was too miraculous. As magical as the world of nine continents and the capabilities of human beings were, they were all only human.

Besides the special skill that increased attack, these were the more practical special skill that Qing Shui was keen on that might appear.

Beastly Strength. Qing Shui was especially keen on this. It was similar to the supplementary force of Heavenly Thunder Slash, and could increase more than 30% of one's attack.

Qing Shui drooled just by thinking about it. It was so beastly. Another one was Weakness Destroyer. It similarly enhanced attack, and those who had powerful fleshy bodies. This technique specialized in penetrating through heavy armour.

Whistling Execution was a stunt that augmented speed. Qing Shui knew that speed was a good thing in the world of nine continents.

Others included the Art of Armour Penetration and Armour of Brilliance. The former greatly damaged the opponent's defence and strength of his physical body, The other markedly increased one's ability to resist major forces!

Qing Shui shook his head, and stopped thinking about it. He could not wait to use all of that. It was a pity none of them were remotely close to appearing. A thing such as a stunt may not even exist.

The higher one's expectations was, the greater one's disappointment and sense of loss was. Qing Shui quickly tossed away these tempting thoughts to save himself from dying from the sense of loss.

A few days passed, and Qing Shui's thoughts ran wild again. He decided to buy a blacksmith's shop. Initially, he had planned to buy a set of cauldrons for forging and smelting, and some tools like hammers. However, he thought of forging iron in the day at a blacksmith's shop, and most importantly purchasing some special metal.

He would trade using medicinal pellets when he could not afford it. He had prepared some medicinal pellets. The affordable common ones would be bought using cash, and the items he forged in the day could also be sold.

Qing Shui thought it was doable, and interacting with more people could also build his experience. It might be of use to his cultivation of martial art techniques.

’’Qing Shui, what are you doing muddling along like that?’’

Qing Shui's train of thought was broken. Hearing that charming and husky voice, he knew it was Huoyun Liu-Li. These days Qing Shui realised she was treating him like how she did at Earthly Paradise.

’’I'm thinking of opening a blacksmith shop, do you want to be the proprietress?’’ Qing Shui chuckled.

Huoyun Liu-Li heard those words and was shocked. Her phoenix eyes on that attractive face looked at Qing Shui with a misty look of spring.

’’This volatile woman, are you asking for my life?’’ Qing Shui thought inwardly.

’’Qing Shui, are you really planning on opening a blacksmith shop?’’ Huoyun Liuli looked at him strangely. It was normal that her eyes were filled with surprise, but there was also a bright gleam like the joy of a memory.

He and Huoyun Liu-Li met in a blacksmith shop. Looking at her eyes, Qing Shui thought she might have recalled their first encounter, and even he felt a little dreamy.

’’It takes a hundred years of effort to cross by the same ferryboat, but a thousand years of effort to sleep on the same pillow. Liuli, how many years do you think we took?’’ Qing Shui realised they indeed had some affinity;he had thought that they would never have a chance to meet after he arrived at Cang Lang Country.

Fate is truly amazing. It often appears when least expected, and accompanies joy. The moment when Qing Shui saw Huoyun Liuli at Earthly Paradise, he knew it would be difficult for him to forget her in his lifetime.

’’Cheap mouth, who took how many years with you?’’ Huoyun Liuli's heart skipped a beat when she heard Qing Shui, especially when recalling the scenes when Qing Shui gave her a massage and vice versa.

’’We surely took a hundred years!’’ Huoyun Liuli turned red thinking. She really liked what QIng Shui said.

’’Come with me to have a look at the blacksmith shop I bought,’’ Qing Shui looked at the delicate and charming Huoyun Liuli and smiled.

’’Alright, I'll call Sister Mingyue,’’ Huoyun Liuli replied happily.

’’It's okay, Big Miss is busy. The two of us will go. It seemed a long time ago since we spent some time together,’’ Qing Shui said gently, though he did not know why he said those words.

The sincerity in Qing Shui's words made Huoyun Liuli even confused, especially the phrase about them not spending time together. It made her feel as if they were a married couple who had not seen each other for a long time.

’’Let's go, I'll let you be the proprietess of the shop, just like when I met you at Hundred Miles City. Until now, I never forgot the moment I saw you. It was wonderful,’’ Qing Shui recalled.

Huoyun Liuli heard his words and they made her feel more happy than whatever he had said before. Huoyun Liuli's heart was delicate. Compared to passionate feelings, she preferred the little unexpected warmth.

’’I won't be your proprietess,’’ Huoyun Liuli whined, and led the way ahead.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose and laughed. He quickly caught up to Huoyun Liuli and walked by her side towards the main gate of Cang Hai Clan!

It was the first time he walked out of the Cang Hai Clan main gate in a good number of days. He was not intimidated by Fu Xing of the Fu Clan. Although Fu Xing was a Martial King and the strongest of the Fu Clan, Qing Shui was not concerned about him.

’’Why are you opening a blacksmith shop? Do you know how to forge weapons?’’ Huoyun Liuli asked as they walked out of the gate. The two of them started a leisurely stroll on the street outside the Cang Hai Mansion.

Qing Shui looked at the people around him. He saw great diversity and variety. They were busy with their own work, bustling about to maintain their livelihood or for a better life, and enjoying their own lives.

Men are never content, yet they are also content at the same time! Just like Qing Shui, who was never content with his current abilities, would be happy with every small improvement. Not being satisfied with the current state, living amongst many who were beneath oneself, and hoping that success comes with every progress, made everyone live on tenaciously.

’’Forging. I've learnt it for some time, but never practised it before, heh heh. I'll make you a 'Phoenix Coat' next time, and let you fly freely in the air,’’ Qing Shui joked, bringing out the legendary clothing that was rumoured to be the most beautiful one in the nine continents.

’’Alright, I will wait for that day,’’ Huoyun Liuli replied, overjoyed. She was truly happy, even though Qing Shui might be giving empty promises. The ’’Phoenix Coat’’ was only a legendary item, and could be said to be nonexistent in the nine continents. It was said to be made of phoenix feathers, but would anyone believe that?

’’Qing Shui, what do you think a person lives for? Why is he less content when he's at a higher position? What does it mean to be blissful?’’ Huoyun Liuli asked softly after walking for a while.

Qing Shui saw that Huoyun Liuli did not look depressed, but a little disappointed. Qing Shui did not know if she was talking about someone else, herself, or even both.

’’Being sentimental at such a young age, girls who have such thoughts are usually in love with a man,’’ Qing Shui casually remarked.

Hearing that, Huoyun Liuli looked dazed, even a little panicky. She had also discovered Qing Shui's shadow in her heart, and had felt herself liking him sometimes.

’’What nonsense, I don't have anyone I like. Answer me quickly and don't interrupt me. Let me know what you think,’’ Huoyun Liuli rebuked.

’’What is the purpose of living? There are actually many. Some live for enjoyment like being free of concerns about clothing and food, being addicted to the pleasures of song and women, beating up people they don't like, and intimidating others for his pleasure under the shelter of his ancestors,’’ Qing Shui was reminded of the foppish disciples of certain sects and clans.


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