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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 225


AST 225 - Three calls of Hubby? Qing Shui deceives

Qing Shui saw that while her attack was very swift, not a lot of power was incorporated. He directly grasped the pair of soft arms and said, ’’This is not the time to be intimate. We'll need to settle things that would be coming today!’’

’’Go to hell!’’ Canghai Mingyue blushed, as her aura burst forth and soared upwards swiftly. She didn't use any techniques. She only wanted to catch hold of Qing Shui and beat him up with her hands.

Qing Shui could be considered her natural jinx, not to mention other things. Just based on strength, Qing Shui's current power didn't lose out to Canghai Mingyue who was at the peak of Xiantian. Not only that, his strength even somewhat exceeded hers.

’’Oi oi, why are you behaving like a shrew...?’’ Qing Shui's Solitary Rapid Fist had long reached the state of perfection. In addition to Canghai Mingyue not using any other techniques, her hands were thus easily caught by Qing Shui.

After hearing Qing Shui's words, Canghai Mingyue's beautiful eyes misted over. That beautiful countenance that was unmatched in the Heavens went scarlet, as she appeared somewhat angry at Qing Shui.

’’You idiot... How dare you say that I'm a shrew...?’’ Canghai Mingyue was extremely depressed. All of a sudden, silver light flashed from her hands, and she somehow wriggled her hands out from Qing Shui's grasp. At the instant when she freed her hands, she interweaved them and pressed towards Qing Shui's shoulders with a speed as fast as a shooting star. An eye-piercing silver light appeared so blinding that it could cause vision loss.

Competing in hand-type techniques with him? Qing Shui wasn't afraid in the slightest. The essence of Tiger Form amalgamated with his Solitary Rapid Fist. Each of his movements flowed as fluidly as water, and especially when the sharp aura of the king was emitted as well as when the Tiger's Roar was unleashed.

Maybe Qing Shui's aura agitated Canghai Mingyue. Looking at the expression on Canghai Mingyue's face, Qing Shui knew that the imposing woman standing atop the Golden Winged Thunder Condor had returned. Just one look from her felt as heavy as a mountain.

Her silhouette was leisurely threading the clouds, and her footsteps were as light as an immortal's. Qing Shui already felt the stress in keeping up with her speed. Helplessly, Qing Shui could only execute his recent Crane Steps that had reached the small success stage. The Crane Step was similar to the Deer Cantering technique, and both of them were a type of Qi movement that could complement other cultivation arts and methods. They were purely support type techniques.

Once he executed Crane Form, Qing Shui immediately felt more relaxed. Despite so, Canghai Mingyue was at the peak of Xiantian after all. Even if it was not a life or death battle, Qing Shui struggled to remain standing, but some of her blows had already landed onto him.

Canghai Mingyue was also immensely startled. She was at the peak of XIantian, and no matter how talented Qing Shui was, she didn't dare to believe that he was already in the Martial King's realm. Ever since she was young, she had the support of cultivation pellets to aid her in incrementing her attributes. In addition to the two Small Revitalizing Pellets, and the 4th-grade black treasured stone that hung around her neck, she could only subdue Qing Shui by a small margin while using her full strength.

Qing Shui was fighting against Canghai Mingyue. Thus, he couldn't use his golden needles, his hidden weapons, his primordial flames, nor his Nine Waves Golden Buddha Palms... For Qing Shui who had always been using his barbaric strength to bully others was actually suppressed by a beautiful woman now.

Initially, Qing Shui still felt that he could use pure strength to control Canghai Mingyue. Now, he could barely block her strikes with Tiger Form. If he used Bear Form, he would only become a sandbag for Canghai Mingyue.

Canghai Mingyue was also suffering, as she felt numb from the spots where Qing Shui's hits landed. This little fellow was agile indeed, and had incredible strength. If it wasn't for her mysterious martial techniques, she would surely be the one to lose.

After all, this was just a simple fight. Qing Shui was hit by Canghai Mingyue a few more times and he clearly felt the strength of her strikes dampening, which caused his heart to feel slightly warm.

He didn't use his Taiji Fist. After all, he hadn't perfectly mastered it yet. Qing Shui couldn't unleash the basic principle and effect of using an enemy's strength against themselves, not to mention the advanced effects of moving slower yet still managing to subdue others.

A fight between two men would end up them becoming either great enemies or bosom friends. A fight between a man and a woman would have a slight probability for sparks of love to appear.

After stopping, Canghai Mingyue had a lack of comprehension in her eyes as she looked at Qing Shui. Somehow, she felt close to him. Thinking back, Qing Shui was the first guy who dared to take liberties with her through that mouth of his, and who dared to behave in such a manner around her. She felt Qing Shui was different from others, in the sense that he wasn't irksome like some of the other men she knew.

’’Please be serious today, don't spoil it. That person is pretty tyrannical.’’ Canghai Mingyue warned Qing Shui repeatedly after their breakfast.

’’Don't worry, with your hubby here, you can relax.’’ Qing Shui laughed.


Canghai Mingyue gazed at Qing Shui with an unconvinced expression on her face. However, she couldn't refute him, and had to answer him no matter what he called out...

’’Do you still remember how you should address me when he comes?’’ Qing Shui continued snickering.

Qing Shui's words caused Canghai Mingyue to remember the scenario last night. However, she couldn't refuse today. She lowered her head as she stated softly, ’’Can't I just call you Qing Shui...?’’

’’Okay you can, but if he spots that there's something off, you can't blame me then. If you are okay with the possibility of him finding out, you might as well not lie to him.’’

’’Okay... I shall call you that then!’’ Canghai Mingyue replied in a fluster after much hesitation for half a day.

’’Forget it, you seemed somehow forced. It wouldn't be natural, and you've never called someone that before. Do you think he wouldn't notice?’’


Qing Shui felt an electric shock once he heard that. Looking at the bashful, peerless countenance of Canghai Mingyue and her melodious voice, they all made him extremely satisfied.

’’Hehe, Yueyue, what did I tell you? It sounds so much better now. I'm sure you can still do better.’’ Qing Shui laughed.

’’Hubby!’’ Canghai Mingyue called out once again as she walked forward and hugged one of Qing Shui's arm in her embrace.

Were all women born with such godly acting skills?

Qing Shui didn't expect that it would actually be so natural when she called out the second time. Every action of hers perfectly complemented her words...

’’Hubby!’’ Canghai Mingyue called out again as she hugged Qing Shui arms. Inclining her head, a gentle warmth could be seen reflected in the depths of those dark, limpid eyes. They drew Qing Shui in deeper and deeper, leaving him unable to extricate himself.

The performance was so solid that even Qing Shui himself began to suspect that she really was his wife. Looking at her flawless performance, Qing Shui even felt himself blushing.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose as he laughed unnaturally, while Canghai Mingyue got more and more into her role. She even felt that this was extremely interesting when she saw the reddened face of Qing Shui.

When late morning came, there were two visitors to the Canghai's residence. One was an imposing middle-aged man while the other was a handsome looking youth with a slight hint of provocation in his eyes.

Birds of a feather flocked together. Looking at the imposing middle aged guy, Qing Shui silently remarked in his heart on why were there so many Martial Kings suddenly. The imposing man's strength was on par with Canghai Mingyue's mom, while the strength of the youth was on par with Gongsun Sanqian. He was stronger when compared to Baili Jingwei.

Canghai Mingyue's dad was the bosom buddy of the middle aged man. Qing Shui wondered what was the relationship between them. In this world dominated by cultivation, close relationships came from being in the same sect, being childhood friends, or having the same level of strength.

’’Brother Canghai, sister-in-law, I brought my son, Fu Long, over.’’ The forthright voice of the middle aged man drifted over.

Qing Shui, Canghai Mingyue, and Huoyun Liu-Li stood behind the Canghai couple!

’’Uncle and Auntie, nice to meet you!’’ The youth smiled as he dipped into a low and respectful bow. After which, he shifted his gaze towards Canghai Mingyue,

Canghai felt disgusted as he noticed the desire and thirst in the eyes of the youth, but... he was helpless to do anything!


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