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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 219


AST 219 - Mighty Ancient Forging Technique

Qing Shui was bored. He stared at some attractive bottoms, particularly those especially rounded ones, it would be better if those were coupled with a pair of straight, well-proportioned, long legs.

Qing Shui's thoughts unconsciously floated to the greatest beauty of the Joyous Sect, Qinghan Ye. He did not ask her in detail, though he was really curious about her, especially when the old man had mentioned that he wasn't part of the Sect. Qing Shui could not understand why one would be interested in learning the Duo Cultivation when she was not able to practise it with anyone.

Qing Shui a little attracted to her, yearning to know the level he could reach if he could practise Duo Cultivation with her, but it is impossible for him to say that he was only keen on practising it for his own level! Furthermore, he was afraid that he could not resist her Nine Yin Qi!

Qing Shui shook his head and he moved towards the ancient streets of the South city. He was leisurely following the jostling crowds of people while looking at the high profile shops along the streets. Among the jostling crowd, Qing Shui felt especially calm.

That feeling made Qing Shui feel strange, yet enjoyable. The peacefulness that came so suddenly upon him could actually be comparable to the state of epiphany.

When he first came to the world of the nine continents, Qing Shui was filled with trepidation. He became even more disturbed after knowing about his mother and the Yan Family. But he was still an infant who could neither walk nor talk.

When he grew up, he came to know about some common knowledge and martial arts culture of the nine continents. However, he had a Xiantian physique that could not practise the arts. Xiantian physique in the nine continents was considered trash, and a person with it was worth less than a common man.

Some time after, he unexpectedly gained many supplementary techniques, especially the most important one, Ancient Strengthening Technique. Even though he was changed by that, he lived a busy and urgent life, he never relaxed even for a day.

This strange feeling that was similar to the state of epiphany allowed Qing Shui to feel as if all the burdens in his chest were relieved, and like he was a child without worry. This feeling was in contrast with the unconscious aspect of epiphany, because it still had a degree of autonomy, strange but happy.

Even the diverse people on the main streets became so harmonious. Qing Shui tried hard to remain in this state, and he followed the crowd, slowly moving forward.

After maintaining this state for about 15 minutes, Qing Shui suddenly felt something increase in his consciousness. His entire consciousness jolted, and he came out of that state.

Focus, Qing Shui looked, and an unknown supplementary technique lit up. Qing Shui was calm after seeing it, he was very glad but not ecstatic, though he had always yearned for it.

The Ancient Art of Forging!

At this moment, Qing Shui had come out of the strange state, and he was shocked when he read the description of the Ancient Art of Forging.

Too powerful, too awesome! This was how Qing Shui felt about it.

The Ancient Art of Forging;it uses the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique as a foundation for the skills of forging. One could forge strong weapons, armour, clothings, necklaces, bracelets, belts, boots, helmets, mount necklets, vests, make insets for jewels, and melt gems as well...

Qing Shui did not know what to say, this Ancient Art of Forging actually combined forging, stitching and alchemy. The most important part was using the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique as the foundation, enabling one to also create protective gears that enhanced beasts' capabilities.

Below, it introduced every method of forging and some samples, but no detailed pictures were available. It only included some grandiose remarks about how practice makes perfect, and how metal must be toughened and tempered into steel.

’’It looks like I have to search for the ingredients myself, according to this, but it will be difficult finding the mystical items that I am familiar with, though things like bronze bracer, chained armour, hollow silver bracelet... these should be forgeable. The success rate is unknown, but they should be powerful!’’

Qing Shui thought that forging, stitching and alchemy would appear gradually, but he never expected for them to all appear simultaneously, and combined as well. Most importantly, even the synthesizing of jewels was inculcated into the Ancient Art of Forging.

Qing Shui liked how this was, saving lots of inconvenience, enabling him to acquire them quickly. In the future, he could make some necklaces and bracelets for his daughters...

Precious jewels must also be mounted, Qing Shui did not expect the synthesizing of gems and inset of jewels to be included in the Ancient Art of Forging. Qing Shui knew that the mounting of jewels would not be as easy as he imagined.

He was contented;he had gained so much in such a short time, it was worth it. He had been concerned about not being able to master the jewel synthesizing, and he did not expect help to be presented.

Qing Shui muddled along, until he woke up from his consciousness, he had walked a long, long way along the ancient street.

Qing Shui realised many were staring at him strangely, some even had pitying looks, and he looked back at the crowd in bafflement. When he heard some discussions, he walked up.

’’This young man must have fallen out of love, looking so dispirited.’’ A middle aged woman whispered.

’’Could he be taking his own life? It is difficult to see such a passionate man nowadays.’’ A young married woman was absorbed in her thoughts.

’’Committing suicide. I'm for it, there's too many people... ’’


Today, Qing Shui was in a great mood after such a good harvest, looking while walking. An extravagant and gigantic furniture shop appeared in front of him.

Furniture? Qing Shui had seen so many, but the higher quality ones were yellow rosewood and red sandalwood, they were made from ancient trees. They were good, though not of much value unless made by an expert.

Qing Shui had nothing planned, and there was a steady stream of people in and out of this enormous furniture shop, so he entered it. Upon entering, he found that he entered the reception hall. There were 4 life-size smiling buddhas near the main door, holding gold ingots, though Qing Shui was not sure if they were made of real gold.

Going around the main hall, there were 3 wide corridors. Each had various types of furnitures on both sides of the corridors. Qing Shui only recognised tables, chairs, sofas, side tables, dressers and a few other types of furniture.

’’Mm, printed floorings!’’ Qing Shui was amazed to see an item that he recognised, and it was identical to the image in his mind. He remembered it being a top grade furniture.

Qing Shui looked at the assorted patterns on top, and they felt sturdy and durable. They looked especially clean and pretty in reality.

Qing Shui scanned the surroundings and he realised the printed flooring was considered to be of superior quality among the other floorings. He glanced at the other floorings and he thought that although the materials were quite good, they differed in terms of workmanship.

There is no lack of expensive wood in the world of nine continents, hence floors were always made of wood, and the only difference was the workmanship. Qing Shui clucked his tongue at the difference in price.

The skill of making furnitures seemed to be lucrative, there was no lack of materials, only the issue of workmanship. Looking at other furnitures, Qing Shui discovered that he was truly impoverished.

There is an extensive amount of furniture here, Qing Shui was still scanning through the floorings, and he found another familiar red sandalwood flooring.

Red sandalwood is solid, simple and elegant. The scent of natural red sandalwood was invigorating. Qing Shui could imagine what a treat it would be to have such a flooring in his room.

Thinking about this, Qing Shui thought that he was quite pathetic to not have enjoyed anything before. This was also a common problem among martial artists. Some rich businessmen or wealthy martial artists would enjoy their lives, and imagining those comfortable rooms, beautifully decorated, with a nice aroma lingering in the air. A comfortable and huge bed with glamorous beauties, it must be romantic to fool around...

When Qing Shui saw the birch flooring and realised it was the cheapest, it made him realised that what he knew from the past was not accurate. Qing Shui had knew that printed flooring was top grade, followed by the second grade birch flooring, and third grade red sandalwood flooring. However, birch flooring was no longer as good as printed flooring.

Passing through the flooring section, going into the sofa and side table sections, those high quality wooden sofas and side tables were an eye-opener for Qing Shui. Spotting the astronomical figures on the price tags allowed one to know that these were for the comfort of the rich.


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